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  1. Game Roadmap

    Hello I'm have new gaem leked roadmap of current game progress. Keep in mind gaem is in alpha
  2. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    hello im make big progress on my mod im add this to US arsenal and im add the roctek for russian fleet (see above post) also added i soon will add US nuclear ballistic missile launching submarine for fleet and this will allow tactical nuclear weapon to be deploy finally i will expand for soon dlc for maybe spawn with man like this if u spawn this you get 20% faster runn but your aim is reduced by 60% also you are lower and can hide in caves kreig
  3. new game ideas (big)

    i was thinking much yesterday about things nevre done befoer in video gaems i propose what if the game is introduced tactical nuclear weapons? i see many videos on livelaek and yuotueb on tactical nuclear strikes such as tactical nuclear artilry and airstrikes, nuclear torpedo etc i think thi can balance the game well for some maps i propose this add nuclear capabilities and weapon's to squad latre down in the road most important thing is nuclear aritllery this can make enemies rely more on reconnasice next: nuclear bomber's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_Douglas_F/A-18_Hornet#Specifications_.28F.2FA-18C.2FD.29 B61 nuclear bomb[151] and b52 with 80000 lb of bombs and a few missile and nuclear nuclear torpedo so when ame is introduced to ships u can take out the enemy convoys' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_torpedo and nuclear missiles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intercontinental_ballistic_missile also a good idea's i have is the medical role with nuclear if you get expose toi radiation, uoy get hurt and must take antiradiation medicidtion and if noit you slowly die you can build anti nuclear shelter's underground to withstand nuclear bomb if you get radiation you can also mutation when you respawn (idea) if you respawn with after radiation you can get 10% chance of another eye for example and you can see farther and clearer but walk slower thank
  4. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    hello im make progress on the game i just model this container rocke t i want to add destroyer and aircraft carrer but im take some time on this
  5. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    €30 is fair price of hard work if i make this unique mod i ask €30 i may lower to €35 but im not decide
  6. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    ok ive had some very serious issues i try to install unreal engine 4 but i get error's when i try to instaling i made acont but it give's me an error ple'se give me help i alredy made a list of other map's i add too game google.nl/maps/@38.867829,-76.9940795,2812m/data=!3m1!1e3 google.nl/maps/@38.8710228,-77.0505562,1986m/data=!3m1!1e3 i need help to make these map's but i need to fix error's thank
  7. hello agin its been a while ive been a away working in some new projects regarding modding I propose the following mod United States Invasion of Panama I think this will be a good project because its never done been before and i want to make a good mod weapons used by us army: BERETTA M9 9 MM EFFECTIVE FIRING RANGE: 50 METERS COLT M1911 .45 ACP MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE: 100 METERS SMITH & WESSON MODEL 15 .38 MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE: 200 METERS REMMINGTON 870 12 GUAGE MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE: 1000 METERS MP5 4.6MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 500 METERS M3A1 .45 ACP MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE: 1000 METERS M16 5.56MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 2000 METERS M60 7.62MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 3000 METERS M197 VULCAN 20MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 5000 METERS M134 7.62MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE: 2000 METERS M249 5.56MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 1000 METERS FGM148 127MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE: 20000 METERS FGM172 139.7MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 1000 METERS FIM92 70MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 50000 METERS M224 60MM MAXIMUM FIRING RANGE 1000 METERS i didnt include snipers because it will be very op i think maps good would be in the follwing places https://www.google.nl/maps/@8.4288905,-80.9488523,15881m/data=!3m1!1e3 https://www.google.nl/maps/@8.3528914,-80.1484879,1212m/data=!3m1!1e3 https://www.google.nl/maps/@8.4190108,-82.4168475,11500m/data=!3m1!1e3 https://www.google.nl/maps/@9.0324238,-79.4644645,32670m/data=!3m1!1e3 https://www.google.nl/maps/@9.3275145,-79.8815316,13759m/data=!3m1!1e3 i have other good locations for maps but these are essentail i need to wirk better for a more detailed weapon comiplation but this is fine for now and we also have these many alreadt inthe game,, such as 50 caliber and m16 and m9 i also wish to add some vehicles like LAV M1A1 ABRAMS and some more but these are the main ones i need a team to help me with this so message me on here and i will send you my email address and we talk can there or through steam and skype i need modders programmers coders sound effects people and texturers the game will cost €30 and should be finished in around a year or two if we get a steady work flow i wish all a good day
  8. can the insurgent's get a new vehicle the pickup's are pretty lame... if the DEV's can itd be nice if they could add a semi truck to the game in the next update. of course, this must be realistic however. the semitruck must be very fast but require a lot of diesel to turn on. maybe 15 minute's of pumping oil from the ground then refine for 20? the semi's can hit a target with a lot of force, like say 20 american's EDIT: i forgot to mention that a semi truck license can also balance the game because its takes more time and slows it down.
  9. Hello again I have another question. Can it please be implemented that you have to manage soldiers health yourself. I mean this by when a soldier has a cold or pain, he must take right medication from the medic. A soldier can take painkilers or cough medicine when it is too cold. When he gets a cut with razorwire he must eat antibiotics and when he eats unhealthy he must check up with his medic. If he is not well maintained, he must get some punishment, such as heart attack or high blood pressure. Heart attack should make you incapicated and only medic in field hospital can revive you, after maybe 30 minute? Then you get cured and can go back to fight. Also eating system idk if this is a good idea but ive seen it in another game where you have to eat every certain times if not you go hungry and must get low stamina, sick and hard to aim. This all adds to soldier morale and can boost your ability to fight. for example, high nutrition = 20-30% more running FOR EXAMPLE
  10. Why when I play a game there is no science compensated for? When I am in real life i see so much stuff that makes me shit my self. for example why does there no cookoff of vehicles in most games? irl there is a REAL chance of ammo cookoff if you, for example, place ammo wrong in barrel of M1A2 TUSK Abrams. ammo explodes and crew probably all die, execpt for driver maybe. same for guns jamming, why is wep jamming such a taboo subject? implement it also for artillery and tank shells - why is there no DUD? duds dont explode so i think it shoiuld also happen here to accurately portray the accuracy. i propose this: give any caliber greater than 75 a ability to random cookoff and kill anything within 20+ meter kill range. also give duds to these bullets, and a 60% chance of ricochet at 10 degrees at 100 meter for 7.62 100% chance of richoet 10 degrees at 1000 meter for 7.62 weapon jamming should maybe cookoff hte ammmo in weapon but that is debateable ive seen it happen in a youtube video last but not least: barrels these should also have a 20% chance to cookoff if a heat source, such as a burn ing tank is within 5 meter and it explosdes and kills anyone within 20meter..
  11. Blufor realism in SQUAD

    how is this troll post i proposed serious change for the games future. i even played with u i believe yesterday as well, was good.
  12. How far is the realism

    I think a lot has to be consider when making a "realistic" game. For example, how is one to recieve their FOB matrials and vehicle parts and explosives if they dont even have good logistic. I propose this: Give blufor mandate to mine for their matrials. One must collect ore form the ground to, for example, be ableto repair their 120mm M1A2 TUSK Abrams. Same for reloading ammo and building emplacement. If supply run out, you have to mine for more ore. this increase logistic capability of the game and also communication is increased due to reliance on these minerals. Explosives such as those inside the bullet should be mined, same for white phosphours and uranium for depleted uranium. Dont give this to opfor because it will ruin balance. cheers
  13. Can the blufor please get very realistic weapons and arsenal. IRL blufor gets apache, which can shoot from about 15km away. They also get laser-guided bombs and missiles that can shoot from the same if not further distance and land at about a meter max distance off. Same for abrams tank can shoot from 4km away and kill everything. Maybe please give blufor these feature and balance insurgent by giving 15 RPG on its side and increaseing their range? OR give them one T-34
  14. Multiple weapons?

    Hello I'm new here. I was wondering if the Taliban can get multiple weapons at once. What I mean is if they can hold two or more weapons per hand. Here is a video of this in action Maybe this can be done for machinegun and RPG It can be balanced by giving the blufor an buff for the 50 cal and increasing firerate, then giving the user of this a slow reload and cooldown Thoughts?