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  1. Steam Community Unban Request.

    Hello, I was banned from the steam community forums for "offensive and trolling". I really took it out on the game when I struggled to run it in v8 due to my CPU being AMD. I would like to apologize for it. I really want to be unbanned so I can communicate with people in the community! If it is at all possible, please unban me! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069435858/ Thank you.
  2. Can I run it?

    So a while ago, I previously bought the game SQUAD. At the time I had an AMD FX-4130 Quad core 3.8 ghz cpu, however I refunded it immediately after I saw the performance in multiplayer...but now, a couple months later I have upgraded my CPU to the AMD FX 8370 cpu. My specs are: AMD FX-8370 CPU GTX 750 TI 8GB RAM I was wondering if I would be able to run the game better than with the fx 4130? And if so, then how many frames on what settings??? -Thank you