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  1. Unexpected error. (0xC0020015)

    Just got the same error.
  2. Sense of Accomplishment

    Nope not really. I really wish they add something in the future, like stats for medics and %accuracy on scoreboards. would also love some sort of a rank system that awards wins etc. i would absolutely love to have a SL vote system, that would allow people to rank their SL at the end of each round, awarding him with some sort of visible rank / icons / medals that others can see. that would be glorious.
  3. Yesterday i was SL on a US team on Logar. we rushed militia 2nd flag (checkpoint Garrett) with a crow (took an RPG hit passing by Ghazi, but ignored it). If the militias tried to pull this off, that RPG would kill everyone on the techi (actually a single rifleman would be enough). not to mention, everyone would hear them coming from a mile away (techies are notoriously noisy). later on we sat on the checkpoint and proceeded to snipe black dots with our optics. how's that for guerrilla tactics?
  4. I keep trying out new tactics every time i SL as militia, but i fear that everything you wrote is true. +1 from me.
  5. Fob radius finder - suggestion

    I have to say that so far i'm quite surprised by the comments. I thought i found an elegant solution to the thing that annoys me the most on Squad. That remain, I believe that if my idea was to be implemented everyone would love it.
  6. Hello, I have some suggestions regarding FOB information for SL. 1. On the map, each FOB placed by your team would show 2 mildly colored circles. One would display a 400m radius around the FOB, so all SLs would know where they can plant additional FOBs. The 2nd would display a 100m(?) radius around the FOB, allowing SL's to know where they can deploy emplacements (such as ammo crates/50cals etc) around it. 2. When pressing the 'T' key (SL menu), the 2 circles mentioned above will show up on the SL's map, thus providing him the information he needs in order to know about his intended FOB radius of effect. 3. Possible addition: allowing SL's to place a special marker of the map for future fobs that all other SL's can see, along with the radius info (radius would only be displayed when you mouse over it). I think these improvements would make SL's lives much easier and enhance the game experience. Thanks and have a lovely day!
  7. Please Devs !! do something about Logar !!

    The problem is not just that camo (which is ofc very annoying - militia camo fits dark European landscape and not a desert) It's also the fact that the Americans gain access to the eastern main mountain ridge and the southern one almost from the beginning of the match. this, in turn, allows them to make full use of their superior weapons (Acogs / marksmen rifle that's way better than the Russian SVD / Crow). It's a very frustrating experience to play this match up as militia, since the odds are really stacked up against you.
  8. What map do you dislike the most?

    Every time I see Chora pop up I feel like leaving. I gotta admit that I don't even know why. I just hate it. Maybe because it all look the same. I just want the match to be over as quickly as possible (the matches on this map feel like they last for ever)
  9. Long list of nerf and buff

    Fobs on flags are perfectly fine in many cases. especially on objectives with a large radius.
  10. This happens wayyyy too often, especially on Kokan. here we are getting ready to rain down hell on an enemy fob when our rocket techi goes spastic.. +sigh+
  11. Heya, Here's something that happened to me about 2-3 times while driving a Humvee in Kokan: The vehicle will burst into flames when you're driving it up a river. Merry Xmas
  12. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    I like it.
  13. Wall glitching, still a thing

    As the title says, here's a clip from a recent match where my team had to deal with excessive wall glitching trying to take down an insurgents cache,
  14. What role do you prefer the most?

    Playing as U.S i like all kits. the m4s + red dot are awesome, the Acogs are great and the marksman is decent. I can't really think of any kit that i like on all other factions. they all suck compared to the U.S ones. maybe the Russian AR + Optic.
  15. Vehicles flipping over for no apparent reasons

    Good one A BTR weigh in at about 15 tons though