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  1. I think you'd be better off at the place down the road...
  2. Please Fix the visibility.

    I was just about to make a post about this.... In short, the game runs better, and looks and feels better, especially in term of the pace of movement, with a 120 degree FOV. This should be the standard FOV and 90 should be ditched, after all, an accurate IRL representation of FOV is 180 degrees, even with combat goggles on (like ESS). The weapons and and other things would need to be rescaled to fit this FOV but it IS NECESSARY. There's no need to cling to the 90 degrees FOV of past FPS.
  3. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    update discord link
  4. Also, the way the current point system in game works just doesnt make sense at all. I just played a round on mestia where I went 3:9 with the militia marksman, the three kills I got were at range, at about 300m, on the capzone (crucible beta and the one adjacent it), somehow with these stats I got a score of 1499, the largest score in my squad where the best player got 11 kills and 5 deaths(????).
  5. WHAT I MEANT WAS having the option to not use red dot sights if you dont want to, on any class, not just the basic rifleman class. A lot of players that I have shared this way say they too hate the current red dot sights in game and would prefer to just use iron sights on their m4s, you should be able to toggle off optics in the spawn menu before spawning, at least, unless you are an acog optic kit.
  6. Daesh is way different than just some villagers which is what ins is currently. If they add in a caliphate type faction sure why not but other than that, the ins shouldn't have much of anything at all. If that means they have to make better game modes, or build upon the insurgency game mode, so be it. Being asymmetrical is the key. I don't know about you, but I definitely don't want to just play a different, more hardcore version of battlefield. I would teamwork, strategy, and a game that DEMANDS these things to win. The player base has a lot to do with it, but the player base isn't everything. Right now I am concerned the devs might be too easily swayed towards dumbing things down and encouraging battlefield like gameplay in the sense each side does not have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Honestly, most firefights you end up in are basically just CS:GO firefights with extra damage and or longer ranges. Nobody uses suppression. Nobody applies pressure to push the other team off points. Its just zerg, zerg, zerg and be killed, here are some tanks to play around with. One-life game modes centered around less expansive combat zones would be cool. I know there is already a clan of players with a modded version of the game like this that gets played for special events. It should become a staple of the game itself. p.s. American m72law sucks ass and cant blow shit up, give us an at4, or just the javelin as a heavy antitank option.
  7. its not about what equals what it is about what is asymmetrical, this ain't battlefield, used to be, but as far as I know, they are still just as ambitious about keeping things realistic as they were when they first released the alpha, which means unconventional, irregular forces shouldnt be cruisn around in multimillion dollar tanks, i dont care if they look old, they are still tanks and they mess up strykers on a regular basis. if you dont see that, i dont know what game you are playing unless you are somehow just soooo bad at the game....
  8. INS has the antiair cannon tank which does in fact massacre other vehicles on the same level as the Russian 30
  9. I've been playing the game lately and have come across somethings I would really like to see in game/think should be tweaked/improved. I am going to jot down my list with a few explanations if needed per topic. Everyone, please read my ideas and comment/discuss, and I encourage you to post your own in this thread as well! Who knows, maybe a dev will come across your idea and like it/think it's a good idea! - Lux Lux's Input 3/2/2018 (forgive me if some or even all of these are in the works, I'm just impatient! Also, I fully understand that my ideas ARE SUBJECTIVE and not everyone, or anyone, may like them or agree with me! Thanks <3 ) Weapons Tweaks 1. All classes in game should have the option of using iron sights instead of a red dot optic. 2. Russian red dot optics. 3. More sidearm magazines for conventional forces. 4. Slightly faster switch to sidearm for conventional forces. General Game Tweaks/Balancing 1. Unconventional forces (militia/INS) shouldn't withstand as much bullet damage as armored conventional forces. Conventional forces with ballistic armor should withstand more bullet damage. Note: Conventional marksman should be killing soft targets in one shot mid torso and up (except arms, shoulders, graze, etc...) 2. Unconventional forces need their armor assets nerfed. They have way too many to be realistic at the moment, especially INS who has near identical firepower to Russians. INS shouldn't really have any armor at all except for the armored up technicals showcased in dev updates. Militia should have the same with the addition of a tracked bmp, and should be limited to no more than two armor assets per match. To balance, militia/INS should be given more IEDs and perhaps anti tank grenades should make a comeback (?). 3. Unconventional forces should have faster, significantly-less encumbered sprint and combat pace, in comparison to conventional forces. You can not really discern any significant difference in game currently. 4. Autorifleman and Machinegunners should have at least one frag grenade. 5. Medic's should receive more points for revives and heals, like before the last few updates. Right now, no one likes playing medic AT ALL except for us squadleader's pets (kek). Having nerfed medic points allocation hasn't helped, it has definitely made the issue worse. NOTE: perhaps medics should receive significant bonuses for playing their roles well in capzones/get chain rez/heal bonuses for many rez/heals happening in rapid succession without being injured or killed. 6. Currently, there are WAY too many inexperienced players taking squad leader roles and ruining matches. Perhaps some sort of ranking or prestige system should be implemented which requires that a player have a certain amount of experience points or performance points from the previous match in order to allow them to opt to create a squad. 7. Too many small, not fully manned squads are being created and locked, the squad leaders are usually idiots or COD kiddies. Squads under a certain manpower rating should be prevented from claiming certain, high value assets. 8.All vehicles other than logi should be able to carry a small amount of ammo for FOBs and maybe even build supplies, just to help with supply efforts. Wishlist & Miscellaneous (hey modders, look here!!!:D:D:D:D) US Forces 1. Different Army units (i.e. Rangers) 2. More character models/faces/personal items (gloves, glasses, patches..etc) 3. Javelin Antitank launcher (if added, the LAW should be moved to a standard squad infantry role, much like the SAW with red dot optic has been to make room for SAW with susat optic, LAW should be one use only, i.e. only one rocket for the kit). 4.Stryker with a 40mm cannon (duh), maybe even a "tank killer" variant(?) 5. Antimat rifle (.50 bmg) 6. Bring back incendiary grenades for SL at least, bc why not 7. Flashbangs(?) 8.Illumination rounds for GL/hand-thrown flares/chemlights 9.NVODs RGF 1. Same as US^ basically except what obv doesnt apply. 2. Vodka and potatoes <3 Militia 1.KSVK antimat rifle 2. Belt fed machineguns 3. More character stuffs 4. m16 5. CZ75 pistol 6. skorpion auto pistol/smg (for marksman/sniper) 7.Mp5 smg 8.Mosin Nagant with sniper optic 9.Flares, thrown and pistol 10. Rocket satchels with rockets sticking out/more rocket ammo 11. M14 (old/worn/full-auto) 12. Abillity to ride on outside of tanks/fire from vehicles Insurgents 1.Basically the same as militia. 2. Also, german mp40(?) 3. Lee enfield WWII (no optic, as a scout weapon) 4. RPD machinegun 5. antipersonnel mines 6. m1 carbine 7.Luger pistol 8.m1911 pistol 9.pps43 smg 10.k50m smg General 1.Abillity to share magazines and ammo with friendlies


    i cant find that

    yes i can. When I try to join on them, it boots up the game and just stays at the menu, so I still can't play.
  13. If this is the wrong thread for this move it, IDC, I just want my game to be fix so I can haz play. thanks. As of v8, when I load into the game and use the server browser, no servers will appear. ZERO. ZILCH. 0. I've tried clicking the two new options at the bottom for full/diff version, nothing. I've restarted the game countless amounts of times. Nothing. Ive fiddled with the graphics settings. NOTHING. I changed my steam settings ping from the automatic max ping: 5000 to 500. NOTHING. Is BROKE. pls FIX.
  14. Just tried this, DOES NOT WORK, NO SERVERS o shit this is an old topic, V8 has no servers problem again