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  1. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    This is what happens when you let PsiSyndicate on to your dev team/make that annoying self-absorbed turd your community manager. OWI wants the hype for the money, to bad they don’t understand that Psi is an OLD, DEAD MEME...
  2. I was wrong, and I have changed my mind. The revive system as is in v12 actually has merit. However, I am not happy with how few bandages non-medics get. However, if they were to have more, it would make the redundancy of medic even worse, as bandages work currently. So, it would definitely be cool to have the role of bandages divorced from the function of resuscitation altogether. I want a pretty, epinephrine auto-injector item that standard infantry get to use, but have a very limited number of, maybe no more than two, like how bandages are now. And then, they can carry more bandages because bandages would just be used for stopping bleeding. Medics would have plenty more of epi auto injectors to use. However, I will say that I am still worried with the mindset of new players joining the community, and the effect their affections for more mainstream shooters, might have on the game...I hope I get proved wrong. However, maneuvering isn't always possible. But, I see how squad leadership plays into this. Then again, I have seen plenty of scenarios where no matter how cohesive your squad was, and skilled at maneuvering together, they just still could not adequately defend their position.
  3. Then how do you actually win a firefight, if the whole match is just one, big, frag-fest with little to no reprieve in between, aside from having your fob or rally wiped out by the constantly, close-proximity-spawning, enemy? This mechanic totally defeats almost any strategy elements and balanced gameplay-flow elements, Squad was enjoying up until v12...
  4. I'm sorry, but I had to rustle your jimmies to a prove a point. I guess it doesn't matter how long you've been playing, just how you play. O yeah, that's exactly why you guys keep complaining about medics, because your play style isn't typically conducive to supporting your squad, you are "lone wolfs". If you would spend more time actually playing the game called "Squad", as helpful members of your squads, then maybe, you'd see how great the experience is, and why Squad as it was prev12 was almost right on the money in terms of infantry combat....and why the medic change isn't a step forward... But don't mind me, no, my 723 hours in Squad, and years of FPS gaming experience (including BF and MOH from as early as Battlefield 1943/Vietnam/MOH RS, and European Assault, and yeah, the original CODs, not to mention Sniper Elite v1 and plenty of arma2/arma3 milsim clanning must pale in comparison to yours...). (not that it would matter anyways, khrist, its vidya games man...) lol, i guess my reply wasn't necessary, thanks invis, don't mind my weird flex...
  5. Squad v12 is a slightly better battlefield. Medic is useless. There is no tactical worth behind killing enemy players, or medics, because everyone just constantly revives everyone. Also, the original community were the people who stayed with the game after the release, because of how immersive it was. Firefights were wonderful before v12 because they were actual firefights, not battlefield bullet tag. New players have obviously taken over the community, so yeah, I guess I can only hope post scriptum stays the course. Also, two medics were never mandatory, if you just had ONE good medic. I can officially say, now, from your response and Dongs (wtf kinda name...), that new players have ruined the game.
  6. That's absurd. If two medics aren't enough to save your ass, you probably just aren't playing the game in a suitable way. Sure, it is common that a squad takes catastrophic hits making them combat ineffective, but that's why Squad is marketed as a realistic shooter. If you are becoming incapacitated in the middle of open areas with no cover, that's on you, not the medics. Good medics ensure that your squad will preform wonderfully, given you are at least competent at the game, and don't try to play it like mainstream titles. Squad has been marketed as HARDCORE from the very beginning! Now, everyone is just running around like they are in Battlefield! WTF OWI! You said you were building ON PR's successes, not building to backdate an already, inherently better game, towards Battlefield. I guess that is no longer case? Newer players want it to be more like Battlefield, and you need to attract them? *sigh* Then again, seeing how the bulk of your original community seems to no longer be present, I am not surprised, but then again, you guys are the ones that pissed them off by releasing and focusing on Post Scriptum without being done with Squad. If you do the same shit in Post Scriptum, I'm done with you guys. LoL you promised the community that you were never going to try and imitate the failure of AAA studios and publishers. I guess that has undoubtedly changed. Sucks that I can't get refunded.
  7. If you are only staring at the ground you are doing it wrong. If you are not staring at the ground and playing dead, when enemies crest your hill and push your flank, leaving you in their crosshairs...yep, u are def doin it wrong, my gee... Also, morphine and or adrenaline auto-injectors, like in Post Scriptum, except modern (auto-injectors), would make more sense than defibs. Battlefield is dead. Let it rot in peace, kek.
  8. As the medical system worked before, all other non-medic players could do, was stabilize teammates. This made sense from a tactical (game-play) perspective. I believe that the right direction to have gone with the medical system for v12 would have been simply: 1. Reduce the bleedout timer; incentivizing your squad or close-by blueberries, to stabilize you while waiting for a medic, if one isn't immediately available. 2. Leave the spawn timer system for fobs, and the cap on rally point spawns, as it was, except, for FOBs, allow there to be some way for more meaningful disruption of their spawn timers (enemies in close proximity making the timer increase); such-as, (primarily in PAAS/AAS) cutting off the enemy teams supply-line, logistics "chain" (the connection between the previous defend cap for the enemy team, and their current defend cap. This would encourage teams to employ flanking maneuvers in an attempt to drastically slow-down the re-spawning enemy presence at their attack-cap (the enemy's defense cap). 3. Develop and implement animations and systems for allowing teammates (including medics) to drag incapacitated players into more suitable, covered, and secured positions, so that they can have a better chance of being revived. Perhaps, you could even make it so that suppression from enemy fire (causing stress) plays a role in how fast a medic is able to bandage and revive a teammate. That is because everyone can revive (even though most newer players who don't follow dev updates, or players who don't care in general, aren't even aware that they have the ability to now revive, just like the medic does)...
  9. It feels as though this new feature you guys added just kind of ruins the game-play and team-play, all-together. It just feels like a "cheap" feature. It totally negates the purpose of the medic role, because most-times, you are continuously getting trapped at rally points or fobs because the enemy's push on your position simply can not be curtailed. They just continuously revive each other, while you attempt to do the same, only to get over-run because of the close proximity of enemies disabling spawns, which leads to them inevitably outnumbering you. I hate to say it (because mbts are wicked cool) but squad prior to this last update was significantly better. The balance of medics and teamwork and tactics allowed for special moments and game-play to fluidly occur, not because of any special mechanics, but because of the quality of your squad and team. Now, it justs feel like when Battlefield 3 introduced having assault class also be a medic. You guys had it right, the first time, and now it feels like you are careening off into any old random direction. It would have been better to just not change how medics work. Down the line, I hope you guys fix this so I can get back to enjoying what was the best "mil-sim/real-sim" shooter on the market.
  10. Army hand gestures

    Anything is useful when it makes the game badass. Also, I think they should make it so everybody hears everyone's local voice communications, and when they transmit their voice over radio. I know, I know, it would be weird if Russians were all speaking English on the battlefield, so maybe, it would just be cool if they added the ability to do this in the game's audio files so it could be useful for players who play with different mods and custom factions. Anyways, to make what they have now sound more natural, they could use software similar to Dolby Axon, which authentically piped in player voice audio into the 3-D space (Dolby Axon was discontinued a long time ago). I remember playing that old SOCOM 4 game that had this, and it being the only cool thing about that otherwise crappy PS3 game. Really, I think what Squad has now just needs to be better balanced in order to simulate real complete 3-D audio environments more naturally.
  11. New Revive ability

    KNOCKED. Come on OWI, you guys need to stay focused on delivering and improving on the core experience you guys yourselves loved so much about BF:PR. Don't go down the "pander to casual audiences" rabbit hole Battlefield did. Try not to even flirt with it. Allowing other roles to revive besides medic, WILL RUIN MEDIC. Period. There's no need to guess about this. You guys should be working on getting dragging and carrying unconscious team mates into the game before whatever it is you are trying to do with this "cpr" non-sense. Also, medics need more bandages than they currently have. More pistol ammo would be nice too. If you guys are itching to add different "role" content to the game, why not add an "ammo bearer" class. The ammo bearer will basically act as an ammunition dispenser for the squad, who carries "extra" ammo that squad mates can get by having the ammo bearer or squad leader approve an ammo request, and then allowing players to interact with the ammo bearer's backpack to take ammo. Food for thought. Also, you guys seriously need to enable some sort of way for players to loot ammo and supplies from unconscious or dead (make it so player corpses don't de-spawn immediately after they give up) players. Even more also-er... If you want to do something with "CPR", perhaps the only way it could work well is if: 1. Set it so that unconscious players bleed out faster/ bleed out depending on the seriousness of the wounds they have sustained (let's be real, headshots should just always be instant kills, but that is besides the point). 2. CPR will allow team mates to keep a player from dying in unconscious state by halting the loss of blood. Bandages will still do the same (plus allowing for revive, however, if a player is not a medic, it may take more than one bandage to get the job done properly. This will introduce a decision for team mates to make, "spend my bandages to save my team mate, or just hold out for a medic with CPR".
  12. I think you'd be better off at the place down the road...
  13. Please Fix the visibility.

    I was just about to make a post about this.... In short, the game runs better, and looks and feels better, especially in term of the pace of movement, with a 120 degree FOV. This should be the standard FOV and 90 should be ditched, after all, an accurate IRL representation of FOV is 180 degrees, even with combat goggles on (like ESS). The weapons and and other things would need to be rescaled to fit this FOV but it IS NECESSARY. There's no need to cling to the 90 degrees FOV of past FPS.
  14. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    update discord link