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  1. Are Russians always going to have iron sights?

    Well. that's only for the British Armed Forces, US and Russia don't use back up sights, but they have the choice between telescopic sights or non magnifier sights in the class menu.
  2. Are Russians always going to have iron sights?

    I think there should be no limits on telescopic optics for riflemen like the old days of PR, where you could chose between a scope for long range engagements or ironsights or an red dot sight for CQB. (this option only applies to military factions, insurgents get to chose from two weapons in a class) To be honest, the AK iron sights are not too bad once you get used to them, I can hit a target from 150+ meters away from the prone position without too much difficulty.
  3. In PRBF2, I remember that the rifleman type class could carry spare ammo for their squad. Anyone think this should be implemented in squad? If so, there could be other things a rifleman could carry for their squad such as: -Field dressings -RPG rounds -Smoke grenades -GL grenades -Explosives (for a breacher class in the future) -Frag grenades As for balancing, items carried by riflemen shouldn't be in large quantities, as it would mean that a squad could be too dependent on their riflemen and not so much on logistics squads. A mobility penalty should be put in place for riflemen choosing to carry supplies, meaning they would have to make a decision over extra supplies or better mobility. Only one Rifleman should be able to extra carry explosives or smokes, otherwise a squad would just be fragging and smoking the crap out of a compound. These are some of my suggestions^^
  4. Medium Machine Guns as FOB deployables

    Well I guess MMGs could be implemented and could freely be used as either a kit or an MG which doesn't take as much resources to deploy as a HMG. Perhaps if there's vacancies for the machine gunner kit, a player can pick up the weapon in exchange for their current kit.
  5. HMGs are good now they've been implemented, however MMGs would be a great addition as an FOB deployable I know there's a Machine Gunner Role in PR that carries a 7.62 MG such as the FN MAG or the PKM, but as a deployable it could have some advantages over a HMG but then have some disadvantages too. Pros -lower profile than a HMG, can be set on a tripod low enough to use in prone position instead of a low mounted HMG where the user has to sit down, making themselves an easier target to see and hit. -A wall that is part of the map or has been assembled can have a HMG with a bipod put on top of it using the bipod, meaning that it doesn't have to be deployed with a bunker or hesco block to support it all the time. -Can be picked up moved around the FOB if it's needed to be quickly placed somewhere else -Optics can be used on them for long range use. (iron sights are optional) -Doesn't overheat as quickly as the HMG. (not sure if this is true IRL, but it could be a good idea for an advantage if so) -Costs less to assemble Cons -Less damage output -Lower effective range -If moved within the boundaries of an FOB, the weapon will only have the ammo belt inserted into it, ammo boxes next to it will have to be moved to it in order to reload it (this is to balance it) -Belts have less round capacity -Can only be placed and moved within the boundaries of an FOB if it's within the area, if it's not near an FOB it costs more to deploy (balancing) -Restrictions on how many a squad can deploy, 1 per squad (due to it's ease of movement within an FOB) Feel free to agree, disagree or make a suggestion.