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  1. CIA Gaming SQUAD Server

    Thanks guys. We are working out some kinks yet. Going to have the Map Rotation up. We are a little short on admins as well but we will get it going.
  2. CIA Gaming SQUAD Server

    THE CIA GAMING SQUAD SERVER COMMUNITY INFO CIA Gaming Website CIA Gaming Steam Group Donations to the Server SERVER INFO Location: QC, CAN Slots: 64 Server Provider: OVH Licensed: YES Server Rules CIA Squad Rules CIA Ban Appeals Form
  3. Squad League Presents "Squad vs Project Reality."

    CIA will be making a presence. :D
  4. Hello!

    Glad to see we still have some street cred. CIA has a server up. Just changed the name back to Kokan and Hookers.... Gotta keep an oldie.
  5. Hello!

    SyntheticCoyote here from CIA Gaming. LONG time PR player, LONG time BF series player. Been in a multitude of communities. Some of you will recognize me some won't. Definitely happy to be here and play this. Been gaming since the 90's, running CIA since '09.
  6. Server Feature Requests

    Anyway to have the player ID number show when the server recognizes you as an admin, in like the tab area?
  7. Hosting a Squad Server

    I know K4on and FH.... You guys go WAAAAYYYY back in PR
  8. Server hosting and administration

    Sounds like there will be plenty of players. I know that CIA will have a server up as soon as physically possible. The box is awaiting CIA as a community got two 10 clan packs and a 5 clan pack of keys. Just a few more weeks for keys for my guys.
  9. August 2015 + Pax Prime Report

    Good to hear PAX was a success! Cannot wait to get my group in on this!
  10. ]CIA[ Gaming

    Hey all, if you see us on the squad servers, feel free to pop into our teamspeak if you are in a CIA squad. All players are welcome. ts3.ciagaming.org
  11. SOP for Conflict Appraisal and Resolution.

    My best experience is to treat all players the same. I don't expect anyone to know it all. Also, we need to be careful being admins, those of us who have PR admin experience. We don't want to turn this into PR as this isn't PR. I try to keep the squad tactical to a point. On PR, I had a 3 strike rule, Verbal warning over VOIP, Text Warning in chat, then an actual warn command. Anything past that was a kick or temp ban depending on the issue.
  12. What Headset Do You Use?

    Logitech G430s LOVE EM
  13. ]CIA[ Gaming

    Good to see you Alex. I remember the TAR days!
  14. CIA Gaming SyntheticCoyote has an Alpha Key as well as a few others USA GMT -5 76561197983218692 Making a post for the guys on CIA. 25 members ordered Kickstarter and I have 4 others that have pre-alpha keys. I will update this as I gather information
  15. ]CIA[ Gaming

    Hey Moth! Good to see ya.