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  1. I just bought a pair of Arctis 7's and it has this feature called (DTS Headphone X) and every time I enable it and play Squad it sounds hollow or dullish. Anyone else get that? Is that what its supposed to sound like? I also tried Fallout 4 and sounds the same as Squad. Windows 10 Arctis 7 Onboard audio - • Realtek® ALC887 Codec - 7.1-Channel High Definition Audio
  2. Ya, I figured it was something to do with an update to fix it. Ah, well.
  3. 100% validated.
  4. Alright Ill do that. Thanks
  5. Not sure how to do that? The game works fine but Reshade doesn't work for some reason.
  6. My Squad was working up until today when I got a EAC Violation opengl.dll. I had to delete all my Reshade files for the error to disappear. Will this be fixed?
  7. Kills are always fun to count muahaha!
  8. I have same problem as original poster. Itll probably take some time before it finally gets resolved. Games seems to lean torwards Intel plus Amd cpus aint as efficient as Intels.
  9. That's one old ass song. I didn't even know there was a band named it lol.
  10. ....first douch spotted.
  11. Great game just cant wait for the kinks to be worked out.
  12. PR went through (years) of changes and optimizations.