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  1. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    Thanks so much for responding! A lot of us in the 7th Cav really appreciate some of our calls don't go unnoticed. Glad to hear things are being worked on, we have faith you guys know what you devs are doing. Again much thanks! =7Cav=SPC.Storm.C
  2. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    FoB's have always added to the game for me and my teammates, rarely did a big FoB ruin a game for me.
  3. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    Its not lego blocks. It's a significant part of the game that made it more than just a run and gun. =7Cav=SPC.Storm.C
  4. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    How do you get a pic from ur phone onto here! lol can't figure it out
  5. No tire walls, forced gaps between building sandbags and hescas/walls, and barbed wire that is virtually useless.... FoB's were not over powered. Especially playing as insurgency, isn't that the point to use rag tag items (tire walls, trash, barbed wires) to defend against the enemy forces? There is now no point in putting up a FoB other than a spawn point (Edit: Except for an ammo crate, maybe a 50. The rest is pointless) There might as well be nothing else in the building system. I enjoyed making FoB's and defending them against rockets and grenades. I also loved attacking dug in positions and that satisfying feeling after you've finally taken one out. Build points have been nerfed to a factor of -5x. A large portion of the game has been destroyed with V6 update.... =7Cav=SPC.Storm.C