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  1. Hi. Many times i see people placing FOBs in bad location or not placing them at all, even if we have 3 flags to capture first people already rush to the last one and place FOB in some cheeky position, sometimes it works but most of the time it doesnt... I dont know how many times ive seen scenario when winning team keep capturing the flag after flag going for victory when losing team keep respawning in some useless locations at the flag that is Locked because there is no other FOBs to use... yes some respawn in Main Base and will try to defend the first flag but most of the people will keep respawning in old FOBs and the gameplay becomes messy... I also see a lot of times Squads being in some useless positions at the end of the maps trying to outflank entire server, instead of actually playing objectives, defending or attacking flags... not sure where exactly is the problem but it would be nice if players would stick to the plan and also it would be nice to be able to respawn in some better localization... I think the game depends too much on players actions, leaving them full control over respawning locations, i think it would be good idea to make Spawns available on Fully Captured Flags until there isnt an enemy close to it, that could give players options to effectively go back to objectives and have better chance to defend it and overall get back in action, FOBs could still be an option. It also could be more clear what current objectives are, even Experienced players tend to not notice that the flag theyre attacking is locked because enemy already captured the next one, players should be aware more whats going on, the whole gameplay experience would be just better if players would stick to the objectives of the map.
  2. September 2017 Recap

    How much polygons these model have? I always liked more simple models with nice textures which can still look nice, all the bolts sticking out and fully modeled tracks.. does this kind of stuff wont make performance even worse?
  3. Alpha 9.10 Released

    9.10 < 9.9 next one will be 9.100 ?
  4. New gamemode ?

    Project Reality has Coop Servers where game works a bit more like Battlefield, vehicles respawn faster and for some of them you dont need 2 people to operate, weapons are available for everyone without any limits, faster respawn.. Will Squad have similar gamemode somewhere in the future?
  5. For those saying that i should get a mic, then maybe i should mention that i have one, sorry for confusion. And the thing is, english isnt my first language and i cant use mic all the time, sometimes i use it but lets say most of the time i cant.. maybe its because im tired after work, its too late or someone is around and im not comfortable with using mic, also in other language... Probably you gonna say that i should play with people from the same country, yes thats true and im trying to do that, but i still cant use mic all the time. I know that some of you may have very good setup for the game and a lot of time to properly dig into it, but for example I dont really have that right now.
  6. Battlefield is not a bad game ? BF2 i think its still my favourite it didnt had health regen, 3d spotting.. then Bad Company 2 started all this BF-CoD mix type of game. BF3 wasnt soo bad, but i just played it for fun with a friend.. Also if not Battlefield game maybe we would never see Project reality? Squad? I was hoping maybe some moderator or dev could say something here but i think they dont really have time for this kind of stuff or maybe they agree with all of you here and thats why they dont say anything.. So i guess thats the direction of the game, thats ok. Im gonna still play it from time to time, check updates i still believe that it will become a bit more easier to play, more accessible for every type player.. Because i believe that devs wanna game to be succesful as much as possible, and to do that they will have to do some changes.
  7. 3000 was when the update did go live, so more people were attracted to the game just to see how it feels, whats new, how it runs... normally out of weekends and updates the number gets a bit lower, about 1500. http://steamcharts.com/app/393380 I know its not comparable game to CSGO but its just about the number 650 000 to 3000.. i just feel like the game could do so much better, it has very big potential.. I dont play csgo btw, didnt bought it at all, the game is very simple compared to squad, also its old, its nothing new, nothing fresh its just and old refreshed game with some shitty skins, but it runs great, its easy and people go for it. For the moment mostly i play R6 Siege its not that bad, its a bit realistic, it feels fresh and its easy to use, click play and enjoy. But i just like games like Squad a little bit more, i played ArmA1/2 with a friend for quite some time, i also played PR for a very long time... Its not like i would like to see in Squad things like instant respawn, killcams, hit sound, headshot bonus or freaking health regeneration... but i would like to see things like less limited weaponry and a bit more to choose from, maybe respawn points on fully capped flag so i wouldnt have to run from main base 10mins to action, some better idea for taking vehicles everyone should have a chance to use them without fighting with someone on microphone... changes like that wouldnt make the squad worse, it would just make it a little bit easier to play.. the game would stay realistic, people with mic and great teamwork could still do their work, and other people just wouldnt be running with ak and 2 mags... ;p Just because you dont use mic so much and are not super SL it doesnt mean you cant help your team and do some teamwork..
  8. Im not saying "make the game less realistic", by "hardcore" i mean those details that make the game a bit hard to play and enjoy: -like vehicle claiming, i didnt have a chance to use anything yet, maybe 50cal for a few minutes, people rushing for it and can use it for a whole round, there must be a better way to do it, everyone should have a chance to use every vehicle. -2 people to operate armed vehicle - driving is a bit boring, gunner have all the "fun", i know its realistic... -mic requirement ?? im sorry dont shoot me but i dont use mic too much, im just "trying" to play the game but quite a lot i get into situations where i get kicked ouf of squad and left on the middle of nowhere with ak and 2 mags... -fobs/ respawns - maybe fully capped flags could have some respawns so we wouldnt have to run from main base? sometimes SL dont really do fobs so much, they just use rally points instead and there is no choice and we have to go for main base or wait for someone to place a fob.. For me the game is not really friendly i would say, i cant really do much, i can join other squads and if im lucky im gonna take a rifle with a scope and thats it ;P I wish the game was a bit easier to play, where i could easily join in, grab a beer and just relax, have a good time, blow some shit up.. but **** me its just impossible ;p I can get TK because i dont have a mic, people can get really angry because of that, like "you should have a mic" "you need to have a mic to play this game" "do you have a mic?!?" crazy.. The mic is highly recommended i get it, but its not required, players without the mic shouldnt be punished for that... ak and 2 mags wtf bad joke. Is the game targeting only hardcore players? If yes then ok i wll gtfo asap.. At the end i will just come up with some numbers.. i will "try" to campare Squad to CSGO, pls dont ban me i know these are different games, but both are shooters... CS have been here for a years but its old shitty game now, very simple, easy to play, people can join in and relax, i dont play it btw i played cs1.6 alot for me css and csgo were a bit shitty... BUT i looked at steamcharts lately aaaand... after update for squad A9 there was over 3 000 people playing on weekend, highest peek.. for CSGO yesterday highest player peek was 650 000... on the weekend it was even higher.. the answer is simple: People dont really wanna run from mainbase for 15min and then get shot, they dont wanna ask someone for permisson to use a vehicle, they dont wanna run for 2 hours and get 3 kills... im sorry, i like the game i bought the Squad when it came out, i ****in love the effects, the game have power and a very big potential... but if its gonna stay hardcore then the game may bo not so much popular, and if the game will get more popular then more people will buy it, devs will get more money and it should speed up the development process, it means faster updates. My suggestion is keep the game realistic because thats the point of the game, but pls dont make it hard to use
  9. Claiming vehicles.

    What about pre-made squads for vehicle? Not for every vehicle, just for these special ones, armored with guns, helicopters or jets. When you join it, the vehicle is yours, when you die you get kicked out of a squad and youre unable to join it again in current round or even the next 2 rounds, so others could have a chance to use it. Seems fair.
  10. Claiming vehicles.

    It always pissed me off in games like BF when someone simply stole your vehicle without single word, so im happy that Squad is trying to do something about it. But the way it works now its not really good ;/ 3 people required to take any vehicle? Even BTR which require only a driver and gunner? That is just a bit off, weird.. What about making a simple queue for vehicles ? Or choosing vehicles from spawn menu? Or maybe make use from these points you gather through all the rounds, make them a currency ingame so you could buy vehicles for them.. like in CS, you play, get money, and buy better gear. It works. Or maybe simple queue in spawn menu where you click on vehicle you want and it shows you that youre 2/2 so you have to wait, then you spawn as a normal troop and keep playing and when vehicle will be ready for you, you will get notification on your screen that vehicle is available and you have 2 min to claim it? So you can suicide to go back to base, you can run back if youre close to base or call for transport. And also you could take only 1 big vehicle during the round, trucks/ humves you could take more times per round, but big ones like tanks/apc only once. I believe there is better system for all this vehicle claiming thingy, the current one isnt the best..
  11. Laptop - i7 - 8gb ram - geforce 980m - everything on low - resolution 1080 http://imgur.com/a/f32M5 Pretty much unplayable ;/
  12. Scopes offset

    Aim through AK scope or new US marksman rifle, and try to aim at your teammate from distance, when you aim at him with a scope his name will not show up, but once you aim at him with the centre of your screen the name will show up.
  13. Scopes offset

    They are still not centered to the screen, is that suppose to look like that? First thing i did after update is go to firing range and pick up an AK with scope, and i see theyre still a bit offset, like 2cm lower from centre of the screen. Also the new US sniper is messed up, but in this case its like 2cm higher. If you dont know what i mean, just open a simple game like cs with a crosshair on the centre of the screen and make a dot with a pen or something, and then open squad and pick up AK or new us rifle with scope, you will see it..
  14. Waepons Stats

    I think they use real stats from real world but im not sure, if yes then you can find them on wiki.
  15. No, keep it pls its a good feature, TK would raise dramatically up without it.