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  1. Topographic map

    Yeah I also like the Arma ones... though I've never played it, so I'm just talking about videos.
  2. Female Characters

    Yeah, right now any woman who joins the game is going to be playing as a male character, which is just a wacky as having female characters played by men. We could try to enforce people playing as their actual gender but that'd be impossible.
  3. I'd sure love to be able to deploy and build camouflage netting for assets, vehicles etc. You could throw up a camo tent to hide a logi, surround your mortars with netting, stuff like that.
  4. Female Characters

    I think it'd be nice to have female characters built into the game. In factions that allow them to serve, anyway. And maybe with a slightly different endurance mechanic. Like... being able to sprint further, but having a lower sprint speed. I think that reflects how people's bodies actually work... seems like men can go faster and women can go farther. Actually, having this balance as part of a player setting would add some realistic diversity to the characters. I know it's a silly source to cite, but I notice over and over again in Man Woman Wild, a survival show where a man and woman get marooned together, the man starts out with lots of energy and then by day two, totally crashes and has a hard time keeping up with the woman. This fits in with another suggestion I had... an expanded stamina system, where beyond the immediate stamina mechanic that we see in PR, there's another more long-term mechanic, where your short-term stamina goes up and down depending on how much activity you're engaged in... so if your squad spends the first half-hour of a game in constant movement, they'll need to take a breather in order to get their endurance back.
  5. Topographic map

    Yeah, baby. Topographical maps are the feature I want the most. They're the thing that I'm most frustrated about not having in PR... the thing that interferes most with realism. When planning a route, when firing mortars... it's a joke to have an elevation thing on mortars when nobody knows the elevation of anything on the map except the control points, and then only because they're included in the name. Here's what a proper topographical map looks like, in case anybody's like wtf are y'all talking about:
  6. I think bushes should also do players some damage when they're trying to move through them too quickly. Kind of like in PR when you're bumping into each-other while running.
  7. Topo Maps

    Glad to see some other players not only know what topographical maps are, but also see how critical they are to combat. If I could have one feature added to PR, this would be it. It's critical to planning movement, firing mortars, and evaluating tactics. Yes, it might be a challenge to integrate graphically, but it seems to me like the most natural thing for a map is, you can switch between satellite and topographical.