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  1. Game needs non owned servers

    Thank you for your answer text = ) , thats exactly what I do, me and the other hundreds of players on the SQUAD Vanilla Discord that , We pick up a server to join , and We All Join the same server at same time , so we have like 60 people Joining at the same time the server , and thats how we play and get a Vanilla experience, the problem is , its just us , the other 1000 players that squad have dont know nothing about this. just by the way , One of the Main Reasons of Why SQUAD have only 30,000 players in Steam Like and Dislike thing and just getting 3,000 players daily and its always on Sale or Free Weekends , to attract the Public , which they buy the game but then they play like 2 or 3 weeks and then only play again after an 1 year or 2 years later , basically rare squad players but this is another topic that im getting into, i guess sorry for that long and deviation of answer but , one thing is associated with many other things = )
  2. Game needs non owned servers

    First of all sory for my bad english words sometimes i give kicks in English Literature. At the beggining of SQUAD birth , there were Squad Official Servers rented , by own SQUAD Creators , for each Continent like - Squad Official EU# 3 -Squad Official NA#5 -Squad Official AU#2 But , no justification far as I know was given to take down those servers from existance, I personally believe , that they removed them because those servers need maintenance such as paying them , and from a company or a studio point of view if they dont pay for servers for people play the betther for them right? So people start renting servers with Group Tags or Clans , and the whole Vanilla Servers went down 100% , now its only Private serveres to Public Acess , you can join them, but because they ruled by humans of course someone will abuse of the power of what servers priviliges have. An example to describe what is happening is like Governament , Private Companys , and Regular People , just like in real life corruption is everywhere and everybody knows that, and back to the point is , of course there is like 6 or 7 exception servers where you can decently play, but then you have another problem , no ones plays over there because We as Humans dont wanna sit in a empty server waiting for someone to join right? only join already Populated servers , and That maybe have that small group of people maybe seeding like 99% of the times ,and the rest of those Good servers are empty with maybe 1 person waiting the server gets full. Your question is very simple to answer , but who reads it , or listens to someone saying this and you are and become emmidiatly a Devil and a Toxic person , so beware of because if you talk about this you became a marked person within the game Community. Admins and there friends Via Teamspeak or Discord have a niche , and in that "Only My Friends Admin Niche" , they provide complete acess Admin Powers to a bunch of their Friends and then the problem starts , People that should Not be Admins , became Admins and the abuse over the Public Players start , not to everyone but to some , and then when those people are banned or kicked , and not able to join they pick another ones and another ones , and as everyone see and experience when they play the game they basically being controled by a bunch of people and not even should be admins like for example , the way you play , give an example certain servers are told Not to Rush 1st Flag and if you do that in Admins Team its totally fine , if you do that against the Admin team he simply Ban you , and this is just 1 example there is plently more , Not to talk about Admin Abusive use of Spectator mode by Admins Friends while playing the game or SQLeading , i mean come on . . You have an Admin playing the game right? , and he go´s to spectator mode , first of all nobody knows, secondly he is a Human if he do that , and continuing to play the game , is a complete non-sense because hes gonna play the game Knowing where is the FOBS , where is the Tank , what are they talking about via Local Voice , and then comes the hard part . . They at same time are in Discords and Teamspeak providing information to other people when this is when Im Not Okay to play , because this is basically Admin Ghosting , just like players Ghosting , hard to prove almost to be honest , almost impossible , but old players and addicted players to the game know that they do that , because of conversations that are realeased outside their niche communitys, so the solution for that is Having No Admins at All. I find a way to New and Old People that wanna play the game and feel a Balance and really About Skill and Inteligence Vanilla Experience to avoid this Abusive Admin Servers , so it here is! .. You ready?? "cough,cough" You create a Discord Community with 200 or 300 or even 1000 players Noobs , Medium players and Pro Players or Casual Players doesnt matther just people that obviously play SQUAD , than you Open Squad , go to Server Browser and below there is an option says Server Filter , and is gonna show up a option to CheckBox for Empty Servers , You make sure that have that option ON , then you gonna search down the servers list for a Lonely Server with 0 / 0 Players and you gonna Join the server , then You ALT + TAB and you gonna send a message that Discord with those Numbers of People and you gonna type a Invitation with the Server name and the Current Map and leave a nice and good looking and attractive message or you can opte by a competitive hardcore message challeging those people to Join that server and play the true Vanilla Squad Gameplay Experience, where only the Best , most Teamwork, most Intelligent SquadLeaders and SquadMembers win over the enemy. Just a quick thing , yes people can still Ghost over those servers , but here is a thing namely the Programmer Developer if he is skilled enough can do to actually improve the game, set a way to the game by C++ , crash intetionally if VOIP Outside Programs are opened, So people use the In-game system instead using External Voice Programs to Snitch In-Game Information, just like you guys try to fix the Field of View glitch where people basically opening game files and have a Extra Increase on Aiming Down Sights if anyone remembers that. And 2nd , make sure when players Join a server they Actually join to a Neutral Team , so They Can only Choose one Team to play the entire Round , this will prevent and avoid those people who basically switch every 130 seconds to snitch information & or destroying FOBs and actually points that can dictated where you spawn such as rally or important stuff , majorly just to Swapping Around teams whenever they feel like, because people just join a team play for 5 minutes , the watch where the FOBS and HABS are place , they switch teams and they go to those places in the map to basically camp HABS and ruin the players experience or pure evil just destroying FOBS and make the team lose because of a Designer and Programmer problems. So this is your anwser Psyrus on Why would "official" ones suddenly be different? . . . Here it is , and if you pay attention you will start to notice this things With these things fixed people can actually play get the true , Squad Vanilla Gameplays that We as players for buying the game , should get , and not what is currently happening. Last Note : Within the Community of Squad the name TupacPereira, im probably in TOP 1 - TOXIC ,RACIST Person Award by Admins and theyre Friends so , I will surely receive even more BackLash to come here and say what im saying, right now, so here´s a few things i cant expect to receinve after i send this message. But no problem , the truth is to be spoken and even i get more hate on me , I can live with that.
  3. Game needs non owned servers

    Zylfrax791 is right , everyone who plays SQUAD for enough time knows and understands that, there is a massive ammount of Abusive Admin Power in most servers , in fact the only servers that doesnt happen , are those on the Empty Section or they are not Seeded by any players, which is what WE as players should start doing , instead of Populated Clan and Group Name Servers . . . Very simple the game as Auto-Bans for Teamkillers and also we can kick people from Squads , We can mute , we can for sure play the game without admins and his group of Discord and Teamspeak friends , abusing in their server on a daily basis , using Spectator mode to provide information to others and they laugh on Discord and Teamspeak about it, or abusing kicking and banning people for little things people come to SQUAD Forums talking about , such as , Mic Spam , during map transition , Innapropriate Name , No SL Mic , One manning Vehicle , Chat Spam (when clearly people are trying to reach out with an idea or thought and trying to say something) , making Race joke or Human Color joke , etc ... I dont remember more examples because i just finish a 18 hours squad session gameplay , but everyone old on the game enough knows whats going on in SQUAD and sad to say , not even on Project Reality this things happens so this clearly is a New Wave of gamers that Rented a couple servers 2 years ago and start doing this until now 2019 , because i remember back in 2015 there was no such things like this and the game was Healthy for the first 2 years and then become a Admin Game where they are like Abusive Police and theyire words are much more Valuable then any other person , when we all know that they are just some skinnys or fat dudes behind a PC Screen that pay servers to SQUAD Devs to keep control under the game , this reminds me of not only life is Corrupt but also when we run away to distract Ourselfs into a game that we like , we still have to deal with this type of Corruption and Abusive people upon our fun moments , What is suposed to be a Fun , Competitive , Teamwork and Gameplay time ,becames totally the oposite. So that said and no Devs , action of the return of Squad Official Public Servers , like those old days when existed Squad Official Public Server#1 #2 #3 #4 , and everybody was happy. Now this game becomes or either a Discord-Only-My-Friends-Are-Not-Banned-Game , or a I-Pay-The-Server--So-My-Rules-And-You-Are-Banned type of game. Soon or later other games will emerge and only they will stay here paying servers and destroying games and not making them Fun or Competitive. By the way , my name is pretty much BlackListed in European servers for so i expect being Backlashed and people comming to Pointing the finger , i played SQUAD since the beggining so we also know that if You play the game for long time and your name starts to be a spotlight of negativity towards everything , just like with Famous people and Celebritys , so another thing of the game SQUAD being ruled by a couple of Admins Server Owners , is because we are humans they tend to keep in their mind your NickNames and punishing you for everything and for nothing , is Abusive Gaming is backwards mentaly for me keep playing this game, after 5 years of playing SQUAD everyday. Moral of story and resolution of this little problem is making Official Squad Servers hosted by SQUAD itself with Auto-Admin Activated just for Teamkillers , so we can like people want a Balanced and a Vanilla experience with No Admin Abusive going on while we play , I dont even know why they got Removed , they should be kept.
  4. Shotguns, mines, mortars?

    Dudes the game does not need any rank system, why you guys wanted it , in the first place? that doesnt help the game at all and secondly , if you do want play games with that type of rank system go play battlefield or call of duty , and thirdly because a rank system does not create or increase anything benefic to players in-game, it´s gonna do the total opposite of what this game come about, in fact was Project Reality mentality with teamwork, rules, respect , rigour , game presssure. It´s like , don´t try to ruin a amazing game with sh*tty ideas, copied from sh*tty @ss games.
  5. Shotguns, mines, mortars?

    Project Reality never used a Battlefield Rank system for the players because that increase Arcadeism on the games , SQUAD is good without that system , because it´s a Replica of Project Reality and have to keep they´re essence, if SQUAD puts that Player Level Experience System in-game will ruin this game. SQUAD is good at it is right now, only thing it needs is Varieaty of Maps, Tanks , Mortars, IED´s and a Commander. And maybe a Helicopter for Supplies and Evacs but only with bigger maps. SQUAD STAFF - Please dont ruin this game. Battlefield and Call of Duty are enough, the Game Industry dont need to copy eachothers and there is no need to do that in your good game, thats call SQUAD, I played 9 Years Project Reality and if SQUADS keeps it like it is now i plan to keep playing until i die.
  6. Alot of SQUAD players are requesting to SQUAD Developers a new map, and since everybody likes the lastest map AL-Basrah from PR - Project Reality , we are requesting a NEW IRAQUI URBAN MAP , this map is also very played in PR Project Reality called " Ramiel " , its a REPLICA of the Area in Somalia on the movie " Black Hawk Down ". And we as players would like to Developers at least think about it , the possibility to Re-Create Ramiel Map , now for SQUAD game. In PR Project Reality we also had a " COMMANDER " operating from a UAV , to call coordenates for SQUADS for each team, to improve Teamwork and to Guide the SquadLeaders to a Higher Performance In-Game. We really miss the " Commander " from Project Reality with his several funcions, such as Artilhary Strikes and Command each Individual SquadLeader. We also request on " Mortars - Emplecements " , to the SquadLeaders of U.S Team and Russian Team on the F.O.B area so they can be Deployed 2 Mortars in total. They can be built 2 at the same F.O.B or 1 Mortar at different F.O.B location across the map, so there is on Mortar for each F.O.B with maximum capacity of 2 of 2 Mortars per Map, since the Artilhary Vehicle is Mobile. I played 8 Years Project Reality. My Complements to all SQUAD Staff , you are doing a 10 Star Job, signed by Tupac Pereira.