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  1. Have an automated "mic check" for SL

    Yes most people leave, but plenty lone rangers just stay. These squads can ruin some gameplay, I hear ya though. All it would do is eliminate those SL`s who do not have a mic at all of course. But I think it as well it would be a cool feature, and reiterate the importance of communication as SL. Check check
  2. Most people know that as Squad Leader you should have a microphone but still, it happens a lot that a squad or two has squad leaders without a microphone.
  3. All factions on Jensen`s range for drills

    That seems like a good idea, if you switch to say a militia loadout i think it`d be nice if it also switched to the militia outfit. I very well know that implementing anything is no easy task. If on the range you could have 2 teams and the option to go independent for example. Almost like the unassigned, but you are not on either team. And through an advanced ammo crate you could switch to either outfit and loadout. I know it`s alot, but I truly think we could get some amazing player created events that way.
  4. I hope I can get some attention to this and that there are more who find this interesting. Every week I run practice with the 7`th Cavalry on our training server, to keep things interesting I have created a drill in the CQB area and in the outside rocky area. The drill is aptly named by a participant "save the lady" where we place a civilian in the centre. The objective for both teams is to "tag" and escort the civilian to safety. This is only a part of the exercise but also the major issue, the civilian must wear the same uniform as one of the teams resulting in albeit hilarious situations a lot of civilian deaths. If we could have access to all factions in Jensen`s range we would have much more flexibility to create fun drills and practices. It would also add the possibility of testing out all the factions on the range. My hope is that you see this as a valuable addition and that it`s not too difficult to implement.