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  1. Can't See the enemy

    Ah no, I didn't even realize they changed that. I play on the lowest FOV possible gives me best view.
  2. Can't See the enemy

    Played on 85 didn't realize they changed man. Lmfao calm with the salt. My apologies sir 90 FOV
  3. Donate Button Broken?

    ^^^ Why would they not take more money!?!
  4. Donate Button Broken?

    Hey guys I love the game and wanted to donate! I click the donate button and it says the page is broken? Is this an error for everyone?
  5. Can't See the enemy

    Lower your FOV might help, make the enemies a bit larger for you on your screen. That's what I had to do I normally play on 100 FOV but on this game I play 85 FOV helps me see.
  6. Change Soldier's Name

    No that's not possible its tied through your STEAM ID.
  7. Influx

    There have been a few, just give the Dev's some time to fix it! Hacks cant be instantly detected! It will probably be fixed shortly. We've caught 2 hackers on our server so they are out there.
  8. So I'm joining the Marines...

    First off congrats on taking the first steps Semper Fi. MEPs doctors are assholes and meant to disqualify you its their job. As far as Computer stuff in the Marine Corps. There is probably sadly a limited amount of jobs, not saying there are none but not as many as you would find in probably the Navy. Since the Air Force shut you out (they are VERY picky don't take it personal). Have you looked at anything Navy wise as far as Computer Service jobs go? If not I would STRONGLY suggest you do that. Since you went to MEPs I'm assuming you took your ASVAB how were your line scores? I would not suggest the Marine Corps. for Computer services they will give you a MOS they need you in. They will put you where they want you. Now every branch is like that but the Marine Corps is pretty well known for you not getting your top picks by any means (jobs go fast in the Corps.) So I would not suggest the Marine Corps. if you are ONLY wanting to do Computer Services. If you are fine ending up in Infantry. BTW Communication's In the Marine Corps REQUIRES these Line Scores: 105 EL (Electronics) for your ASVAB Line Score. I personally do not regret my decision of joining the Corps. Wouldn't change a thing if I could. Just be ready to get a Combat Orientated Job. As far as your D/Q From Air Force. You had to have slipped up answering a question. The MEPS Doctors only know whats on the paper, unless you say something to convince them otherwise. Impossible for them to pull your medical documents they must all be provided. So you must have slipped up during your 1 on 1 interview with the Doctors. Its the ONLY way they could say anything like that is if you said something a long the lines of that. Semper Fi.
  9. All factions on Jensen`s range for drills

    I agree, being able to change factions on the range would be great for many reasons. Like the scenario you have. Good for the realism squads that want to train and do things like this. Wouldn't hurt that's for sure.