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  1. CPU Under Utilized

    You don't know what you are talking about..
  2. GPU hitting 90C after 10.1 update

    90 Degrees is quite hot, especially for medium settings. I would advise you to do the following: - Check the airflow in your case and think about it. - Maby you limit the fan speed in NVIDIA control software - Check custom override settings in NVIDIA control software and delete them. - Limit your FPS to what you think is playable i suggest 60fps. - Reset graphical settings and build from there. - Are you streaming? - Close your excessive tabs in chrome of firefox. - Close other background programs. I play 1080p high settings 40-70 FPS (50ish average) depending on the map with an RX480 and the temp is 75 deg. Your card is way more powerfull so i would say something is definitely off. It also took me a while to get low temps and acceptable performance.
  3. Cutting trees ?

    I agree its annoying a big chunk of steel gets stopped by small objects. They should disable collision with smaller objects such as small trees, bushes, small fences only for vechicles. This would be super easy to implement. Destructible props are doable as long as you don't introduce any real physics over the net. But this solution is a no brainer.
  4. CPU Under Utilized

    It depends on the game, in quite a few games hyper threading off will give you extra FPS. I personally have HT on because of multitasking and other workloads, but if you want to squeeze out some extra FPS in some titles turn it off.
  5. [WIP] Karbala

    A example of my design strategy, I try to make the builds asymmetric. So they will look different from any corner. I did lend this style from the BF2 assets. I think it makes them look much more interesting and more reusable. It gives the assets much more dept and a sence of "very 3d" instead of flat facading on a cube. You can use the same building 4 times in a row 90 deg rotated and you wont notice the repetition.
  6. CPU Under Utilized

    First of all why would you get an expensive i7-K processor if you are not going to overclock it to get free performance? The whole point of an K edition is that you can extend its life especially for games. If you overclock a cpu and keep thermals and voltages down it wont hurt your processor. Secondly a CPU is NOT like a CAR-engine, its working together with your GPU and they waiting for each other to preform tasks. If one of the components is 2 slow the other cannot be fully utilized, the slower your card the more the CPU will be waiting for the GPU thus lower CPU utilization. See you-tube video below: You can clearly see that a lowerend GPU will result in lower CPU utilization. The fact remains that i have an inferior pc to yours but i have superior performance period. I highly recommend you follow my advise for better FPS. My advice would be: -Overclock your CPU it should go to a maximum of 4.7ish gHz you will get free performance. -Do a fresh reinstall of windows.......... (Believe me a fresh install can do BIG wonders to your machine) -Select XMP memory profile in BIOS. (often disabled by default and memory is running on 1300 mhZ) -Make sure turbo boost is on in BIOS. -Disable hyper-threading in bios. (Optional). -Make sure you have at least 32 GB free space on your SSD for your page file.
  7. CPU Under Utilized

    May i know your clock speed? Do you run this CPU at stock clocks? I use a i7 2600k (Sandy Bridge Q1 2011) but i have it overclocked to 4,5 GHz sometimes to 4,8. My GPU is an RX480 8GB and 16GB RAM As far as i can tell your PC is superior to mine. I have : 45-65 FPS on Al Basrah with 51 on average. All settings high. At some smaller maps i will sometimes get 80 FPS. Personally i have no complaints, the game looks great and for me 50 fps is great. Once my pc blue-screened and bios resets the clock speed to stock settings of 3,4 Ghz and i started squad and it felt sluggish with low FPS like below 40. When i overclocked the CPU again everything went to smooth again. My advice would be: -Overclock your CPU it should go to a maximum of 4.7ish gHz you will get free performance. -Do a fresh reinstall of windows.......... (Believe me a fresh install can do BIG wonders to your machine) -Select XMP memory profile in bios -Make sure turbo boost is on in bios. -Disable hyper-threading in bios. (Optional). -Make sure you have at least 32 GB free space on your SSD for your page file.
  8. [WIP] Karbala

    Name Karbala Type Community map Location Karbala, Iraq Timeframe March 2003 Size 2 Km Teams USMC vs Iraqi Freedom fighters Gameplay Insurgency Release Mid 2019 Status Pre-production/blockout Introduction This map will be a partial port of the original Project Reality map "Karbala" by pr Dev "~KILL~Pirate" It features the original heightmap from PR and some of the origina remodeled buildings. The layout will be 90% the same. It will be a 50%/50% mix between original Pr buildings and new buildings i designed. The only reason i will add some of the classic Pr buildings like the house-of-pain and similar is for pure nostalgia. Gameplay I personally favor Insurgency as game mode. I find the asymmetric warfare component of INS the most interesting. I feel its more competitive than AAS and gives a genuine sandbox feeling (go anywhere and do cool stuff). For INS it is fun to run around and defend and the USMC need actual teamwork among squad leaders to get results. The insurgents will be king inside the dense city-centre, and CQB combat is favored with their iron sights The marines will have an advantage on the city edges and the open parts of the map because of their optics and armor support. The marines should not enter the city without any legitimate reason and doing so will be equal to suicide. They might circle around the city, do small raids or have recon teams in or close to the city to gather intel. Once the marines gathered enough Intel the squad-leaders should choose an entry stragety into the city and plan the a siege on the cache. Tactics, teamwork and coordination on the marines side will be preferred over a push-push slug-fest. Harassment and guerrilla tactics will be preferred for the Iraqi Freedom fighters. Design Some building will be open others closed, i aim for the fighting to take place on the streets and in back alleys. About 10% of the buildings will be open of entry. The main reason for this is that i feel it needs to take effort to go enter a building, which it currently does not. In a RL scenario a city under siege will be on lock down if a foreign army was to invade. On the original Kokan in PR for example, all towns where like little fortresses which required teamwork within a squad to enter by using a breacher. "Breacher, Breacher comming trough" "C4!!!! hold back!!" If a breacher class and small breaching explosives to blow doors will be introduced i might consider making more buildings enter-able. All the buildings will be of similar height to the original Karbala map, 1-2-3-4 stories. Progress Currently i'm mainly designing new buildings to add to the map. I try to photo-reference a lot of buildings and study what makes buildings look interesting. I have come to the conclusion that there are 2 concept that work really well: Asymmetry and facade depth. Modeling is a tedious and time consuming process and takes some serious dedication, i expect at least a year of development. In the comming months i will focusing on doing block-outs. Screenshots
  9. CPU Under Utilized

    What GPU do you have? It could also be a weak GPU. Your cpu is fine.
  10. Let me tell you this: Laptops are extreme horrible performers, even an "high end" laptop i7 get its ass whooped by any AMD low end processor. They have a range of thermal issues and have generally have inferior pcb design. Personally i never ever use laptops exactly for this reason unless absolutely necessary (travel etc). Privately i use an i7 2600k @ 4.8 ghz, 16 GB ram, SSD + RX480 8 GB. Everything except GPU about my PC is about 7 years old and it will whoop any modern day laptop any day. A fine investment. If your sole reason is gaming and not study/work i would return it to your retailer and start looking into a low end Ryzen 5 1600x or something. I don't want to disappoint you with your recent buy, but such a laptop is just not gonna cut it for gaming period.
  11. Does this still suck on AMD?

    On Ryzen it will work fine.
  12. CPU Under Utilized

    Can you quantify the problem? What is your FPS? What type of gpu do you have? Do you have an SSD? How much memory do you have?