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  1. I wouldn't call anyone a "top 1%" unless you are playing Pro E-Sports earning the big bucks. You categorizing players just goes to show you see SQ as a competitive shooter. Which makes sense, since you prefer a more fast paced combat with emphasis on individual ability. I prefer tactics / strategy on the Squad level over individual ability. I'm not asking to completely punish good shooters. I'm asking for mechanics to be refined more and expanded upon to create longer engagements that opens multiple paths of Squad based tactics and strategy. Right now, Squad level tactics in Squad is > Take contact > First 10 seconds - both sides in the engagement lose a few people instantly to gun fire - or one side loses everyone in first 10 seconds > 5 seconds after that grenades, RPG, M203 more people die instantly > Medics if not dead try get people up > 5 seconds after that - A good shooter does a 20 meter flank, kills rest of enemy - or a good grenadier sends an explosive present that kills the rest. My problem with this is, the freedom of movement and pace of it all, and the lack of tactics involved with the mix of how easy it is to just 'point & shoot' My PR experience was different, Maybe it's due to being from Oceania where the player base is small and everyone who played had played PR for years. Infantry engagements were fun and thrilling. Nothing like being stuck in some shitty compound for 3+ minutes unable to move and having to ask another Squad or vehicle asset to come and assist or if none available, having a good shooter maybe try kill the enemy AR or get AT to take the IFV/Tank out to enable some movement and sending 3 or so guys to a flank to force the enemy into a position you were just in. Having the ability to hold whole elements up to stop them reinforcing caps for long period felt rewarding. Like I said, we don't need deviation in Squad. We just need other systems currently in Squad refined and expanded upon. Like with the animation system coming; I saw weapon handling differences that will make point and shooting harder to accomplish. Which I like. Like I said in my other post, The devs themselves have said each patch has been slowing game play down further. They're doing it in increments to get people to adapt slowly. I like that a lot, I can feel the changes too. I even said to my buddies that the gameplay on Yeho and Goro gave me 'PR Vibes' with the pacing of the game, The mix of larger maps, stamina regen nerf, small arms penetration and more vehicles kind of forces different elements to support each other. Until you get mid match and everyone cluster****s on one or two caps and its back to the normal. People are playing fast paced, because the game allows them too. The meta is created based on design and mechanics. If you can win a match by simply out killing the enemy, being able to just stand up from cover and one tap an MG shooting your position. Basically doing cheese things the game design currently allows - then people will do it, and a vast majority of players do. Like for instance this, I stand and strafe fire and knock down a target 50m out. I shouldn't be able to do that easily. Stand strafing while rapid firing in single fire at 50m accurately, shouldn't happen. There's a lot of small things like that, we shouldn't be able to do(Example - drop shotting/dolphin diving, which is changing soon) People run like headless chickens spread out, rush BTR's and do stupid things etc because it can result in a lot of kills with the cost of just dying and being able to respawn and start again. People pick M4/AK with optics because they can solo man it and get 30 kills easily. The game mechanics/design allow them to move freely & easily shoot a target. The recent stamina nerf in conjunction with weapon sway at low stamina had slowed this down a bit - again I'm happy in the direction that is going. The change in stam regen alone has had positive affects on gameplay. And that's what I'm talking about. Current mechanics and systems refined and expanded upon to get similar results with out adding old clunky systems into the mix, for example - Deviation. I play all servers, If its early where I am and no OCE players are active, I play US or EU servers despite the 180 - 300 ping. All have the same general meta and gameplay. The Only time I get that itch scratched is single life events hosted by BigD, as people actually put thought into gameplay and play in methodical fashion. Hey I only told you to go play CSGO because you told me to go back to PR Just banter(LEM on CSGO BTW). Overall I'm an average shooter on Squad, and I even find the game just too pointy shooty. I just want firefights to have more substance.
  2. Turn off in-game anti aliasing. If you have an Nvidia card, use their AA in Nvidia control pannel. Install Reshade/SweetFX, use it's AA and other features to crisp the image up. Use resolution scaling to improve aliasing and clearer image, from in-game settings, or if you have an Nvidia card, use DSR to do basically the same thing.
  3. You've misread and misinterpreted everything I've said lol Squads Devs themselves have said Squad will be moved towards slower game-play between each patch(Which it has been doing -- v9 alone on Yeho & Goro with expansions and stam nerf has made gameplay very mechanized on those maps at a slower pace), slowly introducing players to the playstyle they want to influence, so they adapt over time and not just lay it all down on them straight away. There was a discussion on reddit not too long about it. Will it be exactly like PR? No, and I'm happy it won't be. Squad needs to differentiate itself to be a different product but still hold true to the spiritual successor title. No one is asking for hyper realistic firefights, they're asking for more slower placed gameplay to give more variation in engagements, so it opens more opportunity for more intense play and tactics overall. Right now, meta is Rush and have everyone scattered across a map, no front lines, limited Squad tactics, point and shoot fights. PR has 500 players because its been 10 years. It's old and outdated, but still holds a playerbase after 10 years - which is impressive. In its prime it had a few thousand players. It's niche-ness prolonged its life cycle due to a dedicated playerbase. You can tell me to go and play PR(Still do), but I could say; If you're after 15 second fight MLG epeen repetitive rinse and repeat tactics - Play CSGO.
  4. The deviation and other systems in PR were far from perfect and held pro's & cons, but they created long and intense firefights. It opened a wide path of Squad and mechanized tactics due to the pacing it set...just in a really clunky way. I think a lot of people want more than just point and shoot gun fights that end in 15 seconds. They're after the adrenaline filled 5 minute firefights, being pinned down, having vehicles/squads be a base of fire while other elements pushed flanks. The answer isn't in deviation even if people think it is, I can agree to that. Other systems we have currently, should be refined and expanded on(which they are from the looks of animation system with weapon handling, as well as dev feedback saying suppression changes are coming sometime etc) Skill should be rewarded, but shouldn't be a huge focus. It influences individual play when focused on too much. The game is called "Squad" after all.
  5. Like any other game with global local Voip - Most players will turn to ts3/discord as their main voice communication, as it doesn't give their position away. The people that would still use it, would be ragers, trolls, music players and the few role players that get over immersed.
  6. Complete removal of player names is bad, even in hardcore environments. In reality, you know your comrades faces and can match names to them. Other factors such as names on helmets/vests help out if you don't know, who is who. Complete removal of names would result in 90% of people, not knowing which friendly is who, thus resulting in "hey you" "guy in front of me" or people having to identify which class the person is, and call out based on that "Hey marksman, follow me to place rally" etc I'd advocate for a more better approach, with friendly names only showing if you look at the person within 5 or 10 meters. It fades in when looking at them, then fades out when you look away. Limiting player recognition to being when you're close. Would also force players to PID at relatively close distances to far distances.
  7. I remember seeing somewhere recently, that they plan to add small arms shell casing sounds, sometime down the line. Would be safe to assume that larger shell casing would also get the same treatment.
  8. The game isn't trying to be a MilSim. It's in it's own genre that was named by some creative people a while ago called, 'MilCade'. A mix of MilSim/Realism with Arcade. Basically the game is designed to be in the middle of ArmA and Battlefield. A balance between the two, which it is achieving. It's holding the same principles as Project Reality did. The main realism aspect is in the games description Balancing is an on going thing, all the systems are not in yet. We still have to get the animation system, which will open up upgrades of old systems, and reworks of other systems. We still have the medical system needing to be implemented. We still have the rework of vehicle damage/armor to be implemented. In due time the game will get all the nice things. You signed up for an alpha, a game not complete in design and mechanics. V9 slowed gameplay down a bit, as did the previous patches. More open maps, changes to stamina, and penetration threat has made it less run n gunny compared to older versions. As the game develops more, and more systems are added, the game wont be as fast paced focus as it is right now. Here's an insight to what the vehicle system will eventually be like. Overall, you have to be patient. Maybe play another game and come back in a few months time.
  9. FOBs + Fob assets can drop tick rate quite a bit, especially with sandbag spam. Usually when I see low tick rate, I see a lot of FOBs around the map, or there's one or two super FOBs.
  10. Jump + crouch is your friend.
  11. There are African American player models on the U.S side....
  12. Tell that to Project Reality, Mortal Online, Wurm Online, SWAT + 100s of other titles. Niche games 90% of the time have very dedicated communities and dev teams. A lot of niche games survive 5+ years. Want to know what games die out fast and servers die out? AAA Generic FPS shooters. 12 months after release, 90% of population is gone flocking to the new copy paste game. 12 months after that, that game from 2 years before is dead and the game released a year before is nearing it's death.
  13. Wasn't mentioned in the change log, only on reddit by Bruno. But, the released notes, were only a preview.
  14. For people wanting effects tweaked for vehicles
  15. It's not ready, It'll be in V10 release as stated by the devs when these videos came out
  16. FOB changes a lone will affect the meta and general gameplay. - Needing 350 - 500 build points before being able to build one, to enable a spawn. Meaning Logistics will be crucial for early game play. - HAB's will make FOBs stand out A LOT more, meaning sneaky FOBs will be harder to hide as the FOB footprint is now larger. This will Affect U.S vs INS on Kohat, where the U.S just FOB spam and surround INS on hills with optics. - Militia and Insurgent cost to build HABs are lower, meaning more time for maneuverability and less waiting, especially if multiple FOBs are placed down. Means the time to place HABs across multiple spawns will be lower, as each side has 1 logistics trucks, but Miltia and Insurgents will have to wait less for auto generation of build points. Meaning FOBs and HABs up earlier in mass compared to US and RU. Not to mention INS/MIL supply techies are a lot faster than U.S/RU supply trucks. These changes give guerrilla/unconventional forces a major speed advantage over conventional forces. With the additions of armored assets for all sides, as well as HAT kits for Ins/Mil...Early game rushes by US/RU will be a lot more difficult to pull off.
  17. Oh my looooord. To much hype pls.
  18. Watching the TV series SIX and Walking Dead atm the moment.
  19. Jets or in military terms, fixed winged aircraft are a near no, or a no overall. Based on Dev feedback over the past year. One the reasons I remember being, jets will cover maps too fast, I'm not talking in 30 seconds, but in 5 seconds, especially on some maps that have really thin points. Chora for example, with its width varying from 800m - 1000m. Even with maps reaching 4kmx4km in size, will be a problem. Would make air craft maneuvering near impossible. Only solutions to this would be - slowing jets speed down away from its speed in reality. or - Adding a dead zone to maps, similar to battlefield, where you can go outside the boundaries of the map for a specific amount of time. But then with that comes cheese tactics using map boundaries.
  20. A

    Would do more harm than good. The side effects would be alerting people who are doing wrong to stop before getting caught. It would make catching water glitchers, wall glitchers, griefers etc a whole lot harder. You can only rely on the kill feed that shows up for admins so much before you need hard proof. Especially for server owners that want their admins to get all available proof when banning someone.
  21. A lot of hits not registering is server performance, sometimes on your screen you'll get shot at and notice blood puffs on your screen off your character, but on their screen they're not hitting you. Or you shooting at someone seeing blood puffs come off them, but on their screen they're not getting hit. Usually servers that have major drops in tick value see this type of stuff happening. It's a lot more common INS layers due to server tick dropping really low into the red mark. Net code plays into this as well. Devs have said they'll be working on it further to improve it. It's just a matter of being patient really. Alpha -- WIP and all. You shoot someone in the chest with an SVD, that's 94 damage. Bleed is 0.5 damage per second. That's 12 seconds to reach 94 damage to 100 damage. Pulling out a bandage takes 1.5 seconds, bandaging yourself - the animation takes 7.5 seconds. A total of 9 seconds. That gives the person 3 seconds to kill you, move to cover and do the whole pull out bandage and bandage self process or they're dead, from the time the SVD shot hit them in the chest. From my understanding the game is marketed realism in "through communication and teamplay" -- Not everything being as realistic as possible. Body armor is irrelevant, as the game does not use body armor mechanics at all. If you want to use the realism argument, pistol rounds, especially 9mm are very weak in terms of ballistics and kinetic energy. Insurgents are usually very high on opiates or other drugs that can suppress pain etc This was a major issue with the M855 5.56 ammo hitting insurgents 4+ times and not dropping them. Thus the M855A1 ammunition was created. What the OP of this thread is describing is not the game damage system causing the issue, but other issues such as server performance and some netcode hitches.
  22. Snipers will not be in the Squad full release. Decision was made 2ish? month ago but the dev team. Edit : Found the post
  23. Bullets in the game do A LOT of damage. It comes down to where you hit someone, the damage system rewards the person who has better weapon control and aim. You could shoot first but have bad aim resulting in multiple limb shots, while the other person gets 2 well placed shots off in your chest, resulting in you dying and him living, or a trade kill happening. Hitting someones weapon, blocks bullets too. Bullets not directly hitting the enemy, but skimming the enemy has an effect on overall damage too. Another big factor is server performance, client latency and over all net code. These things have an over all out come of hits not registering, trade kills happening etc Here's a chart of each weapon in the games damage, it gives a broad showcase of Squad damage model for each weapon and ammunition type. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/5ocam8/comprehensive_data_of_weapons_in_squad/
  24. As Chance stated, there is bullet drop currently in squad. It's minimal but it's there. You can notice the drop quite a bit around the 400m mark. We will have basic zeroing for UGL's etc But I don't think we'll get the full simulation side of windage etc things for telescoping long range sights, as snipers won't be in Squad(Devs confirmed this a while ago). Closest thing we'll get is a 3.5x10 leupold or what ever they choose for the M110.