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  1. It seems discussion is moving off topic quite a bit in here. Obviously you guys aren't seeing eye to eye, and are starting to snowball this into something else. The forums are not a place to start insulting one another and turning things into a measuring contest, if you want to do that - do it off of the forums, or maybe the best option is just to drop the discussion with one another as you both are obviously in disagreement with one another, continuously. If discussion can't be kept to the original topic and in a respectable manner, then I'll be locking this thread. Cleaned thread a little.
  2. Suggestion: Stamina Penalty For Leaning

    I wouldn't call what I saw dolphin diving/drop shotting, more so a worm like maneuver to avoid fire. He was literally spamming prone while walking, so he was constantly going up and down lol Looked silly and apparently worked as my squad mate couldn't hit him...but my 203 had no issue dealing with Mr Worm lean running mainly keeps low profile, but also keeps your head tucked behind your arm/rifle, people majority of the time when they shoot you hit your arms since it's covering your chest/head..but a quick spray down ends the lean moving advantage.
  3. What happened to the british units

    My bet would be, they'd have to animate for the current system and then animate for the new system coming with V10. Double the work and a waste of resources. Better off holding them back and releasing them on v10 or post v10 with the new animation system.
  4. Suggestion: Stamina Penalty For Leaning

    Agreed. Some people constantly change stances to intentionally cheese hit boxes. I came across one guy yesterday who literally was going prone and standing every step he took, so he was constantly going up and down, up and down. Poor guy next to me kept missing him, so I ended my team mates shame by blowing the prone spammer up with a 203. But with the new animation system, we'll be seeing fixes for a lot of things to do with stance transitions etc I have seen a few dev responses on Reddit in regards to leaning while running, and they have a few ideas on what they can do with it. But until then, fair game. Use it or have it used against you.
  5. Boltaction Sniperrifles

    The sniper role and bolt action sniper rifles, will not be in Squad, Unless it is created by the community in the form of a mod. Was confirmed a while ago by the Devs, in this thread linked below.
  6. Full dismemberment and Destructablilty

    Both topics have been discussed countless times, with dev replies to both topics. Please make use of the search function before you post, you never know if your idea(s) have been covered the past. It also stops duplicate threads/discussion from popping up. Search results http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?type=all&q=Dismemberment http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=Building destruction Threads with Dev replies Locking Thread.
  7. Dubs video mega thread

    As title states, my video mega thread. Expect different varieties of videos, serious, silly or a mix of both. I'll update when I can.
  8. Everything you're suggesting has been covered in multiple threads already, and with dev replies too. Please make use of the search function before you post, you never know if your idea(s) have been covered the past. It also stops duplicate threads/discussion from popping up. Search results http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?type=all&q=Blood and gore http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=Real medical system http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=Air strikes http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=Ambient sound Locking thread.
  9. Dubs video mega thread

    New video, I lean a lot in this one Thanks for the support mate I wouldn't say skills, just very lucky haha There's always one mine or IED missed, always. They seemed to have found it out the hard way
  10. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Sure they do. More optimization passes will come once all the foundations are down. No point optimizing things when they're going to change or be completely overhauled in the future. Waste of time and resources. Animation system will give a performance increase. They state less character bones are being used, that alone will increase performance. Less bones per character = less performance cost = more performance.
  11. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    There was an optimization pass in v8 IIRC, which would explain it being crossed out.
  12. Why did I get banned

    The forums are not a place for ban appeals or discussion. If you received a EAC ban, then you have to contact EAC about the ban(Link below) https://www.easyanticheat.net/contact/ If you were banned from a player hosted server, you have to contact the community/admins from that server. If you're having trouble finding the communities discord/website, PM me and I'll see if I can find it for you. Locking Thread.
  13. The topic has been discussed a bit in the past. The search bar top right of the forum is your best friend, if you think have an idea there is a high chance it has been discussed in the past - It also helps keep duplicate topics from happening. Search results http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?type=all&q=muzzle dust Recent thread discussion on the topic Locking thread
  14. Moving in a "wolf pack" and co-ordinating movement and fire is great with open tops. Add in one or two LAT's inside the Humvees and you're very deadly. This video show cases it perfectly.
  15. Founder Weapon Skins

    OWI attempted a work around with v9, which I remember working at first and then it stopped working again. I'll provide information below, the writing in bold is directly from Dev/QA announcements from Discord and Patch notes. *One fix in the next version will include the steam inventory items (weapon skins) *Fixed crash in Steam Inventory caused by reusing old handles and fixed steam inventory not showing up for some users As explained to you in SQ Discord recently - Squads skins are currently affected by a steam inventory bug, we'll get them eventually once steam sorts their shit out.
  16. Prone!

    A new animation system is being built, check squad updates here http://joinsquad.com/#updates Will give an idea of what's being worked on etc Prone is completely being redone as well as everything else that requires animations.
  17. No Gadgets for Russian weapons

    Topic has been discussed many times. The search feature top right of the forums is your friend. A quick search has all the information/discussions that you may be looking for, it also helps keep discussions to a single thread and keep duplicate threads from popping up. Search results http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?type=all&q=russian+optics Topics that you may find interesting with answers/information that you seek. /Locked
  18. Bring Back the Old Smaller Gorodok Map

    Gorodok is one of the most strategic maps there is. Just because we can't be on a cap in 30 seconds to reinforce if pressure is on, doesn't mean it lacks strategy. With Gorodok, you need all SL's on the same page with a set plan. You need logistics up and running settings FOBs/Habs down. You need transport available to move to other caps so you can attack or defend and you need to play smart with your vehicles. Gorodok tests communication, strategy and testing peoples use of vehicles. You waste assets, you get to play running simulator. If you support your vehicles and make smart engagements and know when to disengage, you get to have a ride.
  19. Release for v10?

    Cleaned thread. When posting on these forums, keep the forums rules in mind. This thread is not for flaming other users and the dev team. Keep the thread on topic. Rules
  20. Do mortars suck?

    Kills aren't everything when it comes to mortars. You have a good mortar team and a good logistics set up, you have the ability to - completely block off an area of approach, forcing the enemy to take another rout/approach - Lock down HAB locations. - Bombard cap points to force the enemy into cover, so you and your guys can move up. - Bombard cap points if you get over run(I like to call it, to 'Broken arrow' the cap point) so you can slow down enemy reinforcement to the cap. The correct use of mortars can easily give advantages, in both competitive matches and regular pub matches. It's a bit harder to pull off in pub matches, mainly due to the large amounts of headless chicken players scattered all over the map - But still very much achievable, especially on maps like Chora, Gorodok, Yeho and Sumari that have a lot of choke points in and around caps. Mortars provide the means for Infantry to do their work(Push and kill), use mortars in a support role, not as a role aiming to kill. Mortars aren't drones. If you're aiming to use mortars as killing machines...then you're doing it wrong. Watch the second game, starts sometime after the 1 hour mark. |F| clan showcase perfect use of mortars through out the match, locking down caps and the Mumblerines area of approach to caps etc In this friendly scrim, .Salt completely denied FFO a direct northern approach from Village to Storage for a loooong time, by using mortars correctly. Forced FFO to redirect to the East and West of Storage to make a push instead of pushing straight in. Around 35:00 to about the 50:00ish minute mark. You'll see Johnny showing off the mortars strikes in a few occasions. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/147440650
  21. Motar squad watch your size

    I find mortars useful if used correctly. Laying down constant fire on the enemies main approach towards a cap can force them to trickle in slowly or go around it. Even bombarding an enemy HAB location or Super FOB can have good rewards if you have a good mortar team. But yeh, Pub matches can be hit and miss with it since a lot of people want to shoot the boom boom tube, so you end up with 6 other guys who don't need to be there, there. It comes down to the Squad lead to kick people to keep the Squad at 3, so it doesn't drain man power away from the game, or if he's an SL that doesn't mind kicking peoples asses and and telling them to move off and go to a defense Obj, then that's fine too. Competitive matches have shown how effective mortars can be, the recent ISKT has shown great use of mortars.
  22. Shadowplay bug?

    It's data corruption, usually happens in one of the first few recordings after not recording for a while, I've noticed. It's could possibly be a few things, HDD write speed not keeping up with Shadowplay for that certain clip, or Shadowplay just plain out derping. Could be FPS/Bitrate dropping below the settings you put it, causing writing issues as well. What I tend to do now is, If I know I'm about to play a game and there's the possibility of me recording, I turn Shadowplay completely off, so both the on/off switch as well and the little slider in one of the settings, then I turn both back on. I also changed my file save path to my SSD instead of my HDD, I rarely get these issues now.
  23. Thread cleaned. Please take into consideration in what you're typing to other forum users. Refrain from posting if the content of your reply/response to someone has wording that entices the spark to start a flame war. I see anymore of it, i'll be taking appropriate action to user(s) breaking forum rules. Rules *click*
  24. Motar squad watch your size

    Cleaned thread a little. Keep it clean lads, keep forums rules in mind when posting. Rules