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  1. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Those images are from the river where combat was, as COP Keating was off of the river right in the middle of all the mountainous terrain and cliffs. Kamdesh Town itself is in a valley south off of the river and is quite bumpy and forest like. As seen in this picture - Red is Kamdesh District - Green is the Town itself and the River it lies off of Kamdesh Town is here From what it seems, ChanceBrah(Dev who done a lot of Kamdesh) has taken the terrain from around Kamdesh Town itself, and added landmarks and points of interest from the whole district into the game map, as we know - we can't exactly have a whole district to play on, so Chance seems to have concentrated a whole district into 4x4km(or how ever big the map is) - Some nice attention to detail is added, Like in the in-game map, Agasi lies off of the river, while in reality it does to. Devs put creativity into Kamdesh. If the map was focused on COP keating and the river, it would be restricted to Invasion game mode only, as the river is covered by nearly impassable high cliffs and mountains-- Meaning limited fluid movement across the map. 40v40 would be a concentrated cluster**** lol Another example of Squad devs using reality as a reference, and then adding abit of creativity to it - Narva Devs have to take into consideration all the gamemodes in Squad and base the caps off of that, so more roads and other landmarks are added to create diversity across the whole map. When ITC is finally added, you'll appreciate the roads and other landmarks - to add variety.
  2. AK-12

    The AK74M will be the main service rifle for the RU for the at least the next 5+ years, maybe even more. Even after the AK12 order has been 100% filled, we'll still see the 74 in use. Takes a lot of time to produce/fill the order(years), as well as distributing the rifles and putting soldiers through weapons training. OWI may implement the AK12 partially like the m17, guess we'll have to wait and see.
  3. Cock Block Rush

    Can't rush something, when you don't know where it'll be Rushing is a tactic, not only in every game with static objectives, but in reality too. It's not amazing gameplay to have the same repetitive thing happen every match, but bleed changes have switched it up a little, and further changes will most likely too. Agreed
  4. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Keep it civil in here, if you didn't get the answer or reply you were after then there's no need to target that person with hostility. Make sure the content you do put on these forums are within the rules we have here.
  5. Devs have stated after GB they want at least 3 more factions in Squad, but are unknown what factions they want - and the probability of having a new faction ready before 1.0 release is low. So INS/MIL will most likely be PH's for certain game modes, for a little while to come - and we will most likely have a new faction or two sometime in the future.
  6. They're viable tactics and work. Lose 30 tickets on techies, take 100+ tickets in enemy APC/IFV. Lose 5 ticket techie, destroy enemies chance of early game HAB. INS are less risk/cheaper & faster - make use of it. Ticket bleed changes made meat grinders over cap points not really the deciding factor. Can cap most points but lose by 100+ tickets because 1 or 2 scouty bois/Spg's/Lat/Hat made plays while meat shields kept enemy occupied. Its been proven not only in public matches, but organized clan games - these things work. Its harder to achieve victory, that's for sure, but its doable & happens regularly. I see it daily. I prefer variety, not limitation. Remove INS/MIL from AAS - you have 3 factions in AAS in 1:1 arcade style balance instead of adding a little flavor & more variety. PR got away with it, because the number of faction count spread across game modes.
  7. Military issued body armor wont, as it's ceramic(lvl III - lvl III+/4) which fragments/shatters and depending on the ammunition used, anywhere from 3 - 10 shots will have quite a lot of backface deformation on the armor - aka BABT on the person being on the receiving end of those rounds, and very likely a round will penetrate somewhere between those 3 - 10 shots. Steel plates(Level III - Level III+/4) can take anywhere from 50 -100+ rounds, depending on the ammo(5.56, 5.45, 7.62, .30 etc) but again, BFD(Backface deformation) and BABT(Behind armor blunt trauma) will be present. Body armor doesn't remain stiff and reflect the round and spread all force behind it. It just lessens that energy density by spreading it across the face of the armor - force from the round still makes it through causing varying levels of BABT(Very mild - Mild - Moderate - High) - the more rounds(and what type of round) you receive, the worse it'll be. The more rounds you take, the more you will feel it. The more shots on your armor you take, and the closer each shot is to each other, the higher chance of penetration and higher levels of BABT. Body armor and trauma pads don't make people Iron man. If they did, we wouldn't have soldiers dying overseas from their armor being penetrated or suffering from varying levels of BABT. Someone saying they don't feel a shots(especially from big penetrating rounds like 7.62x54R or .308 - 7.62x51) on their armor, is almost like someone saying they don't feel the concussive and disoriented affects of an explosion happening right next to them, because they're wearing a helmet lol
  8. Improving RU optics.

    Alright, lets cut the insults and arguments out, and head back on track to the original topic this thread was created for. Have cleaned the thread a little.
  9. You don't have to go head to head to decide the match, it doesn't always have to be blob vs blob over cap points to decide a match. Meat grinders only work for conventional forces if they maintain out shooting the enemy with the ability to maintain their spawns. Meat grinders are necessary to maintain a concentration of the enemy team in one location, but lil sneaky things can gain you ticket advantage, don't need to camp their main. AAS is predictable as it's linear, there's common FOB spots people use repeatedly, especially in public games. That is powerful knowledge early game to get an SPG or a regular techie with LAT's in it, to go to those general areas and intercept enemy Logi early game before the enemy can place a FOB and drop supplies. Even mid - late game, have patrolling SPG techies or LAT's go behind the lines and harass supplies. Vehicle vantage points are predictable as people always use the same high points or choke points to park their vehicles and rain hell down on. If no vehicle is there, place mines or wait there, because eventually they will go there. Use techies in a suicidal manner, and drive behind enemy lines - wiping out their rally points. Use IED techies to bum rush enemy FOBs and vehicles. Get a scout to place IEDs in commonly occupied building used for defense on Cap and if you lose cap, wait for enemy to pile up and set them off, then counter attack. Techies die fast, so do IFV's/APC's. 1 LAT Shot to the arse end and they go up in flames and smoke. Enemy logistics trucks explode just as easy as techies. Techies are faster and more maneuverable than all vehicles in game. Set yourself up early game and harass mid - late game and you can withstand the meat grind and win. Take away their spawns, logistics and heavy vehicles - You gain the ticket advantage. Again, One of the main issues is the playerbase playing every faction the same. Not utilizing their faction tools. INS/MIL have their place in AAS, it's harder to play when being on their side, but adds a unique challenge despite AAS being a bit more in favor to conventional forces. Another issue is the lack of SL's with game knowledge/experience playing, a lot of SL's playing are inexperienced and only know one thing CHAAAARGE!
  10. I personally like the challenge of facing off conventional forces with better equipment as a INS/MIL factions. It adds a nice separation away from 1:1 balance that those other generic shooters give, and gives a nice asymmetrical flavor despite AAS in a way forcing a direct conventional battle over cap zones. One of the biggest issues is, people play every faction the same. They play INS/MIL like they are US, UK and RU. They see a U.S Squad 300m out, they shoot at them instead of maneuvering around them or waiting for them to get close. Itchy trigger fingers and lack of fire discipline is just the public play way. As INS/MIL, you have to act more mobile, use SPG techies to flank and try get shots into the rear of armored vehicles for 1 hit kills, use normal techies to gain early map control from match start since they are a lot faster than all conventional faction vehicles. Use scouts to mine and ied commonly used vehicle vantage points and roads. Use HAT + LAT kits as sneaky hunters to track and kill vehicles. If people play conventionally with an unconventional faction, with a completely different set of tools, then of course they're going to complain about being out shot at a distance - because they all blob on a cap instead of spread out, take fights that they're obviously outranged in, don't use their factions tools properly to inflict damage and gain ticket advantage that way.
  11. The soldier in this video indeed was hit from a 7.62x54R, from a Dragunov rifle. It's actually the video I was referencing above. I generally speak from personal experience, depending on the topic. Have been in military service, coming up 9 years now.
  12. If you get hit by a 7.62x54R close range and you don't feel the impact, you're either high on drugs, are super man, or that round was fired from a distance. 7.62x54R weapons, such as the PK/PKM machine guns, Dragunov and Mosin Nagant rifles, are the biggest small arms threat in the Middle East - Due to the 7.62x54R's ability to penetrate(depending on the ammo type) and it's ability to maintain very lethal force across distance. It's one of those rounds that you will feel, even with mass amounts of adrenaline pumping. Most Infantry are issued with Level III or Level III+ Ceramic plates, which aren't exactly durable compared to steel plates. 2 - 3 shots in close proximity to each other by a 7.62x54R, and your plate is practically rendered useless, the 2nd or 3rd shot would have very high chance of penetration as well depending on how close the rounds were to each other.
  13. If you take a round to the plate, they most certainly do something - I'll explain. In most combat situations, you are unaware you're about to be shot. You're not braced, your weight distribution is not perfect to help maintain a steady stance while being hit. In a combat situation, your are in full kit likely moving under differing stresses - exhaustion from hours of patrol, heat exposure and then combat stresses added to that. Equipment is heavy and the slightest trip is a fight to rebalance yourself. You may stop but your gear keeps moving pulling you down more. A good example is having a backpack filled with a couple books, jump off a small height like a chair and when you land, pay attention to what the back pack does - now imagine being in full combat kit. If you are moving, unaware you're about to be shot, exhausted or tired and are in full kit, and you catch a round in your plate, you will stumble from a mix of things - You suddenly being hit with something while moving shifting your balance. Your gear weight making it harder to stabilize yourself. The exhaustion adding to it and it will most likely knock the wind out of you. The bigger & hotter the round/load, the closer it was shot from, the more affect it'll have. The more rounds you receive, the worse it gets On top of this is BABT(Behind armor blunt trauma) which can have some really nasty affects to skin surface, muscle tissue and even bones - in some rare cases even organ ruptures. Wearing level 3 armor and taking a 5.56 round will cause minor BABT, tendering/reddening of the skin surface and minor bruising. A 7.62x39 will have even more affect. I've personally seen the aftermath of a buddy of mine take a 7.62x54R to his plate. His ceramic plate around the impact location was well shattered, the backface deformation was quite deep, he had severe blue/purple bruising and stress fractures on a couple of his ribs. He said when he got hit, it felt like a miniaturized battering ram hitting him in the ribs, knocking him off balance and taking the wind out of his lungs. Body armor and trauma pads don't make you iron man. Due to forum rules I can't link videos of soldiers taking a round to their plate. There's two videos that come to mind, a U.S Soldier running through enemy fire, takes 4 or so shots to his plate - each time he stumbles and gets the wind knocked out of him. Second video of a U.S Medic standing around, takes a 7.62x54R to his plate, which sends him to the ground and when he gets back up to face the threat and move to hard cover, you can see him jog behind cover obviously in stress and winded. Is "aim punch" or camera shake something I like? Not really, minor aim punch is fine - but heavy aim punch where your camera and rifle wave around like a flimsy sausage in a strong breeze, no I don't like that lol
  14. NZSAS after a siege in Kabul, which they successfully ended. The unblurred face is a recently deceased war hero, Steve Askin - The image is quite badass, but also displays raw emotion in the face after staring death in the eye against booby traps, S vests and multiple shooters. The unedited image reveals even more emotion as all soldiers faces are unhidden, even though the image is available online, I won't post it out of respect.
  15. Cock Block Rush

    AAS game mode will be changing in the future, won't know how much it'll change - but its coming. IIRC talks of randomized caps were one of the things mentioned that are being looked into. Then the overhaul of ITC is coming too, as well as a rework of INS. Plenty of things to come in terms of game mode fleshing out.
  16. V11 beta issue

    It may have already downloaded with out you realizing, do you have auto update on? Launch the game and the bottom left of main menu, if it has "Squad a-11.0.413.3127 -4.16.3-SHIPPING" in the bottom left of the screen, you're good to go. If not, then simply restarting steam should enable the download - if that fails, verify cache and see if that sets off the download. If that does not work, clear download cache and try restarting steam again and see if it works. If all these don't work, then you may have to do a fresh full reinstall.
  17. V11 beta issue

    Test branch has closed, as v11 has been fully released.
  18. G3 Damage

    The G3 does 83 damage compared to the M110 that does 87, and the M240B which does 86 - That's fine. It's a minimal difference, still 2 shots a full health player center mass - or x1 center mass + x1 limb , and 1 shot on pretty much anyone who was has less than 88% health due to bandage time + healing time. The G3 also uses german equivalent round to the 7.62X51 Ball NATO round, and from memory is slightly less lethal compared to it. The G3 is also a battle rifle that has lesser recoil compared to the M110 and M240B while standing and moving in ADS - Which give the G3 an advantage over the DMR or GPMG. The DMR and GPMG also need some pro's to give them use as they are very limited kits and very situational in use, so the slight damage increase over a fully automatic battle rifle is needed.
  19. BTR82A vs Bradley/Warrior

    No worries, I was supposed to say BMP-3 not BTR-3, had a brain fart
  20. BTR82A vs Bradley/Warrior

    The Warrior and Bradley are Infantry Fighting Vehicles, While the BTR-82A is a APC, but can be used in the role of an IFV if needed. Vehicles specifically designed for the IFV role, are generally more armored, as well have more defensive and offensive measures than an APC. The RU counterpart to the Warrior and Bradley would be the BMP-3 type vehicles. APC's and IFV's are very similar and can both be used for transport or fire support - but have their own primary roles and weapons and defenses to suit their primary roles.
  21. We'll know more when Brits release A few things I can think of. As @maze2 above has pointed out, the L85A2 is compact due to it's bullpup design, which with current weapon collision mechanics in Squad, would give the British service rifle an easier time in CQB due to more moving space with the L85A2. The L85A2 has a longer barrel compared to the M4, due to it's bullpup design. Longer barrel means higher velocity and higher effective range. This would probably translate in-game to, well more range and possibly better damage drop off over distance(will be interesting to see what the Devs do) As seen in recent 'leaks' of the L85A2 in Squad, Soldiers have access to a functioning grip pod - which acts both as a foregrip and bipod. Which would give certain kits in the Brit faction a very stable weapon for both moving and shooting, as well as firing supported from static positions.
  22. The Playground [TPG]

    This is not a place to appeal bans, name and shame and to argue over server rules. As per forum rules, here is the correct place(linked below) to report admin abuse. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ Please keep in mind also Admin guidelines Have cleaned thread.
  23. Post Scriptum Keys

    Email OWI's support [email protected]
  24. Post Scriptum Keys

    All backers/supporters from pre steam backing, get a standard edition copy.
  25. I'm personally against this type of suppression, but I wont slam it down as it's HLL's first version during Alpha testing.Things will change. Anywho, OWI are working on a new suppression system, as has been said multiple times, including in the AMA etc Patience is a virtue.