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  1. More are coming, Will be getting an Eastern European Urban map(Narva) and another Middle Eastern Map, Fallujah West(PR Map) Pictures of Narva(More found here https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=143 )
  2. Merged all videos into one thread. Please try to not make a thread for every video, so it keeps things nice a tidy. I also edited thread title, you're able to edit and change to your liking if you wish.
  3. Right on the money, I'll further add to what Verdin has said - If you have an issue with a clan/community and their server, contact them through their website/forum/discord for answers, even if you wish not to appeal your ban. Which members of the community have come in and provided from what I can see in this thread. This thread is about positive feedback and constructive criticism only. It is not for discussions on what is seen as exploits, nor is it for calling out/questioning admins and potentially starting a flame war. Keep the thread clean, and keep the forum rules in mind
  4. It's a known issue, has been discussed quite a bit in the past. PSO & ACOG optics have issues with certain elevations/angles. Fixes will be coming in the future for optics, when the new animation system comes in I believe. A recent patch had a few minor tweaks to help improve it for the time being IIRC. If you're unsure if a certain topic has been discussed before, check by using the search function - located top right of the forums. Helps us keep duplicate threads of the same topic from being created.
  5. Like what has previously been said in a few threads before, it would do more harm than good. You would be alerting hackers, trollers, tkers etc that admins would be going into admin cam to spectate. It would make the whole process of catching the bad guys in the act a lot harder. A lot of servers have procedures to bans, requiring admins to record the person team killing, trollings, hacking etc before they ban said person. So if said ban is appealed there is proof to why they have been banned. Again, if the message was displayed that an admin is in admin cam, that whole aspect would be null. Basically, you put server security at risk, because of paranoia of dodgy admins.
  6. Some people on the Squad steam forums are complaining about weapon transition timing. I know for a fact, it averages around 2 seconds for a rifle to pistol transition. Clear the rifle while firing hand is moving to pistol, lifting the pistol and pushing to eye line.It could be 1.8 seconds for some, could be 2.4 seconds for some, depends on the individual .Excluding adrenaline and combat factors, which could improve reaction timing in a life and death scenario, or it could cause fumbling, thus increased time. So I made a video with time displayed for both US and RU factions to prove my point, that its actually not that long and people are too used to almost instant transition in run n gun shooters. We have realistic timings. People need to stop doubting the dev team.
  7. What you're experiencing in the screens is LOD(Level of Detail) . The further you move from an object, the lesser detail it'll render, the closer you move, the more detail the object will render. LOD changes and object culling will always be changed many times through the games development. The more you reach near the final product where optimization is great, the more LOD you can add to objects, and the different phases the changes happen/transition.
  8. Its 2 to 4 seconds faster(depending on the weapon) to switch from rifle to pistol, than it is to completely reload your rifle. M4 reload times (If round chambered) - 4.83s (If rifle is empty) - 5.26s AK74 Reload times (If round chambered) - 4.66s (If rifle is empty) - 5.36s Then marksman rifles are literally 4+ seconds longer to reload compared to just switching to pistol. I find it's better in real close quarters to switch to my pistol than it is trying to reload when my rifle goes empty and the enemy is just out the door way, saves you from the whole getting pushed while half way through your reload and dying aspect. The issue is, people's time perception is pistols take ages to switch to and pull out, because in a dire situation you feel the action is taking longer, when in fact it's quite fast. If most people knew its actually 50%+ faster to pull your pistol out, than to reload your rifle - It would probably be used more.
  9. Muzzle blast causing surface disturbance was more detailed in its earlier days when first implemented, but was reduced as were other things, for performance reasons I believe. Watch this video from 4:28 For more, can watch any squad video from game builds version 4 to 6 and see how it changed. Don't worry, Squad devs have used firearms and a few of the devs are combat veterans, they know their stuff! We'll probably see certain effects cranked back up when the game is optimized a bit more to support it.
  10. Team kill messages show up for the killer and admins. Aside from in war, you don't know if a friendly has shot at you, until after the incident has happened or you see it yourself(Unless, this particular event killed you then you wont know at all), I see it helping prevent flaming and people going for revenge kills, making the situation worse. From my experiences in other games, when people have knowledge of the person killing them, they go for revenge or the server gets rowdy and start flaming chat. Team killers are found out rather quickly, people generally find out the really bad tkers quickly and are reported pretty fast. In my experience as a server admin anyway. Disconnecting does not save TKers, TK's are recorded as is their Steam64ID.
  11. Welcome to the forums @Unlitterate! There's been quite a lot of discussions on these forums concerning the AK-12 over the past 1+ year. Please try to familiarize yourself with the search function located top of the page, right hand side. It'll come in handy finding info and topics which may interest you, will also help prevent duplicate topics. Search results regarding AK12 http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=AK12&sortby=relevancy Past discussions Dev reply
  12. I see vehicles like Strykers & BTR's being as 'tanky' as they are for balance purposes until heavier assets are implemented. From a balance standpoint, having a BTR or Stryker blow up in, for example 2 rockets in this current iteration of squad would be bad for balance. These current vehicles would not be useful, only just being glorified transports(even though that's what most of these vehicles we have currently are IRL). If they took little damage to blow up, we'd be better off having mounted .50 cals on Ural/M939 transports. It's to add to that danger element, a to make vehicles currently actually be a threat. Also, the whole vehicle damage system is a place holder, the hp pool for vehicles is just there until they are able to implement what they have planned. Here's a sneak peak at what devs have in mind for vehicle damage in the future
  13. From what we know. The new animation system which will enable better and more fluid animations as well as new animations. It will make animation limitations we currently have with the current system non existent, as well as opening doors for other systems. Will also increase performance as it's less taxing compared to the current system due to changes. Core inventory, which will enable customization(We'll be getting minor customization, not extreme customization like BF3/BF4 for example). It'll also eliminate some limitations we currently have with Squad and how weapons/equipment are. There's not too much else we know of, not too sure to what extent this new systems will be implemented on v10 release. We might get parts of it on v10 and the rest in follow v10.1+ patches, or we might get lucky and get everything in one blow. We might even get the British faction, who knows. We won't know until the hype train goes full speed and devs release some tease leaks.
  14. This is pretty much it, hence why we have fictional scenarios such as RU vs US in combined arms conflict or even the more bizarre RU vs MIL in the middle of Afghanistan - Because they can and it gives variation. Same thing with vehicles. MTLB's were primarily added from my understanding, to give variation and give RU, MIL & INS something to all use, to fight U.S vehicles and give them low cost vehicles for transport/fire support. They were also the first vehicles made for track support which was a huge milestone. Basically, Squad is looking for authenticity, hence the realistic soldier load outs, equipment and camouflage, but sometimes gameplay, variation and balance comes into play and thats when devs can get a little creative.
  15. APC's are pretty much lesser armed IFV's, it comes down to the situation and what role it requires to take up depending on the scenario. If troops are dismounted and are in need of a heavier weapon and/or cover, then APC's will assist and act to some degree in the role of an IFV. With Squad only having transport, logistics and APC's in game currently, the APC's not only fill in as a transport but also in a fire support role...even if a large portion of Squads player base use them like they're Abram's MBT's in the middle of Fallujah. Also a light warning, if you want to be taken seriously and want players/devs to acknowledge your post, be a little more respectful. Also take note of these forum rules for future reference. For all rules *click*
  16. Please do not create threads of the same topic, continue with your previous thread to avoid duplicates. /locked
  17. Current vehicle damage system is a placeholder. The HP system wont be for ever Old quote from a long time ago during a discussion about it.
  18. Topic has been covered a few times in the past. The search bar top right is your buddy, he know's everything
  19. As previously mentioned, until there is an official announcement by the Post Scriptum team regarding where PS is at, the thread will remain where it is. This thread is only for the discussion on the content released by the PS Team - Development blogs, updates, post and so forth. It's not a place to discuss marketing, pricing or any business related aspects. There has been many warnings previously by other moderators, so please keep this thread on track/topic. I have cleaned the thread a little.
  20. Al Basrah is a map from Project Reality, it's sole purpose was to provide an urban experience to the Insurgency game mode. Al Basrah became the Flag Ship Insurgency map for Project Reality. The amount of buildings, Alleys, crevices etc made a huge amount of cache spawn possibilities, making building to building clearing a must do thing. It really captured Urban combat. It's design has never been based around the AAS game mode, nor does it need to be changed to suit that game mode. Wait until Al Basrah gets it's Insurgency layer on Squad, and then you'll see it really shine!
  21. There has been discussions of 3 factions on one map before, check this thread out - It has some dev replies in it If a game mode with 3+ factions does not make the base game, which it most probably wont - We can guarantee modders will most likely create some custom game modes with multiple factions on one map.
  22. The topic has been discussed quite a fair bit in the past, please make sure to use the search function. You'll be surprised how much things have been discussed in number. Here's some threads for you to indulge in, some include dev replies including from the sound designer himself. V9 came with some nice sound updates for weapons as well. Also have a look at this video Will be locking thread as there is other threads out there discussing the same things. /Locked
  23. Being passionate and having an opinion is fine, as long as it keeps within forum rules. People will not always see to eye to eye with the person they're trying to get their point across to and can end up turning into insults and a flame war. I do see a few minor things in the past page, nothing too major, but minor things can snowball. In saying this, I'll quote a few rules as well as linking the forums rules for all those wishing to continue and participate in this thread. RULES(*click*) §1 Show Respect This community can only work if we all respect each other. To that end, it is imperative that any time you engage with another user, either directly or indirectly, you show them respect with the content of your post. In particular refrain from flaming, insulting, abusing, taunting, racism, and other similar types of actions towards other forum users. §2 Attitude & Behavior Poor attitude and behavior are the most common ways a negative / unsafe environment is created and perpetuated. As such that kind of behavior will not be allowed on these forums. Please be mindful of this rule when posting personal positions and opinions regarding topics which could be considered contentious in nature. As a rule of thumb, keep your posts civil in nature, and refrain from making posts that are likely to incite arguments and create a negative environment. As a privately hosted web forum we reserve the right to maintain an environment that we are happy the majority of our players are comfortable with.
  24. Of course more variety is good. But you know how picky people are with authenticity of factions If somehow a French faction does happen, and people complain the famas is being used, the argument would be that the HK416 won't be fully distributed amongst the whole French army until the next 1 - 10 years, depending how long it takes HK to fill the order. So technically the use of the Famas would be valid
  25. The HK416F will be replacing the French FAMAS as standard service rifle. They purchased 100,000+ and will be distributed to the french regular forces current year(2017) as well as up to 10 years until contract terms are met. But I do agree that a lot of modifications and varied non service issued weapons should not be in the base game. Good thing mods(as in game mods) will be a thing and people can go nuts. @Super Coco There's a lot of threads currently with a lot of which you speak and wish for. You might be interested in these threads.