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  1. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Keep the thread on topic please, no more insults & flaming. If someone has a differing opinion or is saying something you dislike, and you both won't see eye to eye on it, just ignore it. If the post is breaking forum rules, report it - Instead of carrying on the flame war. I have cleaned the thread up a little.
  2. Female soldier models

    Female character models and random voice overs are not on the planned list of things to add. This thread has more so swayed towards just random discussion between gameplay and reality when it comes to the thread topic. Females being outside the wire and in combat is not some made up COD or BF type thing, it's a reality that has been getting more and more real every year for militaries across the globe. I've witnessed it progress over the 10 years I've been in service. Not only from my own nation, but from other nations doing joint operations on deployment or for training exercises. Also, I understand you're passionate about Squad, but discussion can be had with out finger pointing and name calling, things like this have a snowball effect which usually leads to flame wars, which is what we don't want on these forums.
  3. Female soldier models

    Just noticed the silly business far above, have cleaned this thread of inappropriate remarks.
  4. Female soldier models

    Woman were in patrols & major operations, wasn't extremely uncommon to see female combat medics or females apart of air/gun crew, as well as having female culture support there too. Just because you're not apart of an Infantry or armored unit(combat roles), doesn't mean you're not in the shit storm. Supply/logistics, Air/gun crew, culture support etc regularly came under fire by small arms, rpg's and had IED threats regularly - because they were out of the wire, doing what they were required to do. There's no static frontline when fighting Insurgencies, the frontline is everywhere & anywhere. Here's a short read of a few scenario's the media & news sources went nuts about, that involved woman. There's more stories like this out there. https://taskandpurpose.com/6-women-who-fought-in-direct-combat-in-iraq-and-afghanistan
  5. Female soldier models

    That's a false statistic, that would mean I would have met almost 1/4 of the females in the U.S Military, serving in combat roles lol In saying that, from my experience there were more females in air crew, medical staff, communications & supply than were in combat roles, by quite a large margin. You also don't have to be in what's considered a combat role, to be on the front lines. The U.S Alone had near 1000 female casualties(100 KIA) during the wars in the Middle East. They were Combat medics + other medical staff, logistics/supply, cultural support, air crew / gun crew, Intelligence etc etc You said "Generally speaking females don't fight on the front lines" - Which is incorrect. Anyway, Devs have said in the past, they're not for or against female character models in Squad(Which is pretty much how I feel about it) but they're not planned to be in Squad, so you don't have to worry
  6. Excessive Weapon Inspection

    Yeh I find it a bit excessive at times too, it shouldn't occur if there's any form of movement being done, only should trigger during player being idle for a short period of time.
  7. Female soldier models

    A lot of European countries like Denmark & Norway and other nations like New Zealand & Israel have allowed females in combat roles and on frontlines for decades(Literally 20 to 40 years). There's a tonne more that have too. Other nations like the U.S, Australia & the U.K have slowly been allowing females into combat roles for the past decade, but have been allowing females on the frontlines to liaise/interact with the female populace in places like Afghanistan since the beginning of the war - As for the aforementioned reasons. In terms of Squad, I'm not too fussed if they're in or not.
  8. Female soldier models

    That's more so a thing of the past, woman have actively served in front line units for the past 1 - 2 decades across multiple nations. They're generally open to most role options within the military, a lot do get directed down the medical path and serve as combat medics or in some cases get sent to the fancy schools and become officers. When the wars broke out in the Middle East, there was quite high demand to have female troops in front line units so it was easier to interact with the female populace of towns and villages in these nations, as issues arose such as no co-operation etc when male soldiers talked to the female populace, as it was a sign of disregard for their culture and way of things over there.
  9. Buddy rally poll

    Opinions can't be wrong, they're simply personal preference put into thought. Just because someone likes something different, doesn't make them wrong Bohemia encourages people to make their own experience out of the sandbox that is Arma, hence why they have quite a strong support for mission editing & a broad code/script system, as well as supporting modders - It's what has kept Arma alive for over a decade. The Milsim experience has never been strong in terms of public hosted servers, it's always been strong in private units/clans creating their own missions & persistent ops while utilizing a tonne of mods.
  10. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    With v13, it's main focus was upgrading to the new UE4.21, which came with a variety of tools to help identify and help with performance fixes(as we've seen work, since v13 has a noticeable performance increase both server & client side over v12) a long with additional content such at the T62, Engineer role, timed explosives, Destruction game mode, fog of war for RAAS, Skorpion machine pistol, track damage etc There's been an improvement to VFX and SFX as well. There was never going to be a full blown customization system, only a "light" customization system where each role will be predefined with a set of options per role, and choosing specific loadouts will come with a trade off - Example being you choose an optic, you get less utility items. This could possibly expanded on in the future. Reloading speeds are there to keep pacing of fire fight I believe, and to enforce smart decision making. In saying that, I wouldn't mind a quick panic reload, where a mag is dropped and you would only get full mag count back at rearming from a ammo crate. Primary to secondary is actually spot on, IIRC OWI are going by MEU(SOC) pistol qualification parameters(2.5seconds) when it comes to transitioning from rifle to pistol. Currently the animations are 1.2 seconds & 1.3 seconds - A couple of versions ago they used to be 2.1 seconds. Also, OWI is full of veterans - British Army, Russian Army, Swedish Army, USMC and a dev who left not too long ago was a U.S Army Ranger. Motion capture was not only done by ex serviceman in OWI, but from veterans within the Squad community who were selected by OWI and flown to Canada to do motion capture. Some transitions are a bit silly, but I believe they're being worked on. Example being the Grenade Launcher you used to have to reload a grenade every time you swapped to it, now within v13 it's persistent. Have to remember Squad is still in development and things like this will be ironed out over time. My opinion on name tags are, they shouldn't be relied on too much
  11. Dust kicked up by bullets

    I guess to mimic reality a little, as small fast calibers(As in 5.56/5.45) do create a decent size kick up on dry ground, mud brick and concrete. I would also assume to give more visual feedback for players, so they can see where their rounds are hitting a little easier at distance.
  12. It's mainly experience. Learning each map and absorbing information on - Where common FOB locations are - Where common places people like to place rally points - What places are high traffic points or flank routs Then there's developing your situational awareness by not only keeping the above in mind, but also paying attention to gun and explosion sounds & where they are from, listening out for footsteps and using these to pin point where enemy are and think where they most likely will be or heading. Constantly checking the map for markers is good too, helps you get an idea of where the enemy might be moving next. Also try to pay attention to local chat and you'll pick up info on the fly, or you can simply just ask people Watching enemy movements, for example; if you keep seeing 3 or 4 guys coming from the same direction - It's most likely they have a rally somewhere out there. If you see a lot of enemy streaming from a direction, then it's most likely a FOB location. Then you can position yourself around their rout. Other aspects are simply learning when to shoot and when not too, a lot of people instantly shoot at the first guy they see, even if the enemy hasn't seen them, then die to his buddy. Sometimes it's advantageous to wait for a moment to get a bigger picture. On top of this, try get into the habit of never sitting in the same spot too long after exposing your position, shoot n scoot. Never just face forward and sprint, constantly checking your surroundings will save your ass. A lot of people get into tunnel vision mode and just focus on what's in-front of them. It's a really bad habit. One of the biggest things is, avoiding being apart of the blob. You know, the giant concentration of Squads all blobbed together pushing from the same direction?, yeh that. Avoid being apart of that and maintain a distance/spread so your chances of all dying to the same person reduces. Being a good shot only takes you so far in any FPS game. Game knowledge, situational awareness, positioning and communication development are just as important.
  13. What the hell

    A lot of people say they use the lowest settings, and forget there's options under the main graphics options with multiple settings, and have things like the Fully loaded textures box checked. Always good to double check with people for this reason. Clearing cache has two ways of doing it. The way most people do it, is by using the in-game way via settings menu - Which can still leave previous traces behind. Then there's a complete manual wipe of the game cache, by locating the actual appdata folder and deleting it. You didn't clarify what way you done it. I suggest heading to the official discord.
  14. What the hell

    First, Do you have Fully loaded textures ticked in graphic settings? If so, untick and restart the game. Second, If the above doesn't work, and using the in-game clear cache option doesn't work, try doing it manually by doing the following Hold Windows key & R, then type %localappdata% into the search bar. Locate the SquadGame folder. Delete the SquadGame folder located there. If you have any screenshots saved in the SquadGame folder, I suggest backing them up if you want to keep them. Thirdly, have you overclocked your GPU? If so, try lowering the overclock or set it back to default clocks, and try running the game again. If none of the above work, head on to the official discord(link below) and go to the #support channel and support staff should be able to help you in more detail. https://discord.gg/squad
  15. An Unreal Process has Crashed: UE4-SquadGame

    Do you guys have any mods installed? If so, uninstall them from the workshop. All mods are outdated which will crash your game if installed - until modders can get their hands on the v13 SDK.
  16. Autonomous Squad

    Keep it civil lads, it's ok to disagree with someones Ideas as long as you keep it in a respectful manner and make it a productive conversation, instead of a pointless flame war.
  17. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Feedback is welcome & appreciated, but keep it mature and on topic. No more silly troll questions and immature posts. Have cleaned this thread up a bit.
  18. Time to give up the shovel

    Discussion can be had with out rude & insulting remarks towards other users. Keep it mature & respectable please. Cleaned the thread.
  19. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Yeh, it's not a perfect balance right now - The main issue from my experience playing is when it comes to CQB like you state, things get quite spastic lol I think it comes down mainly to the acceleration, momentum and stam regen changes of v13. From mid to long distances, the speed & movement changes aren't that bad. But up close it gets hectic really quick. The approach you suggest is quite an interesting one, I wouldn't mind if OWI explored and experimented different movement & speed approaches via the test app, if they get the time in-between all the big stuff.
  20. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    In Squad, based on equipment count and how they visually look, they're carrying about 30kg - 35kg of gear, which is a standard 24 - 72 hour patrol load. Which looks something like this in reality, with a helmet of course(personal image of mine) It's possible that the Rifleman/GL troop could make 100m in 18 seconds,depending on their fitness level and how tuned they are to their additional weight, as well as if they're under contact and have that adrenaline surging. The support weapons & AT - Probably not due to the awkward nature and size of their weapons & equipment, throwing off center of gravity, causing them to move in a more restrictive manner. Now if it was a full blown extended patrol or combat operation, which could be anywhere from 4 days to 2+ weeks meaning you have to carry up to 45kg+, which would look like this(another personal picture) Then yeh, 100m in 18 seconds would not be possible at all for anyone lol For obvious reasons.
  21. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    The average fit human can sprint 100m in 13 seconds(27.6km/h), with professional 100m sprinters being able to reach 35km/h+ speeds. The most extreme example being Bolt in the olympics during the 100m, reaching 44.7km/h at his peak, which is a whopping 12.42m/s 20km/h in Squad is only for 100m on flat ground, The max speed of 5.5m/s is only maintained for a portion of the 100m distance.
  22. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Yeh, there's refinement and tweaks needing to be done. The speed & movement changes aren't perfect, but I'm glad OWI are experimenting, only way to find out what's liked and what works, is by experimenting.
  23. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    I personally think 5.5m/s is a fine number for max speed. The main problems are how fast we accelerate from base movement speed to max speed, and how long we maintain that max speed for - On top of fast stam regen, and the momentum changes. If it took longer to reach that max speed, with max speed only being maintained for around 2/3 the time that it does now, along with adding back momentum and increase the stam regen time from 10 to around 15 - 17 seconds, i think it would be a sweet spot. Not too fast, not too slow.
  24. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Talking speed and numbers, and then coming up with multiple variables based on factions - Just complicates things. Insurgencies have operated in hilly & mountainous terrain for decades, not only against multiple Invasions, but against rivaling tribes/warlords and their own governments. They're highly conditioned to their terrain - One of the Pros of living in a beautiful country filled with mountains, hills and valleys. The Militia in Squad while are made up, they're modeled from what I can tell, from Chechen/Eastern Europe Militia groups, which aren't your average people picking up a gun and acting like a Militia - Most apart of these Militia groups have prior military service, and are lead by ex-military, which undergo military type training to maintain their effectiveness against a conventional army. I was talking about flat ground, uneven ground is a different story. But speed is reduced from climbing hills in Squad, So I doubt 100m in 18 seconds applies when running over hills in Squad. 100m in 18 seconds on flat ground is not too much in kit - It's very doable, unless we are talking sand and loose gravel - then that would not be possible. Buddy rally and insta death removal wasn't in v12 - So it had no effect on decisions and experiments made by OWI to balance out the pace of v12 transitioning into v13...Because they were decisions/experiments for v13 to try balance out game pace due to expanding maps, more larger maps being release, harder logistics and increased travel times. I'm not a fan of buddy rally and insta death removal, and I hope to they're removed after the next survey. People need to stop acting like decisions are final, and the game is doomed. It's a game in development, things are going to constantly change..it's kind of how things work.
  25. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Keep the political remarks and insults to 0. I have cleaned this thread of unnecessary discussion.