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  1. +1 I really can't wait for more systems and mechanics to be refined, as well as more added to draw gameplay out.
  2. It was mainly a test to see if 100 players could be in server, then some stress testing took place to see how things unfolded with a little activity on the map. I was sitting at around 25 - 30 fps, then when all the shooting happened in close proximity, I sat at around 10 -15fps, before I exploded from a grenade. A video someone managed to record at the end of the 100p test. I see 50v50 being something that will happen. Game and server optimizations haven't peaked yet in the development.
  3. Sumari has a lot of assets/buildings, so culling is used to make buildings load/pop into view the closer you get to them. The fog is there basically to cover the assets loading in, or you'd see a bunch of nothing in the distance, then you'd see a bunch of buildings load in the closer you get to them. Think of it like a smoke screen. This method is a lot cheaper than say, having every asset loaded in and relying on LOD values to try lessen performance hit. If you don't have access to Admin cam on a server, go into firing range and change map to Sumari. Fly around and you'll see assets loading in and out as you fly around. Here's a video that explains culling.
  4. In a game that's alpha, that has only had one major optimization pass so far, with the goal of reaching 100(50v50) servers + a bunch more assets, on top of unlimited draw distrance. PiP/3D optics won't be a thing until everything else is ironed out and refined and the performance is there to handle 3D/PiP optics. 3D/PiP optics require a second render on screen, within the scope. That's performance heavy, especially within an alpha game that's targeting large scale combined arms conflict on 4x4km maps, with a lot of things going on. We may or may not get them near full release, all comes down to how the game performs with every high priority feature and mechanic in place.
  5. It is known to the dev team, certain things in the ini can give certain advantages. It's not prohibited per say to alter the ini during alpha phases, as optimization can be a little crazy for some, and .ini tweaks help with performance issues during alpha. But it is heavily frowned up to do heavy changes in the ini to remove certain things or lower things to a point where they're near non existent. I remember a discussion a while ago, where devs were stating .ini will be locked sometime and messing with values will result in the game not launching. My guess this will happen for the Beta or very late Alpha, before beta hits. Until then, I guess, all we can do is give the obvious cheese lords some cheeky banter, and then give them some 10/10 advice near full release to upgrade their potato's, when they cry about not being able to run Squad without major ini tweaks. I think you're misreading and blowing things out of the water a little bit. A tiny bit of misconception maybe.
  6. It's already in-game. Shoot next to a wall or over a wall, or shoot while prone. You'll see muzzle blast disrupting dust/dirt. It used to be quite prominent with the amount of dust it gave off, but has been reduced since it's first implementation. Go to 4:26
  7. Indeed, seeing it from admin cam is a whole new funny perspective though
  8. http://imgur.com/2OH0YEZ
  9. The i5 6600k is a beast. Overclocks nicely as well, if you have a decent aftermarket cooler. I have a i5 6600k overclocked to 4.4Ghz + GTX 980ti SC, I sit around 60 - 70 FPS on average on max settings + SweetFX @1080. I switch to 1440p I usually sit at around 60FPS average with same settings. Haven't tried 4K, but my guess would be around 40 - 50 FPS.
  10. The movie Heat does have some great sounding gun fire, along with the movie Public Enemy, two movies that standout really well with decent gun fire sounds. It comes down to, they nailed sound capture to get all those nice echos and reverb. Would of taken a lot of high quality sound capture equipment at various distances to pull off the sounds. A lot of studios do post production edits to sounds, changing sound volumes or adding sounds etc to make actors voices be heard etc, AKA the Hollywood effect. Heat and Public enemy kept it real with onset sounds.
  11. The way you type and the way you place your argument, comes off like you're disregarding everyones opinions and thoughts, hence my argument. I was also replying to your remark " Well, considering this is a game based on some realistic elements and has ex military advisors for a reason, saying it dosen't matter is a bit silly" ; Which came off like you thought I was disregarding that. Everyone's opinion is equal, on a public forum, in an open public thread, discussing about their thoughts on what they think about the new M4 sound. Anders appreciates feedback, hence why he replied to the OP above about what he likes and doesn't like. That's one thing I like about Anders the most, he's very open to discussion and feedback, just like all OWI Devs. To you, someones opinion may seem invalid, and that's fine, as you can disagree with someones opinions. It doesn't make their opinion lesser or incorrect. It's their opinion after all. At the end of the day, gun sounds will change again, we'll eventually all be happy as Anders is good at what he does. Also, I believe the distant sound of the M4 was compared to a .22 minor bang, not a pop gun.
  12. Pretty ****in' good mate! Welcome to Squad! Plenty of Oceanic players about to have a good couple games of Squad with! A few places to hang out if you're looking to find some people to play with, or to have some cheeky banter, check these sites out and hop on in their discord, both have open discords. https://www.zspecialunit.org/ControlRoom.php http://www.bigdgaming.net/
  13. I don't support cooking grenades. Its a very rare occurance in the modern battlefield and very unsafe. Here's my argument why.(From reddit discussion on same topic) "Grenade cooking is banned in training. It's also discouraged to use it in combat, too unsafe. Fuses are really unreliable, 3 - 5 second timer. You cook the grenade for 2 seconds, you might have a 3 second fuse, by the time you throw it, the grenade blows up in your hand or mid air in front of you. If you're assaulting/breaching a building, whether house or bunker, you're supposed to get the grenade in low and hard, aim to land it in the far end opposite corner of the grenade entry to stop it bouncing back out at you. Low and hard = bouncing off the floor and walls. Makes it harder for the enemy to spot and pickup, and by the time he locates the grenade he has 1 - 2 seconds to decide to pick it up and blow himself up, or try and run. It's what I was trained to do" Reddit discussion. https://m.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/5fccvo/lpt_you_cant_cook_grenades/
  14. You're taking what I'm saying out of context. I'm not disregarding the game being semi realistic, and having military advisers, not mattering. What I'm saying is, people have opinions on what they like, on what they prefer or what their experiences are. Just because someone has served, doesn't automatically make others opinions moot. Some people have served, some people have been around firearms most of their life without serving, some people have heard gun fire in the streets where they live etc I've served 8 years in the military, and currently still in service. Does that make my opinion more valid than yours? No, it just means different experiences and preference. Each to their own, and if you disagree with someone, then that's fine. There's no right and wrong with expressing opinions on certain topics. Different strokes, for different folks. Like myself, I think weapon sounds need more internal sounds, need lesser bass and more pop/crack to their sound. But I understand, the new sound system will eventually have that. I think bullet snaps and whizzes should be more prominent. Some might disagree with me, some might not. It's my opinion based off of my own experience, still doesn't make other people opinions moot. Like I have always said, Anders is a sound god. I just don't like the m4 sound currently.
  15. korengal

    Probably my most anticipated map for Squad, and it's looking great so far! Loved the PR Korengal valley. I'm sure I'll be loving this too.