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  1. As Chance stated, there is bullet drop currently in squad. It's minimal but it's there. You can notice the drop quite a bit around the 400m mark. We will have basic zeroing for UGL's etc But I don't think we'll get the full simulation side of windage etc things for telescoping long range sights, as snipers won't be in Squad(Devs confirmed this a while ago). Closest thing we'll get is a 3.5x10 leupold or what ever they choose for the M110.
  2. My main issue is if it is released as a full priced stand alone title(As some rumors have said), that turns out to be a complete re-skin of Squad with just a different setting. It better end up having some amazing new features and game elements, or I don't see the reason to why I would have to pay $30+ for a game I have now, just different skins and time era/setting. Work should be payed, but when a lot of the hard stuff is done for you(Code, systems, features) and the game you're creating is near identical to it's daddy, it should not be charged at full price. If it's released as a $15 - $19.99 expansion along side Squad, then yeh that would be reasonable. My other issue is, it could potentially split the community up. Niche communities like this, need to stay together. Splitting is bad, mmk?
  3. Just another typical case of griefing. I'd report to admins and supply the footage.
  4. Development is far from being slow. There's a lot of stuff in-game that is not in yet, but the work is being done on them. We don't see everything OWI is doing or has done.A lot of things are waiting on the new systems to be implemented before they stream out other content. Monthly updates gives an idea of what they're doing, and the progress is fantastic, especially for such a small team. Too many people are too used to this "Early access/Alpha" deadly cycle which development is so fast, it leaves a broken mess behind and people then move on to the next hyped alpha. Squad is not one of those games, Squad is aiming for longevity in it's life cycle. The devs are focusing on quality over quantity. People need to refind patience that they once had 5 years ago, when games took 2 - 3 years of development. Devs also release content that corelated to each other. We got new RPG ammo and AT grenades with the first vehicles. We got new VFX with new statics etc etc With the stryker we'll probably get IEDs along side the UK faction(Speculation). The devs release content that matches current builds of the game, so we don't have super dominance on one side.
  5. New Zealand lost a warrior and war hero on 14th Feb 2017. David Steve Askin. Askin was a decorated New Zealand soldier, with the most notable being the Gallantry Star(Second highest honor in the NZ Military) for his actions as a NZ Elite(NZSAS) during a 5 hour firefight in Kabuls InterContinental Hotel siege. He suffered both grenade and gunshot wounds, but still managed to be on his feet and help evacuate civilians from the building starting to go up in flames during the chaos. He had previous recommendations for bravery during unknown operations. "During his time in Afghanistan, Corporal Askin displayed great gallantry and leadership in the face of the enemy. He put himself in the line of fire, and put the objectives of the mission before his personal wellbeing." Serviceman D displayed outstanding gallantry on several occasions in Afghanistan in 2011. Serviceman D repeatedly faced heavy fire from determined enemies and sustained several wounds in the line of duty, while contributing to the resolution of several incidents, the protection of civilian life and undermining enemy operations. Serviceman D's performance was of the highest order and in keeping with the finest traditions of New Zealand's military record." His final moments was being a hero yet again. Being a Helicopter pilot helping dump water on a major bush/shrub fire in Port Hills, New Zealand. That ended in his helicopter crashing for unknown reason, ending his life. As a New Zealand serviceman myself, it's sad to hear of news of an exceptional warrior losing his life. RIP Brotha! David Steve Askin, Second from the left after the Hotel siege.
  6. Let me explain. So lets say US rushes RU second flag on match start. One very decent Squad holds enemy flag progression up at their second flag causing RU to send more numbers to second flag and away from other flags. While this is happening, light sporadic resistance is around the map for US, due to RU second flag cap being put at a halt. Causing US side to cap up to enemy second flag somewhat easily.(This is current Meta, but on our server its limited to second flag rush allowed, not first) This can happen easily in 10 - 15 minutes depending on a few other variables. Team balance is an issue, has been an issue since Steam release. Since there is no team balance tools to switch Squads around etc We have to rely on verbally asking people to balance out teams. Unfortunately people once settled in their Squads and teams don't like to move over to the other side. They don't want to give up their optics etc or as a recent issue, move to militia side with the black camo that sticks out like no other. Some people might switch, but the majority don't. The mix of the current meta, build of the game and issue of team balance would cause the above mentioned if tickets were removed. The ticket system is just too deep in over all game design to completely remove it for a game mode as well as it gives worth/value to things. For now we rely on ticket bleed when capping more flags than the enemy to speed up a game if a slaughter is happening ,and on BigD we enforce base camping rules on public servers so people don't get popped as soon as they leave main. Only things we can do.
  7. Safe to say he had major blood vessels burst/rupture as well as his brain turn to mush at that distance while suffering some serious burns. Guy was dead before he hit the ground.
  8. I'm not saying " thinking that teams will miraculously take all the zones within 10( to15) minutes simply because there are no Tickets" -- You've completely missed the point here or attempting selective argument. I'm an Admin so I'm lucky get to see match progression from the sky when I'm too lazy to play and just want to fly around and watch a match. 90% of the time, the team with the successful 2nd flag rush wins the game. First 10 - 15 minutes of the match is usually the amount of time it takes for one team to have a successful flag rush. Now my point was, If winning match = capture all points. 10 - 15 minute matches would be very realistic and would be quite common. You play Oceanic servers based on you being from Aussie, so you must have have seen Clans like |F| .salt ULD ZSU etc etc do successful flag rushes and have the enemy in their main within the first 15 minutes? It usually ends in enemy team getting slaughtered for 20ish minutes trying to get to 1st flag from main. It's a common thing to see, and being realistic; team balance has not been a thing ever in Squad for public matches, A large majority of games are one side getting stomped over and over. Remove tickets, people won't care about assets, they won't care about their life, they won't care about losing FOBs as there's nothing stopping them from doing so. People will become more reckless. The game will become more die - respawn orientated as there is no consequence to losing assets or dying. People already don't wait for medics because they impatient and think medics will take too long, people already yolo assets and lose them, people already place FOBs in stupid places....With no tickets at all, this would increase that behavior ALOT and create a die - respawn super fast paced game style aka Rambo-Seagal rounds. Throw in what I said above, 10 - 15 Minute Rambo-Seagal rounds being a reality.
  9. Then you would have 10 - 15 minute matches, as a large portion of matches are decided within the first 10 - 15 minutes, depending on who's flag rush was more successful. Removal of tickets would entice people to not wait for medics, would get people yoloing vehicles more than they do now. Basically, we would have 10 minute Rambo with a touch of Steven Seagal type rounds.
  10. I see you being banned from many servers with that mindset, not just in Squad, But PR too.
  11. Ignore my reply, misread. Note : People didn't like BF3 suppression, because it made LMG's powerful, it also hindered their ability to freely run n gun. Squad needs a better suppression system. But we'll leave this discussion for the 467634654 threads talking about suppression.
  12. I only ever use full auto if I know the engagement is going to be within 1m - 25m. Most of the time I'm in single fire, if I get caught with my pants down up close, I've learnt to rapid fire pretty well on single fire to kind of make up for it. Start off single fire, move to full auto when I get in close Stay on single fire 99% of the time.
  13. I myself have never had this bug or just have never noticed it. I hope this doesn't become one of those things where when it's brought up to you, you notice it every time. Point & shoot
  14. In the NZ Army we used a modified DPM(NZDPM) for almost 3 decades. It was alright camo for forested and very green terrain, such as the Soloman Islands & Timor Leste. The issue was, Desert DPM stood out too much in the middle east due to camo patterning & color. I'm sure the same was with the UK Military, as well as cost wise, it was too expensive to produce/purchase multiple different camo types. It's a lot cheaper to use a multi use camo for multiple theatres of war. Its why we changed over to a modified MCU(NZMCU) here in NZ.