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  1. The joinsquad sub reddit is not run or moderated by OWI, it's against Reddit TOS to be so - It's a completely community driven platform. I will be locking this thread since Reddit moderation drama is nothing to do with OWI and it's social platforms.
  2. PSG Server , Admin Fox

    Not a place to discuss bans, air out dirty laundry etc This is better suited towards being dealt with privately either via private message or through provided places for appeals hosted by server hoster, like their server discord. If you have legitimate proof of guidelines being broken or admin abuse, follow this post, there's a link at the bottom which will take you to the report form. /Locking thread.
  3. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    No option to lock accounts out of certain threads(would be a cool thing to have). For now I have hidden posts that happened post-warning, giving the thread another chance. If it happens again, thread will be locked.
  4. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    If behavior continues down the negative path, i'll be locking this thread. You DONT have to get into arguments over opinions, you have the choice to ignore people - Instead of getting in silly arguments that turn into flame wars.
  5. It's not just limited to Nvidia game filters, anyone with a functioning monitor, Nvidia/AMD control panels etc can adjust gamma and contrast settings with a few clicks. Can essentially give yourself night vision by tweaking hue settings. Filter software has been on the rise for a long time, nothing new. if they're going to be banned, might as well implement in-game post process filters for all the most commonly used ones; Saturation, vibrance, clarity and luma sharpen, like a lot of games are doing these days. If people want their game to look like fortnite, let them. UE4.23 comes with new fog related things, so hopefully things will be tweaked to stop it being cheesed.
  6. It's been mentioned by developers a lot, we've already seen Foliage settings locked, recently gamma was locked from being adjusted in-game(to avoid fog abuse). Things like shadows etc will be revisited at a later date when the game is near a more full release state, so they know how much adjustments can be pushed for it.
  7. Admin's abusing power

    If you have legitimate proof of said admin abuse, please follow this link : Read through guidelines and follow the link at the bottom which will direct you to the report form. Will be locking this thread as we do not allow public discussions on server related bans/kicks.
  8. Dual Rendered Scopes

    They used to be in Squad in Closed Alpha 1.0 as seen here But proved to be too performance intensive for the scale of the game, especially when it came to magnified optics. QA has stated they've done a few tests over the years, to see how dual rendered optics would fare with different versions of the game, but still proved to have a significant performance impact. Could it be re-implemented in the future? Possibly, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  9. Beta 19 Released

    UE4.23 changes a lot of things, it's been a big job to tackle, especially considering it's affected some legacy code/systems(things from 4 - 5 years ago) from what's been said and unfortunately it has to be revised and tidied up, cause engine updates have a habit of messing with older systems. There's no simple copy-paste solution, just have to work through it, get as much logs and reports to help identify the root causes easier. Especially when certain things aren't affecting everyone.
  10. Game Crashing

    I have merged these two threads since they're related. A hot fix has gone live, which should hopefully resolve the issue.
  11. Game Crashing

    Offworlds Infrastructure is currently under a denial-of-service attack. The attackers appear to have been using malicious data to impact communication between the Squad client and Steam servers, which is resulting in crashes on joining from the in-game browser. For now you can try connecting this way to servers Or connecting through websites like battlemetrics.
  12. Beta 19 Released

    My guess is to test further. Not everyone is having the issues, and it could be possible QA/Devs aren't experiencing the issues on their machines, so it's harder to replicate and narrow down whats causing the issues. Not everyone plays the playtests either, not everyone who has issues in playtests report them in detail either, or at all. So most likely to get as much feedback as possible, by pushing it to live, so it can be hotfixed. Have to remember, Squad isn't a fully released title, every new patch is still us playing and testing the game.
  13. Beta 19 Released

    The game launch silent crashes after EAC loading is known, as is current performance problems for some users are known, it's being investigated.

    Squad wont have a mini map officially added by the developers, as they don't want players to have map level awareness of that level while still being 100% combat effective.
  15. 100 player Servers

    3 weeks is just a long running joke amongst the community and developers. 100p servers still have a few obstacles when it comes to server stability/performance. B19 with the engine upgrade and additional tools should help Squad get closer to the 50v50 goal. Squad is at the stage in development now, where optimization for both client & server is getting more of a focus, so hopefully we'll see 100p sooner rather than later. The difference between the 2015 test and the 2019 test was night and day, very noticeable improvement in both client and server performance, just more work is required to make servers stable with the additional load of 20 more players.