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  1. Shot Effects

    OWI are hoping experiment with the medical system post 1.0 release(which is when dragging will be focused on too). I wouldn't expect something super detailed like Arma's ACE advanced system, but we'll have to wait until 1.0 to see what OWI experiments with.
  2. As mentioned by Psyrus above, and pointed out in this thread here(click) Graphic settings will be finalized when Squad nears it's polishing phase. Since Squad is still in the development stage and things are still being tweaked and implemented, performance varies every build, so it's important during these alpha builds to have a smooth experience without frame hiccups, stutters etc for most players, until optimization can be a main focus to allow tweaking/improving graphics settings to a locked state. Aside from performance reasons for fog, it's mainly there to help avoid culling pop ins and lod issues when flying high in helicopters(If you've ever been in admin cam, you'll know what I'm talking about) as well as being there for balance so the all seeing eyes can't see everything as well as giving them a little fog cover from distance. Distant fog has consistently changed throughout multiple builds in Squad, and we'll most likely see things tweaked and refined throughout future builds until Squad reaches 1.0 full release. I'll be locking this thread, as there's already a long thread about this particular subject with answers from the development team(Linked above)
  3. Sniping Massacre

    There's a lot of variables in place, I'll explain how recoil works as it's actually quite interesting in how it affects accuracy and follow up shots. I'll put it in a spoiler because this might be a long post.
  4. Sniping Massacre

    I've essentially fired the L129A1, In my nations army I was issued the LMT 308MWS, The L129A1 is a variant of it, with slight accessory differences. It's pretty tame when it comes to recoil impulse. LMT designed the rifle well especially with its weight balance - With the addition of modern muzzle breaks, grips and bipods, it makes firing 7.62 Nato from Standing, crouched, prone and in a supported position a smooth experience. I was lucky to fire off some SVD's in Afghanistan & Iraq. It's also surprisingly a smooth shooting weapon, considering it's A 1960'S design. Had a bit of kick, more so than the 308 MWS while standing but wasn't too difficult with follow up shots. From a supported or prone position, it was a breeze to shoot.
  5. Squad community

    OWI has recently taken steps to deal with overly toxic individuals. If it involves real life harassment when the catalyst and harassment begun from the video game and it's social platforms(Forums, Discord etc), game developers do have the power to take action they see fit against the individual I do suggest if anyone does receives real life death threats or harassment on social media etc to contact the police as majority of nations these days take these things quite seriously and will lay charges. If you have received death threats or any form of harassment etc from an individual in this community in-game, on the forums, discord etc Get in contact with the server admin it took place in a server, or get in contact with one of the moderators if it took place on one of OWI's social platforms.
  6. Make "suppression" logical again!

    Suppression is very much so in Squad. Someone recently made a video showcasing it The problem is, people are expecting a single rifle to send the enemy into a seizure, which Squad suppression isn't intending to do. It's designed around rate of fire, caliber and volume, to make people work together while also giving use to higher caliber support weapons. For example three rifles shooting fully-auto at a single person, has similar suppression to that of a single support weapon shooting at someone. An issue I see all the time is - An LMG lies prone on top of a hill or building, then sprays at enemy 300m away to suppress them. Sits in the same spot sky lining, then gets one tapped. I can guarantee the people he was shooting had quite hefty suppression effects slapped down on them, but all they had to do was reposition 10m outside of the impacts for the suppression effects to not apply to them anymore, and then they just lined up the LMG and tapped him.
  7. Released?

    Not yet, almost there. https://joinsquad.com/roadmap/ Squad is currently sitting at version 16.
  8. If a height profile/stance system is implemented, I'd like to see it more so similar to Escape from Tarkovs system, farm ore fluid and intuitive compared to Arma 3's system. A3's stance system was good for it's time, but hasn't aged well. In saying this, OWI have said they wanted to explore a "soft" cover system, not sure if any internal prototype was created & tested, or it's just remained on the want list.
  9. Nvidia Freestyle settings

    Contrast/highlights and vibrance will depend on your monitor and color settings + personal taste. I use 51% clarity since I use TAA(+IceKK's tweak) to help balance out distant blur, by making it less blurry at distance since TAA can cause a bit of it.
  10. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    IIRC minor destruction is something OWI might look into post 1.0, when they know how much performance room they have after all the planned systems/features are implemented. They have mentioned previously, that destructible bridges and doors being on their want list.
  11. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    No matter how you do destruction, there's server side involvement required. RB6 Siege you can blow out majority of walls, floors, doors, windows and each of those destructible locations need to be replicated when destroyed to each client, that requires the server. Just like every deployable has to as well. The more things able to be destroyed, the more the server has to work to keep this up to date, and replicate it to all clients involved. The more players, the higher chance of replication being an issue. The larger the map, the more destructible things, the more the server has to work to correctly replicate it to each person. Client sided visuals create their own issues, for example think of smoke grenades that are client sided. On X players screen smoke is covering his position, on Y players screen he can see X player because on his screen the smoke is different. Now think of destruction and debri's etc Only way it works if it's completely scripted like Battlefields levolution, but again on a mass scale the more assets you add, the more the server has to keep track. Destruction isn't simple to implement, each way has it's pro's and con's, and things get far more difficult if the scale of the game is larger and more players are involved. Then there's the side of keeping things fair. On top of development time and resources having to be considered.
  12. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    RB6 Siege can get away with it, as the maps are small and they have more control over bandwidth on that scale. They built their game with destruction in mind, as it was a main feature they planned for. It's also a lot easier replicating mass destruction on small maps to 10 clients, than mass destruction on large maps with tonnes of assets needing to be made destructible while still needing to be replicated to 80 clients(soon 100) as well as replicating properly to players who join in progress. Their game engine is in-house too, so allows them to cater towards destruction more easily compared to something like UE4.
  13. Melbo to the rescue!
  14. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    Full patch notes won't be released until v16 moves from the testing branch to the full release branch. OWI is only listing the main changes for the test build that need to be focused on.
  15. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    Change lists for the test are displayed in the official discord https://discord.gg/squad Yesterday -Fixed Mi-8 passengers ejecting mid air -Hand Held Smoke grenades now develop smoke quicker, increased smoke cloud volume which lasts longer -Fixed Bradley driver being vulnerable to main cannons and radial damage -Added ambient sounds to Mutaha Today -Mutaha RAAS_v1 enabled ticket bleed -Fixed gorodok apartment buildings missing exterior meshes -Fixed issue with wrong impact FX and sounds for tank shells -Fixed health bar background on the helicopters and vehicles being too hard to see, setting it to a grey -Increased turn momentum to alleviate unrealistically quick left/right zigzag movement, most notable when sprinting -Fixed Pilot and Lead Pilot icons missing from the Icon Legend -Fix commander chat saying DIRECT when using ALL -Further environment asset fixes on Mutaha -Tweaks to the heli flight model -Added a line on the heli control panel to indicate how much collective allows you to hover