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  1. MG's

    Kind of, compared to your standard issue rifle(2MOA - 4MOA) or your standard issue DMR(0.5MOA - 1MOA), it's like taking a leak with a stiffy lol Still does it's intended job though.
  2. MG's

    Effective range on the M249(Minimi) depends on barrel length, generally sits between 700m - 900m. In terms of accuracy, IIRC it sits between 10 - 12 MOA, meaning 10 to 12 inch spread at 100y. Times that by 2 every 100y. Not exactly a precise weapon, but enough to get rounds on target at close to mid ranges. It's why short burst > prolonged fire in reality, maintains tighter groupings.
  3. Gatzby(community manger) touched on the AM General situation yesterday
  4. Please (Read!) Helicopter use.

    There's always two sides to every story, and with every story you can never know the full truths, hence why it is not allowed on OWI's forums, discord etc All it ends in, is flaming and back forth arguments which is not wanted here. There's guidelines server hosters/admins accept when applying for a server licence, breaches of guidelines are dealt with appropriately. If you have valid proof of a specific server or admins breaking guidelines - Follow this link. For future reference, if you're going to vent frustrations against others, might be best to think about your post, before posting it. Insults and negative posts will be locked/hidden.
  5. Change soldiers Apperience

    All character models are preset for their classes. Only skins in Squad are founder patches, and founder + veteran weapon skins - Which are currently disabled due to work needing to be done on the steam integration side of things.
  6. Please (Read!) Helicopter use.

    I have edited your post, removed the naming and shaming and silly insult. If you're going to make a post, keep it respectable.
  7. COVID-19 is here, where's SQUAD-19?

    Time frame for B19 release is still unknown, but it's getting closer - A public playtest was just held for NA & EU and went pretty well. Still a few bugs to squash. The primary thing for B19 is the engine update to 4.23 - Which opens a lot of opportunities for OWI to optimize the game and utilize new tools to improve things within Squad. Engine updates have a habit of breaking pre-existing systems, so a lot of focus has been implementation of UE4.23 and fixing said systems that broke in doing so. The patch contains some other things, like Body dragging, damage to helicopter tail rotors, commander artillery damage has been tweaked IIRC, and some maps had tweaks & overhauls - Like Kokan, Manic-5, Belaya and Mestia.
  8. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Keep to the original thread topics and issues wont be had. Turning every thread you enter into the same complaint posts, derailing original topic, especially after warnings have been given, is going to result in warning points and potentially a temporary ban. Feel free to head on to the discord and leave feedback in designated channels, or create your own threads on the forum with what ever topic you wish to discuss.
  9. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    There's no censorship happening, rules are being enforced which you agreed to abide by, when registering on this forum. Continuously going off topic from original topics, to continue complaining about the same things is spamming. There's more things in the pipeline for Squad to come, including balancing and system/feature tweaks and improvement - It's the nature of being in Beta. Bigger fish to fry this moment, such as making sure B19 is functioning correctly with the engine update. Here's a bit of a refresher of the rules.
  10. Steam Inventory?

    Two from Kickstarter; Desert tan m4 and tribal AK74 Three from Veterans day; Vet LAW, Vet INS RPG and Vet RU RPG
  11. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    Thread has run its course. /Locked
  12. The topic has been covered before, there's a whole lot of technical reasons behind why OWI isn't focusing on destruction. Minor destruction is something that could be potentially looked into after full release - There's no promises, it's something OWI would like to look into.
  13. Thanks moderator

    Constructive criticism is allowed and welcomed. If your post was hidden, it's most likely due to inflammatory remarks, sarcasm or venting - Which isn't constructive criticism. Looking at your hidden post, it appears to be quite sarcastic in nature, and looks to be a vent post. So that is the probable reason to why it was hidden. EAC crashes & connection lost issues have a multitude of reasons behind it, the official discord has a pinned post in the support channel with potential fixes and troubleshooting. OWI is aware of it. I understand things can be frustrating, but venting isn't the way to go about things. Well written and though-out posts go a long way. As a reminder, have a read over the rules. http://forums.joinsquad.com/announcement/11-forum-rules/
  14. FPS drop from Discord

    Only other thing I can think of if discord overlay isn't the issue is, hardware acceleration option might be enabled. It should be under appearance options.
  15. Multiple Questions

    OWI is quite busy bug squashing and prepping B19 so it can be play tested/ released. So things might be a little slow on the forums. A few devs are quite active on the official discord throughout the day and answer questions from time to time. For now, I can try answer a few things. Q1: It's being worked on; Insurgent HABs were tweaked & made more spacious inside to try counter it. Further tweaking is required and is on the to do list. Q2. Could be an array of things - Server tickrate drops, ping differences between players, or just simply hit reg had a derp. Q3. No idea. Q4. Other game modes are potentially planned, but I doubt they'll be based on a specific group of peoples gaming backgrounds. Q5. Vehicle handling is constantly being tweaked, as is how vehicles react to driving on different surfaces. Can probably expect future tweaks. Q6. To my understanding, this wont happen. As it takes away from the kit system making it near obsolete. Q7. OWI has plans to support Squad for years after full release, this means additional new content/features developed by OWI. There has already been brainstorming regarding plans for Squad post 1.0 release. No real specifics have been said and what will be prioritized after full release. Modding content will always be supported by OWI, and there is possibility for high quality mods being integrated into the game. Q8 and Q9. Server licenses mean that the groups hosting servers, have the required specifications for their servers to maintain performance and stability for Squad, offering the players the best experience in terms of performance. Custom browser is there for people who don't want to pursue a license, or don't meet minimum server spec requirements. OWI supports modding, and continued effort is being put towards mod integration and whitelisting. We can probably expect additional work being done on the mod whitelisting system, to allow approved mods that are up to standard in terms of quality and stability to be whitelisted for licensed servers. There's already a few mods able to played on the main browser for licensed servers. If @Gatzby is around, he may be able to give a more official in depth insight.