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  1. Graphic Updates

    No point comparing a AAA game with 10x the budget and 6x the development team size, to an indie dev team. They have their own tailored in-house game engine. Dice used smart map design, such as large buildings, hills/mountains, forested areas etc in specific places to be able to cull large amounts of objects out of player view, while also limiting render distances quite heavily. They also had quite aggressive LOD scaling which even with Ultra settings, player models and trees looked pretty low quality past the 100m - 150m mark as well as having quite heavy pop ins with small objects. BF3 set the benchmark for games of that particular era in terms of visuals, and does look better than quite a few modern games. Frostbite is a very powerful and well optimized engine. But they did well to hide the lower quality things, to make the highest quality things up close, stand out. Playing the big open maps like Bandar desert, you really get to see how their culling and lod is done - Even dropping out of helicopters and Jets up high and parachuting down, you can see how they managed to pull off what they did. Squad is in beta phase now, so a lot of focus is going into optimization so when Squad hits full release, it'll be as smooth as they can get it. Visual tweaks are on-going . We've seen higher quality building models being added to new maps, weapon textures improved to higher quality ones, constant updates to the lighting, megascan terrain added to new maps, water visuals improved, particle effect improvements, and other improvements over the past few major patch releases. We can probably expect more tweaks here and there, but I wouldn't expect super detailed 4k eye candy as far as the eye can see.
  2. Next frame rendering

    It appears it has been removed from Nvidia control panel, and has been replaced with the "low latency" mode, where selecting it to be; On : Limits 1 frame to render Ultra : Minimizing queue'd frames for when Vsync & Gsync are on Off : Allows frames to be queue'd
  3. Tactical Ladder

    Deployable combat ladders will be something experimented with post 1.0 full release. They've been on the radar for years(as has the breacher kit) but there's been things higher on the priority list. There's been mentions by some devs how they want them physics based, so they can be layed horizontally as well, to act as makeshift bridges etc So in due time we might see them We used similar telescopic ladders, ours were 2.5ft retracted and 12ft when fully extended, weighed just 9.7kg IIRC.
  4. Most early access shooter titles would love to have sold 1mil copies, have 3000 - 7000 concurrent players and 20k - 30k+ weekly players, as well as surviving longer than 3 - 6 months after going into early access. Doesn't matter if it's an Arcade, MilSim or mix of both type of early access shooter, most die on arrival or only survive a few months into early access. The fact Squad has reached these types of numbers, and is still alive years after early access is pretty amazing, very few EA shooters make it this far. Some AAA titles don't even reach these numbers, or maintain these numbers for years. Squad has it's problems, and somethings have taken a while to be addressed or still are pending, but for good reason(aside from the internal priority ladder). You can't please everyone when it comes to things, and some things have to take longer to allow for things to be evaluated and fleshed out before applying the change. I do suggest you read this thread, as some really good changes to controversial things are coming.
  5. Penalize Lone Wolfing

    Systems like these don't work when the maps are of large scale and so much can go on in a small time frame. There's so many instances in Squad where people end up being lone survivors during assaults or defenses - Friendly squad(s) and rally points are wiped, You in end, punish these players who did nothing wrong by applying penalties, when all they did was survive while playing the objective. Other instances as @Zylfrax791 pointed out, such as SL's wanting people in his/her Squad to flank, provide overwatch, track enemy vehicles or simply scouting ahead would be punished for doing nothing wrong. If people are lone-wolfing and not playing the objective, then the SL isn't doing his job. At that point it's up to server admins to make sure SL's are doing their part for the team. If nothing is being done, then it sounds like it's time to switch servers.
  6. Free Squad Game Server

    OWI has no plans to host official(free) servers. I suggest getting in contact with server owners within the Russian community and see if they would be able to apply for additional server licenses to be able to host more servers.
  7. I'm giving up on this game.

    It reduces some aspects of the cheese, like repetitive bunny hopping from rally to rally to get new positions instantly while also punishing those who lose rally after BRing off another rally in that 150 time window. But yes, it doesn't really change the teleportation cheese. I'd assume this is just the first steps to changes with BR.
  8. I'm giving up on this game.

    There's two changes in v17(Beta 1) that I came across - Single man Squads can no longer utilize the BR system. You need at least 2 people(SL + 1 other) for your Squad to have the ability to utilize the BR system. - You can no longer freely and instantaneously bunny hop from rally point to rally point using the BR system, as a 150 second cool down is present after your first BR use.
  9. [CnL] English/SweVOIP TEAMWORK

    These community server threads aren't for airing out dirty laundry, ban appeals, accusations etc If you have been banned or want to appeal, I suggest getting in contact with server owners on here via DM or getting in contact with them on their discord or ts.If you have complaints about admin abuse and breaching of server hosting guidelines, especially when the complaints are quite severe, fill out a report here with valid proof http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/I have cleaned up the thread.
  10. Shot Effects

    OWI are hoping experiment with the medical system post 1.0 release(which is when dragging will be focused on too). I wouldn't expect something super detailed like Arma's ACE advanced system, but we'll have to wait until 1.0 to see what OWI experiments with.
  11. As mentioned by Psyrus above, and pointed out in this thread here(click) Graphic settings will be finalized when Squad nears it's polishing phase. Since Squad is still in the development stage and things are still being tweaked and implemented, performance varies every build, so it's important during these alpha builds to have a smooth experience without frame hiccups, stutters etc for most players, until optimization can be a main focus to allow tweaking/improving graphics settings to a locked state. Aside from performance reasons for fog, it's mainly there to help avoid culling pop ins and lod issues when flying high in helicopters(If you've ever been in admin cam, you'll know what I'm talking about) as well as being there for balance so the all seeing eyes can't see everything as well as giving them a little fog cover from distance. Distant fog has consistently changed throughout multiple builds in Squad, and we'll most likely see things tweaked and refined throughout future builds until Squad reaches 1.0 full release. I'll be locking this thread, as there's already a long thread about this particular subject with answers from the development team(Linked above)
  12. Sniping Massacre

    There's a lot of variables in place, I'll explain how recoil works as it's actually quite interesting in how it affects accuracy and follow up shots. I'll put it in a spoiler because this might be a long post.
  13. Sniping Massacre

    I've essentially fired the L129A1, In my nations army I was issued the LMT 308MWS, The L129A1 is a variant of it, with slight accessory differences. It's pretty tame when it comes to recoil impulse. LMT designed the rifle well especially with its weight balance - With the addition of modern muzzle breaks, grips and bipods, it makes firing 7.62 Nato from Standing, crouched, prone and in a supported position a smooth experience. I was lucky to fire off some SVD's in Afghanistan & Iraq. It's also surprisingly a smooth shooting weapon, considering it's A 1960'S design. Had a bit of kick, more so than the 308 MWS while standing but wasn't too difficult with follow up shots. From a supported or prone position, it was a breeze to shoot.
  14. Squad community

    OWI has recently taken steps to deal with overly toxic individuals. If it involves real life harassment when the catalyst and harassment begun from the video game and it's social platforms(Forums, Discord etc), game developers do have the power to take action they see fit against the individual I do suggest if anyone does receives real life death threats or harassment on social media etc to contact the police as majority of nations these days take these things quite seriously and will lay charges. If you have received death threats or any form of harassment etc from an individual in this community in-game, on the forums, discord etc Get in contact with the server admin it took place in a server, or get in contact with one of the moderators if it took place on one of OWI's social platforms.
  15. Make "suppression" logical again!

    Suppression is very much so in Squad. Someone recently made a video showcasing it The problem is, people are expecting a single rifle to send the enemy into a seizure, which Squad suppression isn't intending to do. It's designed around rate of fire, caliber and volume, to make people work together while also giving use to higher caliber support weapons. For example three rifles shooting fully-auto at a single person, has similar suppression to that of a single support weapon shooting at someone. An issue I see all the time is - An LMG lies prone on top of a hill or building, then sprays at enemy 300m away to suppress them. Sits in the same spot sky lining, then gets one tapped. I can guarantee the people he was shooting had quite hefty suppression effects slapped down on them, but all they had to do was reposition 10m outside of the impacts for the suppression effects to not apply to them anymore, and then they just lined up the LMG and tapped him.