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  1. Eyeball Elevation/Height

    Was quite problematic, the specific issue in the video was fixed long ago in v12.1
  2. Temporal AA sharpening

    Yes, there's currently a fix that reduces the blur and ghosting that occurs with TAA in Squad, which the devs are aware of. [SystemSettings] r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight=0.25 r.TemporalAASamples=2 This pasted into the Engine.ini located in %LocalAppData%\SquadGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor will do the aformentioned.
  3. With the new patch release cadence(new patch every 4 - 6 weeks) not only will we see new content & tweaks more regularly, but an increase in player interest & retention. The past 9ish weeks has been the healthiest the playbase has been since v12 release in Nov 2018. Which v12 had a significant drop in players after a month. Since v13 & v14 we are holding quite a high increase in both average player count and individual player count for 2+ months, no real major drops, but maintaining it.

    From what has been said, some maps are planned to have a redux at some point in the future. Then there's a possibility a map inspired by OPFL will be made. When will these happen? Unknown. We did see Kokan get a little update with v14, so it's a possibility small updates will be done overtime.
  5. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    From my understanding Periscope basically reduce recoil near a surface, and just have a little icon displaying it's working. A kind of basic implementation of it, maybe OWI has a more complex system in mind they want to implement? Either way a passive weapon resting system in a basic or a more complicated form, still takes from server performance. OWI has planned for 100p servers & helicopters, which is more important than weapon resting. Adding in weapon resting now, just adds to server load and would most likely affect the progress in the 100p server aspect. Add all the planned big stuff, then find out how much left over performance you can squeeze out with optimization and then add the un planned "wants" -- That is the smart way of development. No point in adding in all the unplanned stuff, only to find out you've not got enough room(even with optimization) to have planned big features.
  6. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    Weapon resting wasn't a promised feature(Bipods were). The Devs explanation on weapon resting(which you have been linked before) "Weapon resting is a complicated system that is not currently in the pipeline, its not due to us not wanting the feature though. At some later time we may decide to revisit its implementation but as of right now we are not actively developing a system for weapon resting. At this time we cannot use the current system for bipods, as that system relies on a button press for setting the bipod, which is very economical way to implement in regards to the cost to the server tick. A weapon resting system we would need to be more passive and always doing these checks for appropriate rest, which would be alot more expensive to the server tick, and not practical in the current implementation." Who knows, OWI might liaise with Periscope and pick up their system, or wait until 1.0 release. We might see it, we might not. We'll just have to wait and see after all the top priority of planned features & content are added. Hell Let Loose currently has very little going on server side, which allows them to have 100p servers without much server performance drawbacks. Once they start implementing their planned big features and systems, they'll run into obstacles in terms of server performance, It's unavoidable. OWI is working on 100p servers, the upgrade to UE4.21 was one of the big stepping stones, in moving towards 50v50 servers. From last night, a small test was done to get some server profiling on 100p server performance & stability. They're working on it
  7. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    The survey is just a collective of data, it doesn't mean anything is set in stone. People are jumping the gun a little. Here's a quote from Sgt. Ross explaining a few things.
  8. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    You guys can express your thoughts and opinions without attacking others with derogatory remarks, or expressing your disappointment in an immature manner. This will be the only warning. I have cleaned this thread up a little. V14 hit reg seems to be in a better place, quite a noticeable improvement over V13.
  9. There's a WIP revise of the ragdolls in the V14 test, a lot of improvements compared to v13, but still needs a little work.
  10. PLEASE! Support SMAA

    No idea. While the public tests were underway, OWI was still tweaking and setting things from when they transitioned to UE4.21. Something broke in doing that. We'll most likely see them return sometime when a fix is found & applied.
  11. Squad stuck at incredibly small resolution.

    No worries, glad it's all resolved
  12. PLEASE! Support SMAA

    From what I remember, SMAA was removed(as was T+FXAA) for v13 as they broke with upgrading to the new UE4.21 engine. We'll have to wait to see what OWI can do to fix SMAA with the current build. For the time being, you can use the TAA fix to make it less blurry https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/b0z2or/icekks_guide_to_better_antialiasing_repost/
  13. Squad stuck at incredibly small resolution.

    Well, that is uuh...interesting haha. Can you see if you can access in-game console by pressing ~ key? If so, type r.setres 1920x1080f and press enter, this is a console command to reset your resolution to 1080. If you can't see if you're typing it correctly, since resolution is super small, you can write it in notepad and copy paste it to the console. If you are unable to do this, press windows key and R, then type %LocalAppData%\SquadGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor then navigate to the GameUserSetting.ini and open it, then find the resolution option and change it to desired resolution, save, launch game.
  14. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Indeed, 1.0 will be interesting, even then post 1.0 will be quite interesting too, as further plans for additional content/features are planned for years after 1.0. It's the same with any game under development, some prefer previous builds to others, and some prefer a differing direction to others. Constant changes happen as that's the nature of development, and you won't please everyone. Sometimes it's unavoidable, as systems and features are added in their infancy and fleshed out over time, or experimental things are added to test - which causes different reactions because everyone has their likes and dislikes.
  15. Feedback: Current Run and Gun Meta

    Squad has never intended to be prettier PR on a new engine, hence why it's a spiritual successor and not a clone or PR 2.0 - There was a PR 2 project for that exact reason, to bring PR to a new engine and bring it up to modern standards(Even though that project fell through). OWI is simply using their experience from helping develop Project Reality, the good and bad, while taking inspiration from the formula of Project Reality that creates an environment that emphasizes communication and teamwork, to build the foundation of Squad - While adding their own ideas, twists and turns to give Squad its own identity, to make it Squad(What a spiritual successor is)