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  1. West Coast Tactical

    This isn't a place to publicly bash servers and their admins. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but name calling and naming and shaming is a no go. If you have an issue with a server, and are certain guidelines have been broken - use the correct place(linked below) to report and follow the format. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ Server admin guidelines Have cleaned thread.
  2. Dubs video mega thread

    Haven't updated this in a while
  3. Steam Achievements.

    What you mention is only one potential outcome of what could happen, and already does happen, just with out the achievement being there - Some medics already take silly risks, just because they want more action or just because they have an aggressive play style, sometimes taking stupid risks is needed depending on the situation also. People think independently and act based on their thoughts, their likes and dislikes - Which is why the medic role is currently played many ways, most of them not so good lol If an achievement like it comes, sure it may attract a few of the silly risk type players, hunting to finish their achievement - But it would also attract players who would still play properly, with everything comes a positive and a negative. I rather more medics healing and reviving, than those medics who use the role as a personal healing role to rambo behind enemy lines - or the medic who doesn't want to be a medic and only is because SL made him, resulting in him playing like a rifleman and only reviving 1 or 2 friendlies the whole match.
  4. Steam Achievements.

    They're not necessary, but could be beneficial if the right achievements are created. Some gamers like achievements, and will actively seek to complete as much as they can. Some examples below of what type of achievements could benefit Squad by promoting teamwork; Tier of achievements : Cherry - Experienced - Veteran Revive 50 - 100 - 150 Friendlies Get 1000 - 2500 - 5000 Medical points Supply 5000 - 10,000 - 15,000 Building or Ammo points Destroy 25 - 50 - 100 enemy vehicles Capture 25 - 50 - 100 Objectives Get 1000 - 2500 - 5,000 capture points
  5. As @YuriIsLoveYuriIsLife has pointed out, UE4 does have the ability to have destructible buildings - It can pretty much make most objects destructible, including environment - UE4 can also allow terraforming. UE4 is a very versatile engine, with countless possibilities - It can do some amazing things graphically too, with high res textures, tessellation, lighting etc But with all these cool features and possibilities of UE4, it comes downs to core features of the game and if there's room for these other cools things like destruction. With Squad having tonnes of things going on, and more planned affecting things client and server side, all the features and systems planned on top of Squad's scale - It would come down to maybe some room for very basic destruction(like doors being blown off for example) or simplifying other areas to allow more...or the more likely rout(if destruction was to be added), trading-off other features to create room for large scale destruction(Which I don't think we want at all). Until the game is feature complete, it wont be known 100% how much leeway there is for possible additional features - but with the scale Squad is going for with all the features planned, it will most likely be very little to none.
  6. Mmm, dem leeks
  7. Armored Technical

    Jensens range is home to a few bugs and glitches, and is different to actual live server play. I just tested your issue, it seems it visually shows penetration occurs with entry and exit holes, but makes the ricochet sound when shooting the armored plates - It would be a bug isolated to Jensens range. In-game, in an actual live server, it'll be different as I have seen armored techies shot up by small arms countless times, with the occupants remaining alive.
  8. It's planned for sometime in the future, there's even a pretty lil ammo bag in the SDK already
  9. 2 to 3 more are wanted, but what factions they'll be are not currently known/determined. Will they be in Squad before full release? No, even 1 faction before then will be unlikely. They'll most likely come sometime after full release.
  10. Why do scouts not have optics?

    Some do, not all. Basic scout mounts work with almost all SKS Variants. All it requires is removal of the rear sight and leaf spring, then you're good to go and install it. Then you have anchor point mounts(Have one on my Simonov) which requires a little field stripping and taking out one of the bolts, which the anchor point mount replaces as it's part of the actual mount - Takes a little time and a few tools to get it all set up. There's a lot of options out there, technology has not only adapted with modern variants of firearms, but have adapted around older variants too, giving those classic weapons some customization options.
  11. Why do scouts not have optics?

    There's quite a few options for SKS's to get optics on. Tri rails, receiver rails, scout mounts, anchor points etc etc It's a lot easier with more modern variants of the SKS, as they're designed with modifications in mind - but there's some that work for the oldie SKS variants, it's more so an ease of access thing for these options...which is pretty much 0 for the Middle East lol
  12. Keep this thread on topic, and keep any political talk to yourself as its not allowed in these forums. Bad taste comments are also not welcome on these forums, only warning. Have cleaned the thread.
  13. Why do scouts not have optics?

    As others have mentioned, the Scout is a utility role with it's strength being close to medium range if need be, with it's main focus being sabotage by doing IED and mine attacks. Also, the SKS being used is either the Simonov SKS or Type 56 SKS, some of the earliest variants of the SKS - Which doesn't really have the mounts readily available to mount optics, especially in the Middle East. Most would have been bought via Chinese links by Insurgents or captured during the 1979 - 1989 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, like a lot of equipment used by Insurgencies.
  14. Current Priority #1

    The bandaging issue is known and has been reported a lot - The devs are well aware and are currently working on it. You're on track with these being especially disruptive and we are working on them. The bandaging is definitely a personal pet peeve too; a workaround that does help is to interrupt the first attempt and complete the second. The issue here seems to be a client/server related one, and the coders are investigating a few theories right now. It's been a bit of a jerk, as bugs go. Everything else is should be known and being investigated; made sure to share this thread internally, so we're on top of what's bugging you folks to the most. Obviously not our favorite kind of feedback, but some of the most important. Thank you for consolidating it. (And for your patience!) Source :
  15. Fix Bullet Physics

    Yeh, watching in full screen in 0.5 speed - First Shot, Right - Second shot, Right - Third shot, appears to by high to the left a little of the enemies pack.