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  1. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    These community server threads aren't for airing out dirty laundry, ban appeals, accusations etc If you have been banned or want to appeal, I suggest getting in contact with server owners on here via DM or getting in contact with them on their discord or ts. If you have complaints about admin abuse and breaching of server hosting guidelines, especially when the complaints are quite severe, fill out a report here with valid proof http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ I have cleaned up the thread.
  2. Suppression

    Suppression in reality is quite complex and comes down to multiple variables and circumstances. A lot of people identify suppression as volume of fire = heads down, which in some cases is true, but if that volume of fire isn't accurate; IE causing zips over head or splash(impacts) close in their proximity, the enemy is going to shoot back, especially if the engagement is across longer distances. Even then, volume of fire isn't always needed, a hidden shooter unable to be located with very accurate single fire can pin a whole unit down. Four main sounds to incoming fire Gunfire report, aka the sound from enemy gun fire(expanding gases etc) which have a boom or sharp echoey crack to it. Flyby one; The bullet snap sound - This means the round is close, but not too close, and is travelling anywhere from around 3ish feet to 20ft+ overhead/to the side. It's the most common sound you'll hear in a firefight, and the bigger the round, the bigger the sound. Flyby two; The bullet zip, also referred to as the angry bee sound. This is the scary sound, this means you should probably put your head down or move to cover as that round was a good 2ft to a couple inches from hitting you. At times, you can even feel the wind / air disturbance of the round flying by you. Impact sounds; Thud/cracks depending on surface it hit, as well as another sound me and my army buds call the "twirl", which is the sound of a bullet spinning off, aka ricocheting. In a firefight, you'll primarily hear sounds 1 and 2 the most. The first couple of firefights will be intense as the sound of battle and people actively trying to kill you has to fully settle in, you have to mentally adapt to it. After you've been exposed to the battle stresses and sounds of a real battle, you sort of become desensitized towards sounds 1 & 2, as you'll be hearing those sounds a lot throughout a firefight and you get used to it. When sounds 1 & 2 turn to sounds 3 & 4 is when you start to poop your pants, especially when you visually see the rounds impacting inches or a few feet from you. I wrote about my experiences awhile ago, with being under fire while on deployment, not a fully detailed write up, tried to keep it short - But it gives the gist of suppression, the affects of being under fire etc, it'll be in this spoiler so this post isn't super long. And this is why it's hard to get a perfect suppression system in video games, because there's so many variables & circumstances both mentally and physically to it, that a video game can not accurately emulate, then you have to consider game balance and fun factor into it as well.
  3. Firing effects

    In earlier builds, there was a lot more dust & debris kickup from muzzle blast, it was toned down in some areas. I believe it was for performance reasons, could possibly see more effects increased when the game reaches the optimization phases.
  4. A spiritual successor in a way is kind of a sequel, but it directly isn't a complete sequel. It might share very similar direction, moral, design, theme etc but will have alternating things differing from the main thing it's taking inspiration from, whether it be a movie, book or game. It's taking the spirit of something, and using that inspiration to create something similar, but ultimately be it's own entity. Kind of life a spin-off series of something. Like I've said before, I'm not a fan of certain things - Such as buddy rally, original dead-dead changes and zig zag running movement, as it does impact the game in a way that lessens more thought out decision making and is kind of cheesy. But, with Squad trying to be it's own entity and still in active development, we should expect ups & downs, random things being tested etc Only way to mould the game, is by testing things out. Sometimes we won't like the changes, sometimes we will - And as we've seen with v15.4, changes have come based off of feedback, and more to come.
  5. Lets break this down. "Squad was originally envisioned as a way to carry on the legacy of the popular “Project Reality” mod for battlefield 2." This basically means Squads focus was what made PR great, communication & teamwork. Something a lot of shooters lacked, and PR left a legacy behind spotlighting those two particular aspects. "Our goal for Squad is to take 10 years worth of experience, testing and research with the original Project Reality formula and apply it to a modern stand-alone engine" 10 years worth of experience, meaning the development side of things when it comes to developing a project. Game design, modeling, art, balance, management, balance etc They gained a lot of experience in those departments and had that foundation to create a team capable of developing Squad, which Squads focus was to build a game around Project Realities formula; Which is communication & teamwork. "intelligent, satisfying gameplay" This speaks for itself, and I am agreeance reduction in instant death instances, and the addition of buddy rallies goes against this. Squad has never been advertised that it was going to be Project Reality 2, or a Sequel. It was always intended to be it's own game, but used the fundamentals of what made PR great(Communication & teamwork) to build the foundation of Squad. Merlin pretty much sums it up in his post
  6. Squad was promised to be a spiritual successor, not a sequel. Two very different things.
  7. The original RPK chambered in 7.62x39 primarily uses 75rnd drum mags. Modernized RPK's modeled off of the AK-74, such as the RPK-74 & RPK-74M are chambered in 5.45x39, which the standard is 45rnd mags. In Squad, here's what factions have what. Russia - RPK-74M Militia - RPK-74 Insurgents - RPK(75rnd drum) & the RPK-74
  8. Final warning, keep the thread on topic. Arguing and resorting to name calling is not the way to handle things. Further action will be taken if the moderation team has to return to this thread to throw water onto another flame war. Thread has been cleaned up.
  9. Lets not turn this thread into another Squad vs PR debate/argument thread. I'm sure OP wants to just put the word out about his modification, and not have his thread flooded with arguments. Have cleaned a few posts up. Good luck with your mod mate.
  10. Feedback on current development.

    Last chance to keep this thread on track, if it continues in to back & forth bickering, I'll be locking the thread. Cleaned up some posts.
  11. Whats the Deal with the DLC/CAF Mod?

    It's a question that has popped up a lot lately; Why is CAF not apart of the base of the game, like other mods that have been added? To my understanding, the other mods were completed projects - For example, Al Basrah and the 1P63 optic. Meanwhile, the CAF is still in active development and has further content and polishing to be done. From what's been said, CAF is an official DLC, mainly because it allows the mod team to develop CAF with out affecting the Squad development cycle, and vice versa. People have to keep in mind, DLC is just additional content or in more simple terms, an add-on. OWI have kept their word, that if there was DLC, it won't cost a dime for people to access. Will be free, and that's exactly what the CAF is, free.

    This has been a hot topic for years, and has been discussed countless times. The TLDR; OWI wont implement gore into Squad, for not only personal reasons, but for professional reasons as well. Also, it helps to have a poll with non bias options, with a bit of maturity as well, or people might not take you or your thread seriously.
  13. Feb 5th, 2018 was the release of the long awaited v10 patch, which was one of the most anticipated patches in Squads development. New animation system, vaulting, bipods etc Generally when we see a huge boost in numbers on steam charts, it's due to a major content releases, or free weekend/sale.
  14. OWI is testing ways of doing fog, especially for certain big maps, as with the addition of helicopters coming soon, height based fog will be needed. As in previous patches, we've seen fog be added, then changed, reduced or removed. It's nothing new, just OWI wanting to test different things out.
  15. Feedback on current development.

    Squad is at a point in development where it's almost feature complete, and with every game(not just Squad) a bit focus is put on new player experience and evaluation of the learning curve, before the game hits beta, and eventually full release. With this comes experiments and tweaks with existing systems/mechanics, sometimes even additions of new ones - to test how the player base reacts, and how much easier new folks are settling into the game. It's not about making the game all about newer players, its about tackling this particular aspect before full release, so it doesn't have to be done after full release...which would be a lot worse. As it's been said countless times, buddy rally and perma death removal aren't final. With the additions of choppers, buddy rally might be removed, or it could be changed in how it functions. Perma death will be tweaked in the future, in what regard? Wont know until it happens. Patience and understanding is needed, we are at a time where major content is getting put out every 4 - 6 weeks, and a lot of things are going on to try make sure they keep on target with their releases, as well as trying to maintain quality control of the patches. It's easier said than done, and OWI are doing pretty well with the new cadence. I'm not a fan of Buddy rally, or Perma death removal - But I know change is coming.