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  1. Squad vs Insurgency

    Realistic optics? You mean 3d/PiP scopes? Squad had that originally, but was removed due to performance reasons. It requires x2 rendering of what's on screen, to make scopes PiP - Which for large scale games is a big performance hit. Insurgency can pull it off, due to the scale of the game. Thread explaining everything, from the Devs. Soldiers know how to swim, but in full kit, which can weigh from 35kg(77lbs) to 50kg(110lbs) is a completely different story.
  2. July 2018 Recap

    Has to be a spawn mechanic, or game = running from main sim lel Rallypoints are sort of realistic, aside from the whole appearing out of thin air thing It represents an ORP, to regroup at a point outside an OBJ, to prepare before moving in. One of those things, implemented unrealistically, to gain a realistic result. Who knows, maybe OWI plan to increase depth of all rivers on maps, so only Al Basrah isn't the only one - to give choke points strategic value. Maybe they have plans to add amphibious capabilities to certain APC's/IFV's, like their IRL counterparts.
  3. July 2018 Recap

    This is called treading, it's only viable if your pack is packed correctly, and water-proofed, so it aids natural buoyancy in floating across bodies of water. It's extremely slow, tires you out - even more so, while wearing full kit. The problem is, it's situational and you can guarantee, most, if not all soldiers that have been exposed to prolonged engagements, or been out of the wire for days, will have dug into their pack for food, water, reserve ammo, batteries etc on more than a single occasion, and would have not set up their pack correctly again lol Not to mention, crossing bodies of water while under fire is not something that will occur, unless it's one of those very rare occurrences, where there is no other choice.
  4. Odin's quote was talking about Standard Infantry units, in reference to a Squad, which the game is named after, and what unit the game mainly focuses on - which a Sniper does not fill any role in, but a Marksman does. You didn't really quote anything, apart from "as for the sniper reason" and just stated it was incorrect - Which made me think you were saying the reason of snipers not being in, is incorrect - Hence my explanation of how snipers are integrated within a company / battalion level and not a Squad level. Don't take me sharing personal experiences as trying to belittle you, If you read my posts on these forums, I share knowledge and information of how the military functions, or how certain things are within the military. If you took it offensively, then I'm sorry. My intention is always to spread knowledge and to educate.
  5. The guy I quoted is not only a Dev, but a former U.S Army Ranger. I wouldn't say he's incorrect, as what he says is pretty much what I experienced within the military myself. Army snipers are deployed generally at a battalion or company level, within western military doctrines. Russia are known to support snipers at the Squad level, but these snipers fulfill the role a marksman does within western doctrine. Squad at most supports platoon level engagements. During my deployment in Afghanistan, we had one sniper team(shooter + spotter) to support our 151 troop rotation, which was attached to my reconnaissance platoon, for operations at the company level. Other than that, they were not deployed outside the wire. Sniper roles and general gamer mentality = Sit on hill 500m out, not communicate, chase a good K/D Which is not what Squad is about, we already have major issues with people taking the Marksman role and doing the aforementioned. Anyway, the decision is final, Squad will not have a true to life sniper role. Modding is a thing, and maybe you sniper folk may get what you want, in the form of a mod.
  6. Sniper roles won't be in Squad. Originally it was a maybe, then it became a small chance, then it became a flat out NO. Things change from kickstarter as original Idea's and plans don't work for a magnitude of different reasons. As for the sniper role reason
  7. This has been an on-going topic since shadows were changed in the early days. Squad used to have quite in-depth shadow options, where the lowest settings and shadow resolution options were still quite heavy, that shadows didn't really disappear at any distances - but the cost was performance. With Squad being alpha, and patches having the ability to change client performance, Shadows were changed to a lesser intenser style. The devs know shadows and other options can be abused to give viewing advantages at distances, but from what I remember reading, it won't be revisited until Squad becomes more stable in terms of client performance, when Squad is near full release. Squad recently had distant shadows as an option added, which is quite cheap in terms of performance hit, and makes shadows stay at distance, no matter the option setting for shadows. Maybe in future the option to have it on or off will be removed, and be forced on by default. Who know's, but it will be revisited sometime in the future. The devs do know about it, there's been threads on this for years and all the discussions/threads on this topic have the same back and forth arguments.
  8. Falling Damage nerf?

    This^^ The most common injuries on deployment are usually ankle, knee or lower back related. From basic strains and swelling, to full on fractures. In some cases, slipped spinal disks. All from slips, trips and jumps. You have a higher chance of rolling your ankle, than getting shot. Not to mention, prolonged strain on joints can cause a lot of complications in the field and to overall performance. They way I explain it to people is - Go find an old back pack, and just any old chair you have. Fill the backpack with books or something that adds a little weight to it. Hop on the chair, and jump off, land flat on your feet. Pay attention to the backpack when you come to stop, as you make contact with the ground - The backpack keeps moving downwards due to the weight. Now Imagine full combat kit on, and jumping from the top of a 10ft wall or across a 5ft wide irrigation ditch.
  9. "smearing" during fast movements

    What you're experiencing is ghosting, which is a side effect of certain anti aliasing methods, in Squad. SMAA causes slight ghosting of optic reticles. If I remember correctly, TXAA causes the heavy ghosting you're experiencing. Only things you can do is turn off AA, or experiment with other AA methods, and adjust sharpening filter. You can also use Nvidia control panel 3D options, to use Nvidia inbuilt AA, if you have an Nvidia GPU.
  10. Removal of marksmen from the game

    It's appropriate, as a marksman is a vital role in reality within a Squad/section. The issue is not the kit, but the average gamer mentality - They see a class/role with a long range rifle, and automatically go into lone wolf mode, on the side of the hill..Which isn't how a marksman functions at all. The marksman if played correctly, can be beneficial to an extent, but it's existance is heavily over shadowed by other classes, such as LAT and GL which are much more beneficial, as they're more effective with Squads urban and vehicle threats.
  11. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    To a certain extent The average threshold for MRAP's , is between 10 - 30 lbs of TNT or equivalent, depending where on the underside it hits, what parts it hits, and obviously what variant the MRAP is. The purpose of MRAP's is crew safety if an explosion does happen. Vehicle gets damaged or completely written off, but crew has a higher chance to survive, especially if smaller IED's detonate - If it's one of the big boi IED's, which can reach anywhere from 35lbs to 60lbs, depending on the material used - Then it's 100% goodbye to anyone inside, even at 20lbs to 30lbs, the chance of fatalities is high. In Squad, the IED looks to be x2 82mm mortar rounds taped together. They(INS/MIL) use the M1937 Mortar, which it's common round is around 7lbs of explosive. x2 of those is 14lbs of explosive, meaning it would render the vehicle immobile in reality - But since we don't immobilization in Squad yet, we get the little burn out before it explodes, so people have a chance to survive.
  12. Removal of marksmen from the game

    The Marksman role in Squad, isn't representing a Sniper. While Snipers and Marksman both use long range rifles, and are taught long range precision shooting - Their roles within the military are very different and have differing skillsets to suit their environment. Marksman within the military are called a Squad Designated Marksman, or just a Designated Marksman. A specialized soldier within a unit, to move amongst and support his Squad/Section or Fire-team, with accurate mid to long range capabilities, that a regular rifleman can't fully carry out. Marksman don't get their own personal spotter, they either scan themselves or have a buddy within their unit call out enemy firing points.
  13. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Mines are essential for irregular factions, not only in reality(Middle Eastern Insurgents have quite a stockpile of Soviet era blast and Anti Vehicle mines, to either construct into IED's or use in their original form) but in-game too, as they're a counter to the armored threat of conventional forces. It also makes urban environments a threat for vehicles, not only to be able to be hit by RPG's but driving onto mines. It forces a layer of situational awareness, and in some cases teamwork. Just assume most main routs of travel are mined, avoid these routs as much as you can, by going longer ways around, or by travelling off to the sides of the road, or simply just going off road all together. Just don't be this guy who missed a mine
  14. Total War | Chicago

    These threads are not for naming and shaming, ban appeals, arguing or just looking to stir the pot. If you wan't to appeal a ban, The server owners discord is the best place for that. If you think you have been mistreated or admins are abusing their power/ breaking server guidelines - then post in the appropriate place(listed below) Place to report http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ Server guidelines" I have also cleaned the thread.
  15. New Revive ability

    ^ This Most soldiers are getting intermediate skills and knowledge to deal with casualties. It guarantee's the casualty gets the fastest response time for treatment, so they make it during the "golden hour" to get the advanced treatment they need. Soldiers learn a bit more these days, than the ol' plug wound and stab with morphine treatment from WW2.