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  1. Ridiculous accuracy.

    This thread has run it's course, locking.
  2. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Cleaned thread. This is not a place to appeal or talk about bans, or kicks. These talks should be done in private either via their website/discord or in personal message.
  3. Squads goal is not to be PR with better graphics. It's a spiritual successor, meaning it's theme and certain design aspects inspired Squads creation. But Squad will have it's own twists to make Squad, Squad. PR Also took a decade to get to where it is. It didn't happen overnight. Squad is still alpha, all it's systems, mechanics and content are still in development. So there's no point comparing a mod that had all the frame work ready thanks to building off a complete game, with a complete engine - to a game that's being built from the ground up on a ever developing engine. Sometimes we have to remember these things.
  4. Best Shooting range times

    With v10, I average around the 23 - 24 second mark. My current best time is 22.51 seconds. The best time I have seen so far in v10, is from a dude called Ting, he got 21.39 seconds.
  5. Dragging your allies

    As pointed out, it has been a topic discussed a lot previously. It's also a confirmed feature that will be coming to Squad. Locking thread.
  6. M110 - Awfully weak

    Lets break down the M110 in Squad. NOTE : These are v9 values and may have changed with v10. Damage dealt to the chest = 87(2nd highest rifle damage in the game) 100 - 87 = 13 Bleed is 0.5 damage per second. So 2 seconds per 1 damage. 2 x 13 = 26 Pulling out a bandage and then going through the bandage animation takes 9 seconds total. 26 - 9 = 17 This gives the person shot in the chest with the M110, 17 seconds to bandage him self straight after being shot. The SVD Damage dealt to the chest = 94(1st highest rifle damage in the game) 100 - 94 = 6 Bleed is 0.5 damage per second. So 2 seconds per 1 damage. 2 x 6 = 12 Pulling out a bandage and then going through the bandage animation takes 9 seconds total. 12 - 9 = 3 This gives the person shot in the chest with the SVD, 3 seconds to bandage him self straight after being shot. Looking at the damage numbers and the variables that follow, the M110 could get a slight damage buff to make it slightly more deadly. But in saying that, most people in and around cap zones that are contested are below 85 hp due to grenades, being shot etc So 1 taps do happen a lot. If you're on some distant hill and shooting flanking people or people running from their rally points, then you're most likely shooting 100 hp targets. The marksman rifles really shine and prove their worth if their use is being put towards targets in a contested zones.
  7. Have to keep in mind, gunplay changes are not final and will be tweaked as time goes on. The changes to some U.S kits, with replacing the M4A1 with the standard M4 with 3 round burst, is to reflect that in reality, not all units within the U.S Army have the M4A1 with fully automatic capabilities. Same with the new pistol(Sig M17) which the SL only has, due to it's current limited use in reality.
  8. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Don't get me wrong, it does need to be reduced a little, more so the RNG side of things with it. But I like the direction they're aiming for, where the player has to apply a bit more control. I liked v9 shooting too, the inner twitch shooting nerd inside me loved it, but my gripes with it, was shooting in v9 was pretty straight, even at mid - long range. Was a bit too easy. The new gunplay will be tweaked, no doubt about it. Probably multiple times before it's left completely.
  9. V10 weapon muzzle control

    It's only that bad if the person is holding their mouse still and not trying to compensate for muzzle rise It's a big change compared to what we had previously, that's for sure. Could it be reduced a little? Sure. We can expect it to be tweaked and fine tuned as time goes on, just like all systems and mechanics that are newly implemented. This won't be it's final resting state, it'll be improved upon.
  10. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Can't really test double taps or rapid single fire on targets, since range targets drop with a single shot at 0m - 400m+ with all rifles now. Done a short video firing at around 25 meters(80ft) against a wall with double taps, rapid single fire and full auto. Groupings aren't too bad, just have to do some mouse pulling down action to control the muzzle rise. Added a small clip double tapping someone at around the same distance too. A lot of games these days = full auto spraying at all distances and don't really influence the use of single fire, or influence conserving ammo. Squad devs have always said they want people to use single fire. Like even v9 and previous versions had slightly exaggerated recoil on full auto, to make people use single fire more, even then 50%+ of people would still spray an m4 at 50+ meters. I guess this new system is a way of adding a different skill ceiling to shooting and making sure people consider controlling their fire if they intended to kill an enemy. It also adds that length to firefights, instead of a firefight ending in 15 seconds, it lasts a little longer. The game is more campy right now, that's because people aren't confident with the new systems yet. Stamina management, using the right stance, controlling the weapon and even having to use the focus function(Shift hold) a lot more. Adds a whole new learning curve to get used to. Once people start figuring the new system out, and getting comfortable with it, it wont be as campy - but holding angles and positioning will still be a big part of the new system.
  11. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Shooting mechanics have changed, and people don't like change after playing the same mechanics for a long time, which is understandable. The new shooting is harder and has a steep learning curve compared to v9. There's no point judging something without giving it time and you playing around with it a bit. Went to the range just now, recorded a quick clip. It's not too bad, just something to practice and get used to. Repetition is what improves a persons ability. That applies to everything you want to get used to or improve at. I know you're new to the forums and are probably unaware of the rules on forums, so I wont be all Mr angry moderator. Have a quick read over the rules for future reference so you don't end up getting in trouble. http://forums.joinsquad.com/announcement/11-forum-rules/
  12. V10 weapon muzzle control

    Stamina management is more important than ever, try maintain atleast 60% stamina, so your sway isn't too high. Instead of engaging targets while you're standing, crouch and then fire. Keep standing and firing to close engagements and crouch for medium range. Shooting has changes, only way to get used to it, is by playing the game and learning the new mechanics.
  13. Suggestion: punish team killers

    Servers have an auto kick/ban system, when a player TK's 7 people in that round. Doesn't matter the time between each TK. If people are intentionally doing a few TK's but stop to avoid auto kick/ban - I suggest playing on servers with active admins, or get the servers you play on discord channel so you can report the player on the fly.
  14. Where is the PR style gaming?

    Squad was never intended to be PR 2.0, it is a spiritual successor of Project Reality. Meaning it has a similar theme, and the game design is influenced by Project Reality, but Squad will have it's own twist and additions to make Squad, Squad - and not PR with a graphics upgrade. When I first played Squad(v1? or v2? Can't remember lol) it was super fast paced and stamina was plenty. Then gradually slowed down as more patches came. With v8, vehicles came and infantry/gameplay was slowed down a bunch due to major movement speed reduction and stamina regen time increased. Now we have v10, which fully releases on 5th Feb. And gamepace has slowed even more due to major changes with movement and gunplay. I suggest you download the test build and give it a go! Squad has a lot more to come in the future. Don't forget PR took 10 years to become what it is. Also, please read the forum rules for future reference. I have added a link so you don't forget http://forums.joinsquad.com/announcement/11-forum-rules/
  15. Why use the G3A3?

    It's a beast in the right hands. 84 base damage to the chest, making it the 3rd hardest hitting weapon in the game and a lot of 1 taps due to people running around below 84% health. It's one of those weapons you need to practice a lot with, once you get used to the recoil and iron sights, it's a 1 tap machine mid range and can be quite lethal in close range.