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  1. IF

    UE4 supports destructible objects and environment, it's an issue of - Do we want 100 player servers, big maps with 60+ fps - or do we want 64p servers, 2x2km maps, reduced draw distance and possibly other features reduced to have large mass destruction?
  2. Ping increase on activity

    Squad calculates ping differently. It calculates client connection & server health into the overall displayed ping. Example : Server close to or in your region says you have 90 ping, generally your ping should be 40 - 70 depending on location, it will add an additional 20+ to displayed ping due to adding server health into it. Now let's say a bunch of FOB's are in server and a tonne of deployables are built, server health(tickrate) drops down to 10, ping displayed spikes for multiple users in server to 150+, your client connection still remains in the 40 - 70 region but due to the server health dropping, it raises the ping displayed. when this happens, you can tell its server related due to health icon for the server going from green to yellow to red, or multiple users pings are spiking up and down and the server starts to become laggy. Now if this isn't happening, it's most likely an issue on the users end.
  3. tactical blind fire

    I never stated it was a milsim, I've taken to the descriptive word "Milcade" - Basically a hybrid of realism and arcade elements. Squad devs will focus on realism depending on what it is and then use the old formula of Gameplay > realism, if it affects gameplay or balance too much. Squads aim is to be middle ground between Battlefield and Arma. This whole discussion in this thread, came from people using realism as their argument, but its seems when someone uses realism to counter their argument, the whole conversation turns into a 360 and the "Squad isn't milsim" argument comes out Realistic factors within Squad are primarily the communication and teamwork aspects. On the weapons side of things, Squad has realistic MOA values & penetration values on objects. Sometime in the future vehicles will have proper armor values and depending where you hit and what with, will decide its fate or if it will roll on without a scratch. Ballistics aren't 100% but are pretty good and the future looks bright. There's a very insightful post here *click* from Kory(Dev) about Squads ballistics etc The vision or Idea of Squad differs quite a lot from PR, a lot of similarities but many many differences in game design and mechanics. OWI have taken the good things of PR and have put them in Squad, then have added another flavor to differentiate Squad from PR. Hence Spiritual successor of Project Reality.
  4. Dubs video mega thread

    Longer video, just clips of playing aggressively..In a controlled manner @LaughingJack Haha, Its seems if you just yolo into the middle of the cluster****, people don't seem to notice what's going on
  5. tactical blind fire

    - Yep, that's how it works. - Don't spray at everything and conserve ammo With the implementation of a certain class being able to carry added ammo, will remedy the whole running out of ammo in the field part...well for a short time. - Negative, a couple LAT, HAT and GL rearms and you'll see those ammo points drop fast without consistent supply. More is to come, with more defensive emplacements etc Making ammo points be a real struggle in the future, especially on larger maps if you don't got them constant supplies. Adds to the whole team work and communication aspect the Devs want to be in Squad. 100's of threads with dev feedback, not only on these forums, but Reddit and steam forums too. It's not a 1:1 remake of PR - Squad is the Spiritual successor of PR. Meaning it's taking the idea of PR, but making a completely new game with similarities but a lot of differences too.
  6. tactical blind fire

    Far from selective realism, it's based on personal experience within the military, and experience on deployment overseas. There's no selective realism when what I am stating is 100% fact and not a google or wiki search, using very rare and obscure cases to make something seem more than it is. Now to get to the game side of things, enable picking up enemy kits = asymmetrical balance off. Cool, now we have an Insurgent Squad with 2 RPGs, 2 Laws and 3 M4+ACOG. Nice. Other than that, it makes ammo less valuable and takes away the whole point of ammo logistics. Squad isn't Arma, PR, RO/RS2....It's Squad and the devs have made clear what their vision of the game is. There's modding support coming soon, so expect it to be added as community content instead of developer content. Now as I am a white knight and company man, please make sure you read over the forums rules or your time here may be short. Regards, Company man.
  7. tactical blind fire

    It's extremely rare to pick up and use an enemies weapon in these modern times, for a few reasons. 1 - Most of the time, engagements are at a distance meaning you don't have the opportunity to pick up any enemy weapon. 2 - It's extremely unlikely to run out of ammunition - Spare ammo is carried and your fellow soldiers will give a spare mag or two if needed. If ammo count is low across the whole unit, generally its time to withdraw or bring in air/artillery to enable you to withdraw.(This will be coming to Squad by the way in some form - The spare ammo part) 3 - Enemies take their dead and weapons with them(Especially in the Middle East), unless they were unfortunate enough to meet air support. 4 - Most of the time you come across enemy weapons, is in a cache. Which you destroy or in some cases, is taken and given to friendly Afghani/Iraqi forces. 5 - Today's enemy have a nice little habit of booby trapping left behind weapons, as they know soldiers will take and dispose of those weapons. Some go as far as placing explosives inside of magazines. The story you linked is dated back to 2003, which is a one off rare case. The past 15 years has proven why picking up enemy weapons can be a bad idea. During my deployment, if we saw an enemy weapon just lying casually around, we'd check for explosives as we knew the enemy always took their weapons with them. Also, war souvenirs(War trophies) are generally banned by most modern forces, and if they're not banned, they have to be approved by your superiors which is paperwork, which most of the time = being denied. It isn't WW2 anymore, where you could just take an enemies pistol and take it home with you.
  8. Health should be showns

    Health is displayed via stance indicator - bottom right. When you take damage and are bleeding, you'll notice your stance indicator flashing different colors, from yellow to red as you bleed out, it'll stop once you bandage. If you take damage and don't bleed out, stance indicator will momentarily flash a shade of yellow or red - depending on your health. While I like that devs are thinking of newer players, I prefer the limited HUD/UI aspect Squad once had. Too much things on screen is something I personally don't like.
  9. Dubs video mega thread

    Balls deep #2
  10. Unassigned player classes

    Keep the thread on topic, don't swerve off course and and start insulting each other - Or I'll be locking it again. Cleaned thread a little, continue with discussion.
  11. Dubs video mega thread

    Just a quick highlight from tonight @SHO-SHIN Thanks bud! @Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX I try
  12. I'm not a fan of HUD clutter. I prefer the least amount of icons on screen as possible. One of the reasons I originally liked Squad, was the minimalistic HUD.
  13. 9.8 Sounds

    One thing I came across was this, which gave me a bit of a boner. Most probably wont be in v10, but it's nice to know the sound reflection system has been looked at again
  14. Alpha 9.8 Release

    The Devs work pretty hard. Recently they just went and pushed through two Unreal Engine builds, just to make sure v10 and future updates are a smooth experience and have some nice new goodies in it. With Engine upgrades, comes going over and redoing code etc Making sure no current game features get broken with an engine update, while updating WIP features with the new stuff in new engine builds. It takes a lot of time. The UK faction will come when it comes. There's no real point releasing the U.K faction before V10, as that would mean the weapons etc would have to be done on both the old animation system and the new animation system, double the work and resources. You have to remember OWI is a 30 - 40 man team, with quite a few of them having two jobs, studying etc They're doing a great job for the teams size. They recently just hired 8 new Devs - x4 Programmers, x2 Environmental artist, x1 general artist and x1 technical engineer to help speed things up. I'd also like you to read over these rules
  15. Dubs video mega thread

    Some Oceanic Competitive Squad gameplay from last week.