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  1. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    IIRC minor destruction is something OWI might look into post 1.0, when they know how much performance room they have after all the planned systems/features are implemented. They have mentioned previously, that destructible bridges and doors being on their want list.
  2. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    No matter how you do destruction, there's server side involvement required. RB6 Siege you can blow out majority of walls, floors, doors, windows and each of those destructible locations need to be replicated when destroyed to each client, that requires the server. Just like every deployable has to as well. The more things able to be destroyed, the more the server has to work to keep this up to date, and replicate it to all clients involved. The more players, the higher chance of replication being an issue. The larger the map, the more destructible things, the more the server has to work to correctly replicate it to each person. Client sided visuals create their own issues, for example think of smoke grenades that are client sided. On X players screen smoke is covering his position, on Y players screen he can see X player because on his screen the smoke is different. Now think of destruction and debri's etc Only way it works if it's completely scripted like Battlefields levolution, but again on a mass scale the more assets you add, the more the server has to keep track. Destruction isn't simple to implement, each way has it's pro's and con's, and things get far more difficult if the scale of the game is larger and more players are involved. Then there's the side of keeping things fair. On top of development time and resources having to be considered.
  3. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    RB6 Siege can get away with it, as the maps are small and they have more control over bandwidth on that scale. They built their game with destruction in mind, as it was a main feature they planned for. It's also a lot easier replicating mass destruction on small maps to 10 clients, than mass destruction on large maps with tonnes of assets needing to be made destructible while still needing to be replicated to 80 clients(soon 100) as well as replicating properly to players who join in progress. Their game engine is in-house too, so allows them to cater towards destruction more easily compared to something like UE4.
  4. Melbo to the rescue!
  5. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    Full patch notes won't be released until v16 moves from the testing branch to the full release branch. OWI is only listing the main changes for the test build that need to be focused on.
  6. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    Change lists for the test are displayed in the official discord https://discord.gg/squad Yesterday -Fixed Mi-8 passengers ejecting mid air -Hand Held Smoke grenades now develop smoke quicker, increased smoke cloud volume which lasts longer -Fixed Bradley driver being vulnerable to main cannons and radial damage -Added ambient sounds to Mutaha Today -Mutaha RAAS_v1 enabled ticket bleed -Fixed gorodok apartment buildings missing exterior meshes -Fixed issue with wrong impact FX and sounds for tank shells -Fixed health bar background on the helicopters and vehicles being too hard to see, setting it to a grey -Increased turn momentum to alleviate unrealistically quick left/right zigzag movement, most notable when sprinting -Fixed Pilot and Lead Pilot icons missing from the Icon Legend -Fix commander chat saying DIRECT when using ALL -Further environment asset fixes on Mutaha -Tweaks to the heli flight model -Added a line on the heli control panel to indicate how much collective allows you to hover
  7. They're still in-game, just certain surfaces had reductions. If you want muzzle blast kicking up a lot of dust, shoot near crates, boxes and some low walls/rocks. Here's a gif from v15 shooting near boxes in Mestia tunnels. Maybe in the future it'll be toned up again, we'll just have to wait and see.
  8. Nvidia Freestyle settings

    Most recent driver update it started working! A version or two ago it didn't have support IIRC.
  9. Nvidia Freestyle settings

    I use it, actually just set my profile for it up now. Best options to use - Clarity under details filter. Clarity clears up image, but set it too high it can add a slight sharpening effect to close objects. - Vibrance under color filter. Adjust colors. - Contrast and brightness under Contrast/brightness filter. Speaks for itself. The rest of the filters are just fun options to make the image look like a painting or to give it an old film look etc.
  10. Removed

    Locked per OP request.
  11. No Shadow has to go quick

    This has been an on-going topic for a long time and has been multiple threads on it already - As pointed out by Gatzby in this thread & by Fuzzhead in the other thread - We'll see graphic settings being finalized when the game nears it's polishing phase, as the game is still in development, performance will still vary from version to version until it's reaches that feature complete and optimization phase. Shadows are one of the more performance heavy graphical settings, and doesn't make sense to lock them down due to the aforementioned. We have seen foliage locked down and setting removed as one of the first steps towards making things more fair. Lets move away from this specific topic, you have been previously warned for a similar conversation that spiraled into something negative.
  12. Get your shit together (rant)

    Feedback is always welcome, but I would suggest making things a little more level headed and mature. I understand things can get frustrating, but if you want your feedback taken seriously by anyone reading it, I would start by offering constructive and well written feedback. Attacking others trying to help isn't helping your cause either, if this continues down the path of being a unproductive rant thread, I'll be locking it.
  13. I've noticed a slight increase to startup time for Squad, from about 10 seconds to around 15 seconds(This is on an SSD) - This would be due to the new menu that came with v15. It's bearable for me, still fast but I did notice the longer time lol. Squad has always had longish loading times for Squad on HDD's(Has been a complaint since the first Closed Alpha builds) , so I'm not too surprised that with the new menu that loading time has increased.
  14. [|56|] Canadian Gaming

    These community server threads aren't for airing out dirty laundry, ban appeals, accusations etc If you have been banned or want to appeal, I suggest getting in contact with server owners on here via DM or getting in contact with them on their discord or ts. If you have complaints about admin abuse and breaching of server hosting guidelines, especially when the complaints are quite severe, fill out a report here with valid proof http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/ I have cleaned up the thread.