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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    In Squad as we know it, being put down within 60 seconds after being revived, you die instantly - No incap state. This has been removed as an experiment in the v13 test. Only way you fully die from being shot is, by giving up in incap state, or death timer reaches 0.
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Everything in the test build needs feedback, including the experimental things. How else would OWI know if they should invest more in one of their experimental ideas they added to a test build? The point I'm trying to make is - Why get worked up over experimental features, they're just Ideas OWI put into the test build, as sub tests amongst the broader test. How is that turning Squad away from it's intended direction? They're literally ideas OWI want to experiment with and decided to test out in the V13 test build, along side the planned set in stone things for V13. It just doesn't make sense to say OWI is taking Squad away from it's intended direction, based on experimental features tested alongside the actual planned set of things in V13.
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I'm not saying don't post feedback, My point is that certain things within the current test build are merely there to be an experiment, to see how they affect the game and if the community likes said experimental changes. People are saying things like "Squad is going in the wrong direction" etc - How? They're just experimental changes and should be treated as such. It's not a final build of A13; Some things in the playtest are 100% planned and will be in the final build(with certain tweaks) and some things in the play test are not planned, and are not guaranteed to be there in the final build, they're just there to be an experiment. It's important to keep that in mind. Also, discussion can be had without involving silly remarks. I myself am not too fond of the Buddy rally system either - But if OWI have an Idea and want to test different Ideas out, then I encourage them to continue to test random things out, via the test app. Keeps us in the loop , and is more of a hands on approach.
  4. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    You guys have to remember, OWI is just testing different things out - As in experimenting different things, which is good. It's a good use of utilizing the public test branch, to allow the community to explore and test out features to see how they play out. Obviously some changes or additions in these little experiments will be lack luster, it comes with the territory of trying things out. Things are going to change before v13 full release, and some of the experimental features/additions might not even make it in the final release of v13.
  5. M4 animation. [minor tweak]

    You can use the charging handle everytime you reload a new mag in an M4(Or any AR15 type rifle), but it's not the most efficient way(Subjective, depending on variables) of getting your AR locked and loaded (especially for right handed shooters) M4/AR15 Platform rifles, will automatically lock the bolt back after the last round of that mag is fired. So when you insert a new mag, all you have to do is hit the bolt release, and it'll send the bolt forward and chamber a new round - Then you're good to go again. It's a life saver freeing up those extra milliseconds in a combat situation, as that could mean life or death. If the weapon is empty, bolt is locked forward, and you load a mag in it, hitting the bolt release won't do anything, since the bolt is forward - This requires the bolt to go back and then forward, to allow a round to be chambered, which requires you to pull the charging handle back. This is a common scenario for those who store their AR with it's bolt locked forward, and are loading their first mag of the day. Or, you're a lefty, which might not feel comfortable when engaging the bolt release, and is maybe faster to utilize the charging handle, instead of doing the ol' reach around to engage the bolt release. Ambi bolt release is a lefties best friend for an M4/AR Then obviously, there's using the charging handle for stoppages, or simply pulling it back slightly to check if you got a round chambered. In saying this, a lot of firearm instructors that teach civilians, do teach to "slingshot" (use charging handle after each fresh mag insert) to avoid the possibility of the bolt not automatically locking back in a home defense situation. Which is mostly seen with self built AR's, due to bolt issues, short stroking or just simply a mag issue(either bad luck, or user error) Anyway, hopefully this gives insight into the whole charging handle thing for the M4/AR15 style rifles.
  6. Grenadiers balance feedback

    Jensens range in offline is buggy, damage values and armor values aren't properly represented, as it's not configured correctly, like it would be on a live server. The HEDP Grenade for NATO 40mm grenade launchers in reality, is designed to penetrate light armor/surfaces as well as being anti personnel. It can penetrate up to 50mm of steel armor within 125 meters depending on angle, as well as penetrate softer surfaces of up to around 70mm in thickness. 40mm grenades do, do damage to light vehicles in Squad, but like I said above, it isn't accurately displayed in Jensens range in offline.
  7. We're looking for an Exemplary Staff

    Have moved this thread to correct place.
  8. was banned

    As stated above, you have to get in touch with the admins of the server, to appeal the ban. OWI doesn't handle server bans. Search here http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/43-game-server-feedback/ for the server thread you were banned from, they should have some form of way for you to contact them, with a discord or website link. Locking thread.

    Changing spawn timers to something more severe, and also limiting spawn to main, based off of teamkills & respawn function, would affect the game more negatively than positively. Sure it would directly stop the single incident where people use the respawn command to their advantage, but would directly affect majority of cases/incidents, which are completely accidental and in a lot of cases, out of their control. As an admin, I get a nice overview of what occurs in matches. Below I'll list extremely common things that occur, and when I say extremely common, I mean every match, most, if not all of these things occur multiple times. - People going prone next to a tree or rock, they get stuck to said object because something derped with collision. - People getting revived, and getting stuck in walls, roofs and in some cases, under the map or in the terrain/road. - People getting shot by enemy with a grenade in their hand, kills friendlies around them. - People mis calculating grenade throws, and either killing themselves, or again, friendlies around them. - Throwing a grenade, and friendlies gung ho charge into that area and die to the friendly grenade. - Mortar and RPG Frag fire, same thing as above where friendlies run into said area where that explosive is directed, and dying to friendly explosive. - Friendlies not checking map while driving, and run over friendly mines. - Friendlies walking in front of IFV or Tank while shooting, die to muzzle blast. - Friendlies walking behind LAT as they fire, or LAT running in front of people and firing - Friendly behind dies. Ultimately, you would be punishing fair and legitimate players, more so than the few who take advantage of the issue you bring up. A decent portion of players every round, would spend more time looking at a spawn screen/timer or running from main, than actually being useful, because they're punished for an accident or game issue.
  10. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    If a game plans to have major destruction, you have to plan and build your game & it's features around it - So you allow that server side room for it to be viable, which unfortunately means you can't have a tonne of excellent other features, as well as higher player counts without sacrificing performance and the amount of destruction you want. Destruction of buildings/objects have to be replicated on all clients, through the server - Which for Squad means, it would have to be done across 80 clients(soon to be 100) - On top of players, vehicles, deployables, wrecks, bodies, explosions, smoke needing to be replicated as well etc Then there's other things that hog up server performance like hit registration, ballistics, damage systems etc So you could imagine how buildings and objects blowing up all over the map could put a strain on things. In saying this, minor destruction can be a possibility for large scale games, it's just a matter of, if there's performance room available after all major features and systems are added to the game, which decides if they can be added. You dont really have to plan your game around minor destruction. We currently have minor deployables destruction in Squad - And OWI have stated they do want something like destructible doors for breacher kits to be able to utilize. It's just a matter of, after everything important is added, can they add it with minimal performance impact, and if not can they optimize it enough to make it have a small impact on performance.
  11. Fix for bug?: Unable to climb / vault

    There's a current known bug with ammo bags, if you place one and rearm off of it, then pick it back up - You'll be unable to vault for a minute or two. Another issue is if you have high latency/ping spike or if server TPS drops, you wont be able to vault until it resolves. I get it sometimes when playing on East Coast U.S servers(I'm from OCE) and TPS drops, or I get a lag spike.
  12. Ragdoll Overhaul

    Yeh, it's not fun when your'e the victim of the old revive teleport, I always hate getting revived and popping up onto a roof and getting shot instantly lol The overhauled system will hopefully reduce these instances to rare occurrences, or make them cease completely.
  13. Ragdoll Overhaul

    Basically an unfortunate soul at OWI was chained to a heavy surface, given a tonne of coffee - Then was tasked to revise the whole ragdoll system, meaning, digging through the old code and rewriting areas that needed refining/polishing. From what has been said, there's still a few little kinks that need to be ironed out and tested, but ultimately there will be a lot less bodies flopping around like fish, and a lot less teleporting when being revived.
  14. 1 Hour

    I personally prefer an average match length to go between 45 - 60ish minutes for Squad. Means I get to play more than 2 maps in a 4 hour play session. I don't mind the odd 90 minute match, if the round is intense & both teams are being proactive, but if it's a 90 - 120 minute middle cap standoff with no one making moves, I lose interest. Stalemates are a common occurrence now with AAS/RAAS, due to changes in mechanics. It's far more beneficial to get an enemy to attack your defense and get them to throw waves of Inf and Vics at you, since they end up wasting more tickets attacking, than what they gain back from capping the flag. Both sides generally know this, and you end up with two sides not really wanting to commit time to assaulting due to diminishing returns - Unless you're team stacking or the enemy team is that unorganized, that you are able to pull off capping the enemy all the way to main, and get the mercy bleed going.
  15. Helicopters and Jets

    Different engines and different limitations. PR had limited render distance, while Squad has unlimited. PR had limited view distance because of the "fog of war", to hide the limited render distance. Jets couldn't fly high altitude and shoot vehicles 2km+ away. They were restricted to 500m IIRC in PR, unless you edited files to get that 1000m option, which would render all object up to 1000, but reduce performance dramatically(but the 500m view fog still remained). This with jet speed being dramatically reduced compared to their real life counterparts, made it balanced. Meanwhile Squad has unlimited render distance, and fog of war to restrict view distance doesn't really do much, unless you put a super thick layer of fog on all layers with jets, which wouldn't be nice.