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  1. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Here's a video I just made, with out recoil control, and with recoil control. The M4 has more pull to it's vertical recoil and a higher rate of fire. The L85 gets lesser vertical recoil, due to it's grip and lower rate of fire. I think I know what the issue is - In v12.1 weapons with foregrips have lessened vertical recoil & slightly increased horizontal recoil, in addition to the weapon family recoil behavioural changes. The L85 sits in the middle of the AK74 and M4 in terms of base weapon recoil, with the AK74 having the lowest of the three, and the M4 having the most of the three. The US have three rifleman options -M4 Red dot -M4 Iron Sight + Foregrip -M4 ACOG The RU have three rifleman options -AK74 1P63 (Short range optic) -AK74 Iron Sight -AK74 1P78 (Mid Range optic) The MIL and INS AK Rifleman have no grips. The U.K have the Irons with grip pod, and the L85 ACOG with no grip pod. The chances of you as a U.K rifleman, having iron sights + grip pod is high. Not being used to the obstructive iron sights of the L85, and having the horizontal recoil increase with the grip pod, and there you have the weird increased recoil feeling.
  2. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    v12.1 gave the L85 family rifles lesser recoil, than the M4 rifles - I definitely feel the change, you don't have to pull your mouse down as much, compared to the M4, which is a nice change with the addition of making the Irons easier to use. I think a lot of people aren't used to the Iron sight on the L85, which in end makes it harder for them to keep the sights on target - Kind of gives an illusion of more recoil.
  3. Alpha 12.1

    It was fixed almost completely(Most skins worked) at the end of v11, just before v12 testing hit. IIRC, the way Squad loads things were changed in v12, and changed even more so in v12.1 - Which most likely has conflicts with how founder/veteran skins function within Squad & Steam inventory. I'm sure the devs know the issue, but it is low priority, compared to other things, on the list of things requiring development time.
  4. Alpha 12.1

    A feature was implemented with v12, to auto clear game cache - but only for major updates. Hot fixes generally don't have big significant changes that would require cache being cleared, like a full blown content/mechanics patch would - But sometimes one or two unforeseen issues pop up, like in 12.1now, that require cache being cleared to avoid crashing.
  5. Alpha 12.1

    As per usual, clear your cache - This is the #1 fix for crashes in this build. Also, avoid turning on founder skins, there's a possible issue with them, related to the new way Squad loads things.
  6. Correct, the Mujahideen(Taliban) in Afghanistan gained access(and still do in small numbers) to a load of T-54, T-55's,T-62's and PT-76's after the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989, and left a lot of equipment behind. China even gifted some Type 59 Tanks to the Mujahideen. While the Insurgency had Tanks, APC's and IFV's and did use them in the early phases of the 2001 Afghan Invasion - They quickly found out, that modern capabilities turned their Cold War era stuff into scrap metal lol Syrian rebel/Insurgent groups managed to get their hands on everything from T54's, to T62's, to T72's - Even at some point T90's. They captured them after victories over the Syrian Army(Or in some cases in beating ISIS). They don't use them often(due to lack of ammunition & fuel) but do use them if they can. OWI did do 3D scans of the T62, so will probably see them coming for unconventional factions
  7. Suppression system

    Sometimes unrealistic means are used to gain an realistic approach. Aim sway isn't exactly realistic, but forces realistic reactions - You get shot at, you duck your head down/get a low profile. It's a way to make fire and maneuver + fire superiority more prevalent in Squad. I personally am not a fan of the aim sway, as it makes 1v1 encounters across mid range this potato fight, until someone gets a lucky sway pattern and can maneuver their mouse on target. The biggest Issue from what I see, is it doesn't matter where within the 10m radius an impact or round flyby happens, it gives full suppression benefits - So someone can just spray within 10m of you, and gain full suppression benefits from it. This will change though in the future, when suppression will be scaled by distance within the 10m radius - So a shot 10m overhead, will cause far less suppression than a shot 1m overhead. Will only make accurate suppression a pain in the *** to deal with lol The scenario you described sounds like they were experienced and have been exposed to combat stresses. I actually wrote a semi detailed post about my experience with being under fire, from my personal experience being over seas - Which gives an insight to things like this.
  8. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    Sure there would be deployments of T90's and T80's, have to use everything at your disposal - But you'd see the T72's line of tanks being used for majority of operations, while the 80's and 90's would be more so held back for reserves or in support of T72's. Doesn't need to be in production to replace it. Russia has around 2000 modernized T72 variants, lose one, replace it with another. Start losing modern variants in battle, can easily replace their numbers with the 4000+ older T72 variants, and use the B3/B3M upgrade kits. The T14 has proven too expensive to be mass produced, hence why it's very likely the ordered number of units wont meet it's deadline. It's why Russia is not only upgrading the T90 line of tanks, but the T72 line of tanks too. The T90 was originally an upgrade of the T72, It's name was literally the T72BU - Until some silly propaganda war happened about inferior Russian tanks compared to other nations - So Russian decided to rebrand it to the T90 series and upgrade a few aspects of it, to give it a new look and feel. Obviously the T90 has changed since then, but is still pretty identical to the T72 tanks. It's a bit more than new side skirts. - New FCS, Thermals, Hunter-Killer and some other things. - Relikt ERA - 2A46M5 Main gun, which has 9M119M refleks capabilities. - V-92S2F Engine, which knocks it up to 1160hp - Some new changes with bar suspension, three turn rollers etc The M17 was added to give variety I think, a bit of creative freedom, Just like how the MIL/INS have two pistols, the Makarov and Tokarev. More variety. Who's to say Squad might not get more vehicle variants in the future? These vehicles are the planned ones to be done, before 1.0 full release - After that, the Devs do plan to support Squad with updates etc for a couple more years after full release. Right now, it takes into consideration angle of armor, angle of impact etc In Squad. Due to the shape of the T72B3 armor from the front, it causes more deflections than penetration shots. Just between the turret and hull, there is a sweet spot which will cause the T72 to penetrate and 1 shot an M1A2, as it goes through the armor and hits the ammo storage, due to the shape of the M1A2 armor there, and the angle of the T72B3's shot. In saying this, it's far from selective balance in favor of the U.S. Squad has never claimed to be 100% realistic, or a simulation, neither did PR(Despite having "Reality" in the name). Both have a mix of realism & arcade elements. Arma 3 aims for realism(Even then, Mods provide 5x more realism than the vanilla experience) and has 8 years of development under it's belt(4 years from Arma 2 : OA release to Arma 3 release, 4 years from Arma 3 Release to now). Completely different goal for their game, larger budget, larger dev team and far more time in their development cycle. It's artistic freedom was more so forced, due to espionage charges and being slammed by companies for not having correct licences to have their equipment/vehicles in-game. PR has had 10+ years of development, and throughout it's development cycle, there's been tonnes of balance issues lol It's never been perfect, it's had a lot of ups and downs.
  9. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    In reality, in terms of a large scale regional conflict or all out war, Russia would deploy it's T72 line of tanks more so than anything else. They're very capable tanks & they have a lot of them to spare, cheaper to replace too. They're not exactly super inferior to the T90 line of tanks either, They're quite identical(Not surprising really, Since the T90 was originally an upgraded T72, named T72BU) - Main differences between T90 & T72, are APS, TDS, ERA & differing turret and engine upgrade. Even then, the newer T72's(T72B3M) are even more identical to the T90 line of tanks, & in some aspects better. There's no selective balance at all, if that was the case, the T72's in Squad wouldn't be dumpstering the Abrams in most frontal engagements in Squad currently lol. I think one of the main reasons they went for the T72, was because it was far easier to get a 3D scan of a T72. Could be just a case of artistic freedom. Sometimes you may not agree with what direction the devs are going, or what content they decide to add - But there's no need to get heated over it.
  10. Name tags used to be like this during the pre-steam days. If I remember, there was a performance issue linked to it, that resulted in the system we have for name tags now.
  11. This is the first iteration of the vehicle component system, which as you found out, only contains ammo storage & engines as damageable components. Damageable turrets are almost done, but missed out on v12 release - Tracks are planned for the future & on the to do list. I'm not too sure if optic damage is on the to do list, haven't personally seen or heard it been discussed by QA/Devs. Vehicle balance is a little wonky right now, no denying that - Next patch will be touching on vehicle balance.
  12. IIRC, I remember QA talking about it, it's going to be fixed.
  13. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    There's a few issues currently that are known to QA/Devs, and QA have said they're looking into vehicle balance. As with anything newly implemented, especially in it's first iteration, there's going to be kinks that need to be ironed out.
  14. Any news on V12 patches/updates?

    QA has said, it's possible next patch could contain vehicle balance, and devs have commented saying they're discussing solutions internally, for logistics issues on larger maps. There's a lot going on right now, players adapting to new changes, feedback being given, and new systems and mechanics being refined. It take's a bit of time for all these things to come to fruition. A good place to keep tabs on info, is the Squad discord, as Devs & QA pop in discussions from time to time, to give brief insight or to answer questions.
  15. You have to remember, Squad isn't aiming to be the next big simulation game - But a balance between realism & arcade elements. Sometimes fun/balance is chosen over realism, for gameplay purposes. Funnily enough, the new revive system actually promotes realism - As a large portion of soldiers undergo CLS(Or nations equivalent) training, that teaches the basics of ALS and pre hospital treatment, incase of mass casualties or the medic is unable to make it to the casualty location. It's not too hard to wipe an enemy rally, since the wipe radius changed to 30m in v12. You just have to be proactive and seek enemy rally points. Notice enemy keep coming from the East, send 1 or 2 guys to scout it out, wipe it. It's hard to balance, as you're trying to not make the game spawn screen/ wait time simulator, and you're also trying to not make the game instant action simulator.