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  1. January 2019 Recap

    By that logic, everyone on the planet has competency issues, because everyone has these moments - Can't do X by Y time, because unplanned/unforeseen Z delayed them. Devs at OWI obviously have deadlines set by their employers, they're just not made public in road-map form with dates. Like I said, to avoid a v7 type of scenario. We are going in circles here, it kind of seems like you want to argue for the sake of arguing and are just ignoring & disregarding everything that is being said. I'm just going to move on. I suggest reading through the AMA here, and whats planned for 2019 here and keep up to date with what's going on in Squad development + the plans. have a nice day.
  2. Ranking System?

    I have cleaned the thread a little, keep on topic please. Keep opinions and personal thoughts on demographics out of it. Fuzzhead mentioned something about a ranking system in their AMA. "This is something that devs are a bit divided on when it comes to specifics, but most of us believe that there is probably a way with a clever implementation that ranks / progression could significantly benefit gameplay and player experience. We definitely would like to have something like that, we just don't have it implemented yet. Our hope is to make the general system for it so we can use it for both Squad and for future games, but it definitely won't be ready at launch. There are a few ideas that I think it would be worth exploring with the system. First is potentially the idea of a "recommendation system" (either for SL's or regular players), and providing rewards for good behavior. The second is finding some way for a ranking system to reward people working together, more a focus on teamwork score in that sense, since ultimately it is the core pillar of the game."
  3. January 2019 Recap

    OWI doesn't give a public road map, to avoid the whole debacle of deadlines, because in development, unplanned bugs and things happen. Allows them to focus on what they're trying to build, and not rush it - Like what happened with v7. Only planned content from kick-starter that won't be in Squad is playable jets, and a sniper role - Which devs have given their reasons to why. Game modes have not been abandoned at all. The code work and foundation built for RAAS, allows for them to complete territory control, as the old code work they had, didn't allow for what they needed to do. Insurgency mode has plans to be reworked too. IIRC, Weapon resting was never promised - Bipods were(Which we have). Weapon resting was a "maybe" and something they'd like in Squad. As stated in the Dev quote above, it's just not viable right now and might be revisited. There was never a planned attachment system - "Light" customization was though and there was no real solid plans of how they wanted to do it. I do suggest you look up leaked v13 footage, where the first iteration of multiple choices for classes was shown. Maybe a break will be a good thing, I have breaks from time to time and refresh my brain from Squad. Maybe you'll be surprised nicely, to what you come back to
  4. If you want to use someone elses, or a companies works/product in your game - You need to get approval from said person/company and get the licence to show you're allowed said works/product in your game. There is usually a monetary agreement involved too. AM General(Company who owns the rights for Humvees) sued Activision for using Humvees in their Call of Duty games, as Activision did not have the rights to do so - No permission, no licence, no agreement. Some games have the licence to use Humvees. Some games don't and might of flown under the radar. Some game developers are cheeky and modify things & rename them so they can't get sued(Like BI does for Arma). Since Humvees are obsolete and aren't making money in terms of sales to Militaries - You can bet AM General is milking every last bit of money they can from Humvees, and are charging a silly amount to obtain a licence to use the Humvee in a game.
  5. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    OPFL was one of my favorite maps too, saw it grow from a forest(When the map was originally called Forest), to a forest with shipping containers, to a forest with containers and concrete structures + a radio tower, to eventually what it became when it became OPFL. A good map to have some fun in-between large maps. There's good reasons to why it was taken out of the game though, here's the reasoning to why. Quote from Axton(Mapper) "For those curious, OP First Light was removed for a few reasons, the foremost of which was that it has become extremely dated and hard to maintain from a technical perspective over the years. It was never meant to be a production-level map, rather a testbed that got morphed into one. We also had concerns about its performance and stability, as it was so far behind the other maps that our current performance metrics were no longer useful to judge how it would play. Lastly, there were concerns from a gameplay perspective, with OPFL giving what we felt was an experience not up to par with what we want from our current maps, specifically in public play. We plan to upload OPFL as an 'official mod' on the workshop, and once modding 2.0 releases to the public it will be treated as a white listed mod, allowing licensed servers to run it. As it stands though, we didn't feel it had enough value to justify the size it added to the game, and the upkeep it demanded from our developers. In the future there are a few people internally who are interested in remaking it from scratch to a higher level of quality, but other projects take priority for the time being. Hopefully you guys understand " And a quote from IronTaxi, which the topic is touched on briefly in what Axton said above. "what if they made a bigger badder map some day based on op first light? wouldnt that be preferable?! "
  6. January 2019 Recap

    A quote from Fuzzhead(Game designer) from the AMA on reddit held recently. "Weapon resting is a complicated system that is not currently in the pipeline, its not due to us not wanting the feature though. At some later time we may decide to revisit its implementation but as of right now we are not actively developing a system for weapon resting. At this time we cannot use the current system for bipods, as that system relies on a button press for setting the bipod, which is very economical way to implement in regards to the cost to the server tick. A weapon resting system we would need to be more passive and always doing these checks for appropriate rest, which would be alot more expensive to the server tick, and not practical in the current implementation." Here's the reddit thread, where developers recently answered a lot of questions. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/amso6y/psa_squad_developers_will_be_doing_an_ama_right/
  7. January 2019 Recap

    Squad is an ambitious game, it's quite complex in the grand scale of things - So of course it's going to take longer, especially when you consider development team and budget scale into the equation, compared to AAA companies. OWI is doing fine, a few wonky patches here and there, but they're still here working on the game. Unlike 1000's of other early access games that are abandoned 6 months into the development, or are in a complete broken state for years. Also, IIRC - Rag-doll physics are being reworked, meaning revive teleporting and jiggling bodies will be a thing of the past. I think the issue is, you're expecting Squad to play and function as a complete game, when it's not. Maybe take a break and come back to Squad when it's further a long in it's development.
  8. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    It's via the v11 SDK. The issue with the head sticking out and camera being at a different orientation became most prominent in v12, In v10 we had the invisible lean bug and I'm assuming after correction patches were release to fix that, the aforementioned issued occured.
  9. January 2019 Recap

    OWI has stated they have more than enough profits to complete Squad, and then some. Big companies are more in the 200 - 300+ mark. OWI has grown since it first started, which was around 15 devs, then grew to around 30 during when the playable alpha builds first started. At the time, half the dev team was part timers and a couple freelancers, with the other half full time. Since then, if I remember correctly, the team has grown to about 50 developers. For helicopters, maps need to be bigger to support their addition. For big maps we need 50v50, so there's more boots to fill the space. For 50v50 we need server side performance improvements. Before doing major work on server side stuff, need all the main systems in squad to know exactly needs to be worked on fully, or they would be forced to revisit and optimize things repeatedly(waste of time & resources) On top of that, OWI has to finish their flight model and physics side of things. There's a priority list and things are getting ticked off every big release.
  10. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    The issue in the video you show is from initial v12 release, it was improved significantly v12.1. The hit reg Issue you're talking about I run into from time to time - I'm pretty sure it's an animation synchronization issue, as it only occurs if the enemies weapon is in the weapon lowered animation. On his screen it'll snap to his weapon being being brought to the ready, while on your screen it still displays the weapon lowered animation.
  11. January 2019 Recap

    Dragging hasn't been forgotten, it has been mentioned quite a lot of the past few months. Right now, it's most likely going to be something added after 1.0 Full release. A lot of questions about things were answered in the most recent Q&A on the SQUAD Youtube channel, as well as the AMA on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/amso6y/psa_squad_developers_will_be_doing_an_ama_right/
  12. Future plan of expanding team size?

    UE4.21 has the things fortnite brought to UE4 IIRC, which should help on the server side stuff. OWI are currently doing the UE4.21 integration for Squad. Comes with a replication chart and few other nifty features, which should help identify and fix/optimize things.
  13. Future plan of expanding team size?

    To my understanding, it comes down replication, which causes an array of issues. A lot of deployables, vehicles and players in a small area causes server performance issues, which when server health drops, starts to affect client performance due to server side limitations. They've tested 50v50 servers a couple times over the years, the most recent test(a few months back) had decent client results, but server side it still needed work. It's just a matter of getting all systems in complete, then optimizing to create enough overhead to allow 100 players servers. It's not an easy task, but it should be doable.
  14. New Website Launch

    Recaps are usually released between the 2nd and 4th of the month(mainly the 3rd), so it's not too long, pretty much on time - This months one is aiming for a Monday, since things are being added last minute, as per our recap lord @Gatzby has said.
  15. We need more maps!

    No maps in Squad were ported over from PR. Squad has maps like Fools Road & Al Basrah that were inspired by the PR maps, and made from the ground up - Not ported, it's impossible to port from PR to Squad, due to major differences in technology/engine, scaling as well as asset differences. Everything has to be made from the ground up. The mappers making these maps, also have/are helping with remakes of the PR maps. Kamdesh will be getting a redux sometime in the future, as stated by ChanceBrah above. People are welcome to have opinions, as long as they're constructed and delivered in a respectful manner. If you want to continue to be insulting or crude, and pass that off as criticism, then that won't get you very far and will result in you not being able to use these forums. There's rules for a reason.