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  1. Squad on Consoles

    Welcome @Xshars to the Squad forums. Please try to use the search function before making a thread. There's been tonnes of discussions on a wide variety of topics over the past couple years on these forums, with quite a lot of dev and community responses in said discussions. This helps us keep duplicate threads from popping up. There's also no need to create three separate threads on the same topic either. Adds to the clutter.
  2. New player from NZ

    Welcome bud! Good to see more fellow countryman finding Squad!
  3. Release

    This is just a matter of people misinterpreting the existence of monthly recaps. A lot of people see things in recaps and think it's finish 100% ready to be implemented in to the game. It's not. Again, recaps don't mean what is shown is 100% complete and ready to be thrown into the game. Some content could be held back to not break game balance. Some content(like shotguns) are held back because the current code doesn't allow for single reloading - so that's on hold until the new animation system is ready, so it can allow single reloading. Some content is held back waiting for other systems to be ready.
  4. Release

    30 developers in a company that works in game development is very small. OWI currently have around 40 devs, about half of them are part time employees, as they have other life commitments outside of OWI. The average number of game devs working on a AAA title is around 150 - 300. DICE has 600+ developers split between their active titles in development. Bethesda has 180 devs working on their title(s). 3 years is pretty normal for game development. Streamline games like Battlefield, Assassins creed etc have all been in planning/alpha development at least 1 & 1/2 years before their teaser trailers hit the internet. 6 - 12 months of further development before full release. Then a following 6 - 12 months of extra development after full release in the form of DLC. It's a double edged sword when it comes to recaps, and showing what the other devs are working on - outside of the main patch they want to release. The common responses are : - OMG Devs are lazy and doing nothing! (This happens when devs don't show anything) - STOP TEASING US, THIS WAS SHOWN MONTHS AGO (This happens when devs show what's happening behind the scenes) Developers all don't work on the same thing at the same time. For example : Artist finish their part of V10 and have moved on to other projects for future patches, while programmers are still doing all the technical stuff for V10. Next racap shows current modelling and texture work for future content the artist are working on. It's a good way to keep the community in the loop of what's happening, and what is being worked on. One of the biggest complaints in todays gaming industry is, the players complaining the devs aren't transparent enough or don't show of things going on behind the scenes. But when they do - Like I said above, double edged sword.
  5. Release - Alpha 9.13

    It shouldn't, it's one of the lighter maps compared to others. Go to Settings > Game settings - Then down the bottom right should be a button clear cached user data. Click it. Try to do this after every patch, generally quite a few post patch performance issues are to do with this.
  6. Release - Alpha 9.13

    MMMM I like
  7. Keep the thread on topic, no straying off with conversation, with having a go at one another. Does nothing and adds nothing to the thread. Cleaned thread a little.
  8. How to combat "dropshotting"

    This subject has been discussed extensively since prone was added in closed alpha testing, many moons ago. Please try to make use of the search function, as a lot of topics have been discussed with a lot of conversation attached with them, including dev replies. It also helps keep duplicate topic threads at a minimum. A quick search http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/25725-shot-him-in-the-back-he-180-degree-spin-dives-and-sprays/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/18339-proning-under-fire/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/23813-prone-animation/ In saying this, the new animation system will fix the issue. Complete new and authentic prone animations will be in place, which will make instant prone, not a thing. You can guarantee it wont happen with @Melbo around, he doesn't like face-planting and spraying
  9. Dubs video mega thread

    A lil sumthin, somethin @LaughingJack Thanks bud
  10. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Your post in this thread were breaking these rules If you think admins were abusing their power, follow this rule - If not, take the discussion to one of the server admins in DPG discord.
  11. Desmo's Playground Servers

    This thread isn't for ban appeals, throwing blame around, expressing frustrations etc If you have a problem with the server or have been banned, contact the server admins from their discord to discuss the situation. DPG Discord https://discord.gg/5CeZkAB
  12. Why does the SDK take me 10 minutes to open?

    The first few times loading the SDK takes a while, you'll notice, if you keep an eye on the loading, you'll be at 83% for a little while, that's due building shaders and textures. There's a lot of things load in the SDK, so it takes time.
  13. Competitive?

    As others have stated, there's International Squad Knockout Tournament(ISKT) for clan v clan action on a global scale, then theres' Level.gg where anyone can sign up, clan affiliation or not - So everyone can get some fun. There's region based semi competitive weekly events as well, with NAS(North American Squad) and OCS(Oceanic Competitive Squad). There's also CCFN(Community Clan Fight Night) ISKT > http://internationalsquad.com/main2/ Level.gg > http://squad.level.gg NAS > discord.me/nas OCS > https://discord.me/oceanicsquad CCFN > https://discord.gg/0rX0Q1CLIkTPJAOL
  14. AK74 vs M4/16 Recoil

    Information isn't plenty with the 45th Guard, most sources just give limited insight about it's history/creation and their most recent operations then slap down it's affiliation with the GRU, then goes on about their perks of being in the 45th, with being able to claim a MOD mortgage and other stuff lol