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  1. Time to agree to disagree and move on. Try to keep discussion civil, no need to tell people to move on to other games, or throw in insults - This adds nothing to discussion and only ends up being fuel for a flame war, which we don't want on these forums. While squad does aim to have realistic qualities, it also aims to have fun arcade elements too. The main idea behind squads design, is to hit a certain niche, between realism and arcade - to create a game that is accessible and easy to jump into.
  2. Regarding V.12

    I was replying to your reference of Metro, as that map was specifically designed to be chaotic, just like certain maps in Squad are designed to be more Infantry focused, and chaotic. Three things play into the meat grinder affect - Map design, game/spawn mechanics and game mode. AAS as a whole, influences more chaotic fighting, as you're restricted to a linear style of play, focused on a few points of capture. Throw in our current spawn mechanics and say a map like Chora or Sumari - You have a meat grinder. Game mechanics are changing with V12, with the new rally system and changes to blocking HABs. This alone will reduce the meat grind a bit, as people won't be spawning as frequently. Throw in suppression and a few other changes, game pace will reduce too, which again will reduce it a little. But in saying this, there will still be meat grinds - That's just AAS for yah. When we get ITC you'll see the meat grind affect not be as prominent as the focus is the whole map, and not a few linear points.
  3. Yep, all soldiers learn basic first aid in training, and a large portion go through an Intermediate course, which teaches the basics of advanced life support training, that combat medics are taught(Combat medics learn the whole ALS stuff obviously). You learn how to deal with a variety of different trauma's, as well as learn some important pre-hospital treatment. Sometimes there's multiple casualties, or the wounded is in a place a medic can't get to. This training allows the wounded to get the fastest response time, for medical treatment.
  4. Regarding V.12

    There's plans for the future, like some older maps being expanded, new maps being larger to accommodate new content coming. V12 has a lot of game changers coming - as well as balance changes, which over all will reduce the meat grind affect(specifically the spawn changes). Maps are designed to have a certain focus, smaller maps are designed to be more chaotic(Chora for example). You can't have a game focused on combat, and not have a chaotic forest/jungle or urban maps.
  5. September 2018 Recap

    The further you are from the map origin, the worse it gets and can cause a negative impact on gunplay for the player far from the map origin. On large maps like Gorodok, Yehorivka and Kohat, it's very noticeable at certain cap points or certain parts of the map. It's a priority as OWI want to expand maps past 4x4km, to house new vehicle additions and in the future, helicopters. It's quite noticeable on the largest maps now, and if OWI want to expand maps to 5x5km, 6x6km etc It'll be even more noticeable and negatively impact gunplay even more(not for just infantry, but vehicles too).
  6. What is really going on with Squad?

    OWI did not develop Post Scriptum, Periscope games did. OWI done a business deal with Periscope to use Squads framework, which allowed them to turn Post Scriptum from a mod, to a proper standalone game - with full access to everything needed to make PS. OWI is only the publishing company of Post Scriptum.
  7. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Squad has never been marketed as a Milsim title. Squads goal, was to build off of the foundation what made Project Reality great, but make Squad more accessible and easier to jump into, while influencing the main important aspects of PR - Communication and teamwork. Like Project Reality, Squad is a hybrid in terms of genre, it's a cross between Realism & Arcade. From the kickstarter "Squad is an online multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamplay" "We want nothing less than to reclaim the genre of tactical shooters for the creators, modders and players who have a generation to get back to intelligent, satisfying gameplay"
  8. Map design: A discussion

    Chora is based on a real location, The Chora district in Oruzgan province, Afghanistan - Which became quite notorious for the valley being quite narrow. Populated by tonnes of fields, trees, compounds..and the most famous feature, even the soldiers hated, The walls. Due to it's compact nature, road networks weren't the greatest , as well as quite dangerous.
  9. Spectator view, is only for admin use, and is a vital tool in monitoring activity in the server. From locating cheaters, glitchers and people trolling. It's a helpful tool to actively admin your server. It helps with evidence gathering too. Some admins might give in and use it to their advantage, but that's up to the server owners to get rid of admins that are abusing their privileges.
  10. Mortar Teamkills / Ban

    Yep, sounds like the Auto ban script handled by the server got you. It's just one of those things that are needed, to prevent tkers having a continued rampage. Unfortunately it does have side affects, of people having an unlucky mortars shot, or a friendly transport running over your mine = banned. Generally the forums aren't a place to appeal bans, you're more likely to get a response from the servers admin team on their discord or website. I have done some scouting around for you and have located their website and discord. Discord - http://discord.gg/apwNTPH Website - https://www.bellasbattleground.org/ If you ever get banned from a server, you can find majority of server owners information here http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/43-game-server-feedback/
  11. I wouldn't say pointless. In the current state of the game, only specialized roles with major use are, LAT/HAT and GL, due to the current content and threats we have in Squad. Squads right now, are an all in one package with the aforementioned Squad set up. You can deal with all threats, which doesn't really make them pointless, it means it's effective, even though a bit cookie cutter. When we get more roles and content, we'll need more specialized Squads, with different specialized role set ups. This will increase Squad diversity, the factor of having to rely on your team more, and having to communicate more. Removing restrictions, is basically opening pandoras box - as well as having to rely on people making the right choice, of not going full meme team 9 man marksman squads.
  12. Squad plans to have more roles in the future, and as more assets are added to coincide with this - more specialized Squads will be needed on the map, and will have to choose more carefully of what you want in your Squad, to counter the threats that map will have. Restrictions are there to not only somewhat imitate the actual makeup of your average infantry squad in reality, it also fits in the with vision of you playing the average soldier within a squad. The restriction also enforces that there isn't Squads of Marksman running around, ruining the fun for their team - because they won't be useful, or winning the game. And we all know, if you remove the restrictions, there will be tonnes of pointless squads. It's also for balance reasons - Remove kit restrictions, now you have a full Squads of LAT's, Optic rifleman, GL's, Scouts etc etc ruining the overall balance and flow of the game. Squad while it isn't a MilSim, it isn't a complete arcade shooter either, where you can have what ever you please within your Squad. An open role system would work, if you could actually rely on people to make the right choices and decisions...unfortunately, people will either choose the most OP combos, or do the complete opposite and have squads full of marksman. Open role selection, basically goes against what Squad is supposed to be. Maybe someone will host a custom server in the future with no kit restrictions.
  13. Recoil is wrong.

    It's done intentionally, to pace firefights, and to reduce the common thing many FPS games are plagued by, hold down LMB and spray everything - I guess its a nice reminder, there is a single fire option if full auto isn't working out. I like the way it is currently, it forces more user input if they want to spray. V9 weapons had laser accuracy, v10 the horizontal recoil was far too much, with v11 I think it's in a good place currently.