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  1. Music!

  2. Maybe include Korengal as an official map?

    Well, the author has to say it's alright to do so for one thing.
  3. How To Change The Soundtrack

  4. Head movement while reloading

    How did you end up replying with this, lol?

  6. What do you like about this game

    That fact that is has an actual three round burst trigger system. Meaning fire two rounds then stop firing and your next trigger press will only be one round then it resets. No other game has this, they have a simple click and you burst all of it.
  7. I think the "hit and run" tactic is more of something you would find in the meat grinder parts of Detroit, not something a fighting force in a war would do. You would be a very easy target.
  8. Mumblerines Promo

    I love Mublerines, English is a must, no reserved slots, no abusive admins.
  9. Optimization

    It's not, I only have shadows on medium.