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  1. Tiger Platoon

  2. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Outstanding work development team. What you have made so far is truly the updated version of Project Reality. Smooth, new weapons, fantastic sounds, correct weapon handling, updated rally point designs, grahpics, artwork....you name it. 100 points. I will also have a hard time going back to the prior version until V10 release after these few testing days. Keep up the good effort lads.
  3. 10th Special Forces Group

    Welcome back Smith. Talk to you soon bud.
  4. Tiger Platoon

    Tigers on the SQUAD battlefields
  5. Tiger Platoon

    With the free weekend almost done. Visit our website! Tigers in SQUAD : Tigers in Project Reality :
  6. Thinking of buying, one question

    Welcome to squad lads!
  7. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Had a couple of good rounds today. With one or two regulars in my squad and the rest being new. The tone was set from the beginning with no bullshit and expectations within the squad. During one round we took and held the radio station together against an enemy who was constantly in the offense. Both rounds I fought in today were won. To all new players this weekend, welcome to squad! Stick with your squad and follow orders. Get experience with the different kits and listen to the experienced squad players. Our tags in the field [TP] If you see my comrades or myself in the field you are welcome to tag along.
  8. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Project Reality had events of up to 300 players on one server on one map fighting each other. Will squad go for 100+ servers aswell?
  9. Timeline and deadlines.

    Dates regarding official release and big important updates. But indeed something like a timeline like was posted above. This weekend is again a "Free weekend + 50% off"
  10. Timeline and deadlines.

    That's all fine that it a new engine and all. However a road map with goals and deadlines for the public to see instead of free floating and put squad on sales from time to time would be assuring the community. Especially since its been going on since 2015. This can be posted in one simple picture on the main website of squad. When the team meets the deadlines it assures the community and it keeps the development team on their toes. It then would not only be internal deadlines within the company but the entire community is in on it aswell.
  11. Timeline and deadlines.

    Psyrus - that is a matter of opinion.
  12. Timeline and deadlines.

    Is there any news on this matter? Any deadlines set for full release coming out of the alpha mode? Squad was started in pre pre alpha in 2015. Considering we're about to enter 2018 it is a totally clear. I started this thread. So yes, I know you don't have a road map made public at the time this thread was posted. Sales keep happening via steam yet still no public road map. No deadline for the official full release either. Has anything changed since this thread was created? V10 has been underway for months and months. What is the deadline for the full release after of the game SQUAD after V10? Othervise we can all sit around having a circle wank in alpha mode for the next year's to come. Yes I know it is a alpha version, it was voluntary to sign up for the game, people's own choice and you as a company are possibly not obliged to make a road map for the public to see. However it would make you come across as a proffesional organisation / company if you would do it. By saying this I am not saying your team is unprofessional as the creation of what you have made so far speaks volumes. The community is Faithfull and loyal. However people will only sit around and wait for so long. Just look at the dayz standalone and countless other alpha games. Never leaving alpha mode.
  13. Welcome to squad gents.