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  1. Welcome to squad gents.
  2. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    We brought 2x clan packes for squad from Tiger Platoon and several single purchases back in the pre pre alpha period. (in total some 25 purchases)
  3. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Anders is the lead sound man on the squad development team. They couldn't have found a more capable man for the job.
  4. Timeline and deadlines.

    Thank you for the responses gents. I am still a avid supporter of squad. You have done outstanding work so far.
  5. Serious clans

  6. Timeline and deadlines.

    "When it's done" is not really a proffesional answer. I hope to get some sort of answer from the developers. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love what squad has turned into thus far. However squad has been in pre alpha and alpha mode since 2015 now and soon we are living in 2018. I would appreciate some kind of official timeline with goals being ticked off for the public to see which is being updated and for everyone to see. Othervise it gives the impression the project of squad is floating all over the place. It would be the least the company can do to keep all their backers and followers in the loop of things. The big picture. It is unfortunately a fact that many games on steam these days never leave the alpha stage.
  7. Ammo Placement

    Are we actually ww1 game? Relating to the actual mili : Extra ammo is always carried on the man in your daysack or bergen and additional ammo for support weapons within the troops or Platoon is spread out over the unit. Think about 7.62 for GPMGs, ARs, 60mm mortars.
  8. Timeline and deadlines.

    Good day, I have been a supporter since the pre pre pre alpha of squad. I don't have the time to spend hours and days scouring through the forum or inside the game. So here is my question : Where can I find the Timeline with goals and deadlines for the full release of squad. (Getting out of alpha and being fully released).?
  9. [EKA] Germany rekrutiert

    Wűstenfuchs from PR? Good luck gents!
  10. SQUAD In-Game Terms List (Glossary)

    OP - Observation Post SL - Squad Leader FTL - Fire team Leader PL - Platoon Leader Primary position - The main position from which a unit, squad, two squads intend to fight. It may have another position in mind which it intends to move to if the primary position can no longer be held. This other position is a secondary position. It is the responsibility of the SL or PL to decide which is the primary and secondary position. Secondary position - A completely new position normally prepared and at least identified to which a unit, squad or fire support element will move to when the primary position can no longer be held or is ineffective due to the flow of the battle. Counterattack - a operation or attack to recapture lost ground, a objective or key terrain. Alternative position - a position in the immediate area which a sub unit (MG team, AT, marksman, tank, humw, BTR, APC) can move to once they have been located by the enemy. If time allows two alternative positions can be identified before battle / fighting for the objective starts. Interlocking fire - interlocking fire is achieved when weapon arcs from neighbouring positions link together. There are so many more terms that are used and can be used in the squad community. If some squad leaders continue using it the rest will automatically pick it up as day to day terms, commands and slang within the community.
  11. [FCV] Task Force - Join Now!

    Good luck gents.
  12. Extreme lag spikes. The game is unplayable.

    How do you clear your game cache? I have the same problem since the new update. Massive lag spikes throughout rounds - and I never had any lag in squad before. Any other suggestions how to fix this?
  13. Any clans for older/mature folk?