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  1. Will system requirement get higher?

    Yeah... not even close. 1080 TI is not needed whatsoever and neither is the i5, its good to have one but not totally needed. on ultra i run this game at a constant 60 sometimes dip to 45 with a GTX 960 and FX 6350... you dont need an insanely expensive top notch computer to run this. And over time the game will be optimized to make it easier on computers as the bigger updates come along.
  2. I Am Back

  3. some SL's

    Thanks. P.S. Recruiter will know, instructors wont, unless i tell them. (they dont look into that, recruiters do background checks) btw msg me if you wanna keep on talking cause were getting really off topic
  4. some SL's

    Ill try to remember that. I have around 5-6 months left till i graduate. then i get to move onto MEPS during june after i turn 18. I come from a muslim family tho, I just wont tell em that part, thats like throwing a bomb and gasoline into a fire and expecting nothing to happen
  5. some SL's

    activity ingame in no way relates to activity on the forums. totally agreed. sorry, I did not mean you were an instigator of such actions. Its just sad to see when new players get picked on and driven away from the game when they're genuinely trying to learn.
  6. some SL's

    Lol, and where did you get the understanding that i dont understand any of it? i've gotten frustrated, everyone has. i've been satisfied with how i preformed and excited during firefights where my squad is doing everything properly and timely. I've also ****ed up, a whole bunch. Everyone who's lead a squad has had these moments, that in no way justifies cussing someone out because they dont understand a mechanic in the game.
  7. some SL's

    This is a game, not the marine corps. stop treating it like it is. theres a difference between being hard on squad mates to get shit done and just cussing someone out and treating them like scum cause they dont understand what something does. P.S. I fully understand Bootcamp will bring me to my knees, turn me into a little bitch and reshape me into a man, its been made clear to me many times. but thats off topic.
  8. some SL's

    Believe me, i understand its obnoxious dealing with new players sometimes being so oblivious to the things we see and know. but, screaming, pouting and freaking out like a child isnt helping anyone. give them suggestions, teach them, give them options. not everything has to result in one giant shitfest just because a new player hasnt a clue what he is doing.
  9. some SL's

    I believe he is talking about the screaming and cussing at new players. it doesnt get anyone anywhere, makes the community more toxic and is overall a determent. no one learns a thing when they're getting ****ing butchered for a noob mistake because they're new at the game. it wont change, but it sure as hell is annoying.
  10. Paratroopers

    A suggestion id like to present is to make insertions from the air viable by chopper, now what i mean by this is when choppers do come out a separate kit besides the pilot kit should be able to have a parachute to make air insertions possible. this could possibly be a completely new kit or just an addition to another kit such as a rifleman or just an addition to all kits. obviously this isnt going to be a priority since the vehicles and choppers arent yet implemented into the game but it would be a very cool addition. Thank you