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  1. New benchmark with SLI GTX 1080's on an i7-6900k @ 4.5ghz. The video is a little choppy as I recorded it on the storage drive. But in game was smooth, as seen from STATS FPS monitor in game and NVIDIA. Max graphics other than antialiasing (Couldn't get antialiasing to work properly in SLI), 200% resolution, everything cranked up.
  2. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    That is all that matters. As long as the game is playable for you and you are happy, it is a worthy upgrade. Enjoy your new card!
  3. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Until people actually post their benchmarks/fps videos of their 1070's. As long as the game runs good enough for you that's all that matters. And if what everyone is saying about their 1070s are true, then OP should get a 1070 instead of a 970 (or 980ti). I am sure there is plenty of content on this thread for him to go through now and make a decision.
  4. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    That's the thing though, it should have an impact. And it doesn't. If your 1070 gets the same performance as me with a 4th gen i7 and ddr 3 ram, doesn't that mean maybe he should choose a 1070 over a 970? And yes, many believe on the forums that the CPU has a big impact on the game. So that's why I asked what CPU you had. I don't think my computer is worth bragging about. There are many out there that are much faster. VSync enabled will not let you go above your monitor refresh rate. Many monitors have a 60hz refresh rate, which means it would limit you to 60FPS. And with my 3770k build at 4.5ghz and 1080, I was getting 65-110fps, usually stayed around 70-75fps mark @100% resolution scaling. Only on my I7-6900 can I get that with 150% scaling and "max graphics".
  5. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    The first real DX12 game, Ashes of Singularity uses DX12 multi GPU. I believe Dues Ex: Mankind Divided will be using multi GPU also. Multiple GPU scaling is very good with DX12 and doesn't have the limitations DX11 did. I see it becoming the norm, especially since it works with both AMD/Nvidia. It should work well with Unreal 4 also. And many, many games work with SLI as of right now. But I didn't build this new computer specifically for games, I use applications that take advantage of multiple GPUs and CPU cores. Also, the next console from Microsoft was already announced at E3, the Xbox Scorpio (Release date Dec 2017). It will support PC Virtual Reality headsets, run games at native 4k, and said it is equivalent to about a 1070 in performance. Which means on a platform designed just for media and games, it will probably achieve what they are stating. I've tried about 10 SLI profiles from NvInspector. The end result is always the same, at loading I get almost double FPS, then a minute or two into the game it will lower GPU scaling to about 30-50% of each GPU. The problem with SLI is it uses alternate frame rendering, trading frames back and forth between the two GPU's. Unreal 4, functions off of previously rendered frames, and when you split it between two GPU's rendering every other frame, it slows the GPUs down. Nvidia has figured a work around in some other select games, but until they make a profile for this game I don't see it working. I have yet to see anyone post proof of SLI working in Squad with a monitor of actual gameplay (not loading and taking a screenshot). So I am not wasting any more time trying to get it to work for Squad at this time. I am more or less hoping they enable MultiGPU support in DX12 mode and skip the alternate frame rendering SLI all together.
  6. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    SLI doesn't work with Unreal 4 in general because of how they pre-render frames. SLI is automatically disabled. Unless manually forcing SLI or creating your own profile, SLI will not work unless Nvidia creates a profile for it (for any game). So having two cards creates no performance impact as the second card is idle. Only DX12 can developers create their own multi GPU profiles.
  7. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    Just wondering, you get the same performance I do currently. I wonder if this is the max optimization speeds currently for the game is around 70-120 FPS. When I put my 1080's in my i7 3770k @ 4.5ghz and DDR3 2400, SSD 500GB I get about 10 FPS less. Not much of an improvement between my two systems. (I use my system for work also, didn't build it for Squad) SLI GTX 1080 i7 6900k (8 core) OC @ 4.4ghz 32GB Quad Channel DDR4 3200 M2. 500GB HD (2700mb/s read) EDIT: So if what you say is true, right now, a 1070 is probably the cheapest bet for Squad in upgrading a video card at this time and getting the best performance you can out of this game.
  8. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    What processor are you using and are you getting that with 72 player servers?
  9. GT 750M

    Hello arda, A GT 750m is actually quite a bit slower than a GT 750. Mobile versions are always slower. But since you are on a laptop, make sure you go to your power settings and select performance. Also, go to your NVIDIA drivers and go to manage 3D settings and find power management mode. Select prefer maximum performance. You are on the minimum specs side, and the game is in early access and is un-optimized. So I expect that you will still have FPS issues. http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3130/~/setting-power-management-mode-from-adaptive-to-maximum-performance
  10. True latency is what matters. This is the overall latency from the speed of the ram and the CL latency of the ram combined. The speed of the ram effects overall latency. Having super low CL latency ram at a slow speed is usually slower than super fast ram at a high CL latency. Your CL doesn't determine your overall speed at which the ram operates. Go for the fastest supported ram with the lowest latency you can afford. @KulaGGin : Your processor can support DDR4 2133 natively. So you will want to get nothing slower than that speed at minimum. I would recommend making sure to go with Dual Channel ram also. Some games it effects performance quite a bit (not many, but seeing improvements on DX12), others not so much. But the support is there so you might as well go that route. http://ark.intel.com/products/88185/Intel-Core-i5-6400-Processor-6M-Cache-up-to-3_30-GHz
  11. GTX 970 upgrade, anything i need to know?

    The new standard minimum for games will soon be 4GB of VR ram. The 970 was great in its day. But now, you have options for much faster cards. Why upgrade to an outdated card already?
  12. FPS on SLI GTX 1080

    SLI is enabled, so it loads all memory into both cards (even on desktop). The game was only using one of the video cards to render frames though, resulting in only one video card working. So yes, the benchmark is only one stock clocked GPU.
  13. FPS on SLI GTX 1080

    It is not my fault if you didn't watch the whole video. Yes it dipped into the 55-60 for brief seconds on some scenes. A majority of it was 70 fps, going up to 90+ fps. And that is for this forest map. Other maps like the desert one I get 80-100+. Also, this video was recorded on the same machine I was playing on, causing about 5fps hit. I am not going to buy an i5. I am waiting for the 10 core i7. I don't just play games on my computer... i5 is to slow. In fact, I don't even really play that much of Squad, except when one of my friends plays. I dislike the Unreal 4 engine but I like the style of squad, hence why I bought the game, and to support the developers. And optimized games that support SLI I have no issues (to include the few dx12 games I own). Only issues I ever have is on Unreal 4 games (as many people do, if you look at the other Unreal 4 games). And my buddy has the i7 6700k (stock clock), with a 1080, and same speed ram but ddr4, same SSD only gets 8% better performance. I guess you want me to post those results to.. But I am not. I don't really care what anyone thinks. Get the rig you want, ill get the rig I want. The main reason for this post was to show that the 1080 wasn't getting 40fps with epic settings.
  14. Hello all, I have posted this once in a long thread a week or so back. But I think it was buried. Most maps I get above 70 FPS on epic settings with a 70+ server, up to around 120 FPS. When recording on the same computer as I run, I get around a 5 FPS drop. SLI does not work with Squad. Yes you can force it, but because of how Unreal 4 renders frames it is not alternate frame rendering friendly. What happens is you will get about 30-50% performance on each video card when in motion (actively moving). It will show good SLI results after loading (~150-220fps), but you will see what happens after you start playing when you are bench testing. I tried about 15 or so SLI profiles, to include one that Nvidia has made for a different Unreal 4 game. No success with SLI. Hopefully Nvidia will create a SLI profile that disables enough features that is holding AFR back. Anyways, I get performance that I am happy with, with the settings that are visually nice. If you have a 980ti I would wait to upgrade to a 1080, until later when they create faster models like a ti version (Or see what AMD offers). I benched against my buddy with SLI 980ti Kingpins (arguably the fastest 9 series card) and I only averaged around 30% better FPS in most tests. My specs: 34" IPS 2560x1080 @ 75hz SLI GTX 1080 8GB (Unreal 4 doesn't support SLI) 16GB DDR3 2400 CAS 10 i7 3770k @ 4.5ghz SSD 500GB Win10 64 Bit
  15. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Not the best picture but here is my current setup. Was thinking of getting two more 35" ultrawides for 3 panel display. But it would take up most of my desk. Still debating it though.