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  1. Hi love the new 'desert' layer on Yehorivka, probably a bit bright and possibly needs a little more detail adding to make it playable rest of the map was fine but whenever I went back to storage it was the same, next game everything was ok
  2. More Map commands for SLs

    +1 to additional map markers visible to same squad. To try to stop random SL **cking up the map limit the drawing ability on SL map to only a SL with a squad with SL + 1 other, would make it more but see lots of vehicle squads locked with 2 in squad.
  3. Running a GTX970 with a 4690k, I updated to latest drivers to play the CoD Beta over the weekend. waste of a few hours but free Beta saved me wasting £30+ or refunding it when released , I was down by about 15 fps when I relauched squad so I restored my system back to the 368.81 driver all now back to normal.
  4. What hardware / software set up are people using to get good positional sound? I often get instantly hit by return fire from other players that I have shot at but only wounded so I can only presume that they have heard exactly where I am. I on the other hand in a similar situation can only guess where I got hit from. I have tried several different set ups but I still cannot tell the direction the sound came from. If I listen to a binaural recording my ears seem to work The setups I've tried are: Squad game setting - audio epic 1. Motherboard audio (MSI gaming 5) with stereo headset. 2. Soundblaster Z with stereo headset, tried both the native stereo and the soundblaster surround sound 3. Plantronics RIG500E virtual 7.1 surround sound headset, with software enabled or disabled. Would I hear any improvement with a multi-driver headset (true 7.1) like the Strix 7.1? Any suggestions on what else I could try?
  5. Radial Menu for weapon switching

    I should have asked a long time ago, many thanks.
  6. Radial Menu for weapon switching

    Slightly off topic and probably sounds dumb, but I have almost 1000 hrs in squad and I still do not know how to select from the drop down list I can bring up the list but what then ? left click fires my existing weapon, sorry cant remember what right click does its that long since I tried it again. Back on topic I wouldn't object to a radial menu as long as it's a selectable option, personally I would prefer separate keys for each item. I play medic a lot and its annoying having to pull out and put away a bandage before I get the medi kit out. Although if unnoticed and needing to do it quick selecting 2 instead of 3 as medic has a very poor result sorry.
  7. has anyone else seen enemy players suddenly rise above the ground/long grass then disappear. I have only seen it on Kokan and only since 9.8 update, I was playing as Insurgent vs Russia, sorry for lack of detail also didn't get a screen shot.
  8. Out of memory

    There are quite a few post regarding NVIDIA drivers and reasons NOT to use the latest drivers, some members (not me) have put a LOT of time into testing various versions and come to the conclusion that version 368.81 is one of the better options. I took their advise and loaded these drivers without all the other crap that comes with them as per Skuls suggestion and saw an increase in my FPS (no screen shots to prove it, but it did improve!) see the two post below or search on NVIDIA DRIVER
  9. If / when customization is brought in it should only be seen by the player customizing their character in their local environment, this way you can have whatever differences you want but everyone else who doesn't don't give a shit what you look like gets to play the game as normal with no increases in CPU/GPU/network/server loading. If you want to stand out from the crowd why not get better at the game so you are recognised for your performance and not just by looking like a ****.
  10. Suggestions for some new vehicles

    PS: no need to remove it as only you can see the message " where did you hear about us? Youtube", it doesn't show on your posts.
  11. Vice Squad leader

    fully agree a 2 IC would improve squad coordination/comms plus give a less stressful intro into SL'ing for the inexperienced (me), maybe limit role to marking the map, dropping a rally for own fire team (4 spawns) until if/when the SL leaves then 2IC automatically becomes SL with full kit Sidenote 2. Kids are for life!! my daughter is 21 and when home from uni I still have to leave mid game (urgent) remove spiders (less urgent) pick up / drop off etc
  12. Desmo's Playground Servers

    not got a screen shot of +83 only of the +38 earlier in the evening, next time I refreshed it was +51 then +83
  13. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Don't know what you guys were doing on your server last night, free drugs! but at one time there were 78 playing and 83 waiting.
  14. No sound in Squad

    I have a similar problem if I do not ensure that the correct audio device is selected. I have to select headphones as my wife set it to speakers when she is using iplayer. If I forget to set it correctly I have to exit the game, change the settings and restart then the sound is ok. So quick version check your head set is the default device before starting Squad
  15. More dust when shooting on surfaces

    would this also allow High / Epic settings to see muzzle flashes at night but not the high gamma / low setting wan*ers so giving back some of the game immersion you get in a low light setting. Whilst on Chora Invasion Night game last night heard some one in my squad say "I keep getting shot so going to turn my gamma" = cheating c*nt!