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  1. OFF map Support for Commander

    I've not yet played PS so my opinion on PS is via what I have seen on youtube but as there are only conventional forces each have a realistic ability of having and using off map assets, so the 'balance' I should imagine was quite simple to implement. Back to squad, IRL a counter balance to using fixed wing or helo assets is the political opinion which comes in to play when pilots are downed, captured and 'paraded' across TV / Youtube. Capture is not at present an option in squad, but this could be simulated and used effectively as a counter balance to air assets. To bring this in to effect there would be a maximum number of 'pilot slots' available at any one time during the game and should a pilot be downed (with auto eject when aircraft is near max damage) and not killed he should not be allowed to 'respawn' until he makes it back to friendly forces (if killed it would be the standard air asset [long] cooldown time). If captured, the pilot slot is not available until he is released. Capture would be when 2 or more Opfor players are with (x) meters of the downed pilot. If the pilot quits the game the next player who selects pilot joins in as 'captured'. Release should be when either the next two cap points are taken or the squad who 'captured' the pilot is reduced to 3 or less. This would add an additional element to the game, where the conventional forces could dispatch a 'search and rescue' squad to find and kill the 'capture' squad to regain the air asset or Opfor could 'hide' the squad who captured the pilot. Or the conventional force could carry on with one less air asset until they capture the next two points. This would also install a don't get shot down 'fear' into the pilot as he may spend quite some time doing nothing before he is 'released'. As insurgents (asymmetrical warfare) have very little chance of having and using off map or 'big' value assets there needs to be a realistic options to off map assets and as a counter balance to the 'big' value conventional ground assets. In place of off map artillery give the insurgents a supply of large IEDs, made of say 3 x 155mm howitzer shells which are capable of destroying an M1and these can be placed by the off screen asset commander in the planning phase anywhere on the map, and also after a cooldown period during the match as long as there is a player with in the area (large distance) this would simulate the ability of insurgents to move around undetected amongst the civilian population and plant IED's. The lack of civilians also creates an unrealistic scenario where as IRL conventional forces would hold back on using air / artillery when civilians are reported in large numbers (political opinion) they will in game be able to hit anywhere on the map without consequence. To simulate political opinion even though the cooltime has passed at random times the requested mission should fail to be executed, giving the commander a text message ' civilians reported in the area, mission apported' and the cooldown timer restarts.
  2. magnetic usb charging cable

    Very nice headset but they are wireless with 2 x batteries, are your sessions so long that you need to charge them via USB How is the DTS performing in squad?
  3. Post Scriptum Keys

    Quite simple process. I bought squad on the last day that qualifies 14/12/15. I enter the e-mail I purchased the game with then received a confirmation email. Entered the code and received e-mail with my key. Entered key in Steam, now just waiting for the release. I just tried it again to see what would happen and I got this error Could it be that if you see this error when first trying someone else has redeemed your key?
  4. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    what a great and unexpected gift just made my day. Glad I leapt at the last minute and bought from Joinsquad on 14/12/15. Can't believe I been playing for over 2 years. It would be great if owners of both games could have a combined server browser list.
  5. Anyone manage to get Nvidia DSR working?

    Hi, I tried the Nvidia DSR adjustment and ended up with the same problem, deleting squad folder in localappdata worked for me, see this thread for the solution offered by Beginna. set native resolution in windows set win resolution scaling to 100% (in Settings, System, Display ) delete Squad folder in localappdata https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache (This will wipe all config settings for the game such as keybinds and video settings.) in Squad: set resolution to native screen resolution
  6. Major Gaming Community - [ EU/ENG]

    think you need to change max to min with either 100+ hrs or 300+ hrs.
  7. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Customers keeping interrupting me so I get shot or left behind by my squad, plus I need a new PC in the office as this one will only play Squad on low, pi$$ poor internet as well 8MB versus 150MB at home.
  8. Major Gaming Community - [ EU/ENG]

    I was going to apply to join but I can't why? because I have a little too much experience in game (1000+ hrs) Good luck guys, I'll keep a look out for the sever, more well managed servers can only be a good thing PS. probably a typo but maybe it's a tough new strategy to only get new(ish) recruits so they haven't picked up any bad habits?
  9. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    all down to squad discipline and situational awareness, kick the *** who has just joined the squad and spawns in without talking to SL or asking what kits are needed and where to spawn. In most squads I have been in I find that its pretty standard for squad members to advise SL when 2 spawns left and SL to respond if he needs the last one saving, SL could be the fuc*in' hero who never dies If you do 'accidently' take the 2nd last stay around the spawn SL can't do sh*t without a 2nd. I would like to see a mechanic which allows randoms to join a squad but SL has to acknowledge that they have joined so SL can give a very brief update on where, what and when before letting them spawn. Just thinking about your idea of 'disabling' the spawn, it would be good way to ensure when needed that 'all' the squad respawns at the same time so they can get back into the fight as a 'unit' rather than in the easy to pick off drips and drabs which happens in most rounds.
  10. November 2017 Recap

    Freelook has been confirmed as in V10, does anyone know if support for trackIR or similar been implemented, if not is it planned for the future?
  11. Release after v10? Maybe

    ^ I can't complain about how long its been or stays in alpha. Dev's have done a great job so far lets see what else they can do, it's playable and bloody enjoyable on a 3 year old Intel/nvidia rig. Game play is better than any AAA game that's been released over the last 5 years. V10 will come when it comes. Of course I'd love to play V10 this weekend but I can wait for it to be right, the problem is lots people these days can't wait for anything without complaining. Later than expected release dates (have Dev's ever given an exact date for V10??) are a disappointment but who's never been part of a team that's missed a deadline at work or missed bus / train etc, time gets away from all of us. Anticipation of what the finished game will contain is all part of playing and paying for EA games, some meet their stated goals and are worth the wait, very few at final release exceed what was originally expected / promised and become classics but most (DayZ etc) will never get there despite all the original game offered, the promises made and money spent. So far over 1000 hrs for <£30 probably best value item I've ever bought, I got my cat for free. Also stopped me watching 1000 hrs of shit on TV or 1000 hrs of hate for cheats / hackers on CoD.
  12. Mini-map

    how about a delay when opening the map and timed updates to simulate the delay in a squad leader advising other squads of his/her squads new positions. Normal infantry don't have 'live' updates on their maps, even at platoon leader level, maps would still need to be manually updated example: an update would come across on the radio, someone would take the update and transpose what was heard into co ordinates on a paper map. IRL when driving would don't see your vehicle on the map (unless using a sat nav). Your navigator looks out of the windows and uses what he sees to position the vehicle on the map and tell you where to go next. I should imagine it being quite difficult IRL to hold a map in one hand and plot a route whilst driving down an unknown road and avoiding 30mm cannon fire, no doubt some people can probably the same one who run triple monitors
  13. More Map commands for SLs

    +1 to additional map markers visible to same squad. To try to stop random SL **cking up the map limit the drawing ability on SL map to only a SL with a squad with SL + 1 other, would make it more but see lots of vehicle squads locked with 2 in squad.
  14. Running a GTX970 with a 4690k, I updated to latest drivers to play the CoD Beta over the weekend. waste of a few hours but free Beta saved me wasting £30+ or refunding it when released , I was down by about 15 fps when I relauched squad so I restored my system back to the 368.81 driver all now back to normal.
  15. What hardware / software set up are people using to get good positional sound? I often get instantly hit by return fire from other players that I have shot at but only wounded so I can only presume that they have heard exactly where I am. I on the other hand in a similar situation can only guess where I got hit from. I have tried several different set ups but I still cannot tell the direction the sound came from. If I listen to a binaural recording my ears seem to work The setups I've tried are: Squad game setting - audio epic 1. Motherboard audio (MSI gaming 5) with stereo headset. 2. Soundblaster Z with stereo headset, tried both the native stereo and the soundblaster surround sound 3. Plantronics RIG500E virtual 7.1 surround sound headset, with software enabled or disabled. Would I hear any improvement with a multi-driver headset (true 7.1) like the Strix 7.1? Any suggestions on what else I could try?