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  1. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    In most of the servers I play on (UK/EU) it takes some time for an admin to request that you join a server at the beginning of a game, this gives sufficient time to join a squad unless you are particularly fussy (IE want that one [marksman] kit) and I have never been in the situation where that they have needed to ask me to join a squad mid game. If I have been kicked from a squad mid game, its either for a friend of SL to join, this can piss me off a bit if its going well but its his squad and he will be worse off because i'm not in it, his mate is probably a w4anker anyway I'll find another squad or create one. If SL is kicking for mates its 'that' kind of match so my squad will quickly fill up. Or I'll get kicked for not doing as requested by SL, I only do this when there is no co ordination in the squad and whilst the SL is giving incomprehensible orders and everyone is farting around. If there are no other squads I'll go make a brew and shop for some MTB kit.
  2. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Its bad enough now when a SL leaves, the role is bounced around until the squad drifts away as no one wants to take over a squad performing badly enough to make the original SL rage quit. If voting a SL off was ever brought in who would take over the role? the one you started the vote? I think not, as he/she will be the moaning bast4rd who can always find things wrong with others but has no idea of how to do anything themselves. I will SL if no one else will do it, but its not my favorite role (too stressful dealing with idiots who don't listen) give it a try, you will then be more willing to accept the failings of other who try. simple.....Its their server, paid for with their OWN money, follow the rules or leave. What's the point of taking a spot on a server someone else could who would be in game could have. Think of kicking as being told off by teacher, you probably couldn't cope with that as a kid either

    Tactics 101: the only time to kill a ditched transport truck / empty logi, when you're low on tickets

    +1 a game lost by 1 ticket is infinitely more enjoyable than one won by 300+, makes you think you should have waited for the medic Individual stats should be limited to tickets lost and ticket loss caused to enemy. Maybe list more detail in squad stats
  5. What is really going on with Squad?

    Who would be the more experienced company? the only one that comes to mind with any experience in the genre would be Bohemia Interactive and they do not have a great record with games in alpha. DayZ when announced, the projected initial release date was Nov 2012 it went to Beta in 2018. So long in fact that the genre of game is as dead and buried as most player characters where after 5 mins in the hack feast of an early release game. The customer base for tactical FPS genre is not large enough for AAA to take an interest, they would need to add player customerization, micro transactions no scoping, lone wolfing etc and paid for DLC's to make it viable so we wouldn't be interested in it anyway. I don't get the need for in game flyable jets. Personally I'm more likely to avoid maps which have them should they come in. This is squad not squadron Stick jockeys should try DCS for a good combat flight sim although you'd not get the 'satisfaction' of killing individual squad members time and time again. I'm not against air power in game as long as is off map SL/commander controlled asset with counter balances. Transport helos, hell yes, I want to see those rag doll bodies burst out of an exploding helos +1 1500+ hrs over 3 years all for $30 Is there really much more work required to get this game to a full release standard? I play the game most nights and there are not many (if any) game breaking occurrences. If I could have only 1 more change it would be to make the minimum graphic settings higher so that everyone saw the same foliage on screen, if your PC can't render the required detailed foliage you should get a solid block of green / black / brown so you cannot see through it, and not have the advantage of not having any at all. Ok it would look sh!t for you (potato PC) but you'd not have an unfair advantage. Full release, will this bring in any new players? do people still wait for a game to go full release before purchasing, after all its only $30, it's not like wasting $60-$90 on a AAA title which will be redundant in exactly 12 months.
  6. CAS, Jets & Helicopters

    IMHO piloted jets (with a good pilot) will change the balance in the game beyond what any one skilled player can at present. I cannot imagine many players staying in a match on the Insurgent / Militia side if they are going to get 'pounded' by constant undetectable, undefendable air attacks, when the only thing they can do is hide in a bush miles from anywhere so they can't be seen from above, where is the fun in that or is there some game dynamic I am missing here. A poor pilot will waste tickets, how many times will a 'noob' pilot need to crash before the rest of the team decide that he has gone 'lone wolf' and will cost them the game so leave. If piloted jets were to happen how would the pilot role be allocated? It would have to be a non SL position as a SL's main role is to communicate/co ordinate with the rest of the team. So either a single 2 man aircraft per squad with the SL in the rear seat to carry out the comms role.This means that it would necessarily be a 2 man locked squad. Or the SL could control a 'flight' of aircraft from the ground, again a locked squad because you wouldn't want anyone just jumping in your jets I can fully support this option as long as the off map stuff is a limited number per match and only available to SL's with full squads, we don't need a wanabee 'commander' creating a single man locked squad and screwing everyone over. In PS do both sides have the air support option in the same match? If both side are 'nation' teams then there is no need for a counter balance as they will both have equivalent assets. Although why, with off map air / artillery, helos, MBT's, IFV's and APC's anyone would still want to be in a game as a 'grunt' is beyond me. A counter balance to helos for Militia could be SA18/24's (available with the 8th role in a squad) and against off map jets, pre placed AA vehicles (Tunguska) by SL (with similar qualifications as below) that do not necessarily need a squad member to man but can if unmanned auto detect/attack aircraft in the vicinity. Manning the vehicle would allow it to not fire but stay 'hidden' for an element of surprise against the next attack. Off map air & AA vehicle assets should not be replaceable for either side. Counter balance for Insurgents against off map assets could be a high cost of team kills, lets say 3 team kills and all off map assets are suspended for the remainder of the current match. Against helos, insurgents could get buried IED's and shoulder launched fire and forget surface to air missiles Stinger and/ or SA18/24. IED's, there should be two types, manually triggered and auto sensing, limited in number and placed by up to 2 SL's in the pre game period, SL's would need a full 9 man squad to qualify to place IED's and be the first two SL's to place one on the map after a short qualifying time say 30 seconds , this should stop noob SL's not knowing that they need to do this and the trolls from creating a single man squad to just place them and fu(k up the game. In game, a full deployment area could be denied to the helos by the (presumed) presence of the two types. Imagine the disruption caused to a mass deployment by an auto sensing IED taking out a helo on landing and the possibility of a manual one waiting for the 2nd wave if the area hadn't already been cleared
  7. Why can I not choose a role?

    are you sure you are not trying to select a fire support role when all 3 are already take or a team limited role (for example Heavy AT, limited to 1 per team). You have to be quick when joining a squad to get a fire support / specialist role / scoped rifle, crewman are nearly always available if the map has amour or medic roles are normally not filled before SL asks.
  8. First off Welcome this is a great game & community to be part of The server list in the game shows all the 'live' servers, IMHO its easier to view if you remove the empty servers. You should have seen multiple servers (link to page on squad Wiki, this is an old version), are you sure you joined a game through the server browser and did not select 'shooting range' ? In Shooting range there will only ever be you and its good to go on there to familiarise yourself with the roles / weapons, once you are ok with these try either joining a Jensens range map in the server browser with a friend to practice shooting moving stuff or join a server but on joining a squad (do not create one) announce that you are new
  9. I do like this idea where the skill of the player can improve the performance of the medic role just like it does with every other role, driving , aiming/shooting, HAB placement etc
  10. Should the game be free on STEAM?

    Free !! bollocks to that. This game has a VALUE. The time and effort of the developers has a VALUE. My time invested in the game has VALUE. All the other players time has a VALUE. All this would be wasted by giving it away to trolls and cheaters who would inevitably become the majority and ruin every other players gaming experience. Microtransactions are the devils work and should stay in the console* world. To OP if you can't afford to buy the game I am guessing that you probably can't afford the hardware to run it at a playable FPS with reasonable graphics, so it would not be an enjoyable experience. * if a game is available on console then it's probably sh!t anyway or will be soon.
  11. OFF map Support for Commander

    I've not yet played PS so my opinion on PS is via what I have seen on youtube but as there are only conventional forces each have a realistic ability of having and using off map assets, so the 'balance' I should imagine was quite simple to implement. Back to squad, IRL a counter balance to using fixed wing or helo assets is the political opinion which comes in to play when pilots are downed, captured and 'paraded' across TV / Youtube. Capture is not at present an option in squad, but this could be simulated and used effectively as a counter balance to air assets. To bring this in to effect there would be a maximum number of 'pilot slots' available at any one time during the game and should a pilot be downed (with auto eject when aircraft is near max damage) and not killed he should not be allowed to 'respawn' until he makes it back to friendly forces (if killed it would be the standard air asset [long] cooldown time). If captured, the pilot slot is not available until he is released. Capture would be when 2 or more Opfor players are with (x) meters of the downed pilot. If the pilot quits the game the next player who selects pilot joins in as 'captured'. Release should be when either the next two cap points are taken or the squad who 'captured' the pilot is reduced to 3 or less. This would add an additional element to the game, where the conventional forces could dispatch a 'search and rescue' squad to find and kill the 'capture' squad to regain the air asset or Opfor could 'hide' the squad who captured the pilot. Or the conventional force could carry on with one less air asset until they capture the next two points. This would also install a don't get shot down 'fear' into the pilot as he may spend quite some time doing nothing before he is 'released'. As insurgents (asymmetrical warfare) have very little chance of having and using off map or 'big' value assets there needs to be a realistic options to off map assets and as a counter balance to the 'big' value conventional ground assets. In place of off map artillery give the insurgents a supply of large IEDs, made of say 3 x 155mm howitzer shells which are capable of destroying an M1and these can be placed by the off screen asset commander in the planning phase anywhere on the map, and also after a cooldown period during the match as long as there is a player with in the area (large distance) this would simulate the ability of insurgents to move around undetected amongst the civilian population and plant IED's. The lack of civilians also creates an unrealistic scenario where as IRL conventional forces would hold back on using air / artillery when civilians are reported in large numbers (political opinion) they will in game be able to hit anywhere on the map without consequence. To simulate political opinion even though the cooltime has passed at random times the requested mission should fail to be executed, giving the commander a text message ' civilians reported in the area, mission apported' and the cooldown timer restarts.
  12. magnetic usb charging cable

    Very nice headset but they are wireless with 2 x batteries, are your sessions so long that you need to charge them via USB How is the DTS performing in squad?
  13. Post Scriptum Keys

    Quite simple process. I bought squad on the last day that qualifies 14/12/15. I enter the e-mail I purchased the game with then received a confirmation email. Entered the code and received e-mail with my key. Entered key in Steam, now just waiting for the release. I just tried it again to see what would happen and I got this error Could it be that if you see this error when first trying someone else has redeemed your key?
  14. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    what a great and unexpected gift just made my day. Glad I leapt at the last minute and bought from Joinsquad on 14/12/15. Can't believe I been playing for over 2 years. It would be great if owners of both games could have a combined server browser list.
  15. Anyone manage to get Nvidia DSR working?

    Hi, I tried the Nvidia DSR adjustment and ended up with the same problem, deleting squad folder in localappdata worked for me, see this thread for the solution offered by Beginna. set native resolution in windows set win resolution scaling to 100% (in Settings, System, Display ) delete Squad folder in localappdata https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache (This will wipe all config settings for the game such as keybinds and video settings.) in Squad: set resolution to native screen resolution