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  1. Chat text are small

    only useful to 'time stamp' an apology for a TK and to advise admins of whatever the team 'w4nker' is now doing. Text is NOT an option for comms, get a mic.
  2. Hopefully the great reception the CAF mod / maps have received will encourage the Squad France guys to dig deep and get their mod / maps up for release. There hasn't been an update on their WIP for a while, quite understandable given the amount of work they must have put in to get their Foreign Legion mod and Central Africa map looking so good.
  3. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    I may be reading this wrong but I think the OP is saying he was banned from a server by an admin who has a VAC ban against him. So he is annoyed that he was banned by a someone who has previously been banned by Steam. OP thinks he was banned for pointing out again and again that the admin had a VAC Ban on his profile. VAC bans stay on your profile forever without any method of appeal, the server owner obviously trusts him to make him an admin (it may be his server) so OP live with it, and learn that on a server the ADMIN is the rules. If still having issues appeal on the servers discord, if they have banned you from that look for another server
  4. Female soldier models

    I see no harm in having female characters in squad as long as they are allocated at random at a real world % level, the same goes for race, colour and gender, adding all that sh!t should keep the devs busy for several years . I'd prefer that the Devs sort out the other various issues first but most of all GIVE US Territory Control game mode. If the game is to go down the 'individual character' route can we have a short arsed and a tall lanky versions of the said above. Short guy can't run as fast as tall guy but tall guy takes longer to get in cover / vehicles etc.
  5. Audio only in one ear

    Sorry I have no idea on the issue with your USB device. As both ears work via 3.5mm, does your 3.5mm connector have 4 poles? if so a cheap and easy solution would be a '4 Pole to Dual 3.5mm PC Extension Cable' so you can split your 4 pole connector to a 3.5mm for the speakers and 3.5mm for the mic. doing this you would lose the software generated 7.1 sound, but I don't think squad support 7.1 HyperX Part number HXS-HSEC2.
  6. Computer specs

    I very much doubt you'd get any new PC capable of running squad for less than $500, but there is a possible (not cheap) solution which you may not know of as long as your laptop is Thunderbolt 3 certified, an eGFX System (sorry I cannot recommend any products as I have not personally used any) plus a good Graphics card e.g. GTX1070 and above (other forum users are better placed to offer advise on the suitability of various graphics cards). For further info on eGFX take a look at this Thunderbolt eGFX site it gives a good overview of the technology and links to a lot of certified products. Before you rush off and place an order ensure you reach out to someone who knows what they are talking about regarding these products, it is not common kit so specialists will be few and far between, there is probably someone of this forum with experience of eGFX systems but it is not me. Also don't forget that you would also need to purchase a graphics card capable of playing Squad at higher settings and MOST importantly make sure your laptop has a USB-C port which is Thunderbolt 3 certified.
  7. Squad founders- where are they now?

    So not a founder but a Backer. Inventory shows rifleman and backers items. Also shows Veterans LAW and RPG items, do these show as skins in the game?
  8. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Not sure if I class as a founder as I only bought in at rifleman level and the day before the end of pre purchase, but 1700+ hrs in and I'm still on about 3 or 4 nights a week.
  9. Body Armor

    I'll try to offer some reasoned thought on why it should NOT be in, but for me the above sums it up. As I see it the difference between PS and squad being the period in history along with matching weapons / vehicles and tactics. I know this makes it sound as though body amour should be included in the modern setting, but if body amour was added for the conventional factors in a US / GB / Russia match it really would be bullet sponge heaven, probably more true to how it would IRL but it in a game it would take several hours to finish a small firefight never mind take several capture points, with two medics no player need ever die unless head shoted. Conventional against insurgents, totally unbalanced as the insurgents would not be given their 'body amour' which IRL is the civilian population around them. Going back to the OP, do you work in a 'security role' and have to provide your own body armour? Or is there sufficient hazard in area of the US where you are that civilians regularly need to wear it
  10. Body Armor

    An extra 16lbs or so of kit, it would certainly slow the running down, cause more damage when dropping from height and decrease stamina quicker and according to a BBC news report in 2016 "and that if soldiers go to ground with it they find it hard to get back up" so Brits will need to stay prone for longer (time for a cup of tea). As said above I'm for one happy with the game as it stands.
  11. Body Armor

    ^ +1 If one faction has body armour all will have to have it, as IRL it's not only issued to US forces. We'd all become bullet sponges so it would be like playing The Division and know one wants that
  12. Helicopters and Jets

    That does sound so much more interesting than the Insurgency gamemode that I have played in squad, as some have already said lets hope the Devs give insurgency gamemode some love soon. But my original question was what is it like to be on the ground facing jets as the insurgent faction (or militia)? or did factions with jets only face other factions with jets?
  13. Helicopters and Jets

    Having never played PR its good to hear from at least 1 person that being on the ground will be enjoyable when your side has the jets. Whats it like being on the ground as an Insurgent ? Wouldn't it be very similar with CO controlled air assets? SL would be in contact with CO who would direct air asset to where it was required, only difference is that there will be an additional squad members still on the ground. I wasn't suggesting 1 plane / player but all the comments on this thread it reads as though everyone wants to fly and on one wants to be on the ground. Except now of course you and me, I guess we need to be in the same squad But all these points are really irrelevant as the Devs say fixed wing aircraft are not happening. Bring on killing the transport helo with a sneakily placed IED or lucky mine !
  14. Helicopters and Jets

    I'll be amongst the other 79 none pilots leaving any map that had flyable jets. I have not seen a single comment from anyone who is looking forward to being on the ground if jets ever came in, to keep the game squad based I'd suggest leaving them as an off map CO controlled asset or make it 40 jets per side and rename it to Squadron. Isn't DCS the best place for using your HOTAS? all the crabfat wannabes on here should try it or World of Warplanes for the less sim orientated ones.
  15. Immersion

    ^+1 could this be done for next release so we don't have to wait for Territory Control to add variety. Pub match reality 1. squad who grabs rally first: 3 man locked squad SL, marksman and other optic. Vehicle squad spawn at main 2. dies whilst complaining helo isn't flyable 3. gets flipped by the first pebble.