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  1. mortar

    check. thx mate. working perfect now!
  2. mortar

    ok guys, at first: nice job from both mortar teams i tested both and the calculator from Maggiefix seems a bit more accurate to me but i like the 2nd too because i can insert several targets without repaeting the mortar position. hopefully we can get the raw data by the devs and calculate the range exactly.
  3. mortar

    haha wanted to do this today hopefully we get V_zero and the grenades mass so we can do a better range calculation. a small keypad can be easily divided in 4 subgrids.
  4. yes i have factory-set overclock + some additional. stable in any other applications (also furmark). as i said, reducing the gpu clock to factory setting is not solving the problem.
  5. same problem here. i can play for 1-2 hours and get a fatal error crash then. appdata deleted, actual driver, gamedata verified. reduced GPU clock. no idea how to fix this. was introduced for me with v8.
  6. holy crap....this changelog. thx dudes!
  7. +1 so many crap was suggested here...but this one is really interesting.
  8. have to easy and good solution. i like it.
  9. any plans to make wrecks destroyable or is roadblocking a feature? i thought about multiple rpg hits or c4-charges to clear important roads. regards mac
  10. i played today on a server with 70 player, ping and fps were fine. actual patch need a highend host. if your server isnt, lower the player count. most admins didnt get it yet. (and yes i played also on some other server, was no fun at all because of lag)
  11. same problem here and also for some other guys i am playing with.