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  1. I would love to have a bit of variety considering nations. I would love to see more countries fighting in Squad with their own type of weapons (and maybe even vehicles). Example: France, they have the famous Famas F1, they could have the VAB or the VBCI as their vehicles or the Humvee. Example 2: UK, they could use the L85A2/L22A2, as for vehicles they could use the Jackal/Coyote or the normal Humvee. Example 3: Denmark, now i know this is quite an unusual nation, but it would just be so cool to see some scandinavian countries in war games, so far i haven't seen a single scandinavian country in a war game before. Denmark could use the M/10 rifle (I Know its a canadian/US rifle) as for vehicles they can use the normal Humvee or some other infantry fighting vehicle. I know it doesn't have to be just in Europe, these were just the ones that popped into my mind. There could be asian countries aswell and middle-eastern countries. I would just REALLY appreciate it if you guys would take my suggestion into consideration.
  2. City map

    I would be cool if you guys could add a city map, something that looks a bit like Baghdad or something like that. Or just a basic middle eastern kinda city.
  3. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Why does it say "Cannot join, server is at capacity for non-members" If im lucky it doesn't say that and I will be able to join the server. But it says that at so many servers, it didn't do it before the update. Can someone help me out? And if so, what is it that i need to join?