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  1. MG, im not sure if you are part of a clan or not. But these tournaments are organised for the clans and to help grow a more "competitve" community. I dont know if you've realised, but playing in these matches is completely different to public games. It adds a whole new level of fun. Yes, its not ideal with organisers being members of clans etc etc, all good point you brought up. But there has to be a level of trust to keep the game fun for everyone. As a member of a clan I would rather have these planned tournaments, that aren't perfect, than have nothing at all. If I didnt agree, id just ignore it and let them have their circle jerk, why make a post? I have seen the positive impact in the australian community, people see these tournys and want to be involved, and go looking for clans, which encourages better play overall. Whether you like it or not, until we get something better, its a good thing. Also remember its still alpha.
  2. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    We need another powerful Opfor faction that can go toe-to-toe with the US/Russia/British soon. US are too dominant. So... Middle East force (fictional - we make one like MEC from PR)
  3. Around every 15 minutes of gameplay, sometimes less, i experience a crash that has no error message. The game just freezes up and exits. Doesn't seem to be triggered by anything. It's been happening to me ever since v7.2. Anyone else experiencing this? Games now unplayable.