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  1. How is the European community?

    Hello everyone. I'm thinking about buying Squad, even though the price is quite high for an alpha game, but it seems in pretty good condition and gameplay footage seems awesome. Many gameplay footage that I've seen comes from english speaking countries (US, UK). The community seems quite good as most of players plays slowly, trying to play it as it should be played. My biggest concern is community in Europe, let's say Middle European servers. Can you give me some feedback on how do players behave? Are there many people going on by themselves, not listening to squad leader, not following tactics etc? Do I need my friends to play with me in order to have fun?
  2. How is the European community?

    Well, I've played the game for 3 days now and I don't regret it. Big majority of players plays as it should be played. Listening to squad leaders, cooperating. Of course you're going to run into some dumbasses, but that's part of online gaming. I play on a server that promotes team play. Members of the server split into different squads to help everyone else. Good community and good game so far.
  3. How is the European community?

    Thanks for the reply guys. I'm aware that it's still alpha (I'm a software developer too, so I completely understand ) .. My BF clan wants to wait till it's completely done, but I can't escape the adrenaline I get even from YouTube videos.