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  1. So when you've got the photo model, whats the next step after that?
  2. Apparently I'm in that weird spot where I don't get higher or lower FPS for each patch. Just consistent 35-40 FPS
  3. low fps

    How low does your FPS get? The game isn't fully optimized yet so low frame-rate is going to happen.
  4. People constantly asking for a Rally.
  5. Would hate to face the US on this map
  6. Alright so when you've got the overlay up for recording. Click on the microphone icon and click on customize on the drop down menu. In there you can boost your microphone. As for the audio for the video itself, you cannot change that with Geforce Experience.
  7. This is what goes through my head.
  8. Now I've just wondered. Remember that one recap we had last year showing doors. Would it be possible to put doors into any of the buildings in the future?
  9. March Recap: That update you're playing right now ya dingus
  10. The matches are so long that at then end it doesn't really bother me at all. More excited to move onto the next match and hopefully do better since everyone knows how the team works together.
  11. Watched one video of A9 and it sounded like the footsteps when sprinting is much louder.
  12. So sharp I could cut my eye on it
  13. Those would be mentioned if they were in the update.
  14. Just make bigger maps? *Shrugs*
  15. On the Medic thing. Lets not forget that the devs had mentioned about a more complex Medic and damage system long ago. When you're revived you'll have negative effects on you.