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  1. Please fix the fall damage.
  2. Fatal errors are still with us :(

    Such a preposterous paradox - the only game I will play which brings me immeasurable joy and thrill, also now the very bane of my existence. The only reason I've dumped over $500 into my rig, for the best performance possible... I now know why it's called the FATAL ERROR, because it's literally going to lead me to my own suicide. It's been an honor serving with you all.
  3. Fatal error after every map change

    For actual **** sake where is the support for this Fatal Error? I see and hear everyone having this issue still, even after the latest hotfix. I would send my specs/logs if I thought it would be worth the time. For the love of all things good in life, please fix this already!
  4. Dive and Climb

    We have to get a dive and climb in this game already! With the new dynamic walk/running and new gradual sprint, the dive is that much more important to quick evasive maneuvering. I've heard countless players mention climbing and the other day in Chora I was a rat in a maze of walls just high enough to be trapped. I shouldn't even need to make this suggestion.
  5. Fatal Error Can F*** Off

    Oh and every match of Sumari Bala we get a fatal error which I'm sure they're working on.
  6. Fatal Error Can F*** Off

    I just had the best game of my life and with 13 tickets left - FATAL ERROR Fix this now for the love of God!!!!
  7. Yep... several times. Looks like update 6.2 is hosed. Awesome!
  8. V6 update not smooth

    Confirmed it was already on. It looks like enough people have caught the devs attention: Topic: Shadows Crazy Dark V6 - IrOnTaXi is looking into it.
  9. V6 update not smooth

    WTF did they do to Fools Road? The darkness alone makes it unplayable - I will not run that map again until the lighting and darkness is fixed. The new Fortress layout is almost equally terrible. It's like they stripped the outer layer of the CP down to nothing but a few trenches, and then made a cramped maze with no cheese. There are several spots where no smoothing was done on the terrain and navigating the hillside is clunky. A much better approach would have been to not have a subterranean layout inside a giant hill, but more of a Resident Evil hive design.
  10. Pitch black shadows?

    How do the devs not realize how terrible Fools Road is!? WAAAAAYYYYY too dark and they did a horrible job with Fortress. I won't play that map again until it's fixed.
  11. V6 update not smooth

    I think the continuous support, updates, and improvements behind this game is beyond outstanding and very much appreciated by the fan base. I already loved Sumari and now it might be my favorite battleground. The .50 cal is a really exciting new variable in the mix. The audio is much improved (although an explanation on why the gunfire keeps changing would be nice), and I really love the small improvements like how if you bring up sights and then run, your sights come right back up without a mouse click. I'm not sure how I feel about deployments not being stackable. The super duper, full-retard FOBs are the worst ideas I've seen as it only serves as grenade traps, along with spawn trapping. I really don't understand why more don't realize the importance of multiple and centralized FOB placement relative to CPs, and the need to keep them hidden. So for the most part, deployables have only hindered the game IMO. As far as the FPS or graphic complaints. All maps run around 50-60 FPS for me on a mid grade rig (i5 4690K/GTX960-4GB/8GB-DDR3), so don't blame the game, blame your hardware. At the same time, yes more games should be optimized for better hardware support, but please stop bitching how the engine update is over-taxing your gear. Weren't we also supposed to see interactive foliage in this update? My only three complaints are 1) no vehicles. 2) you have to be super mario to vault waist high walls (ruins Chora). 3) more need to RTFM.