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  1. Marker restriction is absurd

    Think about it. What you are requesting is that each member of a team be allowed to place 2 markers. That means you'd have the possibility of 80 markers on a map at any given time. When 100 player servers are enabled, it will be 100 markers on a map at a time. Also, when developing a game you need to do everything you can to enforce/encourage behaviours you desire in your players. In this case, communication is a big part of Squad and it has been developed in this way. To do what you are asking would take away another instance of encouraging player communication in the game. There is your answer.
  2. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    UK, Germany, Canada. However, by adding more "western forces" you may need to also come up with another faction on top of insurgents and militia to balance it out. Unless you want "western forces" facing one another, which is up to you folks.
  3. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Thanks for letting us all know. We are so so sorry.
  4. Alpha Version 6 Released

    On a serious note, I'm loving the idea of anti-tank players and grenadiers, as well as grenades, having a purpose other than anti-personnel. This will make such roles, and weapons, much more interesting and rewarding. Good stuff!
  5. Alpha Version 6 Released

    My sentiments exactly.
  6. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Couldn't resist the urge to slightly troll. The night is dark and full of trolling opportunities.
  7. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Download has begun!