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  1. Alpha 9.12 Released

    Are you guys trying to fix the Humvee licence issue? or this gonna be permanent?
  2. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Did you guys make some animations for crew vehicles? like swapping seats or getting in and out? or even firing the gun as a passenger like in Arma?
  3. Vehicle Health Bars kill Immersion

    We still need to know how much damage we have, that have to be either trough hud or visual.
  4. Epinephrine and ability to revive a medic

    When they do go for combat as the only medic and die, rest in peace the rest of the squad and it is unusual to get more than one medic and when we do the second one is way to far or sleeping on the keyboard, i my self avoid even get the medic because i know i will go for combat anyway and i dont wanna hold back my squad for my impatience, get me a medal because that happens allot of times when we are defending and i must be the medic, heal icons everywhere on the screen. You could back in the day by looking at your feet, but for some reason they decide to remove that and instead he carry 11 bandages that are just good enough for him self and he barely runs out and if he do just get a enemy ammo bag and refill it, i don't see whey would not add such a system as pick kits on the ground, if is related to exploits there is defiantly a work around it and is not hardcoded anymore.
  5. A Second in command kit/assignment

    You mean like a side voice channel for the secondary fire team? seems good because some times people will be in the heat will use the squad chat instead of the local and talk too much and may be a problem to the other team far from the fight. If i got a order to get some guys to do a small assault with me and my leader will keep defending the flag i would take CQB kits like one AT(if we have 2), medic, rifleman and a Specialist(like in PR), also my kit would be one of they to take the lead otherwise i would take a Fire team leader kit. If is a weapons support squad i would take AR, AT, a medic, and scoped rifleman, and take point. If we are using a vehicle like a APC we would have rifleman no scope only and work more separated from the squad to keep mobile. This is why i think a separation like color and markings and side communications would make a difference and make the new players more aware on what we are doing, but make sure that we are from THAT squad.
  6. Vehicle Health Bars kill Immersion

    So its gonna be more like ARMA with individual health bars for tracks/wheels, engine, turret and hull?
  7. I came up with this idea because some times when we have a full squad and i need to lead a group and we need to spread from the objective to either defend it from the other side or do side objectives but we miss some of the squad leader ability. Those ability's that a second in command could use is build fob and emplacements, spot and mark on the mapfor squad mates to attack, and place a rally point. There is two way this could be done: Dedicated kit: it have the same inventory as a scoped rifleman A assignment by the squad leader to any kit habitability: Place fobs and emplacements(or only emplacements for balance) Mark orders for squad mates(or only group mates) Spot on the map Have a small rally point with only 5 spawns and cannot be placed closer to the leader rally and the distance can be just enough to avoid exploit of 2 rally near objectives (this is just to help re-group) Can assign squad members to hes group by color markers (example Blue/Red team) Can claim vehicles What he cannot have to separate him from the squad leader is: Cannot communicate with other squads Less powerful kit and more closer to a Rifleman What do you guys think or what variation of those habitability's could be worked.
  8. Epinephrine and ability to revive a medic

    Remove the ability to medics heal theyselves? are you nuts? Its already hard to get a medic into the squad and is not a fun class because of the responsibility tha you must avoid combat, some times the combat comes to you anyway and you need that healing and even some times in the heat of battle i dont heal my self as a medic because im too busy trying to revive and heal my team mates so we can get more guns up around. I think i should be more like it was on PR the medic bag should heal no matter what and the bandage should only be for the infantry to stop bleeding, and the Epinephrine for the medic to revive. To fix the problem of not being able to revive the medic just add ability to swap kits like in PR were we get the kit from the ground.
  9. Also, they talked about a new inventory system, maybe that could include customization to the weapons? so we could move/adjust/remove sights on our will?
  10. Wile though, i would agree that we should have full control of our weapons in squad from adjust sights to lower or raise it, AR-15 sights in games always pisses me the **** off especially when the iron sights from all weapons are way to far from the screen, i feel like a FOV bar for the sights only would fix that, kinda like Arma you can have a zoom that allows you to get a better sight picture from the grenadier all games i play try to guess the distance and calculate that with the sights in mid combat not works because... well the enemy will not wait you to zero your sights, so just having a instinct on were the grenade will land and do small adjust is the best way all around, that works especially on PR were the grenadier were my favorite kit inside of a infantry combat, and by eye i could raise hell landing grenades in their cover and get some cheap kills with it, i only use the 200m sights bellow because above that is just luck from deviation, the rest i just manually raise my sight to get that hit, is squad i kinda feel the same even though i feel like the grenadier is a little too inaccurate even for close shoots.
  11. Hey Sargent knucklehead, why you don't say it to this guy that uses hes grenade launcher SIDEWAYS and have no grenadier sights installed on hes M16? As you guys can see, this footage above is from CS 1.6 and he have such a unrealistic use of the grenade launcher and definitely the devs from this game above have no combat experience or boot camp training like this guy on the quote, he is probably a rodeo clown.
  12. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    Since the the gun is in the middle of the screen is actually reliable to point shoot with it, if (i hope not) they add free aim.
  13. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    So Delta Force Black Hawk down got that right?
  14. Vehicle Health Bars kill Immersion

    So far they have been very quiet about Vehicle damage models, i hope they put a system like Warthunder have.
  15. Alpha 9.4 Released

    Sad, no fix for the grenadier and AT reload bug.