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  1. Hey Fishman, totally appreciate the info there mate, and you're absolutely correct. The carpark is going to belong to a shopping complex which will belong to a medium density cityscape. I am unhappy with the road structure here and will likely start again. The roundabout will remain because there will be a northern (close to the camera perspective in that screenshot) link road into the hills (it will have multiple exits). I have been thinking about the assets I need to create to complete the look as well, the elements as you suggest that make up a functional town
  2. Hey guys, Thought I'd share some very early WIP shots of a map I've been working on for a few nights now. The area is based on the Jizam Province in Saudi Arabia, just north of the Yemen border. It will feature an arterial highway (visually similar to Jizan-Jeddah highway) with a military checkpoint and a major junction, a dam in the east, a cave complex in the hillside to the west, and 3 significant towns. Here is my prototype AAS layer: And some early screens just showing how the vegetation might blend into the landscape (which will eventually be fully texture mapped): Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome!
  3. Still fiddling with the position... Not happy with it yet..
  4. Yep, thats the plan guys! I just quickly levelled off that space to drop it into the world, but it will be attached to a plaza complex of sorts in a slightly urban retail district.
  5. I mocked up a multi-level carpark today (no texturing or detail). Not sure about the position of it here but it could make for some great firefights at the overpass. It does feel great to drive through!
  6. Kohat Tai has a river with some small rapids/waterfall, its well done but can't help but feel like it still doesn't do it justice. I'd love to see water flowing around static meshes and flowing faster as the river narrows etc. That is the effect you would need to channel water through a dam.. the gradual increase of flow through the discharge channels.
  7. Still looking great Danki, Peale Island is looking pretty neat and that wooden bridge seems to suit it quite nicely.
  8. Yeah I think the Dam will be closed and static until I have the skills to do it justice with a flowing graphical effect. Never say never!
  9. Searching for an update... update not found. Please give us some more goodness!
  10. More spam!!
  11. Hand's off my Dam XRobinson, I only just made it! Haha. Very motivating comments there dudes. I started building the main highway.. early stages yet, and lacking any form of detailing and blending but it still gives an idea. Imagine this with some guide posts, guard rails, lane dividers, signage etc. I'm dreaming here but one day folks. Sorry for the image overload! I'm just a sharing kinda guy.
  12. Wow, humbling feedback. Thanks so much all (cheque is in the mail). A couple of shots just playing with my material layers to show what sort of realistic vegetation effects are possible once I start to work on a granular level:
  13. Had way more atmosphere originally than it does now. Definitely feels like the gamma is way off.
  14. Thanks guys! Appreciate the kind words and support.
  15. Starting to look more gritty...
  16. I think my issue may be solved by using a more appropriate DNS server (I was running Google's Since then my tickrate issue seems to have gone away.
  17. The problem is processing of this data. When you use photogrammetry it is baking the lighting onto the material, rather than the 3D worldspace illuminating and producing AO, shadows, etc. To get rid of this you would need to move each tank into a filtered soft ambient lit room, so that the light source isn't producing any shadows across the subject. This devblog talked about an attempt to remove these unwanted artifacts by artificially replicating the lighting scenario and unbaking the lighting that way, but it's much harder than it sounds! Awesome juicy devblog team! I love seeing this side of game production.
  18. Disappointed by Al Basrah's new lighting, it looks awful now (IMO) and I much rathered the atmospheric dusty look it originally had, but aside from that this is an INCREDIBLE surprise update! Thanks devs for all your hard work!!
  19. Had the same crash switching the map to Chora in offline testing.
  20. crash

    I had 4 startup crashes after resetting my game cache. It came right on the 5th startup.
  21. Hehe @ the Dam puns. My dam has now been enlarged a little further (to cater for 3 wide vehicles passing on the road and a general sense of true scale), and the water level has been increased as well! Ignore the lack of texture mapping, its just preliminary 3D modelling at this stage.
  22. Looks great for a first time, I've been tinkering with 3D modelling all my life and still couldn't do something like that. What modelling software and techniques are you using?
  23. Some early shots of the dam (WIP)
  24. A few more of the Dam, subject to change...
  25. Dam is starting to take shape: