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  1. Alpha 10 Public Test

    v10 is beautiful... glorious... a masterpiece! Brought me back to Squad and loving it! Feels like you're so much more connected to the battlefield than ever before, so immersive, so satisfying. I support a release right now! Lol.
  2. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Fine, here's more! The carpark still won't really be placed there in the future but I haven't got around to moving it while I'm experimenting with some of its details.
  3. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Still tinkering...
  4. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    The problem with that type of weapon collisions is that it would rely on per poly collision modelling on the vegetation and stuff. So where objects have a simple collision model it would break the immersion and become frustrating for the player. It would be awesome though!
  5. new squad mod: dawn of justice need help please

    40% reduction in development time if everything only needs to be modelled at 60%. That's an ideas man!
  6. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    3 weeks. Great job with the update devs! The animations are spot on.
  7. Dolina

    It is a great shame but can totally understand the reasons why. Making a map/environment in the hope that someday it will be seen by more than just yourself is not much assurance against a +1000hr commitment. If it isn't a personal labor of love, then it just isn't worth grinding to completion for anyone else when there is no financial reward. Hopefully you can pick up some free time and motivation to continue the project occasionally.
  8. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Hey Fishman, totally appreciate the info there mate, and you're absolutely correct. The carpark is going to belong to a shopping complex which will belong to a medium density cityscape. I am unhappy with the road structure here and will likely start again. The roundabout will remain because there will be a northern (close to the camera perspective in that screenshot) link road into the hills (it will have multiple exits). I have been thinking about the assets I need to create to complete the look as well, the elements as you suggest that make up a functional town
  9. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Still fiddling with the position... Not happy with it yet..
  10. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Yep, thats the plan guys! I just quickly levelled off that space to drop it into the world, but it will be attached to a plaza complex of sorts in a slightly urban retail district.
  11. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    I mocked up a multi-level carpark today (no texturing or detail). Not sure about the position of it here but it could make for some great firefights at the overpass. It does feel great to drive through!
  12. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Kohat Tai has a river with some small rapids/waterfall, its well done but can't help but feel like it still doesn't do it justice. I'd love to see water flowing around static meshes and flowing faster as the river narrows etc. That is the effect you would need to channel water through a dam.. the gradual increase of flow through the discharge channels.
  13. Wake Atoll

    Still looking great Danki, Peale Island is looking pretty neat and that wooden bridge seems to suit it quite nicely.
  14. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    Yeah I think the Dam will be closed and static until I have the skills to do it justice with a flowing graphical effect. Never say never!
  15. Dolina

    Searching for an update... update not found. Please give us some more goodness!