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  1. The animation update, localised vehicle damage (maybe?), medic dragging (maybe?), Al Basrah, British faction. I would really like to see the friendly name labels turned off, and instead have the game represent your playername and squad number somewhere on your uniform. So to check for a friend or squad member you need to do a close-up visual inspection. I find that the playernames are distracting when you either see them intefere with your perception of an enemy in the foreground, or you simply check for the names before firing. It would be great to put the focus back on the visual representation of your faction.
  2. Thanks for the update! Suspected EAC was the culprit, potentially related to those of us who tested in the Beta branch. Maybe a checksum/file not updated to the existing beta files when the alpha build was pushed.
  3. This fixed the issue for me! Thanks mate! Turned them all on then immediately off again.
  4. No but yes
  5. Also crashing to the server browser/menu with no error. Sometimes I get into match and within 2 minutes I get booted back to the menu. Have reset user cache and also verified the integrity of the game files within steam. Win7 x64, GTX1080, 2560x1440 res.
  6. This update looks really cool. Loving the upgraded scoreboard for one thing. It will now really reward players who play supportive roles (medic) and often have final scores that are not representative of their contribution to the match. I am hoping that the militia uniform contrast to the vegetation has been toned down a little bit in this update. It was such an unfair disadvantage in v8.
  7. Agreed that was a super childish comment/shot at ya. I think it's silly this discussion seems to have spawned directly from your video, but I don't get what the big deal is about having to pay for PS. I thought your latest video was just to get a rise out of people over nothing. I normally enjoy your videos/rants, but not that one, haha. Maybe we were mislead but I don't ever remember reading that PS 'will be free to everyone that owns Squad', so you can't really have a dig at anyone unless that was stated and reneged.
  8. Bluedrake said it. Must be true right? Even still.. what is the problem with it being a paid product? Its a different product from Squad with a separate devteam. They are just sharing assets and paying royalties for the foundations of PS. I would expect any professional devteam working with a commercial product would expect to recoup costs and be rewarded financially for their efforts. If PS is a successful product I will have no hesitation in purchasing it.
  9. Less maps in dusk/sunset.. please! I feel it ruins the balance of so many maps at the moment.
  10. My best kill has now been upgraded to this!
  11. What was the special announcement? Has it happened yet?
  12. 10 kills in the hills of Logar Valley - the first part of this video. It wasn't even skillful, just got lucky. It was a case of my entire squad got wiped out before we got a RP down, so I just went lone ranger expecting to die... only I didn't... the enemy did.
  13. Pretty much all of this combined with a better looking physics based animation system with soldiers flinching at bullet strikes etc. - More realistic, gritty look to the environments (back to v7 with the dead grass and longer view distances). Right now it feels like they put an instagram filter over v7
  14. Playing the latest build of squad and found that on many maps, the soldiers look too contrasty to the environment, seems like since the atmospheric fog/mist and effects have changed the graphical look of the game has made some of the soldier uniforms pop-out in a silhouette kind of manner. For example in sunset Logar, the militia appear so dark (not just when they have their backs to the sunlight), that laying in a field is no longer providing sufficient cover to stage an ambush. Yet the US soldiers blend very well in the same match, making for a huge advantage. I see this on quite a few (not all) of the maps from v0.8 and it is really disappointing.
  15. Lovely work guys! Can't wait to try it!