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  1. A few more of the Dam, subject to change...
  2. Dam is starting to take shape:
  3. Still having this issue frequently! It usually goes away when I disconnect and reconnect to the server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIZd1n2o-1Y
  4. There will be some more cover implemented with statics eventually. The idea is that US will have trouble getting vehicles into the mountainous regions without being a sitting duck.
  5. A few more shots as I experiment with materials and foliage.
  6. Its gorgeous! Paying attention to the small stuff adds a whole new level of immersion!
  7. Locked at 120 fps everywhere (my refresh rate in G sync), unlocked I have no idea how high it would go, but there are no statics and very little vegetation at this stage so it's not pushing anything challenging.
  8. This is looking very cool. I will be an interesting setting for Squad battles. Feels very resort island like...
  9. Hey guys, Thought I'd share some very early WIP shots of a map I've been working on for a few nights now. The area is based on the Jizam Province in Saudi Arabia, just north of the Yemen border. It will feature an arterial highway (visually similar to Jizan-Jeddah highway) with a military checkpoint and a major junction, a dam in the east, a cave complex in the hillside to the west, and 3 significant towns. Here is my prototype AAS layer: And some early screens just showing how the vegetation might blend into the landscape (which will eventually be fully texture mapped): Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome!
  10. Has it been considered to have the admins in a server revealed to all players, not necessarily their position when admin camming but like a prefix or icon next to their name to indicate that they have elevated privileges on the server? It seems that there is an amount of unproven suspicion on the servers I regular, that players may be abusing their admin privileges and it leads to a distrust in the local playerbase.
  11. Once insurgents are equipped with traps such as IED's I think Al Basrah will balance out. Good luck to the US once there is a threat of exploding a whole squad in one swoop.
  12. Whoops! I certainly interpreted your message @Pvt. Lewis the same way Odin did, but glad you cleared things up. I was confused because I've seen so many different devs responding on here! That sound dude.. @anders well he's clearly a genius and one of a kind in the sound department. Squad in general is kicking so much ass right now.
  13. Blame lag and ragequit. Don't touch the game for days... J/k! Most of the time it is expected and doesn't come as a surprise (you're just willing the end scoreboard to appear) and hope the next match will be a better one. Like others have already said, I think so long as you played your role as best you could, followed good instructions, and fought as a team it can be gratifying regardless of winning or losing. It does suck when you feel like you were lead by a poor SL or there was discontent in the squad for whatever reason, but I don't dwell on it.
  14. Came here to reply to this thread. The last few nights of playing Squad on a server with a sub 50ms ping I get these constant lag spikes. One time it cleared up from disconnecting and reconnecting to the server, but tonight I reconnected about 4 times and each time (new session with the server) I would get lag spikes of player/vehicle positional data every 2-5 seconds, consistently. Eg. if I'm running with my squad, the other players warp from place to place at 2-5 second intervals as the server interpolates the data it is giving my client. It is most obvious when the other players change direction (as they suddenly zip in another direction), but it is happening constantly and consistently (steadily) throughout the entire match. Riding in vehicles results in the vehicle running off the road and into trees only to suddenly warp back onto the road, rinse and repeat. Sometimes comically the vehicle will catch on fire or fly into the air before correcting itself. Desperately looking for an answer on this, as the game is literally unplayable (lack of enjoyment) in this state. Here is a basic example, but doesn't perfectly demonstrate what is going on. It shows players running against objects and then warping (or disappearing), and also dying in front of my eyes with not a bullet strike to be heard. VOIP comms seems unaffected by the lag (I still hear clear comms the entire match). I have a buddy who was plagued by the same issue on another day, but not today whilst in the server with me, so I don't think it is a server side thing.
  15. I like the stamina and the tree collisions. It means you need to take a more measured approach and slows infantry down a tad to prevent Battlefield players from rushing in. You have to manage your stamina to know that you can exit a hot situation before entering as well. Just rest up between trekking. The tree collisions prevent cheap clipping exploits... it does make it harder to get around but that's realistic, afterall in reality you wouldn't just barge through bushes and trees... you'd generally go around... wouldn't you?