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  1. It might be outdated. I had an accident a few months ago and I can't walk for the moment but I'll try my best to update it as soon as I can from my laptop. Regards.
  2. That's weird. I don't have an iPad myself but I asked a few friends that have iPhones and they all said it works. Can you provide more information like Safari version and such?
  3. Apparently it's a bug with alpha 8. I asked some devs and they said it might be fixed in the next hotfix.
  4. Updated to show server health. Report back if you feel like your server is showing a wrong status and want it fixed.
  5. Use CrystalDiskInfo to check the SMART status of your HDD.
  6. Agreed, a mailing list could be a really simple solution for this.
  7. Are you running the machine at full performance?
  8. Have you checked if the server appears in https://playsquad.online or that you can add it as favorite in the Steam server browser?
  9. Well there's a few things you could try. Edit Squad\Config\DefaultEngine.ini, search for the line NetServerMaxTickRate and change the default value (50) for something around 10 or 15. NetServerMaxTickRate=10 In Windows, make sure your CPU is running in High Performance. Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options > High Performance.
  10. Custom Servers shows both licensed and custom servers.
  11. Sounds good, we'll add it to the list.
  12. What benefits would you get after claiming a server page? Most components of the website are cached for at least a minute to make it load faster and avoid a query spam to your or other servers.
  13. You mean like a server description then? It's not possible to add that because we fetch the servers directly from Steam, unless the Squad developers add a server description or message that admins can configure and that we can retrieve by querying the sever.
  14. Can you elaborate on this? I don't think server admins are able to modify rulesets right now, these rules are forced by the game mode which are already rulesets. It would definitely be a cool thing to have, but it would also take a lot of work so I wouldn't expect it anytime soon.