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  1. At this point I really think we need something like MEC to give life to the middle-east war theater.
  2. Problem beim joinen auf einen Server

    Und dann kommt er ins offizielle Forum und fragt nach Hilfe
  3. Numbers for every Squadmate that are displayed on the map so I can say "Hey 6 come back to us"
  4. Awesome Squad VOIP recordings!

    Sure! I'm actually waiting to take videos until v10 is out. But I figured that I could already search for cool audio lines to use. The video will be gameplay with maybe some cinematic scenes tossed into it for the aestetics, I want to capture the true feeling of playing squad. No scripted stuff. Real soundbits, real gameplay.
  5. Awesome Squad VOIP recordings!

    Oh I forgot to say a little bit about the video I want to create with these sounds. It will be a promotional fan trailer for Squad that aims to portray the gameplay and felling of the game in one quick video. I want to create a video that everyone can share in order to show people quick what squad is bringing to the table without having to sort through hour long gameplay.
  6. Hey guys. For a video project I'm searching epic voip recordings of Squad gameplay. They can be a sound file or they can be featured in a youtube video. They also don't need to be ingame voip. I'm searching two kinds of voice lines: 1. Team Communication: Everything that is tactical and teamplay orientated. Especially Squadleader Comms or players talking to nearby vehicle crews. Example: "I need all medics to my location!" "Riley and McSwagpants, cover the street in the west!" 2. Situational Exclamations: Everything that players shout in response to something epic or dangerous happening on the screen. Example: "WOooow! They are close!" "Good effect on target! You're hitting them!" "Holy shit!" I'm already searching myself but I think the community of players always knows tons of content they just love or maybe you have some of these situations in your own videos. If you think you can help me just leave a link to the content. Thanks!
  7. I'm pretty much against the shouting idea because in Squad the teamplay of real players is a key feature. VOIP is already directional and changes when you stand in a hallway for example. I want my guys to shout to me...not the AI.
  8. I don't really care about people who don't care about music. You will always have the option to turn it off I guess. I care about the guy that made this music with his heart and I would love his work to actually appear in the game. Of course audio options are a must. Would love to heart Devs toughts about this.
  9. Hey guys. I opened the game today and listened a little bit to the awesome Soundtrack you have for Squad. It reminded me of the old Project Reality times and the BF2 Style loading screens we had with screenshots from the map, quick tips, infos about vehicles and structure of the map...everything while the map theme played in the background. I dunno but this has some kind of nostalgic value to me. So I wonder: Will we get these classic loadingscreens for Squad at some point? I also started to wonder where else we could use the awesome soundtrack. There are very few opportunities where you can use music in a tactical shooter like Squad...and this saddens me because the music is awesome. One idea I had: You could use a piece of music to signal the last 10 tickets of a team. In Project Reality this would be signaled by a Siren that both teams could hear. Maybe for squad you could us a short piece of music for it? That would be one opportunity...and it would make every end of a round awesome and exciting. I think Round end screens with music and an announcement wich team won are planned? I miss them. /discuss
  10. Sound Balancing

    Of course weapons should be loud. But you should be able to hear the other things you do aswell if you don't shoot. I think the difference between Shooting and hearing the other stuff is too big. Yea of course I could make the radio chatter louder than the shooting and destroy my ears, rather then turn down the FX volume. This is not the thing I was talking about ^^
  11. Sound Balancing

    Hey guys. I loved the sound of the game from the very beginning. Fire fights sound fantastic and so on...but I have a problem...I can't immerse my self fully in to squad because of this: FX audio is soooooooo quiet besides shots fired. Shots are so loud, I always have to turn down my volume in order to hear radio chatter loud and clear. When I do that. I almost can't hear anything else...Car engines, foot steps...all the other sounds are far too quiet besides shooting. When I don't hear my own footsteps I can't really immerse myself...of course a shot should always be loud. But something is not right when I have to turn down the FX volume in order to hear my squad and then I don't hear anything anymore. The Battlefield is too quiet...besides shooting... I don't know it really inpacts the feeling of the game for me.
  12. hey guys. I always get a "Fatal Error" crash whenever I try to load the server list. This problem is occuring since I downloaded the latest update on steam with around 220MBs. Alpha 7 worked for me before the update. Can't play the game anymore i7 3770k Gigabyte GTX 680 OC 16GB 1600er RAM Windows 7 Home Premium
  13. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    Time for me to get back on track...
  14. Backer in-game credit issue

    I have the same problem. I linked my steam account already and have this account since pre-alpha.
  15. Loading Times Issue

    I am a victim of the long loading issue now too.. please fix T_T