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  1. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Basically we do not get what was promised during the kickstarter. Project Reality 2 was the game we wanted but never got (graphical overhaul, more features for gameplay, proper UI). Instead we might get a Battlefield like casual shooter turning it backs towards the tactical shooter genre.
  2. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Eh we have to literally camp any kill, even a headshot, in order to confirm it. It is not really rewarding to kill someone anymore, even with a headshot. Nor is it close to unforgiving to get revived after being pierced by a 50 cal. You are correct, I cannot speak for all backers. However, I may speak for a clan which ordered 25+ copies, part of a PR community with several clans which I know preordered too and also have similiar expectations. As I mentioned most of the backers are obviously former PR players which longed for a sequel of Project Reality. I don't know about you but the general consesus was a niche game between Arma and Battlefield. Now Squad is about to lose its unique charcteristiscs and I am tired of the mentality around here to be content with every single change while the game's vision is clearly off the tracks. You know it is called integrity to deliver a product which was promised. The project started off with a dev team consisting of former PR players and military advisors. It was also advertised as such. Noone expected measures like these years later just to please some triggerhappy playerbase which is not interested into tactical, moreover, realistic gameplay and cannot stand walking for 5 minutes without a single bullet being fired. I can already foresee how special and non-casual the gameplay on regular servers is going to be: battlefield like lone wolfs running around with fancy gear getting buddy spawned. The very definition of skill in tactical shooters.
  3. Alpha 15.4 Released

    30 secs for a headshot hit with a 50 cal? I thought you would listen to military advisors and not some normie streamer who gets upset when he dies by a headshot instantly. What is even the point of shooting someone in the head. If the buddy next to him can just pick him up in a few seconds. I am fed up with the excuses this game is only a spiritual successor of PR or not final. You clearly have different intentions by now than during the kickstarter campaign where you basically relied on the hopes and dreams of a Project Reality 2. Finally, your backers were the milsim/PR community and now I only read excuses throughout the forums that you never made false hopes. Only to justify your max profiting as a growing game studio.
  4. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Of course there is a lot of room for interpretation. However, the thousands of backers which were mainly PR players backed you certainly not for turning a "spiritual successor" with an arcadish battlefield playstyle to attract casuals which cannot stand running for even 5 minutes without a firefight. I know you are just trying to be polite but there is nothing polite about it when you twist your own flexible words years later and the basic expectations of the core community. Using PR nostalgia in your first trailers and annoucing PR dreams like fast ropes is very cheap marketing then. Anyway, I see that money outweighs loyality sooner or later. It does not matter how many day one supporters complain here, there will be always an excuse to justify maximal profit.
  5. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    "Squad was originally envisioned as a way to carry on the legacy of the popular “Project Reality” mod for battlefield 2. Founded by Will “Merlin” Stahl in early 2014, the project has grown to approx 22 developers the vast majority of who have contributed to the original MOD at some point in its long life. Our goal for Squad is to take 10 years worth of experience, testing and research with the original Project Reality formula and apply it to a modern stand-alone engine. We want nothing less than to reclaim the genre of tactical shooters for the creators, modders and players who have waited a generation to get back to intelligent, satisfying gameplay." with the original Project Reality formula sounds pretty spiritual on kickstarter indeed
  6. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    "Everybody is fine" what kind of argument is that? You surely got some statistics to back that, stop missing the point. All I know from my clan, which purchased 20 clan copies (2 x clan packkges), and other PR clans that they wanted a successor of Project Reality with a decent engine as a standalone game. The devs made some promises so we, part of the old PR community, expect them to keep them.
  7. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    You could also try to add as many factions as possible. Like attracting players via countries like India, China, Germany, Turkey etc. I get your financial interests as a business however you also have a promise to your first hour backers which is basically the former PR community. You had a vision so please don't turn it into something what it is not supposed to be. Also some basic features like thermal sighting or aircraft are still not available. I know you are working on them, however the game is still not fleshed out and I think shifting towards something arcadish could turn into a dissapointment for the current playerbase.
  8. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    My clan SH (Spearhead) welcomes random players when we play Project Reality or Squad. Even newbies as long they are willing to learn and have a microphone. But even we want to lock our squad at some point. For instance if we do assets in PR where you may want to keep another asset in reserve and just don't need more people. Another case is when we do infantry and need space for a mate. And the last most frequent case, especially in Squad, when players with usually no mics keep joining and spawn in nowhere with limited kits. It is really not easy to keep track of it if you are already busy with squadleading and you want to rely on competent members for it. There is a minority of small elite clans which are not very hospital towards new people but we still don't need to reinvent the wheel. In PR all servers normally have admins, an anti nomicers policy and a rule which states that you cannot lock a squad below a certain amount of players. In special cases admins can just force you to unlock. The solution would be to actively administrate and finally allow server hosts in Squad to kick people for not having microphones. Now I know some DEVs are against this idea because it could scare off some players. Nonetheless, a bad gaming experience for current active and experienced players causes the worst marketing you can possibly get. Gameplay should have highest priority since it means happy customers which market your product for free among their friends and this is much more profitable in the long term. ;-)
  9. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    I just gonna leave this here. If you guys cannot deal with negative critique please do not bother to respond at all. Anyway I am not asking for the world, only few small little features which are for me as a PR player more important right now since there are already several maps (which could need more optimization anyway). I supported this project like many others for a long time in order to see a worthy successor of Project Reality. Nonetheless, I am surprised by the amount of casuals which are content with whatever they get and hostile towards opposing points. All I posted was that I rather want other changes first in hopes a dev might notice it but the shitfest and accusations against me had already started by certain members here. Now I understand developing a game is not an easy undertaking. Sometimes I simply believe you are not focusing on the right parts. Have a great day and sorry for pissing against the wind from time to time.
  10. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    My clan purchased more than 20 copies of Squad almost 2 years ago. It cost each member more than 50$ so I have my expectations at least. It is not for free since it is commercial game. Btw how am I being dirsepectful? For having valid complaints? Why is it taking so long to implement simple and game changing features like locking squads. I think you are treating concerned customers who support this project with actual money disrespectful. Finally I don't like to participate in circle jerks you know.
  11. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Dunno why this is even a discussion. Thought this game is supposed to be the successor of PR. It works well in Project Reality so why should it not be in Squad?
  12. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    I don't want more maps. Add simple things first like the ability to lock squads, range indicators for ATs or GLs and coax for APCs.
  13. [Feed+sugg] Why scoreboard isnt revelant

    Do we want to turn this into a hardcore military simulation or a tactical shooter? What's the point of tickets anyway then? I thought Squad wants to be the successor of Project Reality. If you do not know how the enemy team is doing e.g. k/d wise random players will just give up instantly and not even bother saving tickets. Removing the scoreboard is a way to ruin any close match beacause nobody has a clue how good or bad they actually are.
  14. Spearhead (Alwaysbased)

    Bump.We are currently looking for fresh blood.
  15. June 2016 Monthly Recap