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  1. Brief Feedback on Shooting

    So, while sprinting, pressing the sights button (99% of the time right-click) should be breaking the sprint and bringing up weapon sights. I cannot think of another shooter other than Squad that doesn't let you do this and I personally find the inability to do so in Squad quite jarring. Bullets landing below sights. Stand close to a low wall with your weapon sights aimed just slightly above the wall and your bullets will quite frequently end up hitting the wall. I'm not sure if this intended, because in reality gunsights are located above the actual muzzle of the rifle, but it's incredibly frustrating to experience in-game. Makes me feel like the game has an issue with hitboxes, which I don't think is actually the problem. Also, if this is intended for the sake of realism, I would argue that in reality you'd have a pretty good idea where the muzzle of your rifle would be in relation to a low wall. This needs to be resolved so bullets actually go where the gun sights suggest they should be going. Sight drift/weapon sway. I get this is intended to simulate the inability of a shooter to hold their weapon perfectly still, but its implementation in-game just feels awful and I don't think it's particularly realistic. My main gripe is that when I try to compensate for the sway, I find my hand on my mouse adopting this horrible, carpal-tunnel syndrome inducing claw position (Squad is the only game I've played where I find myself doing this, and I imagine this is the exact opposite of how you'd want to handle an actual weapon). It's physically unpleasant to do this for any length of time and I think it's a result of the sway pattern coded into the game, which I find jittery rather than smooth, forcing lots of very slight hand movements to compensate. Honestly, I'd rather have Project Reality, which has unmoving sights and random deviation, than this. It's seriously unpleasant.
  2. MTLB

    Not in service quite yet, but the Russian 12.7mm Bumerang APC would be a good counterpart to the Stryker. Otherwise a 14.5mm BTR variant would be the best choice. 30mm MT-LB strikes me as something the devs threw in just because they had the model. That's cool for now but I'd like to see it phased out eventually.
  3. Light machine gun should take less space on screen

    I'm pretty sure he's saying that the when the player is not not aiming down sights, they should appear to be firing from the hip. The animations in the game make it seem like the player model is holding the gun at about stomach or chest height, which is unrealistic. The dude isn't saying that soldiers in real-life go around hipfiring SAWs. Also, you come across as extremely condescending talking like that.
  4. Add more Factions

    I'm sort of opposed to releasing too many factions. Rather have the existing factions completed and then add more. I think PR, for instance, tried to release too many factions and many of them weren't entirely finished. Factions I would like to see are the USMC and British. China maybe after those.
  5. Why BTR-80/82 instead BTR-82A/AM?

  6. Why BTR-80/82 instead BTR-82A/AM?

    I'm sure the Stryker's in the works and that'll end up being the BTR's counterpart.
  7. Version 7.2 feedback - running & stamina

    I dunno, I think ArmA has unlimited sprint as well (don't quote me on that). I'm not a big fan of the Project Reality system, with its whole sprint and then walk-slowly-while-sprint-bar-refills deal. It feels a bit like being forced to go ten miles under the speed limit while driving. Not the worst thing, but it's a sort of frustrating feeling imo. People naturally want to go at max speed. Anyways, initially I figured I'd dislike Battlefield's decision to give players unlimited stamina, but I pretty quickly changed my mind on that. It's marginally less tactical, sure, but it makes the game feel a lot better. Also, a game can't account for sprinting when you're life is in danger. It's kind of stupid when a grenade lands next to you and you have to slowly walk around a corner to get out of the blast radius because you're waiting for your sprint bar to refill. Not that I've ever had a grenade thrown at me, but I assume that in real-life you would be able to find that energy to move if your life really depended on it.
  8. Focus (zoom) for Humvee and Dushka 50 cals.

    Yeah, I've heard all this before. I know the arguments. I'd counter that, in my experience, it's actually easier to spot people at range in most video games because the way rendering tends to work makes colours and silhouettes particularly easy to pick out at a distance. Mostly I just find the zoom/unzoom a bit immersion breaking. Also, seems worth noting that both Battlefield and Call of Duty, which you go out of your way to trash, feature "bionic" zoom while using optics. So there's that.
  9. Version 7.2 feedback - running & stamina

    Semi-related, but I actually came around to like Battlefield's decision to adopt unlimited sprint. Just feels nicer to play with.
  10. Focus (zoom) for Humvee and Dushka 50 cals.

    Just going to reiterate my opposition to "bionic" magnification. I find it hurts immersion and somewhat devalues optics. Project Reality doesn't have it and I think it was a good call.
  11. Increased zoom while using focus

    I've been opposed to bionic zoom for ages. Sure, I can see stuff at a distance better irl than on a monitor at 1080p, but human eyes don't have a magic magnification function either. Plus, as others have said, bionic zoom deemphasizes the importance of optics.
  12. Hoping the Stryker will make an appearance alongside the BTR. I''m curious how the MT-LB with the 30mm will be implemented as the vehicle is extremely uncommon irl.
  13. Just a list of stuff I think can be improved on or added: Gamemodes: - Game does not make it clear when the round is about to end. Maps: HUD/Interface: - Would be nice if when a player is speaking on VOIP, an icon representing their kit/role appeared next to their name. - Would also be nice if a player's kit/role appeared over their head in addition to their nametag. - Mousewheel equipment icons on the right hand side shouldn't have 1,2,3,4, etc on them, as these values are frequently changed in the key-bindings and therefore often are not accurate. Weapon Handling: - The hold breath function needs to provide more feedback. It's somewhat difficult right now to tell if you're actually holding your breath and the game doesn't make it clear when you'll need to breath. - It's very difficult right now to make small adjustments to aim - like, say, moving a sight one or two pixels to the left or right- in Squad. When I try to do this, my mouse seems to want to jump four or five pixels around instead of just one or two. Haven't experienced this problem in any other games. - I agree with the people who believe that weapon recoil in the game is excessive. I heard somewhere, I think, that the devs did this to protract battles, but I'm of the opinion that this would be better accomplished through lowered weapon damage. Right now weapon handling just feels really unpleasant. Player Movement & Controls: - Amount you need to fall to take damage is too short. - Pressing the space bar/jump command while prone should make the player stand up. - Players need to decelerate faster when coming out of a sprint. I'm guessing that the devs have the current movement mechanics in place to simulate how difficult it would be to run while wearing full combat gear, but it just makes moving through buildings incredibly awkward. Doesn't feel like any other shooter game I've played and doesn't feel good. This problem is most evident while trying to turn tight corners. - Probably mentioned a million times before, but I want to add my voice to the people calling out for a free-look function. Game would really benefit from it. - Last one is going to be super-controversial and probably cause me to lose any credibility I have, but I think the game should have unlimited sprint/stamina. When I first played Battlefield 4, which was the first Battlefield game I played that didn't have a stamina function, I thought unlimited sprint was a terrible idea because it would dumb down the game. After playing it a fair bit, I changed my mind. I think having unlimited sprint makes the game seem much more fluid and eliminates the tedium of the "sprint/wait for stamina bar to fill back up" cycle that makes up crossing large distances right now. Just makes the game feel much more pleasant imo. - Q/E roll function while prone would be great. Visuals: - I think the animations for pulling out weapons and such look a little too relaxed or leisurely. They don't make me think that I'm in combat. I think they need to look a bit more harried and go just a bit faster. Audio: - There's no splashing sound when moving through water currently. Miscellaneous: - Takes too long for the game to respond to a weapon switch made via the mousewheel. - Trees often do not have correct collision meshes.
  14. Death of the AAS Game Mode

    AAS is superior to the alternatives because it focuses the action. Otherwise you've just got small squads running around everywhere capping and decapping ... So basically whack-a-mole.
  15. Gamey aspects of this game and how to prevent it?

    ... Nametags promote teamwork imo. Much easier to communicate with people if I actually know who the hell they are.