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  1. If you see someone and are not sure whether you should engage them and risk TK'ing here's what you do: 1) Don't shoot because you have no idea if they're friendly. 2) Check out the differences between outfits of the 2 factions. Does he look like your squad mate? Don't shoot him. 3) Ask your SL or another friendly to check them out and try to verify (Binocs, scopes, etc) 4) Check your map. In the current state of the game, 9 times out of 10 if you look at them directly (without leaning, I've found) and you see no name, shoot them. Now there's cases where their name will not pop up even though they're friendly. Only use it as a last resort.
  2. Closed Alpha Version 3

    Whoops double post.
  3. Closed Alpha Version 3

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but with the keys, are there going to be multiple for the ones that have backed for Commander? I assume it's a yes, but I just wanted to make sure. :)
  4. Squad Moments: Scream and Shout

    CPU: AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz GPU: GTX 970 4GB I still get sub-30 fps when the total players go above 16. It's going to definitely improve given time.
  5. shoveling :(

    It's only when you build a massive FOB that gets attacked by a large amount of enemies when you appreciate taking the time to quickly build it.
  6. Squad Moments: Scream and Shout

    Hahaha wow! Also I'm shocked that my microphone actually sounds that good.
  7. Squad Moments: Scream and Shout

    He later said "Oh no you aren't streaming are you..? Oh haha it says twitch off" nope! I was definitely 100% recording though.
  8. In-game kill score feedback

    He's saying hide it from everyone except for the Admins.
  9. Forgot my login

    The username IS case-sensitive, so try capping characters that you think you might have capitalized.
  10. Just bought Squad

    The Squad Leader package doesn't allow you access to the game until it's in Closed Alpha. Currently we're in Closed Pre-Alpha. It sucks to find out that you'll have to wait a month or two more, but trust me, it'll be worth the wait!
  11. Once I get my code, hopefully really soon, I'll be streaming at: http://twitch.tv/Serfma NA - EST
  12. Weekend Preparations!

    Play loads upon loads of Project Reality. Leading squads and in general playing lots of Infantry since all I do is fly trans. Oh also of course loads of soda and quick food.
  13. I thought this was due to them just setting the capacity to 7 instead of it being an engine limitation? I don't see why you're offended by a list of annoying things in PR that'll be fixed in Squad? I see Squad as the "official" PR sequel, especially since it's going to feel very much like PR. Also I posted this list just for fun, and I know Squad is built from the ground up and isn't limited by the engine like PR is. I see Squad as an upgrade from PR.
  14. Here's a list of annoying things in Project Reality that will be "fixed" with Squad. Typing in chat isn't an annoying hassle.No more helicopter bodies. (Laying down then spinning)No more "squad bug" or bugs such as being unable to join a squad if you die and leave one right after. (The latter might be intentional)No more going straight to dead-dead while on an emplacement and getting shot.No more hundreds of server/client crashes an hour.No more weird prone bug where you stand up, lay back down then pop back up. (I think this might be intentional, too)No more waiting X seconds until you think or know your shot is 100% accurate.Less accident spawn-ins at the wrong location or being unable to press enter to spawn in.No more helicopter sound bug.No more transport helicopters with the carrying capacity of 7 when squad size is 8. Sprinting into each other won't cause injury.No more 3rd party VOIPBasically a compiled list of all the most annoying things to look forward to being "fixed" in Squad if you come from playing a lot of Project Reality, even though the additional stuff coming is going to be just as sexy. Got an annoying thing to add? Let me know and I'll add it to the list.
  15. How about an arrow beside/above/below to indicate whether a spawn point is under or above ground? One grand example is spawning on carriers. I hate spawning down below when I intended to spawn above. Just a small quality of life change.