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  1. Why am I getting such low FPS??

    From what I've seen the 1060 does better in most games the the 480. Also, I did a clean install of windows, so there isn't any old drivers. Strangely, even putting super sampling to 2.0x doesn't change my FPS at all. On low I get the same FPS as epic.
  2. Why am I getting such low FPS??

    I was running a Gtx 750 and I got around 40 fps, but now that I upgraded to a Gtx 1060 I'm getting a slightly lower Fps. I don't understand how that could possibly happen. All of this is on Squad 8.9. Ive seen other people using a FX 8350 get nice FPS, so what am I doing wrong?
  3. Why am I getting such low FPS??

    I had a look at the Stat Units and Game was drawing about 30 whereas GPU was drawing around 35.
  4. I recently upgraded from a gtx 750 to a gtx 1060, and now I'm getting about 5 fps lower. Specs are: Fx 8350 8gb Ram GTX 1060. I'm running at 1080p. I've played around with all the graphics settings, and nothing I do makes any difference. If anything, when I use epic settings I get a slightly higher FPS. Does anyone know a possible reason as to what is causing this problem?
  5. Can I run this?

    Actually i have the game. I want to upgrade my PC so i was just asking what sort of performance i'd get with that setup.
  6. Can I run this?

  7. Can I run this?

    Would I be able to run this with an FX 8350 and a gtx 1060? What sort of frame rates would I get?
  8. How Bad is the AMD "Problem"?

    If you do some config tweaking you could get somewhere around 40fps. But you have to sacrifice some quality.
  9. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Performance has halved for me. I used to have a nice 40 fps on a 50 player server, now I'm lucky to get 20 fps. System: Amd fx 6300 Gtx 750 ti 8Gb ram
  10. My specs are: gtx 750ti AMD FX 6300 8gb ram Its not a high end system by any stretch of the imagination, but surely it should be able to run a game like Squad at 40fps with low settings. Even Arma 3 runs better on my PC. And they said the update helps AMD CPUs, but it just made it worse. Dont get me wrong, I love the game, I just wish I could play it properly.
  11. Alpha 6 Public Test Recap/Media

    I can't express in words how excited I'll be if this actually runs properly on my AMD CPU. I got a 6300.
  12. FPS fix for AMD users.

    I was really struggling as I have a AMD CPU and out of desperation I started trying all sorts of things. My FPS without tweaking the game is about 25, and in intense battle it drops to about 15. This makes the game almost unplayable for me. I have a AMD 6350, and nVidia 750ti. I had previously tried all other recommended tweaks, and this improved my non battle FPS a great deal, but it still dropped in battle to about 20. My FPS now is 60 when not in battle, and drops to 40ish in a intense firefight. All I did was the following: Go to Squad>Content and delete the Audio folder. Next go to Squad>Content and open the Default Engine file, and make the following change: [Audio] MaxChannels=32 (was 128, you can try a bit higher, but the lower, the less the battle lag) UnfocusedVolumeMultiplier=0.2 (Was 5, not sure if changing it helps much) Sometimes audio may cut out if you have MaxChannels set low, but its infrequent and will come back in a few seconds. These changes doesn't really affect gameplay, but it will do the following: Constantly replay reload sound (It may be annoying but its worth it for the FPS) Remove footstep sounds (not sure if its just the players footsteps or all footsteps) It will not: Remove firing or weapon sounds Romove VOIP If you don't like the changes it makes, go to steam and just Verify Cache, and it will restore your game. After each update you may need to reapply changes. Hope this helps some of you with bad performance.This is a great game once the FPS is above 40.
  13. Lag when people talk ingame

    Try deleting the Voice.ini and RadioVoice.ini files. Has helped a great deal for me. It will affect nothing in game.