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  1. Omg! "Let the bodies hit the floor" MasterClass indeed sir. And I lov that sneaky frag waiting for ya...
  2. Only if the Modding community do so.
  3. Welcome mate... We have some issues with UE4.14 that UE4.16 will correct some known performance issues. Also we having a big,i mean mahoosive update coming soon with V10 new animation system & more. It's gonna be good.
  4. Indeed Squad isn't like any other game. Dats why we lov it so.
  5. Thankyou so much you wonderful talented people.
  6. Well I'm getting on in life,the Year's of playing JointOps/BHD/DF has taken its toll on me. But I'm still a Nutter & lov it when i shout out loud....
  7. Welcome to the familia mate... If my memory serves me,our Developers have confirmed that "No Sniper Class" but I'm sure some of our talented mods will do so. PS. The Marksman Class will be updated with bipods/scope.
  8. Lovely Jubbly chaps.
  9. Get wrecked Para style. ..Smashing stuff as always mate.
  10. Who are You??. Welcome & Goodluck...Let the force be with you.
  11. Welcome back mate.Just in time for the Mother of all updates coming soon.
  12. ^Sorted^
  13. LOL!!! Ahahaha You cracked me up mate,spat my false teeth out!.
  14. Great vids with loads of action,fun & some fancy skills mate. Stll lov the EOD Team it just cracks me up. Nicely done my man.
  15. "Are you OK" NUTTERS.
  16. Welcome back @Finn55 You're in good hands with my old mate @rulie I've known him for a long long time playing JointOps & always been a Jolly good fellow.
  17. ^Holy Moly!
  18. Definitely it will work with dedicated server's, Clan Scrims/competions but i could see problems erupting in Pub servers.
  19. Ah i see your old training still serves you well.
  20. What's all the rush?...But our Devs are working on the most important face in Squad development & that's the New Animation system. After that its gonna be all gun's blazing.
  21. My haircut is older than you... Welcome to the familia mate.
  22. Fantastic vid mate,highlights the importance of a Medic.Communication and some banter with the downed boys while you save their skinny as*es. Fitting ending to a true hero.
  23. ^Exactlymento This^.
  24. Hahaha. ...That was some funny shiz man. Loved it.
  25. ^This totally. I have seen 2x Squads absolutely destroyed and Whole Squads pinned down, making them obsolete just by Accurate MortarFire. If you've survived a direct strike....Well its a bug or you're a lucky bastard.