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  1. Ranking System?

    This what we used to have at NovaWorld (We lost all our Stats 2013)...I must admit here,I was obsessed by my Boom HeadShots Stats. Those were the days!
  2. What does this game do better than PR?

    Always with the Negative Waves...Don't give us Negative Waves Man! AnyHow Question: What does this Game (Squad) do better than PR.... My Answer: All of It...Imho. When I was Playing JointOps/DeltaForce/BHD I thought I might give it (PR) a go 2009 (Nope Unistalled). 2012 Came along thought I might give it another Sniff(Nope Unistalled). 2016 thought I give another GO (Nope Unistalled) Bollocks I thought...This Game (PR) Every time I tried it , I Died Of Boredom. Squad to Me,has the Flavour Of the Great game DeltaForce with PR Mix. Really, Take a Break,Take a KitKat.
  3. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    100% Agree all that has been said.
  4. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    We still using them in JointOps/DeltaForce/BHD...
  5. Smee SL

    It goes like this A,B,C,D etc etc..Hard Work controlling all those Fire Teams,good job my Man. Ooh,little advice for ya @Smee from O'l RD... When lookin' at the Map,for placing markers & so on...Try going Prone or Cover because you standing in the Open like a 'Lemon'.
  6. Squad For Linux

    Because my Kids used to play them & now my grandkids play "Consoles" & This O'l geezer is Shite Playing them...(I prefer to HeadButt a Rhino).
  7. January 2019 Recap

    Choppers/Jets/Birds...Are for Pussies. <<<<Pussies get it...
  8. Am I banned?

    You need to get in touch with them direct, on their Web/Forum(If any) or Discord...
  9. January 2019 Recap

    Very tasty I say!. Gonna say what I said before, hope we can Shot those Pesky Birds/Drones, don´t wanna another silly bolloxs game, you just sit there like a sitting Duck with your feathered Pants down...
  10. Squad For Linux

    Do the Maths... How many Linux users (Squad Community) are out there? Compare to Crappy MS users?... Is it worth it in Devs Time/Financially... But it has been said before...They would like to do it & Consoles (Urrgh).
  11. Horses for transport for insurgency

    * coughs * Donkey...
  12. The Military Media Thread

    What The Effing Hell... Dude nearly lost his camera + Head. What a Utter Nutter!
  13. Smee SL

    Outstanding master @Smee but you should've Knifed that little bugger of a Sniper. Keep them coming mate...
  14. movement in ADS

    What my man said. 100% make it so. Even in JointOps (2003) going (Prone) gave you the most stable & accurate Fire... Thats why all the Cry babies dished out some golly: "Why are You always Prone RD" after I HeadShot Them,Again!.
  15. Squad is dead or not ?

    @infamousplayer Not being Cocky but going straight to the Point. Why don´t you Fire the O´l girl up & find out for yourself!?. Please Note: (Times,Date,server can effect Player Count). To those who moved on...Effing Traitors.,
  16. FPS on Ryzen 3 2200G (Vega 8 512)

    If you go for it,have sniff at this,might help,might not...
  17. What I wanna know...Is OP IN or OUT!?
  18. Wheel Damage

    Yes mate. I want to Slash some tires & hear the "Hiiiii Ssssss"
  19. Squad and China/Asia, why is Squad so famous there?

    They're using Squad as a training platform for the inevitable conflict of the Superpowers,like the US used DeltaForce 2 in 2000's... Our Asian Brothers/Sister's can see, appreciate quality & greatness in Squad....We (West) our society have became Spoiled brats..
  20. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    @PR-Deer Totally agree with you sir. It´s good to see someone from the PR community can see whats over the Horizon. Yeah I remember mate,I stated somethink like that in 2015...Still searching for my Balls. I know some of our Devs/XDevs played DeltaForce/JointOps, so they must know that "Variety is the Spice of Life" TDM/TD/AAS...
  21. Remake

    Must been a good Day 50 people.. Agreed...Nova hasn´t got the player base to populate all its Games/Game modes, JointOps/DeltaForce/BHD/ etc and The Mods TIC/AW2 and 1,000´s of Maps. I think our friend @GeRo- posted on Novaworld forum "Reunion of JOTR/JOE Veterans"... https://discord.gg/VxSmrbd Believe it or not,TIC tourney still going strong.
  22. Future plan of expanding team size?

    You missed out on the 100 test server back in 2015,those were da Days. Here is the Link but Unfortunately the thread was Closed...Why oh Why... Sweet smell of 100 guns firing.
  23. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Obviously, some haven´t played JointOps/DeltaForce/BHD, But we need "Satchel Charges C4" so we can drop them on a Nading Nub or on a Tank/vehicle and watch them GO Boom... "XFunFactor"
  24. Remake

    Éllo Bois..."Kutu" what a classic,deep deep all out action. Also Loved "Flooded Village" Hmmm that Map was the last time I played against @WARti0k0ne -BG- Do you remember 2015/16 I "BooM HeadShot" Ya. What was that massive Map with loads of Islands 150 Player server? Was it "Laba-Laba Archipelago"? Now, can you imagine that in Squad Omfg...
  25. What Happened Exactly?

    Have a sniff at this... They'll be upgrading on UE4.21 & working on Optimazation...