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  1. Omg.Some real weird dudes you hangout with mate.
  2. I have seen some of our established members use Tube nades like a guided missile....Don't know how they do it because i can't see shitetola.
  3. Yes they did but too little too late to make a difference.
  4. I'm just waiting for my M240 that has been confirmed, the others, don't care much.
  5. Like what...No retreat,No surrender you pansies !. Actually there is a saying...."Sometimes you can beat the odds by a careful choice of where to fight....Where to fight counts.
  6. Get some.... Welcome to the familia, Hooah! .
  7. Yuuup! We'd this Bug in DF:/JointOperations. You need to be very careful going prone in a building/wall. Don't be fooled for a second,indeed we have this cheating stinkers in our game. Look at BF1 with all their millions, they still can't keep this "Stinkers" out, lucky we haven't got this "Rankssystem/unlocks/powerups"bollox because it would definitely be twice as bad .
  8. Any wannabe Medic should watch this,Pure class.
  9. Correct sir...We'd Medics in JointOperations 2003!.
  10. And... Congratulations for your well deserved promotion to "Developer" @ChanceBrahh
  11. OWI has made this game "For all,not just the Few". Everyone has the right to try & learn how Squad ticks.If you don't like it, Man up take the lead.
  12. 'Ere @SmeeJust a quickie mate,is this the same GTX1080ti you're looking at?.If it is less dosh. https://www.newegg.com/global/uk/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814126186
  13. Cor blimey mate!. Last i heard from ya you was going on hols for a week....Shopping 2,7k there after. Let's us know how she performs.
  14. We need people the freedom/time to try it out. Some have it, some need it,some will never have it.
  15. Very nice indeed OP.
  16. Airstrike...?
  17. Nice my man,lookin' forward to seeing the " Dam" hope its gonna be Epic.
  18. I'm with @LaughingJack "Been there,done that,bought the T-shirt" ,I leave it to the young'uns.
  19. Get in...The Man has spoken "Case Closed"
  20. karasu

    Lookin' real good mate, some beautiful scenery.
  21. It's tasty mate,but if I can't shot it I don't want it...Don't want any Phantom Forces if you know what I mean.
  22. Welcome to the familia mate,Hooah!
  23. For goodness sake...When I first read "Changes-are-coming" i had a panic attack,thought for a second OWI have sold their souls to EA/Dice... Thank Gawd I was being a delusional Old Fool!. I can speak Spanglish...
  24. Very nice Indeed sir. This should have a "Pin" in our forum.