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  1. Few suggestions

    I feel for ya!...That was Painful!.
  2. Destroying Vics At Main

    I think we might get swimming lessons in the near future. I don't like the idea of extra protection for this or that just because we've some numbnuts out there. What should have happened,if not done already is, OP should get in touch with Desmo Server admins & Report the player so he could get Banned = one less numbnut in the server.
  3. FOB&Rally - Balance/variety

    Some good ideas here lads...I wouldn't mind seeing RallyPoint capable of being spawned if only the SL is on point. This might slow down the rush,rush get in there hard lads mentality.
  4. SQUAD - ISKT Promo

    Gets you all Pumped up. Very nice indeed my man!.
  5. [Assets] JointOperations themed

    Ooh wow!. Those wooden shacks ain't gonna have No stopping power from bullet penetration... This makes me wanna fireup my Old JO. HappyDays!.
  6. Animation System Update

    Great balls of fire... @Chuc & the rest of the boys...We Lov Y'all! ..
  7. Meanwhile in isis

    *snorts* I must say,i had a good laugh.
  8. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Whoa! Great work my man!.
  9. Night map?

    That looks great @Noxxid3 Was it you that was working on a "Jungleish map" and if so,did you try this Day/Night on it?.
  10. Capzone height limit.

    My own personal thoughts in this matter is...No matter how High or How low, if its in the Cap Zone its Legit & as so many have mentioned. Its bloody good fun!.
  11. Hello!

    Nice one mate & Welcome to the familia....
  12. Dubs video mega thread

    The Goat!.
  13. i7 8700k new cpu

    How much lol.
  14. Turn off enemy vehicles

    LOL!. But really,if you keep the engine on,that vehicle should be able/available to be car jacked by the enemy. It makes sense!.
  15. Yo_'re F_cked - A Squad Compilation

    Yo yo...Explosive my man!.
  16. ITC MODE

    Its gonna be easy peasy... Both sides are gonna meet in the middle and fight like dogs... Who ever holds the most zones. ..Wins. Somethink like that. Okey! I shall shutup now!
  17. Choosing ammo type (bullets)

    To my understanding, this is only available for "Special Forces" i.e, "SAS" have the choice of over 35+ weapons and Ammo to accomplish their missions. But Hush hush..,This didn't come from me.
  18. September 2017 Recap

    Brings Chills to my Bones...Vehicles look mighty tasty!
  19. The "Inevitable" Squad vs Hell Let Loose Discussion

    Personally speaking, this not about Squad Vs HLL but more like Post Scriptum Vs HLL as they both trying to attract WW2 gameplay. What i wanna know is, what is going to be the differences between them?. OP...Are you getting paid to advertise HLL in our Home...
  20. Will we have a desert flat map one day ?

    What not enough "Desert" for ya!?... Remember we have "Fallujah" coming our way...More desert like!. Or you might want somethink from "DesertStorm"..
  21. What are you working on?

    Great work my man! . A quick question: What percentage is your map complete, (no pressure intended)?.
  22. How to be *GOOD* at squad

    I like this thread,like it alot!...Very entertaining!.
  23. Body Dragging?

    Obviously there was a limitation on the old animation system,hoping for big leaps on the new one. Don't ya miss the Old player model's. Those were the days!.
  24. Suggestions: The role of Marksman.

    No Sniper class here mate,only Marksman class. Maybe it will be introduced for you from our modding community. Oh yea...Marksman will obviously get updated in the near future.
  25. Hello all, a newbie has arrived

    Welcome to the familia,HooAh!.