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  1. Out of Memory Error

    Have a look in here...
  2. V10 leeks are here! Release close??

    Thanks for the link mate...Does something look odd with this picture or are we able to do Pickups?
  3. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Yeah totally agree with you boy's....This needs looking at ASAP. Its an Exploit & we'll don't like Exploits being Exploited by Exploiters,!.
  4. Geriatric Old Fart. Still plays video games.

    Great to see some Ol timer's in here... But mate all those games & U never had a go at Delta Force /BHD/JointOps the True & 1st online FPS shooters?. Shame on you...
  5. Let's celebrate!

    Congrats Ol chap. U can't touch this!...
  6. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    Yeah,I remember that dude! He loved playing with the Config files to make the game look like a 90's version. But he seems to have disappeared or gone back to BF: Me,My FPS...not telling y'all cos its embarrassing
  7. Will squad ever come to console?

  8. View on kids playing?

    If your parents are happy with it,so are we. Remember we're all kids at heart...Just with deeper voices (You know what i mean).
  9. Squad on ps4/xbox

    I do remember way back one of our Dev said he would like to look into the possibility Squad on console! ?. If this still the case,who knows.
  10. Are you a good shot?

    I'm a Old git...For most if my life i played with a Roller Mouse and since joining with the times with fancy mouses with 100 different setting's, i can't shot nowt. Now don't get me wrong i was quite good,once upon a time. Sometime ago i went back to my Old love JointOperations to see if i still got the killer eye. Well Fook me after 2 games i got the Killer instinct. . K/D: 69 /Deaths: 8 /HeadShots:29. Top of the list... I think Squad,(personally for myself) has loads of ingame settings that i haven't worked out yet...Because I'm Old & Stupid.
  11. Gas attacks?

    Most probably ain't gonna happen in Squad. But maybe a WWI Mod.
  12. Desktop suitable?

    Price looks mighty good. Don't know what performance you would get?. But the PassMark is reasonable.... https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Core+i7-3770+%40+3.40GHz
  13. High End PC: Low Performance

    And do remember gentlemen, that in this version of UE that Squad is using there is a performance issues so hopefully UE4.16 that the boy's are working on (if I'm correct) has the "Fix" how much more, we will see. (Fingers crossed).
  14. Fight Night McGregor Vs, Mayweather

    180 Million Dollar Dance trailer.... This is Epic.
  15. Free resupply for Medic

    Oh No Smee my old mate, wouldn't like to this "Free" you know,nothing is ""Free" in life...