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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Got My PS Key...Seems like i´ll be playing some WW2. Cheers lads... Post-Scriptum Game Keys Your game keys are:
  2. Let us see kills in game in the TAB screen + others

    This has been spoken multible times... This isn´t that type of game Kills/Kills and Bang HeadShots.
  3. How long till it die ?

    From Reddit AMA... http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=262 Q: Do you plan to develop and support Squad for a long time and make it the best it can be after launch like you did for years on Project Reality or would you rather move on to another new project after EA? - Cellandine A: It really depends on how well the game keeps selling in the next couple years. A big difference between where we're at now that is different from Project Reality is that we have a team of developers who make a living off OWI, and we have to make sure their company sticks around. That said regardless of whether Squad does or doesn't keep selling well after we exit Early Access, we do have a baseline amount of features and content we will be doing after launch. Picture version 1.1, 1.2, etc. All of that said, many of our developers would love to keep having Squad be an organic game with a long lifespan that we keep working on. There certainly are devs on the team who would like to work on new stuff as well (after four years on working on the same thing I think this is reasonable), so I would also expect some new titles out of OWI as well once Squad is complete.
  4. How long till it die ?

    Die? You said Die... I say...It has only began!. I do agree that gamers of this day and age just jump to whatever is the Hype,not like the good Old player who still play PR or like myself JointOperations/DeltaForce for 15yrs +. You just can't get Loyalty this days.... This HardCore fanbase will keep Squad alive for many more year's to come...
  5. February Recap

    Looking good lads.
  6. [WIP] Sarau Desert (Revamped and reworked) [vanilla]

    Oh boy @Noxxid3 just seen all that amazing work.Looking forward seeing this in Squad. Looks beautiful.
  7. Medium Ruck model is too small

    Indeed lads...Because our boys in Squad are probably using the Military Assault Backpack... Somethink like this.
  8. @Razz If you get anymore GBH in the earhole from this so called Internet tough guys, give us a call,I'll sort them out for ya... But honestly, you've paid for this game & you have the right to play it. We'll make mistakes young & old. And pick yourself up, dust off, start over again.
  9. Light Squad Leading Guide

    Smashing video mate. Quick & Easy for SL's wannabes.
  10. SquadCast Episode 3 - Merlin & Drav

    This^ Thanks @Jeepo . Good to hear from our Boy's (Dev's) again.
  11. Teaser Trailer - More SDK ACTION!

    Gives ya goosebumps. Can´t wait to see an extended version. Quality work from our man.
  12. How I Manifested Hate for This Game in Seconds

    And by opening your map you would have seen a friendly marker at that position... Good story thou...
  13. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    Squad hasn't got the player base to split up. We have PS/Hell let Loose that all will be competing for players. I'm staying right here, until the End. "Squad".
  14. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    ^This 100%. If only the likes of US/RUS/BRITS have the capacity to call Airstrikes,No one would won't to play on the Insurgency/Malitia side,who wants to be Pooped by an AI strike,hmmmm not me. If you can't kill it,don't want it!.
  15. Where is the PR style gaming?

    Gonna say it again. Squad is more like the DeltaForce/JointOperations with a PR theme and other's in the mix to make Squad what is meant to be...Squad will/has its own identity.