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  1. I want,I want HeadShots Reward....Like from my old JointOps days *Cries* Because I wanna shout out loud...."Boom HeadShot" "Boom HeadShot" "Boom HeadShot"
  2. the wrench

    Sweet as a nut.... I'm hoping that UE can cope (performance wise) with all this goodness...
  3. Agreed mates.... One of many threads...
  4. ^Because...Different strokes for different folks!.
  5. This is the best,not even the Predator with all his Alien technology Couldn't see through the camaflauge....Ask Arnie. *snorts*
  6. I would say that Squad is more like JointOperations/DetaForce right this moment without tickets cos JOps is about taking over enemies bases. I Lv JointOps with all that meatgrinder (Yea shot me).... Just y'all wait & see when Helis with rockets/stingers flying allover the place,Tanks blowing shizup....It's gonna be a big Kebaboom rocking the house....You haven't seen nothin' yet!. I believe Squad will have something for every style of play....But Tactically/working as a Squad will always prevail on the battlefield. ....
  7. Hmmmmmm *coughs* Trumps Mexico wall sorted then!?
  8. ^Ahahaha,indeed Someones PC is dishing out fake numbers...
  9. Buy it for a game what is & going to be....It's cheap as chips.
  10. Lookin' verynice indeed.
  11. Niceone mate,totally agree with you!...
  12. Great response @Odin lol...
  13. Like i said before, (RX 4 GPU thread) we need a healthy competition from AMD & hopefully others,just to keep Intel on their toes,if not,we going to pay dearly in the near future.
  14. Hope this update will help.....Ouch!Razor sharp!.
  15. Thanks boys!.