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  1. Thankyou for your hardwork @TomNedry and @bbigras you're awesome.
  2. It's fair game at the present time. We could've a capturing mechanic's like we'd in DF/JointOps,you had to capture your Bases/flags in sequences before your enemies bases/flags could become captured!?. Just an idea I'm throwing out.
  3. This would be Epic....Cavalry charge.
  4. @Ratface Get it in! The wait is killing me.....I'm glad it went well.
  5. What sort of system would be necessary to run this monster? But the actual infentry side to it,I'm not that impressed, the other stuff...Oh so pretty....
  6. Yeah,I wanna get on my bike head up to the hill's & snipe y'all!. Yes/No?
  7. I would Ban them on using the Internet for a month. ..Naughty children.
  8. Well...Gonna say it again. After playing DF1 (1998) & Jointoperations for all this years.(still playing sometimes). Having tried so hard to find another game that gets my Old bones going snap,Crackle & pop. Thought I'll never find another,until Squad came along.
  9. I wanna see loads of fraps by this selected 20 lucky few...
  10. RIP Sir.
  11. the wrench

    So much juicyness goodness...Thanks chaps.
  12. Those fantastic SL's Artist we'd then...No gracias.
  13. This isn't no EA with unlimited funds & manpower..Year half ago or so we didn't even have "Prone" but we loved it.totally different game all together now from what we had at the start. UE4 is getting updates so is Squad.... "Steady as She goes"!
  14. Gudun mate....Welcome to the familia.Hooah!.
  15. Oooeeerrr misses!!. I'll tell ya,that ain't gonna happen,prefer to watch paint dry than touch Battlefield....I said Never ever!. If my memory serve me....I remember our Dev (Our main man here) has mentioned before that OWI budget is set in stone for the project. So No Ferraris,Lamborghinis or holidays in the Caribbean but some cash aside for Beverages & Hookers