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  1. Please consider replacing EasyAntiCheat

    The Pain we have to endore for keeping those Riff-Raff's Haxos Out!. But EAC should do more. I remember 2003 JointOps we had "PunkBuster",Had the bloody same,Kicks,BlackScreens. Seem like in 2019 things hasn't changed much.
  2. In the matter of fall damage

    Up & Over it's what's meant to be. Not Up & Jump what we got at the present.
  3. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    Is that you @Dimmie from<:MFH:> JO Squad?
  4. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    @Cedrus welcome to the familia,we're all Happy to see you here... Just give it a Go...You know it makes sense.
  5. Announcing Project Reality Inspired Mod ATHENA

    Goodluck my man on your 'PR Mod' I know it would be Welcomed by many... Also hope the PR Community will give some support.
  6. Modding suggestion

    Everthing that needs to be said has been said. Talking about VietPong Mod wasn't there a Chap Creating One? It looked quite tasty way back.
  7. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    Some Like Hot Other's Not... Just going to Quote: DeltaForce:FTW!
  8. Why all these Fog now? IS squad going causal?

    Well atleast you won't get Sniped ( HeadShot!) Easily and I think it looks pretty.
  9. Modding Weekend Stream

    Mod I'm lookin' forward to is Squad:JO @LaughingJack & when are we getting Bloody Swimming mechanics & Nade-Boats
  10. Feedback on current development.

    Sir,you Hit the Nail on the Head...OWI to survive need Revenue/ Sales for that they require New Player's of different genre. I know when all has been said & Done there will be a 'HardCore Mode' or Mod to satisfy all. Let's Not get our knickers in a Twist until all is done.
  11. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    Great work mate. @LaughingJack One of my Beefs with the current Squad is using (ASDWX Keys)I don't like it,I'm not used to it bacause I've always used (Arrows keys for movement) also using Mouse for steering will be a Plus.Really I'm not mentally Tech on this subject but would have thought this Little bits would be easy for UE4 to implement? I know it ain't easy but you will get there. Squad:JointOps lets hope some of our Old brothers come & join in.
  12. Squad on Console

    I know the Devs said previously that they wanted to,but if this is the case now? Get yaself a PC. You know it makes sense.
  13. Flashbang

    I know it was Cheesy & the Engine was Shite, but mate, it was bloody good fun!. I don't think I'll ever have that feeling again. * cries *
  14. What is Squad?

    I do believe that our Devs experiences in DF:/JointOps/BF/PR etc is what is Pushing this game to be what they want to be...(another classic). I'm getting Old to this Shenanigans by a few Raging has lost his Rage... But those who are to young & naive. DeltaForce 1998 was “Birth of the Modern Military Shooter” Nuff said! This is why we have so many Shooters to this date & this includes "Squad" Peace Out...
  15. Flashbang

    In JO I Used love throwing a FlashBanger into a Compound,get my knifeout do some slashing, stabbing the enemies Cojones while Blind.