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  1. Even though I'm so over WW games this might give me some hope. Wishing the boy's all the best on this project.
  2. Its a real shame because this would be a marvellous map to have. I hope you will find the time & strength to finish your creation (being selfish here). Goodluck mate.
  3. That one is gonna hurt some.Niceone my man.
  4. Welcome to the familia mate. ... I just Copy/Paste link Simples.
  5. @wetblue13 From the last video & your lov for dishing out rockets I'm going to call you "RocketMan".
  6. @WARti0k0ne -BG- & @LaughingJack Totally agree with you boys.
  7. ^Agree Even sometimes with all the due care attention,one nugget gets missed... Lov it....
  8. Very nice indeed but you need to post your videos in this thread....You you Noob. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/49-videos/
  9. Oh eeer thought we were still on UE 4.14?? (But my meds could be effectin' me)
  10. Welcome to the familia mate.Hooah!. If in the future you wanna partake in one of the best Scrims in Squad... If you wanna Join a Clan.... http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/22-teams-clans/ See you on the battlefield.
  11. ^Indeed. With the UE 4.16 update + New animation system we are going to be spoilt real soon.
  12. Spam as much you like. We'll lov juicy stuff.
  13. Friendly mines are marked on the map,there is no excuse for someone driving over them because he can't be bothered to look at his map. If they do (cus shiz happens) it shouldn't be downed as a "TK" but a "Suicide/s"...
  14. What're ya saying here mate..."Size doesn't matter". But totally agree with you & it shouldn't be rocket science to SL's.
  15. Thanks for the link mate... And Love this statement... Squad Review May 2017 this could be the best game in the world And totally agree 100% on this... This is what makes this game unique. You really feel the tension increasing as you move closer and closer to the enemy compounds. Not even the Battlefield Series or Call of Duty or Red Orchestra or Arma has achieved the sense of "tension" that this game provides.