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  1. Whitelisted Mods are Here!

    Great Job Chaps.
  2. too many hackers ruining this game

    Hold on... @Chinchilla & @Andyq are you one of the same? Smells like it. I do remember we'd some Infestation of Scumbags at the beginning,not saying we haven't because they're a Clever Slimy bastardos.
  3. Invasion Gameplay on Kamdesh

    Bloody Good Fight!.
  4. Beta 18 Released

    Cheers Lads & Lasses...
  5. Squad Vietnam War Mod

    'Haven't got a clue'...I hope Not. Go & ask him in his YouTube channel & Beg for more...
  6. The Wrench, December 2019

    Great work you talented beautiful people...One thing thou,Can't we have some of the Infrastructure a little bit more Weathered/erosion. Everything looks Shiny...Hmmm Shiny
  7. First Mod Whitelisting Vote!

    Very Nice Indeed!...Yes Sir! No Sir! ThankYou Sir!...I Knew this was coming,While other's were getting their Knickers In a Twist...Most had the Patience!.
  8. This is Why I love Squad - End of the year compilation

    That's Some Good Sh*t my man....
  9. Can't Believe I Have to Ask This

    Indeed... Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin , Jump around! Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, jump up and get down! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! (Everybody jump) Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! (Everybody jump) Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! What? To Much... Remember "Jump"
  10. Squad Vietnam War Mod

    And this little Beauty...Where have they gone????
  11. Squad Vietnam War Mod

    Long time ago Socrates was working on a VietBong Mod..
  12. AnimalMother's Gameplay and Short clips

    Some Smooth flying my man & a little Help from a enemy Blind BTR...
  13. My Christmas list for Squad

    Explosions Radius- If You Near It You Should Eat It!.
  14. Some New Nations Idea

    Japan...So we can Shout...BoonnZZaaii!!
  15. Emotes

    @Geebus & @LaughingJack Spot On... I mean I'm not against having some sort of awards 'Like Medals' I think this was spoke about in our Forums. Medals for "Medics"i.e (Most Saves), "SL's"Top Squad, "SL's/His Squad Most Points/Caps or "Squad" Most Armor Destroyed etc. Now coming from DF:/JointOps I do miss my "BoomHeadShot Count"... But I'm to Old to Care about this anymore... Ooh my Bones...