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  1. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    Just was thinking about that,this makes sense. In JointOps(Later Ver or mod) we could blowup bridges & even some trees,maybe @LaughingJack can confirm on this but I would be totally satisfied just having this & it would be Fun.
  2. Should implement for everyone’s sake

    * BooM * Mic Drop...
  3. [WIP] Dormant Volcano Isle (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    I have Posted this in Novaworld Forum (hope you don't mind), People seemed to be Very excited about your Work mate!. We'll lookin' forward to the good Old,Rootin'-Tootin' good times!
  4. Alpha 16 Released

    Those who been waiting for Choppers "Happy days" But I ain't getting in...
  5. Shooting from vehicles

    Give us the appeality to Defend ourselves than just being sitting Ducks. In JointOps I rained down, Rockets and NoobTubes from above (GetSome).
  6. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    @deadstalker Agreed,it's that simple.
  7. Wasn't he involved with Comanche 4, it would be good to have some of the original Devs.
  8. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    I Ain't gettin' On No Plane Fool...
  9. Also lads have you seen that THQ (Novalogic Owners) are releasing "Comanche". Still got the original CD. But still No word on DF:AF * sniffs * https://thqnordic.com/games/comanche
  10. Rally Point

    Agreed... The "Presence is Strong" No need to physically Destroy Enemies HAB's/Fortifications Just some Nubs entering the Zone...And whats wrong with the "Meatgrinder"? I Love shooting schmucks who keep on Re-Spawning. I know we talked about it before, but one way was having a Re-Spawn Armour like in the days of "JointOperation" 5secs of SavingGrace then your Deadmeat...
  11. This is exactly what my first thoughts were...This Looks Like Squad!!!. Let Me know 1st Impressions mate.
  12. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Yeah,I do remember that...Donations for the Gangs(Devs) "Hookers & Booze". Then they said, No more Thanks...
  13. New Squad Videos 2019

    Agreed. Good to see ya back Crush.
  14. Hey my Old JO/DF maties. Are you all still alive?? Have you seen this (Task Force Elite) If not what do you think...
  15. Insta-Death?

    Spot On mate...What ever OWI decides,I/we hope we get the Option to change it (Mods).