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  1. It has been along time someone has done a guide for all,thanks for your input & wise guidance @runningDuck
  2. .
  3. Me ,,,Just the new "animation system"... this alone will be the Mother of all updates & will open all the flood gates to all the goodness we're lookin' forward to.
  4. And if you haven't got a Twit...
  5. Sometimes Bigger isn't better...
  6. If this is the case...You should know the direction it's going.Si/No?.
  7. Let's wait & see what the new animation system can do. Agree would be nice to have this in Squad.
  8. Squad was created for everyone,regardless of race,gender,class,religion,sexual orientation,disability...Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! . @Kesha F1 damn man DeafSoul haven't seen him for ages mate.
  9. Thanks for the info Boss....
  10. Deff not a exploit of any sort,again just wanna say we've been using left/right lean way betore you BF/PR boys in JointOperations , a useful tool to have. The only time it's a Hack is when you download the Auto Lean hax...& Yes a few players doutches in Jointops did use it for dodging bullets.
  11. Indeed it does Sir.... Voted YES!.
  12. rasism

    I can't see calling your Squad "RUS Infantry" one should have presumed.... It should have been easily resolved by communication by both parties. ADMIN..Hay "RUS Inf" do you speak English chaps? RUS Inf...Indeed we do. ADMIN...Copy that. Simples...
  13. Or Airdrop them.... My vote Bradleys
  14. rasism

    I don't really involved in this sort of shaningans usually but I'm kinda dissapointed in what's been going down of late,some folks really need to have a good hard look at themselves. I have known @Kesha F1 for a long,long time playing with & against him at JointOperations & Yes he is from Russia & he is an extremely good player & a good fella. Sorry to hear this has happened to you & your mates @Kesha F1 (maybe they don't like the competition).
  15. Get in...It's looks amazing,but the sounds omfg EarholesOrgasm.