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  1. these two are excellent ideas. would give ins. side a reason to attack.
  2. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Great to hear the Turkish community is working on a mod which might include the PKK. The YPG/YPJ (women skins would be amazing) vs. ISIS would also be amazing. Would love to fight the battle of Kobane or Sengal/Sinjar with mounted Dushkas etc.
  3. Hi everyone, so I'm unfortunate enough to have been away from my desktop from just before V7 came out and am likely to not get back to it for a few months. I was wondering if v7 has slowed the pace of the game down from v6 which often saw "steamrolling" with SL's racing FOBs down and backcapping any team which showed a slight weakness or two. With the new logistics system has this slowed the pace down and made "steamrolling" even harder or are vehicles keeping the pace still really high? Looking forward to getting back into the fight! Benjy
  4. Base-Hugging and Super FOB's

    Often new SLs build FOBs in awful places because they want to build sandbags etc. and not for spawning purposes. I wonder if building certain things (walls, sandbags) was delinked from FOBs (and spawning) we would see an improvement in FOB placement. That and more of the newer players (like myself) getting to grips with what works and what doesn't. Really useful thread for a newbie to read!
  5. How to Win Insurgency as Insurgents

    I preferred this strategy doc you wrote. Weird you wrote two...