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    Slowly not going to be Squad - the game is just becoming more and more garage by not addressing the obvious issues.
  1. I'm seriously ****ing over this game because of the amount of ****ing bullshit shots I get hit by when facing M4s....I'll shoot 3 rounds into someone and if they have a M4 they'll hit me once and I will go down....What is supposed to be ingame isn't actually what is....M4s are bullshit - their accuracy is bullshit, their recoil is bullshit....you can snipe better with a M4 than you can with the DMR....Why is this being argued over whether it is an issue or not....it is a problem....you can see that! If a M4 is more accurate then the AK is stronger hitting....but that isn't what happens in game....Come on Game Devs....FIX this....**** helicopters....sort out the game mechanics and balance first!
  2. I'm just finding the M4 is far too accurate and higher damage than any AK in the game. AK climb from single shot or FA is decent but there barely any noticeable climb from M4, 200+ hours of game play experience. I'm sure this post will be ignore by devs and members will just abuse but I know a lot of people in game that also notice the same thing. It is way to easy to smoke people at any distance with a M4 compared to an AK