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  1. Just a minor RP trap/bug/glitch in Chora fellas. Placing the RP in the opened door space of this building group spawned us into the closed section right next door. No one had a key or even a crow bar to get out
  2. Still looking forward to playing a perm. death match. Who wants to be medic class now?
  3. 8.9

    Tanks RD !! Just an update for the devs on the "*Round hit blood pressure FX needs UI slider." bit i wrote above. It's a never mind or please ignore. It works fine guys. I just bought a really really niiiice set of 2017 (prolly actually made in 2015-2016) headphones and i can hear it all fine now.
  4. 8.9

    oops, not sure how that happened, my bad, carry on....
  5. 8.9

    ...before 8.9 fades into the future. my thoughts... You mofo's at OWI do realize...the harder you make this darn game and the more you tighten up those long range hit boxes...the more i am forced to like you. *Round hit blood pressure FX needs UI slider. Previous patches would have had complaints it was too loud no-doubt. Being half-deaf i stuggle to hear the game sample now. Maybe it needs a UI vol slider or maybe i need a new hearing aid and a nice new set of headphones? *RP or FOB placed too close together cannot spawn. I call BS and say by design, and if you are too stupid a SL, to place an RP right next to a FOB, then, im just a medic... but it's something i hear players saying. *Dome main base public projectile protection . To be honest. Im not a fan of the dome protectionist dome interaction BS. It just reminds me of Logans Run. Everyone needs to get beaten up every now n then. It's charachter building. Take ss of those who rage quit. File them when you print them out in alphabeticatle order. ^..see what i did there? i spkelled alphabeticale wrong and hoped nobody noticed. *Noculars for 1st medic. 2nd medic gets a telescope. ....That was supposed to be a joke....bloody aussies. *Points breakdown. In the manual somewhere? Squadies who stabilize a team-mate with their own bandage supply get a bum deal on end game stats.... that's all i did for one whole match and my score was -4.... I already know i am a useless shot, so im not judging here. *** Seriously, i've had it up to here with ewoks lately, to promote teamwork maybe perhaps possibly, players who stabilize team mates should score extra booko pionts for thier efforts and comms, extra booko bonus points scored for players stabilizing inter-squad medics and SL's as a priority. I don't see alot of that activity happening, but i do feel this should be fully promoted as part of SQUAD teamwork intergated philosophy...or die trying. r.
  6. Found a floating rock. No Jedi in sight. Doesn't mean Jedi weren't nearby waiting with blue or green light sabres though...just saying.
  7. meh, ... alpha, happens to me every now n then. Just exit the game, sometimes exit n reboot steam. Sound comes back. Bloody computers...i hate them. I'd still be using XP if it wasn't for ArmA 2OA alpha...and when was that? 2010-11?
  8. *TEASER ALERT* No F.O.B.s were harmed or taken down in the making of this music video clip. Quite ridiculous really considering the title name. However, ...this mix video would not have been made without our SQUAD Dev's hard work in the first place! So please do keep our Dev's in mind, acknowledge, respect and hold that thought for at least three to five seconds or do something else...ffs, at least volunteer to construct a god damn ammo crate in the bushes...or somewhere bushie, in a compound or beside a rock outcrop for the sake of SL rulie's sanity...jeez. The whole point of my next music video production is to put a smile on that dial of the face you own. Lighten-up a cause you're a long time dead. ...first six riginal Squad map recoilless, smokeless semi auto 6min43sec vid not possible right?
  9. FR sea container. Some stoned dyslexic penguin got the stencil ass about...lols. Not accusing OWI mappers or anything, guys make sure to watch out who you buy those darn sea containers off is all...just saying. ...teehehehe..was an engraver for nine point three years. n Im not the best spkeller in the world, i really shouldn't judge. That is my proverb for the day. rulie out.
  10. break- break, all devs and sl's, my squad has been wiped, we have three flat tyre's on the humvee and no beer left, this is an emergency! ..also, i found a floatie on Logar, ...seriously, these darn critters find me? i don't look for them on purpose. Honest. All development must stop on this game until this bush has been grounded. Gee wiz...lucky this is still just alpha man...
  11. Hey thank you man! Glad someone else appreciates this clip. Yer, the Cool edit guys kinda goofed up with this 95 demo. Bought a 486 back in the day for X-Wing and Doom...but mainly X-Wing. Cool edit 95 was on the first or second PC Format magazine cover disc. It was supposed to be a "demo", meh, someone at Cool edit forgot to remove the "save" feature though. Essentially, eight features total, but only two worked in any given session...n so long as the "save" feature was always selected, you could edit the file, save it, exit the program, then restart, selecting "save" along with the next "feature"...load file. Cool edit subsequently fixed that little work around on the next cover disc demo. Ended up eventually getting hold of Cool edit 2000 though i rarely use it. Don't make any money off my tunes, never have, any worked beats, loops n coms mixes are simply a by-product of gaming on-line. I can't help it. ..and while im here, ...feeling the need to de-rail my own topic by posting pics of my custom keyboard X-Wing overlay system i made when i was an engraver. ...didn't have to get any better than X-Wing.