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  1. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    yer right. I have the "official deadline" emails from 2015. Don't make me post the SS's...lol!!
  2. Squad music vid

    doh, my apologies kickin in, comes from the track "RACE WAR" by ICE T...i used to be a big ICE T fan and all...i lost faith with "hip hop" around 1994, it's not my fault. I tried to do my best but no-one gave a fcuk....
  3. Squad music vid

    ... awww shit. Here is how i know 94% of you cant actually deal with the truth. http://www.owenguns.com/lock-stock-and-barrel-magazine/ Peace...fcuk that WAR!
  4. null_value

    Well, Zylfrax should try playing Squad naked and see how that works out. I play Squad naked all the time and it works fine for me. I just don't tell anyone about it. Sometimes you just have to let things free ball for that free style ninja element to take full effect. Roger that!
  5. Squad music vid

    Yer, im real sorry about the photobucket thing. Nothing is lost and will be sorted in due course. Just in case you all thought i was slacking off, i wanted to make sure i had the instrumentals in place to back this post up. Track number three is inbound. "rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters...clear coms" Track number four - release date - TBA "rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters...no hostages" Track number five, um, i havent actually got a name for that one yet but! ... because every vinyl record has a flip side, i can confirm the FIRST TRACK on the "rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters" B-sides companion is called... "ranger rulie and the usual suspects" In the meantime, here is the instrumental version number 3 of 4 for the first track. "rulie rockatansky in the valley of the F.O.B. hunters..." ...and to celebrate the purchase of two brand new chainsaws (still legal to buy here in Australia), i thought i'd share my chainsaw ringtone which very soon, hopefully, if the fcukwits at Telstra can actually get their shit together that is, ...will become my permanent "callertone". Call me and tell me that you love me.... or not Enjoy.
  6. "Music Within" A Nam vet who loses his hearing on tour returns to gets fcuked over by "the system". Learns to lip read and beats that "system" with the unlikely help from a handicaped team player. Just goes to prove, it don't matter if your handicaped... or handycapable like me. Team work ALWAYS wins! My feelgood movie pic of the decade. Just watch it. You know you want to. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422783/
  7. null_value

    What about the, playing Squad naked rule? Im pretty sure that's against EULA, and if it isn't, it darn well should be! At least put a god damn towel down or something....jeeezus...and telling team mates your playing butt- naked should be a banable offence also. It's a friggin god damned darn image i just don't need when im trying my best to darn well concentrate on the task at hand. Just saying...
  8. Squad.exe - No Disk

    No worries, thanks mate. I'll have to give the manual delete a crack. Can't re-install the game on an 8G monthly ISP limit, that would take me 6 months.
  9. Cheers, LJ, i'll try to save you some time though, the partial pieces i found were either BIS or MIS files, but neither the NILE or MED would import or convert them. oh Gila Marsh! where art thou?
  10. jeez LJ, What I really need is a droid that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators, oops, sorry bro, wrong forums! ...What I really really need, is a stock copy of Gila Marsh, ...don't ask me why, or where, or when, ...all i know is, i just need it. Apparently, it come's stock with a fresh v1.6.9.0 TR-ESC install and the final update patch kills it for some reason? I have found partial pieces of the file in the "full stock JO TR - ESC pff zip DL" ...and those took enough time to flippin find thank you very much believe me! since they're all abbreviated, you have to load each one to reveal the map title. Just one copy of Gila Marsh and i will be happy...
  11. Squad.exe no disk in the drive

    Did we get a fix for this yet? The error message box still shows up after v9.6. Anyone?
  12. Why the medic aversion?

    11_Harley_11 and RoyBatty M.I.A. alpha squad medic's. For god and country OWI, bring back the darn medic bino's. ...make your voice heard in the forums...yay...
  13. Backers and founder skins.. not working

    They're are saying it's broken at steams end man. Dunno how many time's they've said that. I believe them for now. Give the crew a chance to sort it. "Insert EA, Activision conspiracy hack theroies here". I hope it's all fixed shortly too, i'm sure many Founders will come back once it's fixed and equilibrium will be restored. Dun feel bad about that 70bux bro, I backed Ranger n still waiting for my name in the credits...but then again, ...WW3 is about to kick off, stuxnet and organism 46b are on the loose...so im pretty sure we are the least of OWI's problems right now.
  14. Strike Back is pretty cool. Worth it for the Section 20 hot lady's with guns alone. Generation kill is awesome too. Be sure to watch the making of the series.