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  1. With all due respect kind sir, i seriously hope Squad never gets a TKOTH game mode. No one really knows the exact inventor of TKOH, not even wiki, but, i suspect, the true culprit..the devs from Neverlogic, the games were Delta Force and Black Hawk Down. TKOTH, a game mode played to this very day by Vets-Actual- on P4.2.8 Intel rigs minimum. APG 7800 Nvidia graphics cards, minimum, and 4GIG of on board RAM, minimum. A game mode i first came across in Quake 3. That's all these BHD - DFX blokes play. Day in Day night.....Angel Falls is coming Novalogic said in 2009. We got DFX2 instead. I got banned from A3 forums for even suggesting AAS game mode. Now whats the most common A3 game mode? TKOTH... No thank you sir. I personally, would not like to see, TKOTH game mode in squad. But that is just me.
  2. ...thank you topper kind sir, for the post, ...but I am still waiting for the Squad PERM death game mode. Now rally points don't matter, but F.O.B.s have ammo crates, so medics can re-supply bandages n good drugs. A game mode that separate's the men from the boys. Now it's no longer Cowboy's n Itchiy bums boys n girls, 2017 it's Marines vs Nasty Talikbanians!! Perm Death game mode is where it's at. Now the medics are important, now coms are even more important. I dream of Jeannie? I don't think so, but it would be nice, ...just attention to SL, protect your medics and the man to your left, n you might live to tell the tale...or make a 1080p squad music clip go viral.
  3. ...old topic, (sportsmanship theme). Fair play requires some form of game ethic lacking with today's generation of players it seems.'s up to all of us to teach the youngling's the way's of the @SgtRoss...
  4. ^lols, day'am man, i thought he was talking about the "Insurgency" game mode in Squad! ...i keep falling for this "click bait" capper here. ...anyways, didn't know you were from WA...we should catch up for a beer sometime mate.
  5. yeah man, not pointing my post in your direction, i assume you refer to Smoked Bastards (a silly user name anyway) comment - - soldiers cannot swim just holded with gravity under water. lols, I'll have to try that next time, get dressed in my WW3 fatigues, steel capped blundstone first responder volunteer bush fire brigade boots, preppers bug out backpack, 100 rounds of ammo, my trusty ol' 303, a kick ass machete and a boonie, ...then jump into the nearest river i can find a see if i float? ....fcuk my old left gum boot!! The rest of those reviewers comments don't even warrant a response, this was the best he could come up with after trying the game for free? Starship Troopers - Jean Rasczak "No. Something given has no value." Maybe i am at fault here to a certain degree, wasn't around for the noob weekend, i have to work. My weekend is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  6. ...go ahead, laugh it up LJ! was late, i was in bed, plus feeling lonely and vulnerable when i called that number...
  7. the moment, this is in my head and i can't seem to un see what i have seen....thanks a lot Chance...
  8. certain we can work this one mate, has to be something simple overlooked surely?....
  9. ^ see...there you go man. I have done this twice here myself to help out the new players, the first fella i helped spoke Irish, i think, ..could have been Scottish?, im half Scottish n Irish myself and can't tell any more..but im Australian and the second fella i helped was French, n didn't speak a word of Irish, ....or Scottish, dude used real time google translate or something to sort the issue. I'am certain your Squad problems will be sorted shortly Lurifax. I see Psyrus is from Japan, if he can't help you, i have teamviewer and may be able to help also. In the eternal words of a legendary squad medic who i cannot name here, "do not give up"
  10. Great post XRobinson. Yep...."words". Sometimes the worst enemy we come across in life is ourselves. Next on the list would be the generic keyboard Social Justice Warriors. They are everywhere these days...getting all riled up n their panties in a bunch over words someone wrote. We could start a whole thread on the topic i guess, try to investigate the origins of a few of the more coulourful ones that get thrown around and misused almost every day. Im talking, without using urban dictionary or wiki. Though wiki and google sometimes do help. Forgive me fellas, not trying to "school" anyone. Here's a few ive researched the origins for shits n giggles. Bigot - Old military term for the "eyes only" higher ups. Mutha-fcuker - a term black men used to describe the white slave master who would take a black woman up to the house for... Racist - professors who studies different races. Now just called Anthropolgy. Then i could list a whole bunch of words lost in translation. The one that amuses me the most would be the American term for "root beer" ...a USA soda drink or soft drink, similar to Kola Beer we have in Australia. You, see...root means something else in my country. How can i explain this diplomatic like...hmmm, here, beer is consumed before you get a root. But if you drink too much root beer, you can get what is called "brewers droop"...and no rooting will be taking place. Catching on? Now, ...hopefully, when Americans ask an Aussie tourist he just met at the grid iron match "which team are you rooting for"? and gets a strange look from the now know why. Im nearly 50, was into hip hop in the early 80's, back in the day it was supposed to be about peace and unity. Gave up on hip hop somewhere between 1991 - 1994. I'll leave it at that and pop this 1990 track in here which i was going to put in another thread but that got locked.
  11. ...boobies mostly. Could be the reason why im easily the worst shot in game though. Never really thought about why until this thread. meh....
  12. Hi Lurifax! welcome to Squad btw. It's odd you got the game working for an hour, then have had so much grief with it? Plenty of community tech heads in these forums who will try to help if you need it. Might have to give up some more info such as OS and system specs for them. Once these issues are all sorted for you, i bet my left gum boot, any teeth you have left won't want to sink into anything else except Danish pastry desert recipes! ...and im nearly 50, it's all down hill after 40 mate!
  13. Small glitch pocket on corner of rock wall. Prone player gets stuck.
  14. rasism

    Funny yarn. True story. If it wasn't for playing so much USA Joint Ops after the aussie servers died in 2009... USA dude on an aussie Squad server about six months ago called incoming targets. Im gonna call it, having spent quality game time with our honorable Sir KFK Podnah, i would say this bloke had that Louisiana, possible Cajun accent? Aussie squad random says over coms... "what the **** did he just say?" ...I step in with... "it's OK guys, relax...i speak American, i can translate for ya'll...dude said we got enemies inbound from the north" ...we all had a good laugh and everyone was cool after that, pretty sure i even have that one recorded as evidence. Long story short....i was on a USA server about two weeks ago, called inbound tango bearing and some merican random dude say's "what the **** did he just say?" ...and some other merican dude who luckily, could translate aussie says..."he said we got enemies inbound from the north!" hehehe...i got just over 1000 official Squad hours racked up now...and that don't include my CPA time not attached to steam, so i had a quiet chuckle before hitting alt F10 on shadow play. Im confident i have that exchange recorded to. Everyone is racist in their own little way. It's human nature and perfectly normal. Step up in game to break down any barriers should they occur in real time. Every little little bit helps and is just another reason why i like this darn game so much. All these screwballs, ****-ups and misfits getting along in a virtual battlefield. You just wouldn't read about it anywhere else on the planet. rulie out.
  15. ....well it's about time you got here Nugzie!