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  1. Small glitch pocket on corner of rock wall. Prone player gets stuck.
  2. rasism

    Funny yarn. True story. If it wasn't for playing so much USA Joint Ops after the aussie servers died in 2009... USA dude on an aussie Squad server about six months ago called incoming targets. Im gonna call it, having spent quality game time with our honorable Sir KFK Podnah, i would say this bloke had that Louisiana, possible Cajun accent? Aussie squad random says over coms... "what the **** did he just say?" ...I step in with... "it's OK guys, relax...i speak American, i can translate for ya'll...dude said we got enemies inbound from the north" ...we all had a good laugh and everyone was cool after that, pretty sure i even have that one recorded as evidence. Long story short....i was on a USA server about two weeks ago, called inbound tango bearing and some merican random dude say's "what the **** did he just say?" ...and some other merican dude who luckily, could translate aussie says..."he said we got enemies inbound from the north!" hehehe...i got just over 1000 official Squad hours racked up now...and that don't include my CPA time not attached to steam, so i had a quiet chuckle before hitting alt F10 on shadow play. Im confident i have that exchange recorded to. Everyone is racist in their own little way. It's human nature and perfectly normal. Step up in game to break down any barriers should they occur in real time. Every little little bit helps and is just another reason why i like this darn game so much. All these screwballs, ****-ups and misfits getting along in a virtual battlefield. You just wouldn't read about it anywhere else on the planet. rulie out.
  3. ....well it's about time you got here Nugzie!
  4. Great work fellas!!
  5. Still here RD mate! My new Squad music video only took me eight months to finish, in-between packing up stuff to move house and fixing other stupid humans computers....i've hardly had anytime to play with me chainsaw! :-[
  6. Not sure what happened with the last build but the light blue local coms indicator seems to be showing up a lot more while not being able to hear or see anyone close? Maybe the local chat radius range could be bigger or a separate UI volume slide for incoming local coms might work too. I would like to see the SL red coms indicator light up for everyone in the squad when SL communicates to other SL's to help minimize over chat. I mean, im all for a bit of in game banter here n there, and as most of you already know, i collect accents then assign them to loop breaks as a hobby. But this game works best when players get serious over coms. Having the red SL coms indicator light up i would know not to tell SL anything relevant until it clears.
  7. Finally finished the darn vid. Dedicated to the Devs first six maps and to the players. Filmed on location somewhere between June and November_ish 2016.
  8. Just got to finish editing down a huge chunk of back-logged May 2016 squad vids. Yeah, ..had that darn shadowplay setting set to 10mins at one point. Doh! ...Which is why every time i hit alt-F10 in game my rig froze up for about 200 years. Long sorted. Anyways, this vid i grabbed the ss from is even more disturbing than the harmless ss i originally posted. I guess from a certain point of view it could be considered to be some form of wacky entertainment...barely...? There was always a video, it always existed. However...I urge you not to watch it though. Please...don't watch this. Don't do it.
  9. Yo Odin, is there pics of these vet skins? Was in game a while back and dude commented on my uniform. I though he was just talking about the desert rifle paint job but he said i had a totally different character skin?
  10. doh! nuts! ...i think it's the same rock!
  11. Just a minor RP trap/bug/glitch in Chora fellas. Placing the RP in the opened door space of this building group spawned us into the closed section right next door. No one had a key or even a crow bar to get out
  12. Still looking forward to playing a perm. death match. Who wants to be medic class now?