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  1. Helicopter / Armor issue

    Helicopters can withstand too much at the moment and it takes an abnormal amount to bring them down. A LAT has almost no effect and even a HAT Tandem's are not enough. To top it off, the heli can even survive a 120mm heat tank shell which is just absurd. With 50Cal and 30mm, I already gave it up because it is a waste of pure ammunition.
  2. IronVision Helmets 4 Tank Crews !?

    Didn't know that was a thing, even a simple 360° non-scoped periscope for the driver would make me happy
  3. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    Tbh the insight zoom should be removed. We have scopes for that job. What tactical aspect do you mean most of the time is pretty much run & gun. Even if your opponent has the superior tactics they still lose if they can keep up with the twitch reflexes. Exactly the same can be said about Squad. Most of the Time its, die to respawn & try again. I can play other games if I want such gameplay loop.
  4. Helicopter / Armor issue

    Yesterday my HAT Tandem hit the front dead Centre between Pilot and Co-Pilot but yeah they dropped the Inf and flyed away like nothing wich was very frustrating.
  5. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    Nobody suggests to renounce on Rally's or to switch completely to BF2 mode, that would be just crazy. And it would be very far away from the Golden Squad time, although even now we are still quite far from it. The rally will always remain an important tool in the arsenal, that much is certain. The only thing we criticize is the fine tuning. In the concept it is a help-tool but at the moment it's the main attack tool. If you're offended by this and Salty, I'm sorry.
  6. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    That's only possible because besides persistent ammo we have a persistent rally spawn which injects new hostiles every 60 seconds ... reminds me kind of Left4Dead2
  7. Helicopters & Rallies

    Had the same though, even if we like such ideas.
  8. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    The old PR rally was very balanced for both attackers and defenders and proved to work very well cause of a very well implemented tested and innovated rally beyond a whole decade. I wouldn't mind if Squad started with such rally system and tweaked it further with persistent ammo and more.
  9. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Strongly Agree +1, especially with the "People rush to the same key points in a map to win games" I know it's harsh but that bothers me for years now and I really regret to be a backer. I truly hope that will change someday but my patience is starting to running low.
  10. Aiming sucks in this game

    About that I have a question. For example, if you aim quickly from left to right. Your visor is not in the middle yet but your opponent is where your visor would be if you would wait another second. Do you hit the pointer or wherever the gun barrel is pointing?
  11. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    +1 Well, you hit the nail on the head.
  12. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I agree, much has been lost over time. 1.I am not really interested in whether it is by definition a milsim. More important to me is the balance / asymmetric gameplay on all maps. 2. You are absolutely right, the general speed in which the match takes place is much too high. The only thing missing is the action/points per minute in the score borad (pls not). 3. Rarely is there a struggle between the objectives. Most of the time they fight on the objective itself or shortly before it, which I find quite a pity. The main problem are the many instant spawn's directly or very close to the action. Vehicles are used far too rarely as troop transporters, which is actually one of the main tasks of the APC's besides fire support.
  13. Jets

    Thanks, made my day
  14. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    The Rally should be more of an option to regroup like now but not a permanent main resource to attack. The rally is very easy to hide and increasing the respwan time would definitely help. But it does not address the problem that a rally in the middle of nowhere can last forever without any FOB in the area until someone accidentally stumbles over it.
  15. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    Would increase the changs of comebacks, also trying out temporary rally's if they aren't near (150-300m) a friendly FOB would be interesting as well and probably lead to more revives and players valuable their lives.
  16. Solution for mortar calcs cheating (DEVS)

    Your proposal and additional removing the magazine to 1 instead of 3 and more AOE would work quite well. The concept has proven itself in the past.
  17. Solution for mortar calcs cheating (DEVS)

    You're absolutely right about that. Fun is more important than realism, but the same applies to simplification. When 1 would be very simple and 10 would be the real-life, I would put squad currently on the 3 and wish that it shifts towards the middle on the 5. That we have a sweet balanced but fun game between too simple or too real.
  18. Solution for mortar calcs cheating (DEVS)

    The incorrect in-game calc for mortars is one of my main reason to not operate such bs. Sure the third party calc is like an easy mode, you don't need proper communication anymore. Its likes playing battleships without ships and just drop the burst magazin pinpoint accurate on target as long you wishes to do so. Did you know anyone on the field that fear the mortar impact? No one cares unless a direct hit. No one runs for cover it's pathetic ineffective and useless. Unless you hit 10+ times the same vital spot such like a HAB, then it starts to get effective but still, that isn't what mortar should do in the first place. The mortar rounds should spread more fear and have more boom and some sort of deviation in gunpowder to not land in the same position all the time. btw. reading comments like "but everyone can use a third party tool" ... everyone with that attitude, don't dare you to complain about cheats even once. It's just another third party tool everyone can access. I'm sure that we all have more fun if all players start using them.
  19. Hit-Detection

    Or just disable the whole thing if someone is less than 5m away, would decrease the frustration a lot.
  20. Hit-Detection

    1-2 seconds spawn invulnerability would be perfect to prevent instant spawn camping like this.
  21. Is recoil broken?

    In general, the recoil feels too low. Why the same weapon with different sights or fire modes has different recoils is a mystery to me. The weapons should have at least the same recoil in the same weapon family.

    That's exactly the problem. People should play in a team and also focus on those things that are important and sometimes this means that you have to risk your life to save others in your team. When a lot of people concentrate too much on their statistic instead of playing decently in their team, I'm afraid that this could backfire and negatively affect the game or tempt people to leave. Even though I like statistics but that's exactly what happened to me in other games. That disturbed or even destroyed the fun in the long run. Meta that everyone was judged after your stats. This was the basis whether others accept you as a player or not or was one of the main criteria to join a clan. In summary, it was pretty toxic. For me, such statistics would be fine if stats like Kills; Death; Score per minute/hour/round are excluded.
  23. v1.7 is worse than v1.6 (Hotfix solved) Thanks Devs :)

    Same here, until this point all runs fine.
  24. Time to remove buddy rally?

    Thank you very much Fuzz :3
  25. map vote?

    Well, that's true if you just dump in a regular vote system. An optional dual vote system led by admins worked very well for us in the past pr days. The first vote determined the setting like urban, desert or forest. For example, if forest would win the admins propose 3 maps for the second vote like Foolsroad, Gorodock or Mestia. When a map is overplayed just exclude it form election for the next few hours and all players would be satisfied.