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    I'm sure they will add CQB sight someday like in PR, but that is pure speculation by me, if not i would be pretty dissapointed.
  2. Increased Aim Punch to improve the flow of CQC

    +1 That would really helpfull and support a more immersive experience. I would also like to add that currently there is no difference between healthy + empty stamina and near-death/revived player in regards to sway/aim accuracy and that feels kinda awkward, to be honest. On top, more times than often especially in CQC if someone getting shot in the back and he gets behind cover (doesn't know who hit em) an exp/skilled players will reliable poke the same corner and eliminate the thread consistently even if the thread is 50-100m (non CQC range) away in a long hallway between buildings because there is no punishment for getting hit in sway/accuracy. That's all makes Squad fell just like any other fps out there in regards to gunplay and I really hope that will change someday to be unique and more fun to play.
  3. Weapon customization or class customization

    The gun handling already feels like an Arcade FPS except for the recoil and the diverse gameplay is lacking because nearly all classes have a close-mid range rifle. For the diverse gameplay aspect, most classes have the same gameplay even for AT and Engineers if they didn't roam around hunting Vic's and Radio's (staying away from the squad). The SL has access to a sexy build menu but too bad the feature is only useful for 3 things spawn, AT, suppressing (rarely used). At least with the new Vic's and specially helo's in the future, we got something different and will help the game to be more dynamic and less monotone.
  4. Mortar

    I would like to discuss possible mortar changes that benefit the overall behaviour of the mortar operator and their victims. First of all, I would like to share what I like and dislike about the current mortar's and why I think a change is needed in the first place. The concept of indirect fire can be an effective option to suppress the opponent position or to force that the inf/vehicles need to get in cover or reposition. That said the one thing that a Mortar operator can't see is the target area itself and often need a scout at the frontline. But the main issue is that you can't miss your target if it gets marked thanks to the pinpoint accuracy and even without a mark you can still be pinpoint effectively thanks to third-party website/apps. Thanks to the pinpoint accuracy the infantry doesn't care/worry about the incoming mortar fire if the first shell didn't hit their position because they know the second and third one will miss as well and the mortar just getting ignored/ridiculed. To be honest that brakes some of the immersion, at least for me and some friends with the current mortar's and that why I would like to discuss some changes. I would like to suggest that the mortar fire gets some more impact in the field and in the mindset of the victim's that they get more worried about incoming mortars but not to a point that is ridiculed. Therefore I will provide some nerfs and buffs at the same time that the whole system stays balanced. The overall fire rate and accuracy should be decreased that we can increase the impact/splash radius of HE and the general upkeep. The smoke output could be simply increased and adding airburst would add more variety to choose from for engaging certain targets with the mortar. My initial suggestion's in short For the mortar itself - Mortar magazine from 3 to 1 - Decrease fire rate to ~6-12 RPM (~5-10 sec reload) - Increase ammo cost per shot to ~75 - Add more deviation, less accuracy ~25m radius/50m diameter where the shell can land For HE shells - Increased killing radius to ~34m - Increased bleeding range ~51m - Increased slightly wounded range ~60m For smoke shells - Increase the smoke output by ~x2,5 per shot For airburst - That just something on my personal wishlist. Airburst is a shell type that explodes mid-air for more effective against infantry in the open but less effective against structures and didn't penetrate the armour of vehicles. The increased splash radius with v13 was much needed but wasn't enough or do you think otherwise? I would like to hear your opinions especially if you play a lot of mortar or being on the opposite receiving end.
  5. Please add vehicle Flip or Recovery function

    bugs < reckless driving in most cases. Some sort of recovery tanks would be possible if the average rounds would take longer.
  6. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Nowadays most games are sold as a service and 1.0 doesn't mean anything more because updates will always be a thing anyways. So a finished release date is more than unrealistic than ever before. It's done when it's done plain and simple without the insane unhealthy crunch time.
  7. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Well, think about it. First one comes with the increased zone if someone still wants to mine he can do but it becomes more unlikely do to more ways to choose from. Seconds the distance needs to be dynamic because each map is different so that the playable area only gets minimal affected. Second.2 The restriction of my suggestion is only for explosive deployable mines/IED. Second.3 C4 should still be placeable in the restriction area because enough ppl would exploit that with a radio. For Example Narva; Fools Road; Sumari; Kokan Note: The drawing is far from pixel-perfect but it should give you a more detailed picture of my suggestion.
  8. Camping Main

    It's still a game and some ppl play tournaments on a competition level, balance and fair play should be the foundation. Other said it's kind of a sim and war isn't fair, now it's the question which way we want to play. We could play dirty by camping the main with mines/at so no supply's can be delivered, or alternatively, just make sure they can't cap their first flag. Both ways are very effective and the mine one is pretty much a passive form of fire and forget (low-risk high reward) but do we really want that kind of playstyle as meta?
  9. Camping Main

    People laying mines in front of opponent main base should be punished accordingly because that's "Main camping" as well.
  10. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Yeah, main base camping/mining is really annoying. To be honest none of your 3 suggestion's would change the issue because someone would still be able to mine the main. An extended 2nd layer of main base protection (prevented area for explosive deployment) 300,500 or 1000m of the main or something similar would be more effective.
  11. Mortar redesign

    How about: mobile (light) mortar and static (heavy) mortar ?
  12. Autonomous Squad

    No Autokick at all would be best in my eyes, just let Admins handle the situations. Misstakes will happen like 6 years ago, somone tried to nade me but failed and the nade ruturned to sender and teamkilled himself +5-7 teamates and a laughed so hard ^^ He didnt got kickied or banned because he didnt do that on purpose.
  13. Autonomous Squad

    Even if you put them deep in enemy territory, the battle will shift in ~15 min and the enemy territory can become friendly territory.
  14. Autonomous Squad

    Did you never use explosives in any form? A single mine can kick you for nothing because someone else made a huge mistake.
  15. You need room for negotiations if someone said 300 and you say 100 you will most likely land on 200.
  16. Alpha 15.4 Released

    That's the main reason most player just charge regardless of the thread because they know they can get revived which leads to low-risk high reward strat. Well, you didn't speak for all but for a good chunk that's for sure, we ordered 10 copies and 3 of us got it with our 3dAc friends together 25 copies. Plus the other clans like PRTA, OD-S etc. The trigger-happy player base which is not interested in tactical, moreover, realistic gameplay and cannot stand walking for 5 minutes without a single bullet being fired plus the lack of communications like didn't call certain threats or interrupted crucial call-outs with less prior targets. That killed the fun for near all backers in my clan maybe I will follow them. For the casual aspect on the most servers, you only need 3 ppl. with really good twitch reflex to dominate any inf fight which is fun but ridicules. Who needs proper tactics or positioning if you can just outgun your opponent with better reflex and fobs tend to be the backup of the backup rally and thanks to the buddy rally often you can just ignore the fob at all. The Tactical layer of Squad is often Ignored and deserved to be more important. Your gun should be a tool to execute a tactic and not be tactic itself. Playing medic is well, both your 3d hud and your minimap have so much blinking/flashing elements and you often get distracted from your task. But it's still the best "just go full Russian, rush b" aka Rambo role in the game thanks to the self-heal/treatment which need to be removed soon.
  17. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Thank you for putting my thoughts into words on this topic :3
  18. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Thank you, forgoing a step in the right direction again :3 Well, I'm pretty sure the day we get access to transport choppers will resolve both issues. Firstly the chopper transport grants you a viable option for respawning at main with your Squad and the pilot can take you pretty much elsewhere within seconds. Secondly, we didn't get stuck at main anymore if someone rescued an abandoned vehicle. You had 3 option's to get back Walk/ Respawn or take another Vehicle which felt for most ppl. unrewarded or even boring. With the transport chopper, we can get back without spending several minutes walking, wasting tickets or abandon the next vehicle. Edit: Besides, the Pilot could also drop you at the abandoned vehicle.
  19. Sniper / Breacher Class

    Yeah just stick to the full rush tactics / no different playstyles are allowed. Sarcasm off. The Breacher / Sniper(+Spotter) role would be a great addition to the current rolls. These roles worked very well in the past and they would work very well today. A common team-oriented mindset is the only requirement needed for these to effectively operate. The main problem is even with mic, some ppl. didn't cooperate at all or just be stubborn and didn't accept other orders. Players should adapt oneself to Squad and not vice-versa. More versatility is always appreciated by my site.
  20. That should be in Vanilla Squad.
  21. Urban echo sound effects

    I hope so.
  22. More C4 or increase the damage

    Did you remember the days where you be able to disable the radio with a single knife swing? I can relate to both sides in this discussion. A lone wolf shouldn't be able to remove a radio so easily, on the other hand, if the team didn't secure or watch the radio they literally asking for being punished.
  23. When is the Arab-style music van coming back?

    Would be amazing but I highly doubt it.
  24. Prevent spawn misclick during dragging the map

    I really miss the spawn confirmation.
  25. -60 tickets per minute ticketbleed?

    Fighting the same objective over and over again is extremely repetitive too. I really enjoy fighting at other places like 1-2 caps away from the main spawn. These rounds are shitty cause you know you can't win them anymore because you lost the middle flag which results in the king of the hill gameplay.