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  1. Mortars are quiete underpowerd in terms of splash radius. My 2 cents are a decreased fire rate = remove the magazin (how is that even possible) ... and increase the splash radius [damage its fine dosent need to be changed], last but not least ~ 50 ammo points per single shot could be balanced. Imo this would be fit into the gameplay better.
  2. missing crewman role and the current solo 1 man APC / IFV meta. I get frustrated everytime if my eye catch this szenario and the worst thing is no penalty in swap time between driver > gunner or even worse. You can press reload, switch to driver, move around, switch back and reload is done ? The game is all about Communication & Teamplay except for lonewolf vehicle operators.
  3. [Poll] What is the most wanted mod by the community?

    Found that piece randomly and would like to share :3
  4. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I really like the IDF in PR with the TAR rifle and the Merkava tank :3
  5. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    What about a tiny icon in the lower right corner like the firemode (1,3 or A) that only appears if your gunbarrel line of sight hit a wall/objekt within 1,2 or 3m? This would be a compromise and over 99% of the time the icon dosent appear except you point your gun all the time to the ground.
  6. Yet another mortar calculator

    The W♥S one is very painfull ... switching between right and shift+right didn't work so well. Looking forward to the Reddit one, thanks for sharing ^^
  7. Yet another mortar calculator

    Some sugesstions Could a Map be added into the Application ? when you entered your mortar position it will appear on the map and display a circle (or somthing else)that let the user show the max. range of the mortar. ~ Would be helpfull for planning, where to put down a mortar fob Somthing similar for the target position would be helpfull as well, if the target area gets just highlighted on the map would be great to figure out wrong inputs (missclicks) into the system.
  8. i support your idea :3
  9. Disable team switch or hide map

    Thats basicly ghosting which nobody likes. Yesterday a random player joined my squad and told me "i know where their fob is" and my respond was "Thats nice for you but i don't care and dare you to tell us about it, unless you have clear vision with your own eyes" But disable team switch would be the wrong way because freinds or teams will be discerped ... this will only help to piss people off.
  10. [Faction] French Forces

    I really enjoyed the FRance riffle grenade with different types like frag, smoke or heat back in project reality :3
  11. [Poll] What is the most wanted mod by the community?

    That would be a new level of asymmetrical gameplay :3
  12. [Poll] What is the most wanted mod by the community?

    I really liked BF 2142 but i also have something else in mind. It would be pretty cool and scary to fight in a forest against the opponent team while some wild dinosaurce roam around through the undergrowth. The gimmick is gunsounds are tempting predators ;D
  13. Alpha 9.8 Release

    Its a pretty nice to have feature, if we get this someday :3
  14. World Detail

    Got the same problems with any UE4 game. Exactly, i hope this will be resolved in the furture, a working AA would be a start.