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  1. Rally Point Changes Needed

    In fact, he said that but it was also noticed that he indirectly means that the squad has not yet reached the point and is way too short.
  2. Rally Point Changes Needed

    +2 I feel exactly the same way and I'm so disappointed how thing turned around. More and more often displeasure comes up in me and I wish I had not supported Squad on Kickstarter. But it is as you have already said and even if I wish it too deeply like others, it will probably never be fulfilled.
  3. A Place for Tasty Leeks

    Same, i hope they get released together with Muttrah City.
  4. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    Wasted potential to create alternative approaches/gameplay imo, could work if we have 50vs50 servers and limit the roles of Spotter/Sniper to certain conditions like a recon vote similar to the cmd vote or give the cmd the power to promote a small squad 2-3 ppl to get access to these roles. Solo Squads and Squad with more then 3 ppl are excluded to emphasize the task of playing passive in 2nd row and not at the front. Gather Information, Communicate hostile position /movent and use the long-range capabilities to deny certain actions like shooting a TOW/Kornet, repairing a vehicle and cover your vehicles from LAT's / HAT's. It would be a fresh breeze to play something different from the current rush /non-stop-in-action meta, this type of gameplay is getting stale and boring tbh.
  5. Rebel commanders OP?

    But artillery/airstrikes and mortar didn't fly into tunnels, bunkers or houses. With each patch, Squad gets more and more casual and removes some sort of actual teamwork or tactic. You could scout something with the drone and let other ppl finish the job or just use a DIY IED Drone.
  6. Rebel commanders OP?

    True, it's pretty annoying. I am afraid that this is not a bug but a feature.
  7. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    So damn true. But the main issue is that the sniper role would be pointless without his best bud Spotter role to access an important vantage point, spot & indentfify targets (especialy vehicles like IFV & Tanks), determine the distance and cover his back (tripflare).
  8. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    Well, Squad violates its own principles that were originally promised.
  9. suggestion Ammo component on Logi truck

    Every vehicle that is destroyed explodes like a giant firework, only with the difference that it is only optical and you don't burn your fingers even if you stand directly next to it. The collision damage is very strange and only becomes noticeable at high speeds like +70 km/h or even more. I explained that in my previous post. What would change is that the drivers and passengers of logitrucks that come under fire would not only have to dismount to save themselves, but also move away from the truck for a few meters. The same applies if the logi is loaded or unloaded by someone and the truck is destroyed at that moment. The difference is that C4 does not even come close to the IED. Even if you put the C4 two inches away from the truck, it won't do enough damage to destroy it.
  10. suggestion Ammo component on Logi truck

    Throwing some shrapnels around on the initial an ammo container cook-off (i assume 5-10m radius). I agree it would be preferable if the supplies would be visible in some form like physical boxes, containers or something like that. Collision damage is already added even if you put a C4 (30sec fuze) in front it doesn't deal enough damage to destroy an opponent vehicle (plus its hard to time). In case they added shrapnels to exploding vehicles it still wouldn't add any dmg even against light armoured vehicles. The Results if someone would abuse that against opponent Inf. would be pretty ineffective. First, you would need to kill 7 men to make the waste of a logi + yourself worth it, ticket wise. Second, it's insanely likely that you get shot out and die if you drive towards 7 men or that. Third, even if you manage to accomplish that it's pretty likely that one or all gets revived. The only one affected by this would be the Inf standing right next to the logit that gets destroyed, while unloading/loading or hopping off right before the explosion.
  11. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    I agree, especially when mortar rounds landing near your position and do no dmg at all. I just ignore them most of the time.
  12. suggestion Ammo component on Logi truck

    I don't think so. His suggestion sounds worth a discussion to slightly reduce the holding hand's effect. There are enough players who are not aware of their surroundings and stand too close to exploding ammunition boxes/vehicles, this behaviour should be punished for not paying attention. That thing won't explode even if you drive full speed into a wall or opponent vehicle. I can't see a "suicide truck" in that at all. Please elaborate further on how such a change would turn a normal truck into a driving bomb.
  13. The Wrench, February 2020

    +1 this map brings back so many good memories, looking forward to it Edit: The "HARDENED BY BATTLE" looks good so far. I really like the explosive suppression, aim punch and radio changes.
  14. IronVision Helmets 4 Tank Crews !?

    Didn't know that was a thing, even a simple 360° non-scoped periscope for the driver would make me happy
  15. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    Tbh the insight zoom should be removed. We have scopes for that job. What tactical aspect do you mean most of the time is pretty much run & gun. Even if your opponent has the superior tactics they still lose if they can keep up with the twitch reflexes. Exactly the same can be said about Squad. Most of the Time its, die to respawn & try again. I can play other games if I want such gameplay loop.