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  1. Autonomous Squad

    No Autokick at all would be best in my eyes, just let Admins handle the situations. Misstakes will happen like 6 years ago, somone tried to nade me but failed and the nade ruturned to sender and teamkilled himself +5-7 teamates and a laughed so hard ^^ He didnt got kickied or banned because he didnt do that on purpose.
  2. Autonomous Squad

    Even if you put them deep in enemy territory, the battle will shift in ~15 min and the enemy territory can become friendly territory.
  3. Autonomous Squad

    Did you never use explosives in any form? A single mine can kick you for nothing because someone else made a huge mistake.
  4. Announcing Project Reality Inspired Mod ATHENA

    You need room for negotiations if someone said 300 and you say 100 you will most likely land on 200.
  5. Alpha 15.4 Released

    That's the main reason most player just charge regardless of the thread because they know they can get revived which leads to low-risk high reward strat. Well, you didn't speak for all but for a good chunk that's for sure, we ordered 10 copies and 3 of us got it with our 3dAc friends together 25 copies. Plus the other clans like PRTA, OD-S etc. The trigger-happy player base which is not interested in tactical, moreover, realistic gameplay and cannot stand walking for 5 minutes without a single bullet being fired plus the lack of communications like didn't call certain threats or interrupted crucial call-outs with less prior targets. That killed the fun for near all backers in my clan maybe I will follow them. For the casual aspect on the most servers, you only need 3 ppl. with really good twitch reflex to dominate any inf fight which is fun but ridicules. Who needs proper tactics or positioning if you can just outgun your opponent with better reflex and fobs tend to be the backup of the backup rally and thanks to the buddy rally often you can just ignore the fob at all. The Tactical layer of Squad is often Ignored and deserved to be more important. Your gun should be a tool to execute a tactic and not be tactic itself. Playing medic is well, both your 3d hud and your minimap have so much blinking/flashing elements and you often get distracted from your task. But it's still the best "just go full Russian, rush b" aka Rambo role in the game thanks to the self-heal/treatment which need to be removed soon.
  6. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Thank you for putting my thoughts into words on this topic :3
  7. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Thank you, forgoing a step in the right direction again :3 Well, I'm pretty sure the day we get access to transport choppers will resolve both issues. Firstly the chopper transport grants you a viable option for respawning at main with your Squad and the pilot can take you pretty much elsewhere within seconds. Secondly, we didn't get stuck at main anymore if someone rescued an abandoned vehicle. You had 3 option's to get back Walk/ Respawn or take another Vehicle which felt for most ppl. unrewarded or even boring. With the transport chopper, we can get back without spending several minutes walking, wasting tickets or abandon the next vehicle. Edit: Besides, the Pilot could also drop you at the abandoned vehicle.
  8. Sniper / Breacher Class

    Yeah just stick to the full rush tactics / no different playstyles are allowed. Sarcasm off. The Breacher / Sniper(+Spotter) role would be a great addition to the current rolls. These roles worked very well in the past and they would work very well today. A common team-oriented mindset is the only requirement needed for these to effectively operate. The main problem is even with mic, some ppl. didn't cooperate at all or just be stubborn and didn't accept other orders. Players should adapt oneself to Squad and not vice-versa. More versatility is always appreciated by my site.
  9. Announcing Project Reality Inspired Mod ATHENA

    That should be in Vanilla Squad.
  10. Urban echo sound effects

    I hope so.
  11. More C4 or increase the damage

    Did you remember the days where you be able to disable the radio with a single knife swing? I can relate to both sides in this discussion. A lone wolf shouldn't be able to remove a radio so easily, on the other hand, if the team didn't secure or watch the radio they literally asking for being punished.
  12. When is the Arab-style music van coming back?

    Would be amazing but I highly doubt it.
  13. Prevent spawn misclick during dragging the map

    I really miss the spawn confirmation.
  14. -60 tickets per minute ticketbleed?

    Fighting the same objective over and over again is extremely repetitive too. I really enjoy fighting at other places like 1-2 caps away from the main spawn. These rounds are shitty cause you know you can't win them anymore because you lost the middle flag which results in the king of the hill gameplay.
  15. -60 tickets per minute ticketbleed?

    That would be a great opportunity for some comebacks, I really like that idea Yep, and on top that encourages some sort of steamrolling, before the defence can regroup and execute a counter-attack they will lose the next flag.