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  1. Drag / carry bodies?

    It's panned Please take a look here too, if you have more Questions like this ^^
  2. Any specific small arms you'd love to see?

    I really liked the CTAR-21 and the C8A3 in Project Reality
  3. Squad Free Weekend Love

    Free Weekend Player's be like The whole Weekend was pure Fun, with all the Newcomers
  4. Very interesting, i had more fun watching this then playing battlefield 1.
  5. Foliage Problem

    Dude you need to upload your Screenshot, nobody except you can see this one.
  6. The Wrench - December 2016 Edition

    indeed, it looks pretty amazing :3
  7. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    1 year anniversary on Steam, thank you for your great work!
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!

    somewhere at the beginning of the topic you find a dev response with the date when the e-mail was sended.
  9. M4 Sound Design

    The Videos remeber me on somthing, i didnt want to start a own topic for that, just what about different rounds like the green tip for the game, we see in the last release notes some penetrations gifs and the green tip's are produced for higher penetrations values right ?
  10. Plans on thermals for vehicles?

    I have the same thought ... i notice 3 Thermal version in PR Grey, Green and Red, but the red one was very rare
  11. SUGGESTION: V8 new compass idea

    The rounded version is interesting thought, but on this image way to much.
  12. Squad funny bug moment

    This guy was lucky that the logi still was on the ground ^^
  13. Game crashes after update V8 at start up

    If melbo version is working maybe he can uploud his whole SwwetFX ^^
  14. Gun sounds need to be improved (sorry just had to bring it up)

    I really enjoy the old Sound of the M4 back in the close alpha ^^
  15. Takes the Biscuit

    I hate them ... only like it with sugar glaze and good old plum jam.