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  1. Bad game culture at the moment

    I'm speaking about vic-squad like tanks, not about butcher's supplier.
  2. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    That's a pretty accurate description.
  3. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Why are so many suggestions pushing the game to an even faster pace? That's kinda annoying tbh.
  4. Bad game culture at the moment

    That's half true, anyone near vics will hear them however for your vic-squads there are probably too far away to be aware of them, so marking them+inform them via voip will help them to decide a rough direction where they can go.
  5. Bad game culture at the moment

    Well, that would be mostly used for attack purposes and keeps the mentality to quantity instead of quality, just throw enough meat against the flag until it's yours.
  6. Bad game culture at the moment

    I'm skeptical because that game don't have any sort of downtime at the moment and that would be further increase the action per min.
  7. Bad game culture at the moment

    Or we just use air-transport in the future ;D
  8. Bad game culture at the moment

    Kind of but not really. You aren't that far off, every SL can decide where and when to place their rally. The rally is a temporary regroup option in concept if your Squad got wiped. The current meta is far off and rally daily used as a sort of mini hab with endless spawns. You can even play and win a round without placing a single fob and just play with rally's. Hold your rage I'm not finished yet. I know temporary rally's would be quite problematic so let's talk about options that would improve gameplay and team-play at the same time. The rally could have a disappear timer (~2.5min) but as long a friendly FOB or APC/IFV is around (~250m) the timer would be on hold&reseted. That would encourage more communication between the Squad's and some more MECH-INF. At the same time, solo Squads wandering around would be limited to temporary rally's. They tried the regroup function with the 60 wave-spawn that kind of work but not like intended imo.
  9. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    You're right, the actual Vanilla game should be more hardcore. Sorry but that's not true at all. Good aim and twitch reflex are way more important than good positioning for teamwork it goes 50:50. That happens on all servers across the board (Pubs/Clan/Tournament).
  10. Bad game culture at the moment

    Rally's should be used as a backup instead of the main spawn. APC/IFV can be used as Mech-Inf as well.
  11. Rally point feature

    Yeah, the Buddy Rally topic is already well discussed.
  12. You didn't get it, do you? Guess what happens most of the time if someone is trying to repair? They get killed. When you would assist them with the field-repair you will get killed too, if nobody is covering the area around the vehicle first. I know scanning nearby field & buildings aren't fun but that crappy job needs to be done just like saving abandoned/disabled logis. Field-repairing is risky and should be risky. Thatswhere the automatic repair function comes in, it's risk-free and grants a huge advantage in combat. That's the point/issue OP stated. Any vehicles in range mutate into an AT/.50Cal/30mm/120mm bullet sponge depending if you can or can't destroy them instantly or with 2 hits otherwise it results in ammo waste plus a serious disadvantage to fight against. You even agreed to that kind of issue like myself but I disagree with your suggestion that anyone should be able to get repair's done because that didn't address the risk-free issue for the vehicle crew. Last but not least I will address your sense about teamwork. A team is setup up by different peoples with different roles, they help each other out without taking the role of someone other. A nurse didn't swing the scalpel, the policeman didn't operate a fire hose, the striker didn't catch the ball with the hand, the waiter didn't cook food. A Team gets the Job done if everyone knows their role. Now let us take a team into squad, first of you need an attack and defence force. Next ones are the vehicles and last but not least are special roles like mortars. You won't play a perfect round and something will go wrong, in our case the Vehicle needs repair. While the Crew task is anything related to the vehicle itself, the Inf (most of the time the defending half) task is to provide the repair station at their fob and keep the area secure and spot incoming threats. When the Inf would help at repairs they shouldn't be surprised if the opponent can sneak by or even set up an ambush.
  13. Atmospheric Ambience

    One layer on Skorpo features rain and I really like that. Some improvements and more atmospheric ambience would be amazing.
  14. Pardon, are you kidding me? or do you misunderstand me on purpose? Inf can help secure the area around a friendly vehicle, especially if the vehicle lost the engine/tracks/wheels. When an opponent vehicle appears you still have your team vehicle that will mainly focus against the opponent vehicle but don't forget that you have friendly Inf around and they have at least access to LAT or even HAT and can support the friendly vehicle by damaging/immobility kill/destroy the opponent vehicle. No Vehicle even a Tank can do Anything if they are tracked or without engine and surrounded by Infantry it's only a matter of time until the vehicle gets destroyed because the Infantry denied any repairs being done. That's why a secured area around the vehicle to repair is so damn important and you need your fellow teammates for that job. Do not forget that most Vehicles get disabled/destroyed by Infantry and your comment that Infantry can't do anything is a pure lie, even the US Grenadier cant damage/disable/destroy vehicles up to the BTR's. Do you even played as a LAT, HAT or Crewman? Do you know which components you need to hit/hide? Do you even once called for help for your vehicle or responded to someone in need? You are part of a team and a one-man team isn't a team by definition. The game keeps flowing if the whole team knows their part what to do and NOT to do. I'm so sick of it if someone twisting my words.