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  1. Rally Points system make this game arcade ?

    You needed to place the Really near a Flag Fob or APC/IFV if you wanted to have something than just temporary if I remember correctly.
  2. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Gary and Big Red will remember this.
  3. Destruction game mode tweak

    That would be the old classic Insurgency game mode which I prefer to the current destruction game mode aka rush from BF.
  4. Vehicle ticket count

    Didn't include my source, sorry for that. https://squad.gamepedia.com/Vehicles
  5. Vehicle ticket count

    Right now the ticket cost for vehicle seems to be pretty low, and there is no big difference between losing a truck or losing a tank. Why is an MRAP or a Scout car at the same price as a logi-truck 5 tickets? At the 10 ticket mark, why is a shitbox or btr80 with a weak weapon the same price as a freaking stryker? The stryker would even win a 1vs2 against them. Next one is dafuq? the Tanks are 15 tickets and breadley/ warrior are 25 tickets? How or better why? That didn't make any sense at all to me. I really would appreciate fairer ticket price across the board, if you throw a 10 ticket vehicle on the field this thing shouldn't be able to fight against two other 10 ticket vehicles at the same time and still be able to easily win.
  6. Game needs non owned servers

    Most Clan servers have a Gentleman agreement, Play fair and don't be a jerk in short.
  7. Squad is dead or not ?

    Because in the past the develop project reality and one main reason to great something new was the old engine limitations (refractor 2 ) like no more than 8 ppl. per vehicle no matter what.
  8. Computer specs

    For me, any streaming service for 10 bucks or more isn't worth it. My usual hardware run-time is 5-10 years until I replace them if I pay 10 bucks a month for that time period I can get something really good price/performance wise. Plus you get rid of input lag and able to play offline.
  9. Suggestions for Owi

    In short, with more players, you need to sync; display; calculate more data and if the server/client can't handle that much the game/server will crash.
  10. Suggestions for Owi

    Would be amazing but I'm sceptical about the tech site.
  11. was banned

    Open chat with J; K or L delete the whole line type "res" and the system automatically suggest "respawn" (you can circle through all suggestions with TAB) The penalty is a longer respawn than normal + your team is losing a ticket. To get unbanned contact the server admins for the specific server, most communities run a forum thread here and/or have a discord server and sometimes they have a homepage. Better luck next time.
  12. Suggestions for Owi

    We already have a problem to get 100player servers with a stable performance. Finding a new rocket science in performance would be required to bump that to 150.
  13. Logistics Mechanics

    Well and this is my view of the topic, just transport the logistic and sometimes manpower to the team.
  14. Logistics Mechanics

    That is a pretty neat idea and a lovely little detail. I'm not so sure about this one because adding 4 different ammunition sorts could be a hassle to manage and if you go further you could add vehicle ammunition like 30mm and tank rounds the whole rearm system would get pretty annoying.
  15. Squad founders- where are they now?

    You're welcome.