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  1. I'm giving up on this game.

    I agree on nearly everything Nightingale87 said. The biggest flaw of Squad right now is that players didn't value their life. There are too much and quick respawns available thanks to different features such as buddy rally and other factors such as confident in winning 1v1's. When you fail just repeat and try again it only takes seconds, sometimes even less than 20 seconds thanks to the rally wave system.
  2. Beta 17 Public Testing

    Finally, this will help to decelerate the average game flow :3
  3. Every class needs to have binoculars

    Most classes already do, just pick the iron sight / red dot version.
  4. I'm giving up on this game.

    That's just rude. All I can see is a very enthusiastic person who wishes that more people in this game have situational awareness and communicate with their team. Quote Atlan "If anyone knows of a real competitive server, that have multiple people actually advancing with tactics, great tactics, who communicate, are ready, and speedy, giving up to date info, planning together, then tell me." The Purple* one is the biggest flaw in the current gameplay design, it leads way too often into unenjoyable rounds/matches. * Insert Rush B meme
  5. I'm giving up on this game.

    Well, that's are Servers where all player plays the most efficient way possible without wasting time at all. Most commonly found in top tier tournament matches, but to be honest these games are all but fun. You can see by mainly comparing the weight of the 2 most crucial factors to win matches. Communication and Skill are the key components here and skill just outweigh communication by a long shot. Any team with good skilled players and lack of communication will outplay any opponent with less skilled player even if they have superior communication. This is my biggest critic of the game including public-and competitive play because that playstyle already got repetitive, stale and kind of bored (crushing others isn't fun and getting crushed isn't fun as well and close matches are pretty uncommon) but necessary if you want to be efficient.
  6. Make "suppression" logical again!

    Aim punch, if you get hit would be quite nice to be honest. For Supression i have mixed feelings because somtimes it works and at other times it won't.
  7. We need smaller maps for more close combat action

    You want close combat action and nearly every Objective in the game is already focused on close combat action ~40-80m, if you expose yourself and getting shot from the distance it's your own fault. Btw the "big" maps like skorpo, yeho, talil, gorodock are at best medium-sized and all of them feature close combat action on nearly every single flag. Usually, the combat takes place in and around the flag zone but rarely between them. If you want instant action, very small maps and a more action per minute just wait a few months if Squad gets even more casual or play something different that has such gameplay u like.
  8. Thats not a stance problem it's a map/asset problem. Adjusting them directly would work both ways, you can use them and didnt need to use/implement clunky controls to do so.
  9. Are clan servers destroying gameplay

    Good Admins balance the Teams, so if you have 40 clanplayer and 40 randoms just split them 20 each so both sides have 20 clan player and 20 randoms. Should the game still be unbalanced just move 3-5 clanmates from the winning the to the team theat got defeated.
  10. Founder skins

  11. Get your Helicopter Control Binds here!

    No thanks Melbo, I prefer the default controls^^
  12. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Sure thing and thank you. Being patience isn’t that hard if we go step by step towards the ethos, camaraderie and good natured teamwork culture style of gameplay. Playing the game was a great portion about positioning, patience, timing and working together. Many of the differences made the game pace slower and gave you the opportunity to rethink, your tactics mid game, regroup, and execute the new plans even if they need 5-10min preperations. I would like to add several things that gave the game so much depth and various play styles. Rally: • Depending on the location of your squad’s RP in relation to a team’s FOB will determine its longevity. (I’m unsure but I guess that worked as well with APC’s/IFV’s around) • With missing commander, it’s obvious that the command rally point is missing as well. Logis: • had access to Close Support Bridges (CSB) to cross rivers if bridges were destroyed, mined or continuous ambushed. • Repair Drop (I guess that one is obsolete now because every crewman has a repair toll plus the fob repair station should be enough) FOB: • Spawn overrun: It comes online 90 seconds after being build. It becomes unspawnable for 30 seconds if 1 enemy is within 10m, 2 enemies within 50m, 4 enemies within 100m or 8 enemies within 150m. (Just rushing to the objective and build the FOB while the opponent is right next to you didn’t work that well and punished said team. (First securing and then afterwards start building) (... btw that prevented spawnkilling as well) • Supplies: The supplies of a FOB were visible and can be destroyed by all kind of explosive. Hiding the supplies was important if you wanted a concealed FOB and granted your supplies some sort of cover that they didn’t get blown away immediately. • Mortars: Access to an useful and accurate in-game calculator and being able to fire additional air-burst rounds (Explodes above the ground which is extremely deadly to infantry but harmless to Vehicles) Trademarks: • Single shot ~ 5sec reload • Slow adjustment of direction and angle • Med-High Scatter • Very Devastating (spreading fear) • Max range 1500m Equipment: • Shotgun’s: Besides deadly in CQB they granted you access to open locked doors and gates. • Grapple hook: A simple but powerful that allowed you to overcome steep hills and tall buildings. (Again positioning was greater reflex skills and that made the tool so great) • Large C4 - The Large C4 is just a bit over twice as powerful as the Small C4 and only available to the Conventional Forces Combat Engineer while the Small C4 is carried by both the Conventional Forces Combat Engineer and Breacher Roles. • GTLD - This piece of equipment has better zoom then the regular binoculars, includes a range- finder and allows you to paint enemy targets which can be targeted by friendly (and enemy) air unit's bombs or missiles. (if your Tank is marked by an opponent GTLD your own SL’s around can set their GTLD near you to counter laser and hopefully, the guided bomb/missile will pick the wrong target instead of you) Roles: • Squad Lead: Conventional Forces SL’s has access to the GTLD • Breacher: The Swiss knife of the Squad. Limited to 1 per squad. He is a demolition specialist who also acts as pointman in the breaching of buildings. His equipment includes an assault rifle, a grappling hook to climb over obstacles, a shotgun and a few loads of C4 explosive for tactic demolitions. • Combat Engineer: Specialist in explosives and demolitions. Equipped with Anti-Vehicle Landmines, he is the designated person to establish mine fields or to defuse them. Currently only missing the Large C4 to deal with certain Vehicles / Emplacements and be the designate defuse role. • Spotter/Sniper: These 2 man were the 4 extra eyes for the commander and with the grapple hook of the Spotter, they got on any good overwatch position that gave them the needed view for spotting opponent movement , marking opponent positions and vehicles with their GTLD and on top granted them with a clear shot on critical targets like crewman’s out of their vehicle and manned emplacements like TOW/Kornet/Anti-Air as well as sneaking/ambushing HAT/LAT. Granting their own team vehicles to operate further and being able to support their Infantry. • Anti-Personnel Rifleman: The AP Rifleman comes with powerful anti-personnel mines equipped with remote detonators. He is most useful preparing ambushes or using his explosives to defend tactical objectives. • Anti-Air Rifleman: He comes equipped with a handheld Anti-Air weapon system, making him the person to deter and take down enemy air elements. His restriction to 2 per team makes him a highly critical asset. Do not waste this kit! Additional Game mechanics: • Get in Vehicles: Vehicles can only be entered from the door/hatch. • Thermal view: Allowing some Emplacements and Vehicles to being able to watch through smoke and highlighting infantry/vehicles (In Squad that would only work on a certain limeted distance because the view range is much too high for such feature) • IR-Smoke: To counter thermal view and preventing being marked directly by GTLD’s • Laser guided bombs and missiles: Nearly every attack chopper and jet had access to them for quick CAS runs if the target is already marked by the GTLD. • Respawn: A player's respawn time is at least 45 seconds and at most 60 seconds plus temporary penalties. Time spent while waiting for a medic is subtracted from that time. Once a player dies he has to wait at least 5 seconds before spawning. These actions influence the respawn time: Player death: +3s Capturing CP or destroying objective: -3s Doing a defensive action: -1s Squad built forward outpost: -10s A temporary spawn time penalty which only affects the next time you die (building up to 5 minutes) is added by these actions: Teamkill: +15 seconds per teamkill Suicide: +15 seconds Civilian getting captured: +90 seconds Civilian killed violating ROE: +120 seconds per civilian Own weapons cache destroyed: +300 seconds (Note: The playable civilian role will most likely not being added to Squad) (Note 2: Due to the long respawn and slower game pace revives were more common) TL:TR Squad doesn’t need to copy PR 1:1 but should establish a certain depth to remain it’s tactical core and stands out for it’s unique gameplay style and be something special. Source: My memories: and the PR Manual: https://www.realitymod.com/manual/en/
  13. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn't describe the situation any better, you just nailed it. Huge +1 from my side. @fuzzhead, We need you :3
  14. A15 Survey Review

    Well, they did more than just $40. First, backers supported the project way before steam early access $40. The average backer put 97,53 CA$ on the table to found the project and helped to spread the word on other sites, media and between clans & friends. Secondly while close pre-alpha they got a good chunk of feedback to improve. The Devs and their Community had the same goals in mind for Squad. Third, after ~ 6 months the V3 got released to the mass via steam early access on the 15 Dec 2015 and a lot of backers helped newcomers to play and learn the game that they didn't get frightened and leave the game behind. Helping to grow a stable player base. After investing time and money, it cant be to much if we ask for the common goals we once had together all based on communication, teamwork and coordinate as a team. Source links: https://joinsquad.com/2015/05/26/kickstarter-live/ https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=131654 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=402654862 https://joinsquad.com/2015/04/19/squad-is-now-greenlit/
  15. To be honest Clan matches are even worse than Pub play, sure the comms are on point and you can trust anyone on the field that they know their job but that's it. From there the problems start to rise because teamwork isn't #1 you need to win games. Let me quote myself. "Coordination is on the second place, it's way more important to have esl cs:go twitch reflexes and be consistent in winning 1v1." (Teamwork) (aim /shot /hit better than your opponent has more impact) Same for FOB's, they are on the #2 place because the #1 rally with his brother buddy rally is way more important to win games especially clan games. It's easier to set up, hide, operate and change position compared to a fob. The only benefit that you miss is ammo, wow.