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  1. Squad has killed my hard drive

    Soon HDD will be very much redundant, upgrade to SSD.
  2. Playing V13, in regards to when your player becomes in idle state (citation needed) (all too quickly IMO) during battle and the animation to check/look at the gun kicks in. This seems to happen too frequently but also when doing other actions i.e: peaking, observing, running(?) ... can be annoying during firefights. Maybe limit this to only when player is inactive/afk for sometime
  3. Game constantly freezing

    Is related to CPU, when the "blue freeze of death" happens the usage of the CPU drops to below less than ~5% busy/usage every time and then back up to normal usage (for Squad ~80%) when it unfreezes.
  4. Game constantly freezing

    This happens to me also, very frustrating when at critical points. The worst is when : Freezes, then dead when the game unfreezes after 10-30 sec Has opportunity to take out multiple enemies simultaneously, but, alas, the game then Freezes, and on unfreezing, is now either dead or transferred ~150M away ...
  5. Update V12

    Looks like they pushing a patch, hol' up ... 500MB worth ..
  6. Game freezing when loading into server

    Looks like they pushing a patch, hol' up ... 500MB worth ..
  7. Game freezing when loading into server

    Join the queue mate, they stitched alot of us users up. Seems to be linked to an end of year or quick cash Grab due to a major Update via a free Weekend.. Hope they see poor results (DL/Purchases) due to this Really pissed now aye, as I just want to play
  8. Update V12

    Uninstalled. I'll be back after a few weeks, give them time to fix the update issues related to connecting etc. Spent more time on the load screen than playing. Estimates below 15% Chance of connecting to Server successfully 25% Chance of getting to In Game Load screen after connected to Server 35% Chance of Game time after passing In Game Load Screen 80% of Time waiting for above to pass successfully before Game Time I hope they learn from this when releasing an broken update and attempting a cash grab after a free weekend.
  9. Squad - Gang Wars

    Mod idea... Wouldnt mind a game mode with mods consisting of; - Inner city & suburbs map - Wetback skins - Bikie skins - African American skins - cartel skins - yakuza skins - other gang related skins - modern street weapons - modern civ vehicles - squad vs squad vs squad - games like territory, capture the lab etc just an idea for future modding cheers B3NN1TH