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  1. [YA] Yellow ants

    Yellow Ants domination.
  2. [YA] Yellow ants

  3. [YA] Yellow ants

    Squad firefight compilation Vol.2 [YA] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvmiuSANUmc&t=40s
  4. [YA] Yellow ants

    Squad firefight compilation [YA] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeKY0L6vqnk&t=41s
  5. [YA] Yellow ants

    The enemy squad destroyed in CQB. https://youtu.be/MUK1Xzd23Qs
  6. [YA] Yellow ants

    Combat medic action [YA] https://youtu.be/Aj8JlE2DYBY
  7. [YA] Yellow ants

    Leading infantry assaults [YA]
  8. [YA] Yellow ants

    4 Man Flag Defense [YA]
  9. Russian names on Yehorivka

    To be honest, with u devs, when I see, or hear "Yehorivka", "Petrivka" it is very annoying. If we want these names to be correct, we have to change them. Yehorivka = Yegor'evka or Egor'evka (Егорьевка) formed from Yegor/Egor (Егор) name. NOT Petrivka, but Petrovka (Петровка), formed from Petr (Пётр) name.
  10. Squad v8 crashed

    v8 update v8.1 fixed it. Thanks devs!
  11. STILL getting fatal errors and "Memory could not be written"

    I have same problemas this guy Alaskan2785. Started after v8 update. 1) low/medium/high/epic still crash 2) im crashed when im shot (most time), sometimes it happens when im not doing anything. 3) I have done this. not working. 4) it works on jensens. 5) yes i did. still not working. win 7 x 64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3201 МГц, Random Access Memory 8, 00 gb After i left the game on the jesnens i took this error. Upd... V8.1. fixed this problem. thants devs!
  12. Squad crashes - memory could not be written

    i have the same problem, man. im trying to figure out, whats going on.
  13. Squad v8 crashed

    I think i fixed it by checking game cashe in steam. (nope) It works on jensens range. I have done these 5 steps. 1) Whats your setup? (tried to switch all setups) not working. 2) Any situations in which you can reproduce this? 3) After the update did you reset the %APPDATA% folder? I believe there is an option in the game settings menu that allows you clear the game settings cache. (i did it. not working.) 4) Multiplayer only or happens on Firing Range as well? (Game works on jensens, but after i exit the game i took this one) I have the last DirectX. 5) Finally, did you verify the game cache using steam? (did. not working)
  14. Squad v8 crashed

    yes. same result.