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  1. Disable freelook while using scope

    3D scopes require rendering the terrain TWICE, causing major fps drops especially with maps as big as Squad's. It would be nice if they found a way of rendering whats outside the scope at a lower resolution/framerate (and disguised the low framerate with motion blur like some console games do), that way they could reduce the performance cost of duel rendering and perhaps make 3d scope less performance intensive. (if any of that makes any sense)
  2. V8 Rocket Techie Feedback

    Could we get some sort of control panel for the gunner in place,please? Maybe an lcd screen could display the angle of the launcher.
  3. Replace Insurgent Medic Binocs With Camcorder

    I like this idea. It might also be a cool way to test render to texture.
  4. Possible PIP scope method

    Looks like a good idea if applied only to weapons with long range scopes. Maybe extreme depth of field and motion blur could be applied to the area outside of the scope. (Just some way to hide that it's running at a lower frame rate than whats inside the scope)
  5. What do you think about the new gray scaled map?

    Could you put indicators on the map when someone speaks? That way,someone could say "I've spotted enemies bearing 315 of my position,over" and I would be able to better understand what the person was talking about. Maybe the names of players will be visible on the map if you zoom in. edit:Whoops I thought you were a dev for a second.
  6. Request: Headphone mode/night mode

    Do some research. You can hear a whisper while wearing electronic earmuffs.
  7. close combat

    Melee combat is very unlikely to occur in a game of this scale,but if it's introduced,I think it should be implemented like this.... Attacks consist of a rifle butt swing,stamina is utilized. Gameplay like this(see below) has to be avoided. (Maybe a knockout/disarm mechanic can be put in place.) *If both players press MELEE within .55 seconds of each other.(To compensate for latency/lag) The attacks cancel each other out. Costing both players stamina. >The other player will appear to do a blocking/counter animation to the client player. >You can't block a melee when aiming down sight,crouching,holding a grenade,emerging from a sprint,low in stamina,reloading,or if attacked from behind. >Successful melee attacks drain the enemies stamina. -->If you're at 100% stamina while hit with a melee attack, you'll just be stunned for a few seconds if hit by a melee attack from the front. (You must have not been sprinting very much) --->at 50% stamina-You'll have your gun knocked from your hand. -->At 20% stamina You'll just be knocked dead by any attack in the front. (Unless a knockout mechanic is put in place)
  8. Request: Headphone mode/night mode

    Windows already has a built in "night mode " feature called "loudness equalization". The thing is,certain USB headphones don't have such features and in games like Squad (which have a sound scheme with very sharp sounds and not as much ambient noise as battlefield 3) you can experience a sudden increase in overall volume. You might set the volume appropriately to allow you to understand what people are saying in the chat,but when that first shot goes off... BAM!...there goes your hearing...forever. I pulled my headphones off as fast as I could,but it was too late.
  9. Request: Headphone mode/night mode

    No,no I did not play the game with the volume on full blast. It only took a few seconds (maybe 2 or 3 shots) to cause permanent ringing in my ears. Windows 10 has loudness equalization options built in,but those options aren't always available with certain headphones with built-in soundcards. . The headset worked amazingly with Rainbow Six Siege. Every sound played at a safe volume.
  10. Request: Headphone mode/night mode

    Given the scale of this game,I wouldn't think that's much of a factor. Footstep sounds play a bigger factor in games like Rainbow Six Siege where opponents are likely to be ten feet away without you knowing and shoot you through three inches of drywall. Footsteps echo and change in tone depending on where the enemy is located relative to you. You can tell someone is walking on the roof of the building you're in. You can hear someone walking down the stairs or moving down the hallways. Close quarter combat happens occasionally in squad (from my experience),I usually hesitate if I see someone in front of me,having to confirm that their uniform is different from the rest of my teammates. Squad has a very awkward sound scheme compared to Rainbow Six Siege. In squad,the game seems pretty quiet at first,then when a weapon is fired,it gets REALLY LOUD tot he point where it causes physical pain (and permanent damage for me,unfortunately) In rainbow six siege,the guns don't get so loud they cause pain. There's also ambient noise which keeps the game from getting too quiet before gunshots ring out. The sudden loudness is the problem with squad.
  11. Squad sounds pretty good on a pair of speakers,but can be painful or damaging to the ears if earphones are used. Four weeks ago,I've permanently damaged my hearing by playing Squad on an earforce headset. (My ears still ring after trying this game on my stealth 450) I'd like to request a sound option for "night mode" or "headphone mode" to prevent certain sounds from playing too loudly and increase the volume of footsteps,equipment shake and various other noises a bit. Rainbow six siege had a "night mode" option which increases footsteps sounds and keeps gun sounds from blowing out your eardrums.
  12. With this prone system I suggested,you wouldn't have a speed penalty as you're just rolling your torso to the side to aim at whats behind you (as opposed to completely changing the direction your legs are facing).
  13. penalty movement on steep ground

    Man,that video is scary as hell. He's probably at a higher elevation,where the oxygen is thinner. If you've ever traveled up to the mountains (and are not from those parts),you'd know that you'd get exhausted much faster than you would at lower elevations.
  14. Arma 3 Movement System

    If manual stance adjustment is put in place,perhaps it could work like this... While aiming down your sight,scroll up,your stance will move upward. Scroll down and your stance goes lower. The scroll wheel will be used for stance adjustment while holding right click. (This would favor those who hold right click to aim down sight)
  15. Arma 3 Movement System

    So basically it's..... *You'll have a key dedicated to toggling your weapon up or down. This also affects your shift-key movement speed. [shift] (while weapon is up) -move faster with weapon up [shift] (while weapon is down) -sprint (moving at fastest speed)