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  1. About the new sprint animation

    I'm waiting for that, too!
  2. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    I run the Game on an i7 and gtx980ti, too. And i've the Same fps drop in v7. From 50-60 (Epic) @ v6 to 30-40 (Epic) @ v7. I think your advantage is the higher GHz your CPU is running on. Squad's performance is mostly limited by the CPU not GPU, and my i7 is not running with 4.4Ghz
  3. New V7 Update Feedback

    Nice written Feedback Rainmaker but I can't go along with the vehicle and placement point. I think you can't say anything about the balancing as long as there is this ******* rubber banding (server?) issue. At the moment it is not possible to use vehicles effectively outside the shooting range. They obviously look damn nice but they are sadly not working in the same way right now!
  4. Yep I got at 2k€ system (i7, GTX980ti, 16gigRam, SSD) and can't play properly anymore, but not because of the client fps, because of the server performance I would wait for v8 if I were your friend. Hopefully, we will see stable running servers (with vehicles) and optimization of the client (even for the AMD guys out there).
  5. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    The client-fps are not the problem, the server performance is the problem now! You can't use vehicles properly outside the training range because of the rubberbanding. But I can understand that this couldn't be foreseen by the devs. Probably the "test server" is a hell of a machine and the most public servers are not. Of course, it sucks for us, the players, to see this delicious vehicle in front of you and realize that there is no way to use them properly. I'm pretty sure the devs will work hard on it and we will hopefully see the first hotfixes in 2-3 days!
  6. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU & #2

    One of the best Squad server in the European area! You will find a very mature community and some of the best Players (and SLs) there, makes it everytime enjoyable to play. Furthermore, there is no time of the day when you can't find an admin (in the case of trolls, glitch users or cheater). Unfortunately, the server is down at the moment, I think they will work out the server side issues with v7. Looking forward to "see" you on the battlefield! aCi Out.
  7. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    I think the problem this time, is not the client performance, it's the server performance. That's probably the reason why no one reported it during the closed testing and the devs have to deal with it now. Avoidable but now v7 is out and we have to deal with it. I hope you guys hold on for few days. Usually the devs release hotfixes pretty fast.
  8. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Yes, server performance is a BIG problem now, especially with more than 60 slots! Hopefully, the devs can work that out pretty fast. Otherwise, there is no chance to play after this update.
  9. Due to the fact that the uniforms are pretty similar among the European Nations, compared to the talibs and insurgents, in-game, i can't see your last point. The argument with the nationalizm of some players is heavy, i didn't consider this fact. May it could be an option in the already planned customization menu for weapons. So your uniforms change according to the weapon you choose. Therefore the European team needs to have access to different weapons which could be an issue in terms of Balance, tough. Anyway, i would really appreciate a Europe Team, respectively mixed Teams like ISAF/KFOR.
  10. I would like to see mixed European Forces. 2Squads french, 2squads german and 1 Squad British, something like that. IRL you have, usually different Nations combining their forces. I think this would be a great feature and easier to provide than 4 or 5 different small Nations.
  11. Destructible Environment

    I would really appreciate destruction in future. There is currently no Tactical MP Shooter with a destructible environment (BF BC2 was the last one) which could be another great advantage for squad and it's Marketing. Destruction & the large Scale would be mental, especially concerning squads realistic gameplay.
  12. I strongly agree with your opinion, El Duderino. As soon as there are more than 100+ servers available and stable running, the dev can consider more specific roles.
  13. Frustrating Long Range Shooting

    Don't forget it's still early Alpha! I expect the devs will implement better death animations along with the general animation overhaul in future.
  14. I like the idea of doorgunning, but i would suggest to let one or two guys of the transported squad take this "seat", not an entire doorgunner class. So they can provide suppressing fire till the Squad has boots on the ground, and then follow their mates as soon as they have a covered fire position and can provide supression on the enemy forces. Keep in mind that there will be "only" 50 players per team. If a transport helicopter binds 3 (Pilot + 2 doorgunners) and you have all the other vehicles with more or less 2-3 ppl inside to effectively fight, there won't be that many soldiers left for the infantry combat. So i'm very sceptical about all these highly specialized classes you guys suggest, i think it would harm the flow of Squad's gameplay.
  15. Frustrating Long Range Shooting

    You compare "Casual" Gameplay-style with Squad? Really?!?! Maybe you should play Red Orchestra 1/2 or Insurgency or even better Project Reality, the inofficial predecessor of Squad. Despite the long range bug, it's a more realistic gameplay-style you'll find in squad. You can't expect to headshot (till snipers are implemented, then it may will change a little bit) everyone about 100 meters distance, be glad if you hit them! Cheers!